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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Summerslam 2010 Re-Do Review

Summerslam 2010 Re-Do Review

Didn't really enjoy this one the first time I reviewed it. Have my opinions changed? Let's find out.


Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler
IC Title up for grabs . I'd call this a bittersweet way to open up this Summerslam . These are two guys that can put on great matches , but they're only given about eight minutes until it turns into an unnecessary clusterfuck . The match ends in a no contest after the Nexus interfere . **

(This definitely could have been a great match if they had more time, had been given a proper finish, and hadn't played second fiddle to the Nexus invasion storyline. At least it was entertaining while it lasted. **)

Melina vs Alicia Fox
Thank god they finally took the title off of Fox . The girl just cannot wrestle . This was just a standard WWE divas match . Melina wins the title with a faceplant . 1/2*

(Is this the match that always gets referenced when talking about all time great matches? It's not bad for a divas match even if it did end quite abruptly, but Alicia was able to keep up with Melina and it was pretty enjoyable. *1/4)

(Laycool come out afterwards to set up a Night of Champions title unification match)

Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society
How the mighty have fallen . For the last few months , the SES were a great faction with a great amount of heel heat . Now they were losing matches to Show and not looking so good . Match was entertaining as Show pins both Gallows and Mercury . **

(I really felt bad for the Straight Edge Society after this. They were such a great faction and didn't last long after this. Punk had become a glorified jobber by this point, but luckily he came out on top a year later. Anyway the match was fun, even if it didn't make the SES look too good. **1/4)

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
This match is actually really good for a WWE Championship match that ends with a DQ . Then again these two usually did have good matches against each other . Sheamus keeps his title with the championship advantage after grabbing a chair and then throwing the ref out of the ring . ***1/4

(With the WWE Title match going on this early, it was obvious that there may have been some cop-out ending, and that's what we got with the DQ finish. I guess they couldn't have had either guy lose, but there must have been some better way than a DQ. Luckily the match was pretty great so that made up for it a little bit. I'll go with  ***1/2)

Kane vs Rey Mysterio
This was another surprisingly good match , considering that everyone was complaining that they faced each other too much . I was also surprised that Kane retained but I was also happy with it . Kane wins with a chokeslam . ***

(Everyone knew that this would be the return of the Undertaker and it was awesome as always to see him. The way he came out of the casket the second time instead of the first time when everyone thought he would was cool. The match itself was pretty damn good and worth a watch, especially with the nice finishing sequence. ***1/4)

After the match , Undertaker comes out of the casket in a return that just about everyone saw coming . He doesn't get his revenge though , as Kane gives him a tombstone .

(Kane looked like a friggin' badass after taking out both Rey Mysterio and Undertaker. Too bad the following feud was disappointing)

Team WWE vs The Nexus
Here we are , the reason people bought this show and the saviour of this show . Elimination rules apply here . Daniel Bryan made his big WWE return in this match . Bryan quickly takes out Darren Young with the Lebell lock . Morrison eliminates Tarver with starship pain . Sheffield takes out Morrison with a big clothesline . Another big clothesline takes out R-Truth . Crowd went crazy when Bret came in . Bret DQ's himself with a steel chair shot . Edge pins Sheffield with a spear . Otunga taps to the walls of jericho . Slater eliminates Jericho . Seconds later he also eliminates Edge . Slater taken out with the Lebell lock . Miz runs in and hits Bryan with a briefcase which takes him out of the match . Cena pins Gabriel . Cena wins the match by making Barrett tap to the STF . ****

(I wouldn't say it's the saviour of the show since both the WWE and World Title matches were very good, but this is still the reason that people bought the show. It had been so well built up since the debut of the Nexus and up to this point. It was only after this show that the Nexus was booked pretty poorly. A lot of people complained that Nexus should have won the match, but I think this needed to happen, that the Nexus needed their comeuppance, and it was done very well here. I'll put the rating up to  ****1/4)

5/10 . At least the main event really delivered . The world title matches were also good . The rest you can skip .

(6.5/10. Much better show than I remembered. The undercard may have been poor, but the three main events definitely made up for it, even if the WWE Title match didn't have a proper result. Worth another look)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Night of Champions 2013 Review

Night of Champions 2013 Review : Bryan Beats the Odds Again

This event was quite anticipated, mostly for the well built main event of Orton vs Bryan, but how did the whole show pan out?

Weirdly enough the night starts with HHH coming out to say he approves of the PPV. Paul Heyman also comes out to complain about being in the handicap match tonight, but HHH says he's still in it, which brings me to my first problem. HHH did nothing to look like a heel tonight. After all those episodes of Raw in which he looks like the biggest bastard in the world, he's suddenly doing everything the crowd wants him to, like giving Axel an extra match, or saying there'll be no interference in the main event. It's like if at Over the Edge 1998, Vince McMahon decided to call the Austin/Love match right down the middle. It just makes no sense. This talking should have been taken care of on Raw. Well at least that sets up our first match.

Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel
One thing I like about this match is that it gives Axel an excuse when he's pinned by CM Punk later on. The match was much better than I was expecting, as they had a nice back and forth match that had the crowd's interest throughout, and started the night off well. Axel even got a nice clean win and retained his IC Title. ***

AJ Lee vs Naomi vs Brie Bella vs Natalya
I was terrified that WWE would decide to put the title on Brie or Naomi to promote the awful-looking Total Divas show, but thankfully they saw the light. The match wasn't as bad as I thought it might be either, except for a botched flying crossbody by Naomi. Natalya showed her awesome skill as she put on a double sharpshooter. AJ got the win with her black widow submission move. *1/2

Rob Van Dam vs Alberto Del Rio
I thought this seemed pretty low on the card, but I should've known that signalled a bad finish. Yes a DQ finish in a World Title match on a PPV. Are you kidding? Who the hell thought that this would be a good idea? The match was a carbon copy of one that you would see in a Smackdown main event. Seeing the Van Terminator again was pretty cool, but it also made the fact that Damien Sandow didn't cash in even sillier. The champ was knocked out! What more do you need? Disappointing match, even if the actual action portion of the match was pretty good. **3/4

Fandango vs The Miz 
There were already time constraints on this show and they decide to throw this pointless match on? To watch PPVs here in Scotland, I have to stay up from 1am to 4am and this match almost put me back to sleep. It doesn't help that it's shitty babyface Miz in the match using his shitty variation of a figure four. *

CM Punk vs Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman
And now we're back to some good stuff. The Punk/Axel portions of the match were good, and even Axel got to look good by wearing down Punk. I thought Punk's suicide dive on Heyman was pretty cool. When it was just Punk and Heyman left, it was fun to see Punk finally getting his revenge and looking like he genuinely enjoyed beating up Paul. And then we got the most random interference for the finish as Ryback came in and took out Punk to give Heyman the win. ***

So is Ryback now a Heyman guy, or is he just continuing his bully persona on anyone he can? I guess we'll find out on Raw but, for some reason, I'm not really looking forward to it. Can't they just bring back Lesnar and make it briliant again?

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
I'm still confused as to how Ziggler was first in line for a US Title match. He'd lost a couple of matches to Ryback, was beaten by the Shield, and basically jobbed to Bray Wyatt on Raw. How does that give him a shot? Anyway the match itself was fun while it lasted but felt rushed due to there only being an hour left on the show. Feeling rushed seems to be a theme for this show. Ambrose gets a surprisingly clean win to retain his title. **1/2

Prime Time Players vs The Shield
I thought for sure that the PTP would win the titles here, due to the fact that all the other heels had retained their titles by this point. This was another matched that felt very rushed. It was fun while it lasted though and made the PTP look pretty good in their defeat. Titus takes a spear from Reigns to end the match. **

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan
This match had to save the show. I don't know if it did that but it was a great match anyway. I do feel like they should have given it much more time, but again there was another rushed feeling. That didn't stop the action from being fast and furious though, making this easily the match of the night. The ending did seem to come out of nowhere though with a very fast count to give Bryan his second WWE Championship. I have a feeling it'll be stripped from him very soon. ***3/4

4.5/10. I was wondering what would end up being my worst PPV of the year with WWE seemingly on a role, but this show stopped it dead. A very disappointing show, especially after coming off of a spectacular Summerslam. The whole night felt rushed and there were some questionable finishes to the main matches of the show. The main event is worth a watch and the Curtis Axel matches are entertaining but that's about it. I would avoid this one.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Summerslam 2011 Re-Do Review

Summerslam 2011 Re-Do Review

Still my favourite Summerslam event, but do the matches still hold up? Let's find out.


Kofi Kingston , John Morrison & Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio , The Miz & R-Truth
It's a shame they couldn't come up with storylines for all these guys , although this was a great match . High-flying all round and Mysterio picks up the victory for his team with a 619 to Truth . ***1/2

(Michael Cole was still in his very irritating Miz-loving stage, which I had forgotten was so annoying and distracting. Makes me thankful he's not a heel anymore. R-Truth was also in his conspiracy period, which he should still be doing because it was hilarious. I think I overrated this one just a bit, but it was a ton of fun with an exciting finishing sequence. I think I'll go with  ***1/4)

Sheamus vs Mark Henry
It's amazing to see , almost one year later , how these two superstars rose to the top of the WWE . Well the World title scene at least . Sheamus managed to hit Henry with a brogue kick but he fell out of the ring . Mark drives Sheamus through the barricade ! That gets a count out and Henry wins . **3/4

(Actually one year later I think Henry was injured and Sheamus was still getting booed for the 18 second match at Mania. Anyway Mark Henry had started his show stealing Hall of Pain phase, and was turning all of his critics, including myself, into fans. This was a good big man vs big man match and never really became boring, even with Henry's slow offense. Usually I hate count-outs at PPVs, but here it worked. Neither guy could afford a loss and it even made Sheamus look tough by trying his best to get back in the ring. I'll go with ***)

We get a Cee Lo Green mini-concert which I would say is skippable .

