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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

No Way Out 2009 Review

No Way Out 2009 Review : WWE Logic is Confusing 

This was a pretty good ppv , so looking forward to reviewing it .

Undertaker vs Big Show vs Vladimir Kozlov vs Triple H vs Jeff Hardy vs Edge : Elimination Chamber
These chamber matches are always great ( except the ECW one ) . Hardy & Edge are starting things off . Hardy hits the twist of fate but misses the swanton . Edge goes for the spear but Hardy rolls him up and he is eliminated ! Woah ! That is huge . A new champ is guaranteed in this match . Kozlov out next and this will slow things down for sure . Finally someone else enters and its ... Big Show. Great more slow stuff . Hardy tries to fight back but Show takes him down . Kozlov takes down Show . Show returns the favor . And now HHH is in . Undertaker is now in and runs straight through everyone in sight . The last ride eliminates Kozlov . Amazing superplex to Show . Pedigree to show and then a Swanton from the top of the pod ! Show is out . Hardy eliminated with a tombstone . Tombstone and HHH puts his foot on the rope ! Pedigree to Taker and he kicks out ! This is amazing . HHH hits the pedigree again and gets the pin . A flat out awesome match . ****1/4

Edge is backstage , begging Vickie to start the match over again . She denies it .

Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon : No Holds Barred
Shane always seems to put on good matches when there's a gimmick involved . Lets see if tonight will be a good one . Just basically punching so far . Shane brings out the kendo stick and starts whacking away . Orton smashed in the head with the tv monitor from the announce table and blood pours from his head . Legacy comes out to attack Shane . Shane takes them both out . Cody goes coast to coast ! Shane goes for an elbow drop to Orton but misses and crashes through the announce table ! Shane superplexed through a table and kicks out ! Orton hits the RKO and wins . Overall a pretty good match . ***

Jack Swagger vs Finlay
Why don't they bring this title and show back to guys like Jack Swagger have something better to do ? Oh well , here we go . This has been pretty boring to watch . Swagger wins with a gutwrench powerbomb . Meh . 3/4*

Shawn Michaels vs JBL
I don't usually enjoy a JBL match , but if anyone can pull it off , HBK can . Shawn unloads his frustration straight onto JBL . Shawn trying his submission maneuvers . JBL drops a few elbow drops onto HBK . Shawn kicks out from a clothesline from hell . Heard a fan actually call JBL a piece of shit . That made me laugh . HBK wins with sweet chin music . Solid match . **1/4

Chris Jericho interviewed backstage and takes a shot at Ric Flair .

And now for the main event of the evening .

John Cena vs Mike Knox vs Kane vs Kofi Kingston Edge vs Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho : Elimination Chamber
Ok this was great for Edge's character but was really confusing . So because he entered a pod , he's suddenly officially part of the match that could have went to someone else ?? Logic WWE ! At least Y2J and Mysterio start off the match to make up for it . Rey just went head first into a pod ! Nasty ! Kane enters the match . 619 then a codebreaker to Kane ! Seated senton from the pod and Kane is out ! Mike Knox is in . Codebreaker to Knox and he is out . Edge is in next and Rey quickly unloads on him . Amazing sunset flip - german suplex from the top rope . And the World champ , Cena , is now in . And eliminated quickly ! That is huge . There will be another new world champ tonight . Jericho now eliminated and its down to Edge and Rey . So many nearfalls ! And a spear ends the match with Edge as the new champ . This match rocked ! Better than the first and that's saying something . ****1/2

This was a great PPV with two amazing matches and one good one . These matches take up most of the show so that's a positive .  I'll give it  8/10

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

TNA Sacrifice 2012 Review

TNA Sacrifice 2012 Review 

Haven't watched any TNA since I saw Impact live in January . This was on tv so i thought i'd do a review . Gotta admit i've kinda missed it .

Nice video package to start off . Here we go !

Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe & Magnus 
The tag team titles are on the line here . Wow Kararian's hair has sure changed since i last saw it . Nice fast paced action to start us off . Now we get the classic ' heels dominate the face ' which seems to happen in every tag match . Ends quickly as Joe is tagged in . Kazarian & Daniels win the tag titles . Good opener to get the crowd fired up . ***

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher
Lets see if once again , the knockouts can prove they're better than the WWE divas ( couldn't be that hard anyway ) . Knockouts title on the line . Gail gets the cover while holding onto the ropes . Pretty solid match here . *3/4

Devon vs Robbie E vs Robbie T 
I do enjoy a triple threat match more than most i imagine . TV Title up for grabs . Did TNA copy WWE with this twitter trending thing ? Kinda sad if they did . This is more like a hanicap match rather than triple threat . T tries to go for a cover after the powerslam but E breaks it up . Looks like theres gonna be a fallout . Devon takes advantage and rolls up T for the win . This sucked . 1/2*

Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson 
Hardy walks with a limp down to the ring . That eyelid thing he's got going on is kinda creepy . Hardy takes the early advantage with some nice arm drags . Nice methodical match so far . Hardy hits Anderson with his own finisher . Anderson hits Hardy with a twist of fate . Anderson kicks out of the swanton ! Anderson manages to pin Hardy . Really good back and forth match . ***1/4 It looks like the ref made a mistake with the pin fall though .

We are shown the return of Abyss on Impact .

Crimson vs Eric Young 
Well this started off a bit strangely . Well this was weird to say the least . 1/2*

Austin Aries vs Bully Ray
Laughed at the chants of  'Pussy Ray ' . Fast paced action so far . My god Aries has a couple of nasty looking bruises on his back after hitting the guard rail . The action has now slowed down a bit . How the hell an he take these blows to his back ?! Couple of sick looking chops to Aries as Bully tells him to stay down . This match has told a great story . Aries keeps kicking out ! Brainbuster by Aries and Bully kicks out ! Aries makes Bully tap out . That was awesome . ****

AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle
Lets see if these two amazing wrestlers can follow that amazing match we just saw . I do think they have it in them . It seems obvious that the new tag team champs are gonna interfere at some point . Nice wrestling to start . Great match so far . Amazing springboard forearm to the outside by Styles . Awesome back and forth match here . And there's the interference i was talking about . Styles taps to the ankle lock . Great match ***3/4

Rob Van Dam vs Bobby Roode : Ladder Match
TNA World Title up in the air here (pun intended) . I do love me a ladder match . I've got to say , if this match wasn't taking place , this would still be a really good show . This could turn it into a great show . This was not as good as i thought it would be , but it was still pretty good . ***

7.5/10 This was a really good event with 4 ***+ matches and one **** match . Worth watching for sure .

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Top 5 Moments of the Week 

5. Big Show's shocking 100th heel turn . (OTL)

4. Great ( and surprising ) Tag Team Action (OTL)

3. Christian returns and wins the IC Title (OTL)

2. A Fatal 4 Way to remember . (OTL)

1. CM Punk & Daniel Bryan put on a mat classic . (OTL)

Send me your opinion on your own top 5 moments .

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fatal 4 Way Review

Fatal 4 Way Review : Evan Bourne shows what he's got 

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre
I feel bad for Drew , he's a great wrestler but never gets a chance to show it . Tonight , however , he got that chance . These two had a good match at the previous PPV but didn't get enough time . They got that tonight . Good action so far with Drew showing his power . An amazing tornado DDT by Kofi ! Another amazing DDT ! I believe this was the second longest match of the night . Powerful powerbomb by Drew . Drew kicks out of the SOS ! Great match so far . Matt Hardy interferes and hits the twist of fate and trouble in paradise by Kofi ! 1-2-3 ! . Great match . ***1/4

Maryse vs Eve vs Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim
I'm sure this'll be over quickly . Hopefully anyway . Can they actually bring themselves to hire women WRESTLERS in a WRESTLING company ?? Can't wait til Kharma comes back . I might actually end up being interested . ' Daniel Bryan' chants are heard . At least Gail can actually wrestle but she was smart and left for TNA because the knockouts there can actually WRESTLE . Match sucked apart from Gail who barely saved it . 3/4*

Evan Bourne vs Chris Jericho
Split reaction here for these two , but that's to be expected since Jericho is such a legend . Evan with a huge splash to the outside on Jericho . Great match so far with back and forth action . Evan wins with an airbourne to Jericho for the upset ! This was such a great match and definitely match of the night . ***3/4

Jack Swagger vs CM Punk vs Big Show vs Rey Mysterio
This should be a good match . Even if it was obvious that Kane was going to interfere at some point . Really good match with Mysterio winning his second world championship . ***1/4

The Miz vs R-Truth 
Ok match here for the US Title . Bit boring at times though . *3/4

The Hart Dynasty vs The Usos
This would have been a better match if it had been built as a bigger deal . Solid . **1/2

John Cena vs Sheamus vs Edge vs Randy Orton
This was a really good match until the Nexus came and ruined the match , which seemed to be the main theme for the remainder of 2010 . This also gave Sheamus a cheap way of winning the WWE Championship . Surely they could have interfered after the match ? ***1/4

This was a good event with 3 title changes and a great match between Jericho and Bourne . This is worth watching in my opinion .

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event DVD Review

The Best of Saturday Night's Main Event DVD Review .

This is my most recent WWE purchase and so thought i'd review it . It really isn't about the quality of the matches here , it's about how fun everything was .

Disc 1

Hulk Hogan vs ' Cowboy ' Bob Orton
The first ever SNME main event . Not much of a much but it was a lot of fun . *

We are shown the wedding of Uncle Elmer which looked funny and fun .

'Mr Wonderful ' Paul Orndorff  vs ' Rowdy ' Roddy Piper 
Really fast paced beginning with both guys pummeling each other . It's a shame the match ended so early and with a double count out as it was going really well . **1/4  Both guys fight to the back .

Gene Okerlund walks around a zoo with George ' Animal ' Steele . This was quite entertaining .

We are shown the WWE superstars in halloween costumes . This was quite strange to see . Although Miss Elizabeth did look hot in that cavegirl outfit . Savage you lucky duck !

Hulk Hogan vs Terry Funk
Nice to see Funk in a WWE Title match . This was a really fun match . **1/2

Randy Orton talks about how great it was to be Bob Ortons's son .

' Cowboy ' Bob Orton vs Mr T : Boxing Match
Bob takes a cheap shot to start . I've never seen the WM 2 boxing match so i look forward to reviewing that as well . Orton keeps taking cheap shots . Mr T wins with a count out . This was different and quite entertaining . Don't know how to review it though . N/R

Jake ' The Snake ' Roberts vs Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat 
The dragon vs the snake . This should be good . Nicely paced so far with a hot crowd . Steamboat wins with a crucifix . Great little match here . *** Everything is just fun on this dvd , which makes for a great viewing experience .

Jake Roberts talks about knocking out Steamboat . He also talks about his match with Savage being one of the best of his career .

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts vs 'Macho Man' Randy Savage
This should be a very good match here . Jake is quite underrated in my opinion . Both men are Disqualified at the end of a great match . This was a hell of a match . ***1/2

Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff 
I've already reviewed this for the History of the WWE Championship dvd . I gave it ***

Battle Royal - March 14 1987
This starts straight away with everyone going for either Hogan or Andre . Honky Tonk eliminated by Hogan . Andre eliminates Haku also . Poffo was eliminated and busted open by Andre . He's bleeding really badly . This has been really entertaining so far . Andre eliminates Hogan ! This must have been huge at the time . Andre eliminated by the rest of the participants ! Hercules wins the match . Really good . ***

The Hart Foundation vs The British Bulldogs : 2 out of 3 Falls 
This should be great . I love both teams and Bret is my favourite wrestler . Everything goes out of control and the Bulldogs get the first fall with a DQ . Great action so far . The Bulldogs get a pinfall to win the match . This was an awesome match and a hell of a lot of fun . ***3/4

Randy Savage vs The Honky Tonk Man
This should be fun . A classic heel vs face match . The first part of the match ends as Jimmy Hart is knocked out and taken backstage . As we come back the Hart Foundation are at ringside with Honky . Hart Foundation double-team Savage on the outside . Savage hits the elbow drop but the Hart Foundation interfere and cause a DQ .  Very good match ***1/4 .  After the match Elizabeth tries to protect Savage and gets knocked down by Honky . This was unheard of at the time . Savage is whacked by the guitar and Hogan comes to help out Savage . The Mega Powers are formed . Historical .

Gene interviews the Madness and the Mania .

CM Punk and others talk about the Mega Powers forming being a fantastic moment .

Music Video for ' Piledriver ' . Ok this is just flat out weird to watch . Especially since Koko B. Ware is singing . Why do they all need to be wearing builder's outfits ?

Bret Hart vs Randy Savage
I've never seen this match before , so for me this is a dream match to say the least . Fast paced action so far . Nasty looking piledriver to Savage . The fans are hot for this match . This was a great match as Savage rolls up Bret for the win . ***1/2

Extras for Disc 1 :

Ricky Steamboat & U.S. Express vs The Iron Sheik , Nikolai Vokloff & George Steele 
This is here because it is the first match in SNME history . Should be a fun one . So far this has been a very exciting matchup . Good match . ***

We get the music video for ' Real American ' . Good song , but the parts with Hulk Hogan playing are kinda weird .

We also get an interview with the Junkyard Dog and his mother . Ok then .

Disc 2

Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy 
These two had a good cage match at WM 2 . Lets see if they can have another good one . After a solid beginning the match goes to a break as the referee is carried to the back after being injured . Hogan hits the leg drop and retains his title . Solid match . **1/2 All the faces come out to save Hogan from Andre .

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant 
The most watched match in wrestling history . I've given this match * but it is very historical .

Ted Dibiase jr talks about his father winning the title .

Randy Savage vs Ted Dibiase
This was a great match here . The Million Dollar Man wins by a count out after Andre attacks Savage . Hogan comes out to clear them away . ***1/2

We are shown Jake Roberts chasing Andre with his snake .

Hulk Hogan vs Harley Race
This feels like another generic Hogan match . Hogan seems very frustrated in this match . Hogan wins with the leg drop . Solid match . **1/4 Well done to Race .

Randy Savage vs Andre The Giant 
World Wrestling Federation Championship on the line here . And Andre goes straight for Savage . Andre has been man-handling Savage so far . Jake Roberts comes out and this distracts Andre . A double DQ ends the match . Not much happened but it was fun . ** Roberts chases Andre out of the ring with Damien .

We are shown clips of a flag match that involved Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Boris Zuckoff .

The Honky Tonk Man vs The Ultimate Warrior
They actually let Warrior do an interview ? Wow , how is he not in a mental institution ? Well the match is starting now . Exciting fast paced match so far . Warrior gets the win with a big shoulderblock . Solid match . **1/2

We are shown the feud between Ron Bass and Brutus Beefcake , which ends with Bass getting a haircut .

The Mega Powers vs The Twin Towers
This is quite the historical match . Hogan fires up on both the Big Boss Man and Akeem . Hogan takes a big piledriver . Nice spinebuster to Hogan . Great crossbody to Akeem from Savage . The Macho Man takes a nasty spill right on top of Elizabeth who has been knocked out . Hogan carries Elizabeth to the back to get medical attention . Hogan could win an oscar for his acting performance . Better than any of his movies anyway . He runs back to the ring . Savage slaps Hogan in the face and leaves the ring . The Mega Powers have exploded . Hogan hits the leg drop and gets the pin . Good match and obviously historical . *** Hogan goes to the back to find Savage . Savage attacks Hogan with the belt and Randy is now once again a heel .