(Yeah it is)

Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix 
These two actually fought 3 PPVs in a row ? Well it's no Orton/Christian . At least Beth's here . Always a plus . Another really solid match between these two . Kelly wins with a roll through from the glam slam . **1/4

(Actually looking back, their series of matches was pretty good. In fact I'd say it was the one to beat until AJ and Kaitlyn's series. Anyway this match was very enjoyable and entertaining, even though it gets the Worst match of the night honors, showing how good this show is. I'll stick with **1/4)

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett
Glad to see these two made it to the Summerslam card and not be relegated to the dark match . Gave these two a chance to shine , and shine they did . Just great wrestling in this one . Wade gets the three count after a wasteland . ***1/2

(I can't remember why these guys were feuding, but I don't care since it gave Bryan a PPV match. Just wait a couple of years Bryan and you'll be right at the top. Anyway I think they're usung the Smackdown MITB match as the reason for the feud. Great little gem of a match from both guys, even if the fans weren't always into it. ***1/2)

Before this next match starts , Christian announces that Edge will be in his corner and Edge comes down the aisle . Edge says he was proud of Christian until he started to whine and became a moaning little bitch .

(This was a nice touch as it was nice to see Edge again, and made Christian look like a guy that deserved his comeuppance)

Randy Orton vs Christian : No Holds Barred
I would say this is the best match of their entire feud , and that is saying A LOT . They have 3 matches that are 4 stars or more , so that is big . This was a brutal match . Christian went through 3 tables during the match and Orton cut his thumb open . Orton wins after hitting a sick RKO on the steel steps . Just an awesome match here . ****1/2

(This is easily my favourite match of this feud and probably one of my favourite matches of this decade so far. It could be the best singles match in both guys careers as well. Just insanely entertaining from start to finish and they used the stipulations very well. ****1/2 seems like the perfect rating for it)

John Cena vs CM Punk : Special Referee : Triple H
Here we go . The WWE Champion vs WWE Champion . Someone had to win here and leave as the only WWE Champion . I don't really see why HHH was needed here though . At least there weren't any shenanigans until after the match . I'm glad Punk was allowed to win here because I was so sure that the golden boy was gonna win it . Crowd is really hot for Punk . Punk wins with a GTS even though Cena's foot was on the rope . **** . After the match Kevin Nash appears and knocks down Punk with a jacknife . Alberto Del Rio runs down .

(There was no way in hell that they were gonna replicate their MITB classic, but they were damn sure gonna try. HHH definitely wasn't needed here, and he would only become worse as the year went on. Both guys being the WWE Champion made things very interesting, and the insane chemistry between the two only added fuel to the fire. The counter wrestling was awesome as the match went on, and it kept the match unpredictable. A brilliant back and forth contest that ended in controversy. I'm increasing this one to  ****1/2)

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio cashes in his MITB , hits Punk with a kick to the head and there is a new WWE Champion . N/R

(An unexpected return from Kevin Nash and a surprise cash in from Alberto Del Rio make a great finish to this awesome PPV)

8.5/10 . This was an awesome Summerslam with the main events being fantastic and 2 other great matches . The big twist at the end helped too .

(Easily a 9.5/10 for my money. One of the best and underrated PPVs ever with two fantastic main events, a great undercard, even the divas match, and a surprise ending that came out of nowhere. This is a must-see show)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Summerslam 2012 Re-Do Review

Summerslam 2012 Re-Do Review

I haven't posted here for a while due to college stuff and the amazing Summerslam 2013 event got me back in the mood for reviewing, and I thought I'd start with this show and see if any of my opinions from last year have changed at all. By the way, I still can't decide what's better : Summerslam 2002 or 2013.

Ok let's get started, you know the drill for re-dos.


Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Pretty damn great match to start off the 25th annual Summerslam . This match was all about Jericho not winning any big matches since he returned . Great back and forth match as Jericho makes Dolph submit to the walls of jericho . ***1/2 .