Hulk Hogan vs The Big Boss Man : Steel Cage
I think there's too much of Hogan on this DVD . Before the match Zeus attacks Hogan . I actually quite fancy that movie . WWF title is on the line here . I dont think there was any chance of BBM winning here . Amazing superplex from Hogan . Hogan wins by escaping . Very solid match . **3/4

The Rockers vs The Brainbusters : 2 out of 3 Falls
This should be a good one . The Rockers get the first fall with a sunset flip . Very fast paced so far . Brainbusters win the second fall . This has been an amazingly fun match . The Rockers win with a high crossbody . Great match . ***1/2

Extras for Disc 2 :

We get a Hulk Hogan interview where the Big Boss Man attacks him from behind . We also get one where Slick comes out when Hogan was supposed to . Hogan then comes out . Nothing much happens here .

For some random reason , they show the match where Sapphire's debut . I barely even remember her .

Dusty Rhodes vs The Big Boss Man 
Just here to show Sapphire's debut . How did Dusty Rhodes get saddled with such a bad gimmick ? Dusty rolls up BBM and gets the win . Not a very good match . 1/2*

Disc 3

Gene interviews Mr Perfect and Lanny Poffo . Perfect is smashing up the WWF belt with a hammer . More interviews with Mr Perfect and the Genius .

Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior vs The Genius & Mr Perfect
This should be fun . Hogan cleans house to start with . Wow Perfect is a great seller . Perfect hits the perfectplex and for some reason stops the pin . Warrior tagged in and goes crazy . The Ultimate Maniacs win the match . Fun match . ***

Jerry Lawler and others talk about Jesse Ventura & Vince McMahon coming in on horses .

Mr Perfect vs Hulk Hogan 
I think this should be a pretty good match . Actually its another generic Hogan match . Hogan wins with the leg drop . **1/2

The Rockers vs Hart Foundation 
I love this match . It may not have a clean ending , but everything before that was amazing . Just an amazing back and forth match . This ends in a double DQ thanks to Demolition , but this is easily a **** match and is worth watching many times .

Tito Santana vs Mr Perfect 
This could be good . A very exciting match thus far . So many nearfalls ! What a match ! Perfect gets the roll up for the win . Awesome match . ***3/4

We're shown Oktoberfest at SNME . I sniggered at the Genius being called a sausage stuffer .

Battle Royal
20 men in this one . Nice to have the Macho Man on commentary . This was a fun battle royal . Mr Perfect wins the match . Very hot crowd . **3/4

Bret Hart vs Ted Dibiase
Two great athletes here . This is an amazingly fast paced match so far . Roddy Piper came down to the ring to try and get Sherri out of there . He chases her out of the arena . The match ends in a double count out . A really good match here . ***1/4

Hulk Hogan & Sid Justice vs Ric Flair & Undertaker
Sid and Flair start off . Later on in the match , Sid shows signs of a heel turn when he doesnt help Hogan . This has been a pretty good match so far . Sid walks out on Hogan . I'm guessing this is what led to the WM 8 main event . Flair and Undertaker are DQ'd . **1/2

We are shown clips of The Mountie vs Roddy Piper for the IC title .

Shawn Michaels vs The British Bulldog
Now this should be a great match . Bulldog shows his amazing strength by picking up HBK with one arm . This is such a fantastic match between these two excellent athletes . Shawn wins the IC Title by reversing a superplex into a crossbody . Great great match ! ****

SNME returned 13 years later in March of 2006 .

Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon : Street Fight
So you have the showstopper and a man that performs well in gimmick matches . This should be good . HBK runs straight up the ramp to attack Shane . It starts violently with a chair shot and a table and ladder being brough out . Holy Shit !  Shane superplexed off a ladder through two tables on the outside ! Shane goes for a cover after hitting HBK with a ladder but only gets two . Great tornado DDT to HBK . Shane goes for coast to coast but misses and hits Vince . Shane puts the sharpshooter on Shawn and Vince tells the bell keeper to ring the bell . Good match . ***

Randy Orton talks about RKO-ing Hulk Hogan

DX vs The Spirit Squad - 5 on 2 Handicap Elimination Match
If someone is eliminated in this match they need to go into a cage so they do not interfere . Sounds like something from WCW . The one called Mitch has been eliminated by a sweet chin music . And Johnny has been eliminated by a HHH spinebuster . Vince comes out and whacks Shawn with a steel chair . Another one eliminated with a pedigree . And a sweet chin music eliminates another . The DX special takes out the last guy . DX win . Entertaining little match here . *

John Cena vs Edge
Seems like an appropriate match to end the set with . This is for the WWE Championship . Edge tries to leave but Cena brings him back to the ring . Cena hits the F-U but Lita pulls the ref out . Cena locks in the STFU but Lita gets Edge DQ'd . This match wasn't very good at all . 1/2*  Edge spears Cena . Cena hits Edge with a TV monitor . Cena gives Edge an F-U through the announce table !

Extras from Disc 3 :

Alfred Hayes and Gene Okerlund go on a safari . Koko B. Ware is there trying to find a mate for his parrot . Jake Roberts is also there with Damien . The Bushwhackers also appear . Got to give it to Gene for doing things like this .

Shawn Michaels also talks about winning his first Intercontinental Championship .

Matt Hardy talks about facing Evander Holyfield in a boxing match . This is quite cool to watch .

I'll give this set 8.5/10 . You definitely get your moneys worth here , with an astounding 33 matches ! This includes a lot of interviews and vignettes . Highly Recommended . Glad i finally finished it !

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Capitol Punishment Review

Capitol Punishment Review : Obama was there ! ( Not really )

Thought i'd do this PPV since it was in the spot where the latest No Way Out takes place . I'll also do the 2010 Fatal 4 Way PPV , and as many No Way Out PPVs as possible .

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler
Thought i'd start using bold so the match itself stands out . These two can always give us a great opener when they need to . This match has been great so far with many counters and a few nearfalls . Dolph wins by knocking out Kofi i think . It seemed a little botched though . Great match anyway . ***1/4

R-Truth arrives holding Cena's WWE Title which i assume he stole . Good god he was hilarious as a heel .

Miz is interviewed by Todd Grisham . Ok promo .

Alex Riley vs The Miz 
Seemed early for this match to go on , oh well . This was the only real push Riley received and he went nowhere , so it only served to send Miz downhill . At least the match is pretty good . Riley gets the upset with an impaler DDT . Good match . ***

Hey Sgt. Slaughter is here ! With a really crappy Obama impersonator who looks like he's wearing lipstick .

The Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio
Was it really necessary to recap the story here ? Basically Ricardo hit Show with a car and showed Kane as a caring person which was disturbing and not in the fun way . Del Rio enters and Big Show doesn't even give him a chance to get to the ring . Mark Henry interferes before the bell even rings and gives Show a slam through the announce table . Not much of a match since Big Show has been injured by Henry . 1/2*

Another R-Truth backstage segment . Not much happening in this one .

Interview with Wade Barrett backstage . Quite good actually since he takes the mic and just rolls with it . He takes it straight into his match .

Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson
Oh great another match between the two . The Over The Limit match sucked and i'm sure this will too . Poor Wade . No pop for Zeke i notice . A ' we want Ryder '  chant starts . I miss when fans cared about him . Back to the match and it is very slow . Wade's trying his best but Zeke is just bad . Why did the hell did he have to win ?? I thought the Intercontinental champion was supposed to be the best performer ,  not the worst . 1/2* He even screws up the aftermatch interview !

Another crappy Obama segment .

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Needless to say , i'm really looking forward to this match . These guys have great matches together . This match wasn't as good as some of their previous encounters , but was still pretty damn great . Best match on the show . Punk wins by reversing a 619 into a GTS .  ***3/4

I just realised every match on this PPV is a singles match with no special stipulations or anything like that . Pretty generic i suppose .

Randy Orton vs Christian 
Their match at Over The Limit was ****1/4 . Lets see if this can live up to it . These guys have crazy chemistry together . Not as good as their OTL match but it's still a great match that is worth watching . These guys can't have a bad match ! Orton wins with an RKO even though Christian's foot was under the rope . ***1/2

Some guy named Keith Stone comes out , and i really couldn't give a damn about beer .

Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger
This is our 'bonus attraction' of the night . That must piss off American fans , who i've heard have to pay $55 for every PPV . Over here we pay £15 which is roughly $25 . And sometimes (Over The Limit 2012 for example) for free ! Sorry guys . Anyway , these guys are giving us a pretty good match here . So this is PG and that Stone guy is drinking a beer . Nice logic WWE ! This crowd really sucks tonight . Awesome tornado DDT by Evan . Bourne rolls Jack up and gets the three-count . Nice solid match even if the crowd was dead . **3/4

Oh god , please stop with this stupid Obama impersonator !! I refuse to even watch this so i ain't gonna review it .

And now to the main event :

John Cena vs R-Truth
These two don't really have a lot of chemistry together . A child fan throws water on Truth and Cena takes advantage with an AA to get the 1-2-3 . Solid match **1/2

6/10 . Solid event here with 4 matches worth watching but with a lot of crap and filler put in for some insane reason .

Monday, 21 May 2012

Over The Limit 2012 Review

Over The Limit 2012 Review : Punk & Bryan steal the show .

The night starts off straight away during a battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for either the Intercontinental or US Titles .

Battle Royal
The camera shows that Christian is back . He is apparently a face now . Thanks for telling us WWE ! Anyway it's going like a normal battle royal , but the ending was great and exciting with Christian picking up the win . Good stuff . **1/4

And now here are the fireworks to show that the show has officially started now .

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
I was expecting this match to be good but what we got was great . Just a classic-style tag match with Kofi
stealing the show and retaining the titles . ***1/4

Layla vs Beth Phoenix
This was slow to start with , but really got good with the finishing stretch . Really good for a divas match , and now we just need Kharma . **

Sheamus vs Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
This was another slow starter but quickly picked up the pace and kept me guessing as to what was going to happen . At one point i thought Orton would win , and at another point Jericho . Just a great match for the World Title . ***3/4

Brodus Clay vs The Miz
I feel really bad for the Miz . He's not done anything since December and he's losing to this big tub of lard . Not good . *

Cody Rhodes vs Christian
This was disappointing considering the level of talent involved in it . I was really surprised with Christian winning the title . I was so sure that Rhodes would retain here . *1/2

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan
The match we'd all been waiting for . This was just amazing , with both these guys putting on a great performance . Apparently the match lasted for 25 minutes but for me it felt like 15 as the match just whizzed by . This is what we want WWE ! After a spectacular showing , Punk is able to roll Bryan up for a three count . ****1/2

Ryback vs Camacho
Please get him someone real to fight ! SQUASH

John Cena vs John Laurinaitis
I actually found this to be quite entertaining . Although the Big Show heel turn was quite predictable . 1/2*

6.5/10 Watch the two World title matches and the tag match , then leave it at that .

Sunday, 20 May 2012

R.I.P  Macho Man .

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the death of the 'should-be' hall of famer 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. I still can't believe it has been one year since i heard the news that made my stomach drop . He will forever be missed and will be remembered , in my opinion , as the greatest wrestler of the 80's . As I did with Owen Hart , I will list what I believe are his top 5 matches . R.I.P  Mr Savage .

5. Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania 5
4.Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior - Wrestlemania 7
3. Randy Savage vs Ric Flair - Wrestlemania 8
2.Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat - Wrestlemania 3
1. Randy Savage vs Ted Dibiase - Wrestlemania 4

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Wrestlemania 22 Review

Wrestlemania 22 Review : Wrestlemania goes Hardcore

Michelle Williams does a pretty good job of America the Beautiful.

Loved the video package for the event , the Shinedown song they used just felt right for Wrestlemania . This was definitely gonna be an action packed night . I would put this as one of my favourite events of all time .

And here we go with this great night ...

Kane & The Big Show vs Carlito & Chris Masters
This was a good choice for an opener as it got the crowd fired up for the rest of the night . I always liked the team of Kane & Big Show . Wow i really think Kane's athleticism is underrated , especially with that dropkick . Kane's diving clothesline to the outside was awesome . Kane gets the win with a chokeslam .
This was a lot of fun . **1/2

Great promo from Shawn Michaels telling us not to expect a classic wrestling match , but to expect violence.    

Money In The Bank
Always get excited for these matches . Gotta give it to Ric Flair for going in there . I think he might regret it now . Shelton's running senton from the ladder to the outside was amazing . Flair being suplexed from the ladder was sick , especially when you hear his screams of pain . Quite uncomfortable . He is assisted to the back . RVD's rolling thunder to the ladder looked brutal . Flair comes back down . What a guy ! Fans are really behind Flair . RVD out of nowhere knocks Lashley off the ladder ! Unbelievable leg drop off the ladder from Matt Hardy . Shelton leap frogs onto the ladder out of nowhere ! Shelton & Hardy knocked off the ladder to the outside ! RVD grabs the briefcase . This was exciting all the way through . ****

Backstage Batista says by WM 23 he will be the World Champion again . Got to give it to him for telling the truth .

Howard Finkel states that Bret Hart was uncomfortable participating in the event . Can't blame him . This was another great Hall of Fame class with legends like Mean Gene , Sensational Sherri , Verne Gagne and of course the late , great Eddie Guerrero and the legendary Bret ' The Hitman ' Hart . I actually cried during Eddie's induction and i'm not ashamed to say so . I still can't believe he's gone ....
Anyway back to the event .

Chris Benoit vs JBL
And speaking of people i cant believe are gone , here comes Benoit . There was no need for JBL to mock Eddie . This is a nice solid matchup . I don't think JBL winning was a good idea . **1/4

Edge vs Mick Foley : Hardcore Match
I think that Foley can make just about anyone into a superstar . He did it here with Edge on this night . How the hell is Foley still alive after all this time ? His body has taken so much abuse over the years . Nice to have Joey Styles assist with commentary , he always adds to matches . Here we go . Edge spears Mick and Edge appears to hurt more , and thats because Mick was weearing BARBED WIRE AROUND HIS WAIST !! How awesome was that ! He whips Edge with the barbed wire . Mick has his barbed wire bat ! Foley arm dragged onto the steps . Edge douses Foley with lighter fluid ! Mick takes the bat to the head . Bulldog on the bat ! Here come the thumb tacks . Edge back suplexed right on the tacks ! Mr Socko ! WRAPPED WITH BARBED WIRE ! Holy shit ! Both guys bleeding . This is like a horror movie . The table is on fire ! SPEAR THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE !! There's your Wrestlemania moment Foley . Edge wins . This was amazing . Probably the most violent match in Wrestlemania history .  ****1/4

Booker T and Sharmell meet all the weirdos backstage in a funny moment .

Booker T & Sharmell vs The Boogeyman
Skip this please . DUD

Trish Stratus vs Mickie James
I consider this the greatest Womens match in Wrestlemania history , even if that's not saying very much at all . I loved Mickie as a psycho bitch . The unedited version of this match is the best , since it has Mickie acting her lesbian best . Mickie groping at Trish was awesome . Good match . ***

Vince McMahon is really muscled up backstage .

Undertaker vs Mark Henry : Casket Match
Another extension for the legendary WM Streak of the Undertaker . Too bad the match wasn't that good . This was when Undertaker started diving over the top rope at Wrestlemania again . Taker wins . *

Shawn Michaels vs Vince McMahon : No Holds Barred
This match showed that HBK can have a great match with anyone . The elbow drop off the huge ladder onto Vince ,who had a trash can around his head and was placed on a table , was amazing . Great match . ***1/2

Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton
Add ten minutes to this match and you have a classic . As it is , it's still a great match that was action-packed . Rey Mysterio finally got the moment he deserved . One of my favourite matches . ***1/2

Torrie Wilson vs Candice Michelle
Who the hell booked this crap ??! Absolute DUD .