(Definitely the best choice for the opener as it they fired the crowd up with a great match. The only problem is that it overshadowed just about everything else on the card. Jericho put over just about everyone in 2012, but the one guy he defeated could have used a win over the big star, and that was Ziggler. There were a couple of sloppy moments, but they were able to work through it with some nice nearfalls and great chemistry. Great opining match. ***1/2)

Daniel Bryan vs Kane
This feud started with AJ being in love with both guys . She has been punishing Bryan the past couple of weeks and so decided to put him in a match with Kane . Crowd was hot for Bryan . Bryan gets the big upset with a small package pin . **3/4

(I can barely even remember that AJ was the general manager at one point. It's amazing to think that this match led to a great tag team between the two, that made the tag titles popular again, which in turn led to Bryan's huge babyface push and made him the most popular superstar on the roster. The match itself is pretty entertaining and has a great moment with Kane grabbing Bryan by the throat as he goes for the diving headbutt. I'll stick with my  **3/4 rating)

Kane goes batshit crazy after the match .

(Yes he does)

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz
IC Title on the line in this one . Rey's wearing a pretty cool Batman outfit from my pick for film of the year . This should be a good one . The Miz looked great in this match . Miz retains his title after a skull crushing finale . ***1/4

(Dark Knight Rises is not my pick of the best film of 2012. Think I'd go with Avengers on that one. Anyway back to the match. At least they made the IC Title look a little important with a former World Champ challenging for it against a former WWE Champion. Why can't Miz go back to being a heel? He showed that he was a good heel during this match. I thought the original rating would have been a bit high, but after a second watch I still think it's a very good match, even a little underrated. Good, non-stop action from the start. ***1/4)

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
World Title up for grabs here . WWE has tried their hardest to make us care about this match considering we've already seen it a few times . I'm still not very interested . I think this was as good as their MITB match , maybe even a little better . Sheamus hits Del Rio with a show and then a backbreaker . He gets the pin even though Del Rio's foot was on the rope . ***

(Good god what a pointless and long feud this was. At least the matches were good, so they had that going for them. The match started off a bit slowly, but really started to pick up steam once Sheamus hit his first comeback. If it had been longer it could have been great, but as it is it's still a good match with a couple of nice nearfalls at the end. The screwy finish didn't really help things either. ***)

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players
This is for the tag titles . I don't know how well the Prime Time Players will do without AW as their manager . The fans even start a ' Kobe Bryant ' chant . This has been the worst match of the night so far . Truth gets the pin with a Li'l Jimmy . *

(Yeah the Prime Time Players didn't go anywhere after AW was fired, but they seem to be getting a push now that Darren Young publically came out. Just really a filler match here. It was entertaining but no one really cared about it and, as a result, it just seemed dull. I'll go with  **)

John Cena vs CM Punk vs Big Show
Triple threat match for the WWE Championship . The crowd is really cheering for Punk . Show catching Punk off the suicide dive was a great visual . Show taps to a double submission hold from both Cena and Punk . AJ restarts the match . This match started slow but got better as it went on . Punk pins Show after Cena hits him with an AA . ***

(At the time, I was disappointed that we weren't going to see Cena and Punk in a one on one contest, but instead Big Show would be added to the mix. At least they had their singles match at the next PPV, and this match was actually good. The restart hinders things a little, but it doesn't stop it from being a good match. I'll give this  ***1/4)

We see come stars in the audience like Rick Rubin , David Arquette with a world title and an asshole known as Fred Durst .

Kevin Rudolf gives a god awful performance of one of his songs . Thankfully the crowd shits all over it . Seriously WWE stop with the music .

(It's hilarious when they show the same members of the crowd dancing because they were the only ones doing it)

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
This feud has been brewing ever since the night after Extreme Rules and so for that it was the most anticipated match on the card . This had a big fight feel . I'm pretty sure the match has No DQ even though it wasn't announced .  Crowd wasn't really into it . It's a disappointing match : I was expecting a four star brawl . HHH taps to Lesnar's arm lock . Still pretty good though . ***1/2

(At the time, it was exciting to finally see these two go one on one, but now it's a feud that no one wants to see again. What makes it even worse is the fact that at this year's Summerslam, Punk had a match with Lesnar that had the same stipulations and the same amount of time, and put on a five star match. So what happened here? Were they keeping the best stuff for Wrestlemania? That doesn't seem likely seeing how mediocre that was. There were some nice moments like Lesnar taking his gloves off, and applying the kimura straight after taking a DDT. This definitely should have been a huge brawl though, instead of Lesnar constantly working on the arm, even if it was good psychology. Towards the finish it really did pick up though and it helps that it felt like a big fight so I'll stick with my  ***1/2 rating)

8/10 . A very Good Summerslam with four nice matches and two great matches .

(I'll bring this down to 7.5/10, as it wasn't great enough to warrant an 8. It was filled with fun matches and a couple of great ones, but nothing really stood out except, perhaps, the main event. Worth your time for some good wrestling fun)