John Cena vs Triple H
This match helped make John Cena into a superstar . But it was also the real start of the anti-Cena movement . The match is great and was worthy of the WM Main Event . ***3/4

8/10 The good outweighed the match on this show , but the bad was REALLY bad . You do however get 5 great matches and 3 that were solid or good . Recommended .

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Royal Rumble 2012 Review

Royal Rumble 2012 Review : Two great matches and not much else.

Felt bored , so i thought i'd do a random review , and here is the latest edition of the rumble .

Daniel Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry : Steel Cage
I am a huge fan of Bryan and loved his heel turn . They used the cage well in this one . A nice solid match right here . **1/2

They show a video of John Cena to hype his match with The Rock at Wrestlemania .

8 Diva Tag Match
This actually wasn't that bad for a divas match . *1/4

John Cena vs Kane
It's great having the mask put back on Kane . Too bad they've given him basically crap to do . Good match until the crappy finish . **3/4

Video package for The Rock now .

Brodus Clay vs Drew McIntyre

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler : Special Enforcer - Big Johnny
This was a disappointing match considering the talent involved . I was expecting a bit more . Still a great match though . ***1/4

Royal Rumble Match
Absolutely love royal rumble matches and this year was a great one . I won't do a play by play commentary as it might ruin it for those that haven't seen it , so i'll just give my star rating for it . Very fun and exciting rumble , especially the ending . ****

6/10 . The two main events are worth watching but everything is just sort of there

History of the WWE Championship DVD Review

History of the WWE Championship DVD Review .

Just received this dvd a couple of hours ago in the mail , and thought i'd review it while i watch it . The WWE championship is the most prestigious championship in all of sports-entertainment . Many greats have held this championship such as The Rock , Stone Cold , Shawn Michaels , Bruno Sammartino , Billy Graham and Hulk Hogan to name just a few .

Disc 1

The first disc contains a timeline of every WWE Championship change up until the middle of 2006 . For the changes that didn't have footage , there is a paragraph describing what happened . I found this extra to be very entertaining .

Ivan Koloff vs Pedro Morales
It's gonna be hard reviewing these matches because of their time period , but i'll try my best . This match is very well paced for its time . I thoroughly enjoyed this . **3/4

Bruno Sammartino vs Killer Kowalski
This is a very hard hitting match that left both men , especially Bruno , bleeding from the face . I think this is here to show a match from the seven year reign of Bruno . 3/4*

Bruno Sammartino vs Billy Graham
This is one of the most important matches to the WWE championship as it ended the amazing seven year reign of Bruno . Good match while it lasted  **1/2

Billy Graham vs Bob Backlund
I won't rate this as it only shows the end of the match , but it is here to show the start of Backlund's five year title reign . N/R

Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine : Steel Cage
I won't rate this one as it is clipped , but i have heard that the full match is great , and i wish it had been in full so i could see it . N/R

Bob Backlund vs Sgt. Slaughter
I always love the Sarge . Backlund does not waste anytime waiting for Slaughter and jumps him straight away . The Sarge is just getting his ass kicked here . Finally gets back into it and takes out Bob . This is fun . It was going great until the DQ . Good match . **3/4

Hulk Hogan vs The Iron Sheik
This is another important match in wrestling history as it shows Hogan winning his very first WWE championship . This was very fun while it lasted . This has got to be one of the loudest crowds i've ever heard in a match . *1/2

Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy : Steel Cage
Ok why the hell was Elvira doing commentary here ? My god she sucked . Probably the reason why Wrestlemania 2 wasn't that good . This match was much better than i expected it to be . Was surprised to see blood in it , especially during this particular era . Really good match ***

Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff : Steel Cage
Pro Wrestling Illustrated gave these two the award for best feud of 1986 . Very fast and fun so far . Both guys hit the floor at the same time , but the match is ordered to continue . Very good match here . ***

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant
This is arguably the biggest match in wrestling history . It drew just over 93,000 fans into the Pontiac Silverdome , in one of the greatest events of all time . The match itself isn't very good , but that doesn't matter . What matters is how iconic it is and the massive impact it had on the wrestling world forever . Arguably the best main event in Wrestlemania history . * for the match . ***** for everything else .

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant
This is the infamous SNME match with the ending that would rock the world . It was revealed that Dave Hebner's brother Earl was the evil referee that cost Hogan the match and the title . This is a fun match . I think about 33 million people watched this live all over the world . I'll give it  * but this was insane at the time .

Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan
This was the Austin/Rock of the 80s . It seemed you were either a Hogan fan or a Savage fan . I would call myself a Savage fan . At the same venue a year before , Savage won the WWE Championship in a tournament . I think the match itself is a little overrated but it is still a great contest . ***1/2

Disc 2

Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior
I can't even comprehend how huge this must have been at the time . I love this match , even though the Warrior never really went anywhere in his career after this . Amazing match with both guys showing how powerful they are . Warrior gorilla pressing Hogan above his head was an unbeliveable site to see . Such a great match . ****1/4

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart : Steel Cage
This was one hell of a match . Maybe the greatest cage match ever . These two brothers have unbelivable chemistry and always seem to pull off all their moves perfectly . The superplex off the top of the cage was amazing . Unbelivable stuff . ****3/4

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
I absolutely love this match . It's probably the fifth time i've watched the match and it still amazes me . 60 minutes filled with drama , great mat wrestling and close nearfalls . What more could you ask for ? Only some of the slower parts of the match stop it from getting the full five stars . ****3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Mankind
These two had amazing chemistry . Every minute of this match was great and never felt boring at all . I would give it the full 5 stars , but i dont think i can do it with a match that ends in a disqualification . If it had a finish , it would definitely be 5 stars . ****3/4

Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels
This match is great considering that Shawn was fighting with an injured back . All through the match you can clearly see the pain on his face , and tries to complete the match . This was a great match all things considered and gave Austin his first WWE Title win and started off the Attitude era . ****

Disc 3

Triple H vs Cactus Jack : Street Fight
Everytime i watch this match it gets better every time . This is the match that made Triple H a bonafide superstar and for good reason . He took a lot of pain in this match , but not compared to Cactus . Cactus takes a huge chair shot about 4 mins into the match . This match is just one big highlight reel and holy shit moment . And HHH takes a freaking suplex on wooden palets ! HHH returns the favour and back suplex's Cactus on a trash can . I'll try not to comment on everything but it's been great so far ! And HHH is cut right open with a barbed wire bat . Holy shit this is amazing . HHH has an ugly looking gash on his leg . Bulldog on the bat ! Hip toss to the steel steps ! Cactus has been handcuffed just like the year before . HHH actually broke a chair on the spine of Cactus . This has been a war . Piledriver on the table ! And here come the thumbtacks . Cactus back dropped onto the tacks and somehow kicks out of the pedigree ! Pedigree face first onto the tacks ! What an absolute classic match . *****

The Rock vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle
Angle actually was concussed before the match even began after being Pedigreed throught the announce table . According to Triple H's documentary , everyone was panicing over what was going to happen since Kurt was out . I'm surprised they got a really good match out of it . Even though it has turned into a singles match so far , HHH and the Rock have enough chemistry to pull it off . Kurt comes back in and we've got a triple threat again . This has been great so far . Stephanie punched by HHH ! Wow this is exciting . Great match ***3/4

Stone Cold vs The Rock : No DQ
This is without a doubt one of the biggest matches ever , with the two faces of the Attitude era facing off in a match that would end that era . This was , in my opinion , the best match of this Wrestlemania which is considered the greatest WM in history . Holy shit this match started off amazingly . It's just non-stop action here . This is war . Both men are busted open here . Such an amazing match here with both men giving their all to win the championship . Austin gives Rock a sharpshooter ! Cobra clutch to Rock ! Stunner to Austin ! Unbeliveable ! Jim Ross does a brilliant job in this match . Vince McMahon comes down to the ring . Rock hits the People's elbow but Vince breaks the count . Rock bottom to Rock and only a 2 count ! Vince and Austin have teamed up . Austin keeps hitting Rock with the steel chair and gets the 3 count . Another absolute classic on this excellent dvd . *****

Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho
This is the match that created the first undisputed championship that Jericho won ( and would never stop referencing ) . The match isn't very good but that's understandable considering both of them were in a match earlier in the night . Austin against Angle , and Jericho against Rock . Booker T interferes and hits Austin with a title belt to give Jericho the win . Solid match . **1/4

The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
This is another match that seems to get better every time time I watch it . One of the better triple threat matches in WWE . The belt used in this match is probably my favourite variation of the Championship . Either that or the Winged Eagle belt . I loved the way they used their opponents finishers against them . Shows how much they wanted that title . This was a fantastic match overall . ****1/2

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar
Quite the historical matchup here . Even after only being in the WWE for a few months , it was Brock's time to be the man . This showed how big an impact he made in the WWE , and still has an impact even today . This match took place at one of the all time great PPVs at Summerslam 2002 . This match starts off so quickly with a belly-to-belly from Lesnar . This is gonna be awesome . Such a fast paced , exciting match . Lesnar locked in the sharpshooter . Fans are really behind Brock . Rock hit with a steel chair .  Heyman rock bottomed through an announce table ! Lesnar kicks out of a rock bottom ! Rock kicks out of a rock bottom ! Lesnar wins with the F5 . Overall an excellent match . ****

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
Can't wait to watch this match . Holy shit , a DDT to Kurt on the ring apron . That looked brutal . Sharpshooter to Kurt . Quite a lot of Sharpshooters on this dvd . Very technical so far . Benoit countered the angle slam into the crossface ! Now Benoit had the angle lock , and Kurt counters that into an angle lock and Benoit counters that into a crossface ! Benoit taps to the angle lock . This was just flat out awesome . ****1/2

John Cena vs Chris Jericho vs Christian
Not sure why this match is here . Probably just to show Cena defending his champioship . Very fun triple threat match . Very enjoyable . ***1/2

Overall 9.5/10 . This DVD set is definitely worth owning , especially if you don't have a lot of these matches already . Every match on this set is worth watching for one reason or another . Get this !

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wrestlemania 23 Review

Wrestlemania 23 Review : Trump vs McMahon

Loved the choice of using Vince's intro to WM 3 to introduce Aretha Franklin to sing America the Beautiful like she did twenty years before . She does a great job singing and makes it a big deal .

Money In The Bank
Very star-studded MITB this year . It's just a shame they didn't have storylines going into Mania , especially Edge & Orton . The back of Kennedy's neck hitting the ladder was brutal . Jeff jumping from the HUGE ladder in the ring onto Edge on the ladder outside is one of those moments that will live forever . This was just flat out awesome . When the match was aired , i was genuinely surprised that Kennedy won the match . I expected Punk to win . KENNEDY !!!! ****

Kane vs The Great Khali
This match wasn't as bad as I thought it would be . Still not good , but not very bad . Although I am a big fan of Kane so that might explain it . Thought it was cool they tried to recreate the WM 3 slam , but obviously it didn't have the same impact . *

Fun backstage segment follows .

Chris Benoit vs MVP
This would be Chris's final Wrestlemania match . For those wondering , i hate Benoit the person who destroyed his legacy with despicable actions , but i still love Benoit the wrestling character who gave us so many amazing moments and matches . This started with great mat wrestling that had me impressed and just kept going until the end . Had it been longer , it could have been a classic . ***1/4

Another fun backstage segment featuring Donald Trump .

This was a great Hall of Fame class featuring many that deserved to be there such as Mr Perfect , Jerry Lawler , Jim Ross , Mr Fuji , Nick Bockwinkel , The Sheik , The Wild Samoans and Dusty Rhodes . ( I think i just named them all )

Attendance record for WM 23 set for just over 80,000 . Wow i think that's the second best for Wrestlemania's .

Thought i should mention that while reviewing this event , I ordered the History of the WWE Championship DVD so now i have all 3 ! I will certainly be reviewing that one along with the other two someday .

Batista vs Undertaker
I remember before this match took place , i was sure it wouldn't be a very good match . Boy was i wrong . This match rocked . Love it when Taker uses druids for his entrance . Amazing entrance for Taker . Really surprising fast pace for this match . Love the Undertaker's WM suicide dive . Always great to see . These two guys went out there and tore down the house and showed they deserved to be in the main event at Wrestlemania . Taker goes 15-0 and wins the world title with a tombstone . ****

ECW Originals vs The New Breed
The was an emotional moment for ECW fans as their guys finally got to the biggest stage of them all , Wrestlemania . A good Wrestlemania moment . Standard entertaining tag match . **

Battle of the Billionaires : Bobby Lashley vs Umaga
So they can give these two a storyline but not Edge or Orton ? Interesting . I think this is the match that made the PPV the highest selling for a few years . Ok match that left us with a Wrestlemania moment . **1/4

Ashley vs Melina
Next !! DUD

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels
Wow they really made this match a big deal . Awesome match that was just as good as the Batista/Taker match . Great stuff . ****1/4

7.5/10 Underrated Wrestlemania that is worth watching for the two World title matches and the MITB .

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Over The Limit 2010 Review

Over The Limit 2010 Review : CM Punk's Last Match With Long Hair.

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre
This match reminded me of the Punk/Mysterio match at Wrestlemania : with more time it could have been great . As it is , it is a good match . Fun opening match to start us off here . ***

R-Truth vs Ted Dibiase
This just wasn't very interesting at all and the match wasn't very good at all . *

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio :  Hair vs Pledge
Can these guys actually have a match less than 3 stars ? Brutal when Rey was thrown into that barber chair. Hated when they stopped the match for blood , it just kills all the momentum . But Punk managed to pick it up by going crazy on Rey . Just an awesome match here . ****1/4

The Hart Dynasty vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz
Why couldn't Miz and Y2J be a tag team ? They would've been great . Good match here , nothing more to say about it . **3/4

Edge vs Randy Orton
Really disappointing considering the level of talent involved , and it's a shame Orton was injured otherwise the match could have been a lot better . 3/4*

Jack Swagger vs Big Show
I feel really bad for Jack as he had probably one of the worst reigns in history as champion , especially because of matches like this . Made him look seriously weak . This just sucked . 1/4*

Maryse vs Eve
Great , another pointless divas match that nobody cares about . This sucked . Everything looked sloppy . DUD

John Cena vs Batista : I Quit
Hopefully this match can help save the night . This is currently Batista's last official match in WWE , but IMO he'll return someday . Pretty awesome match here , again pulled down by some blood . Although i did love it when Batista told the doctor to come back later because Cena would need him . Great storytelling . Batista falling off the rail was a nice touch . AA on the car was sick . Just a great match ***3/4

5/10 Slightly better than the 2011 edition but that's not saying much . Just watch for the I Quit Match and the amazing Punk/Mysterio MOTYC .

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Money In The Bank 2011 Review

Money In The Bank 2011 Review : One of the Best PPVs Ever

Just thought i'd do a random review and i felt like watching this one so why not ?

Smackdown MITB
Major major surprise winner in Daniel Bryan . As soon as he won I immediately thought ' He'll lose in the cash in . Well i guess i was proven wrong . Great match that was just a major car wreck . Bodies flying everywhere , and poor Sin Cara . Everyone had a chance to look great in this match and they all took it . ****

Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella
The only dark spot of the night . 1/4*

Mark Henry vs Big Show
Not as good as the matches they would have later on in the year but still good for a big man match . **1/4

This felt faster than the Smackdown MITB but it was still amazing with some great innovative offense . Predictable winner with Del Rio but that didn't stop it from being great . ****

Randy Orton vs Christian
I actually loved the DQ finish and it was a great example of how to do a DQ finish like that . Another great bout between these two . Amazing chemistry . ***1/4

John Cena vs CM Punk
What can i say about this match that hasn't already been said ? The best example of a modern day WWE classic . The crowd was absolutely electric for the match and that made it much better . Just half an hour of great wrestling and breathtaking action , with a finish that no one saw coming . I think about 95% of fans thought that Cena would leave with the title or a MITB winner would leave , but no , CM Punk left as WWE champion . A classic in every sense of the word . *****

9.5/10 What a great night . 4 great matches with one of them being one of the best of all time in my opinion . Watch this or buy the dvd , do anything to get your hands on it .

Over The Limit 2011 Review

Over The Limit 2011 Review : Maybe the worst I Quit Match ever ?

Thought i'd review the past 2 Over the Limit PPVs since there is another coming in 8 days time .

Ok here we go .

R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio
I really miss the heel R-Truth . He was brilliant as a heel . This was a good match intended to make Truth look good . ***

Ezekiel Jackson vs Wade Barrett
I feel really bad for Wade , having to attempt to look good with a guy who can barely wrestle . Not a very good match , but Wade did look quite good in there . 3/4*

Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero
I love the offense of Cara but only if he can actually hit the moves properly . Pretty good match actually but with a screwed up finish . Solid . **3/4

Big Show & Kane vs CM Punk & Mason Ryan
Actaully laughed at the Batista chants directed at Ryan . Pretty solid match . Love the little tribute to the - at the time - recently deceased legend Randy Savage from Punk . Very classy . **

Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella
Lets just move on , shall we ? 1/4*

Randy Orton vs Christian
What a match ! This is why I love professional wrestling , matches like this . It was obvious that Orton was going to retain his title here , but Christian made you believe that he could pull the major upset . Great counter wrestling and a great looking submission hold from Orton . A modern day classic as Orton turns Christian's counter into an RKO to win . ****

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler : Kiss My Foot Match
Not much of a match , but the aftermath was fun and it was great to see Cole get his comeuppance . Always nice to see the Hitman as well . Overall 1/2*

John Cena vs The Miz : I Quit
I was actually really looking forward to this match at the time , so it was a major disappointment when it took place . Just 20 minutes of Miz destroying Cena , and Cena beating Miz in the last 2 minutes of the match to look like a wimp . This sucked 3/4*

3.5/10 . The worst PPV of 2011 by far . The only reason to even consider buying this event is the amazing match between Orton and Christian . Just bad .

I will try and review the 2010 edition later on today .

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wrestlemania XXIV Review

Wrestlemania XXIV Review : A Career Threatening Match

John Legend does a good job singing America the Beautiful .

Finlay vs JBL : Belfast Brawl
Good way to open Mania . Trash can garbage . I do believe Finlay should have picked up the victory here though . Good solid match . ***

Money In The Bank
One of the best spotfests in WWE . It worked really well for a match that had 2 faces and 5 heels . Loved the sunset flip suplex off the ladder and Shelton falling all the way outside the ring onto another ladder . Brilliant match . Punk wins his first , but not his last , MITB .  ****

Batista vs Umaga
This was a bit of a disappointment . The crowd kept it entertaining though . *

Kane vs Chavo Guerrero
I'm a Kane fan so this wasn't all bad for me . Still a spit in the face to ECW . DUD

Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair
Perhaps the most emotional match in WWE history . Everyone knew that Flair was going to lose but everyone wanted to see it happen . Quite hard to rate this match as you have to take the wrestling and the emotion of it all into it . Overall i'd give it about ****1/4

Beth Phoenix & Melina vs Maria & Ashley
The lights going out distracted from the match but there wasn't much to be distracted from . 1/2*

John Cena vs Triple H vs Randy Orton
I love triple threat matches and this one was great . WWE made the smart move by letting Orton get the upset win . No one expected him to , even myself . They had a poll earlier in the night to see what the fans though , and only 9% picked Orton to win . Great match ***1/2

Floyd Mayweather vs The Big Show : No DQ
This was very good for a celebrity vs wrestler match . Better than WM 11 match anyway . Good thing they didn't again make the mistake of a match like this going on last . Good match ***

Edge vs The Undertaker
This is one of my favourite Wrestlemania matches . This is probably the best of the Edge/Taker series of matches and that is saying something . Great back and forth match worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania  . Undertaker wins another world title after making Edge submit to the hell's gate submission . ****1/2

8.5/10 A great Wrestlemania and one of the best of the 21st century . Definitely a memorable one .

Monday, 7 May 2012

Wrestlemania XXV Review

Wrestlemania XXV Review : The Greatest Match Of All Time

Pre-Show Dark Match
Morrison & Miz vs The Colons : Lumberjack
Why was this match not on the show , but a shit Kid Rock concert and shit battle royal were ??? Get your priorities in check WWE ! Great match and would have made this Wrestlemania better if it were actually on the card . ***1/4

Didn't really enjoy the Nicole whateverhernameis rendition of America the Beautiful . Felt forced .

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
I love this ladder match no matter how many botches are in it . With money in the bank at Wrestlemania , how can you go wrong ? ***3/4

25 Diva Battle Royal

Chris Jericho vs Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka & Ricky Steamboat
When Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka were in the ring , the match sucked , but when Steamboat was in the ring it was magic . It should have been those 2 going one on one like Backlash one month later . Good match . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy : Extreme Rules
I don't know who said these two have crappy matches together because I thought this was great and brutal . I think Jeff is trying to be too much like Sting with that face paint . Absolutely sick finish and the ladder moment didn't help either . ***1/2

Rey Mysterio vs JBL
Straight away a DUD . Should have been longer . JBL then quits the WWE . Hallelujah , a saving grace !

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
In my opinion , this is the greatest match of all time . Everything about it was great : the referee , the commentators , the entrances , the red hot crowd , the amazing nearfalls , and the two legends in that ring . The man who never loses at Wrestlemania vs Mr Wrestlemania . These two have never had a bad match against each other and this was their best . IMO only Bret vs Steve Austin at WM13 comes close to beating this . I've watched this match around 12 times and it still amazes me . Best match ever . Taker goes 17-0 after a tombstone . *****

John Cena vs The Big Show vs Edge
This match did quite well considering it had to follow the greatest match of all time . Good little triple threat going on here . Wow John Cena is powerful ! ***1/4

Triple H vs Randy Orton
Talk about disappointing . I'll just leave this **1/2 and be done with it .

7/10 Good show with a couple of DUDs and a disappointing main event . Everything else was great though .

RIP To A True Legend : Owen Hart .

Today was Owen Hart's 47th birthday . It has now been 13 years since his tragic fall at the Over The Edge PPV . He was one of the greatest pure wrestlers in the WWE and should have been a World Champion at least once . In his honour , I will list , in my opinion , his 5 greatest matches in the WWE .

5. Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit - I am listing this match because it took place because of his death and was for him . A goodbye from his best friend , Chris and his brother , Bret .

4. The Hart Foundation vs The Steiner Brothers - Wrestlefest 1994

3. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart - Summerslam 1994

2. Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog - European Championship Finals

1. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart - Wrestlemania X

Honourable Mention :

Owen Hart vs Stone Cold - Summerslam 1997

Wrestlemania XXVI Review

Wrestlemania XXVI Review : Streak vs Career

I've decided that after I finish reviewing every Wrestlemania , I will attempt to rank every single Wrestlemania match . Can't be that hard , there's only like 300 of them .

Ok whoever this Fantasia is , she cannot sing properly . WWE please just stick with Lilian Garcia and leave it at that .

John Morrison & R-Truth vs The MizShow
This was actually really good match for the 3 minutes it was on for . Too bad it had no hype . Still good though *3/4

Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes
This match was a bit disappointing but still good . What the hell was Cody wearing though ? It would have been better if Ted or Cody had won , but at least Cody has risen up from it . **

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
I would say out of every Wrestlemania Money in the bank this is probably the worst , but that is not a bad thing at all , as i love every one of those matches. Great match with Kofi and Evan , in my opinion , stealing the show . Surprising win with Jack Swagger which would turn out to be a bad idea . ***1/4

Triple H vs Sheamus
Once again we receive another wrong winner . Sheamus could have done well with the win . At least he's now doing well as the World Champion . Good solid match here . ***

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Ok , i know this has been repeated many times , but who's bright idea was it to give these guys 6 minutes ?! Well they really managed to use those minutes and gave us probably the best 6 minute match ever . ***1/4

Bret Hart vs Mr McMahon : No Holds Barred
My opinion on this match is that is that it kind of sucked , but it gave fans like me closure over the whole Montreal Screwjob incident . 1/4* for that match . ***1/2 for the closure .

Edge vs Chris Jericho
This match seems to get better every time I watch it . At first I thought it was ok , then good , and now I think it's great . The crowd was dead thanks to the Bret/Vince match , but they got into it by the end . Jericho got the upset victory with a codebreaker . ***3/4

Divas Tag Match
Just skip. DUD

John Cena vs Batista
This match was great . Not as good as their match at Summerslam in my opinion , but still a great math and the crowd was really into it . ***3/4

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels : Streak vs Career
This has got to be one of the greatest matches of all time . The emotion and anticipation for this match was off the charts . It will always be remembered by wrestling fans and for good reason . I still think their first match was better but only by a small margin . Incredible classic . Taker ends HBK's career and goes 18-0 with a third tombstone . *****

I'll give it 8/10 , such an underrated event that could maybe be in the top ten for Wrestlemanias.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wrestlemania XXVII Review

Wrestlemania XXVII Review : The Rock Takes Over

I think i'll start reviewing every Wrestlemania on this site . Ok here we go .
Great video package to start off WM . Gets the blood pumping .

Edge vs Alberto Del Rio
Kinda sucks that in the last two Wrestlemanias , the World title has started off the night . Hot match that would end up being Edge's final ever match in WWE . That alone makes it historic . Great match to start the night off . ***1/2

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio
Very underrated match here that I thought was incredible and a great win for Cody . Without a doubt a match worth watching ***1/2

Big Show , Kane , Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston vs The Corre
Thought this would get at least 5 minutes of time to work with but didn't even make it to 2 ! Good for what it was , but still should have been longer . 1/2*

Randy Orton vs CM Punk
This match was a little disappointing but still good . Great finish with the RKO after Punk jumps off the rope . ***1/4

Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole : Special Referee- Stone Cold
What to say about this match . I'd say watch the start and a bit of the finish then leave it at that . What a waste of time that could have went to better matches . The fact that Cole never took a stunner is highly disappointing . DUD

Triple H vs Undertaker : No Holds Barred
Amazing at the time , but now they have surpassed themselves at WM XXVIII it seems a little irrevelent . Still a great match though . ****1/2

John Morrison , Snooki & Trish Stratus vs Dolph Ziggler & Laycool
Good for what it was , but I'd say skip because I absolutely detest shows like Jersey Shore . 1/4*

John Cena vs Miz
Who's idea was this ? I thought everything was ok up until the double count out which made me think ' Why at Wrestlemania ?? **1/2 for the match . DUD for the rest .

6.5/10 . It would be good for a PPV , but  for Wrestlemania there was nothing memorable apart from Edge's last match and the NHB encounter . Watch with the mindset that you're watching a normal PPV.

Extreme Rules 2012 Review

Extreme Rules 2012 review : Finally Blood ! 

Randy Orton vs Kane : Falls Count Anywhere
I think this match was just a tad better than the match they had at WM . I thought they made good use of the FCA stipulation and loved when Zack Ryder attacked Kane . Hope they have a feud down the line . Overall good match with a really good finish . ***1/4

Brodus Clay vs Dolph Ziggler
Poor Dolph . I enjoyed the Funkasaurus character for a while , but now it just feels stale . Dolph performed brilliantly but unfortunately failed to gain the victory . *

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes : Tables Match
I thought that Cody had absolutely no chance in winning this and i really wanted him to . I actually jumped around the room when Cody was declared the new champ , even if it didnt make him look that good . *3/4

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus : 2 out of 3 Falls
I hoped they would give these guys about 15 minutes to work with , but they ended up giving them almost 25 ! Great idea to do that , and they almost stole the show and that's saying something ! Great psychology and wrestling throughout . The ending was a little disappointing but with a fantastic match like that , who cares ?

Ryback vs 2 Jobbers
I think Ryback could be a great addition to the company , but only if he can fight proper wrestlers . *

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho : Chicago Street Fight
I love the fact that it was a lot like the unsactioned match from Unforgiven 2008 . Both guys wore street clothes which added to the match. It started a little slow but it really gained pace and the winner was gonna deserve it after a great performance from both men . Unpredictable match from both men. ****1/4

Layla vs Nikki Bella
Disappointed that Kharma was not the surprise diva , but it's nice to have Layla back . She is sorely needed in the company . *

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar : Extreme Rules Match
5 seconds into the match and John Cena is busted way open . Unbelievable. This match was tense and BRUTAL throughout and it feels like there is change coming toward the wwe . Absolute classic that will never be forgotten by anyone that watched it . I have new respect for John Cena . ****1/2

Probably as good as Wrestlemania from a match standpoint , but i think WM wins as the best PPV so far in 2012 . With that being said , amazing PPV , reminiscent of the Money in the Bank PPV from last year .

Incredible 9/10

Wrestlemania XXVIII Review

Wrestlemania XXVIII review : Once in a Lifetime

Started off with a great rendition of America the Beautiful by Lilian Garcia . Why doesn't she just do it every year ? She does it so much better every year than anyone else .

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
I was totally shocked and disappointed by this match . I was expecting those guys to go out there and give it the best they've ever given , but sadly weren't allowed . Saying that however , this is probably the best 18 second match you will ever see . 1/4*

Randy Orton vs Kane 
I wasn't expecting this match to be very good ,but i have to admit that they exceeded my expectations . Good match with Kane picking a very surprising victory . Looks like its the night of surprises here . **3/4

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes
This match was how I expected it to be : short with good action throughout . Big Show picks up the win to become the latest (and biggest) grand slam champion in the wwe . **

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve
This match was surprisingly good and long . Got to give Maria credit for going out there with broken ribs and still putting on a performance . Too bad Beth had to get pinned though . **

Undertaker vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell
I'm probably overrating this match but I dont care . I watched Wrestlemania with a few friends this year , and when this match was over , we were all hugging each other after what we had just witnessed . Some weren't even wrestling fans ! Unbelievable match with amazing storytelling from all three guys . Shawn Michaels deserves and Oscar for his performance. I truly thought the match was over after the DX special. The aftermath of the match was great with all three guys hugging each other to signify that it was indeed the end of an era . Classic . Taker goes an amazing 20-0 after a tombstone . *****

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny 
Its a shame this match was put after the Hell in a Cell because nothing was going to follow it . Ok match but the crowd was dead for it . I also feel bad for Zack Ryder who has been treated like crap for months now. It's not all bad news though , as Team Johnny picks up the victory ! **1/2

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
The match started off a bit slow but Jericho's heel antics trying to get disqualified were awesome and kept it going . Great finishing sequence where no one knew what was going to happen . This gets better with every viewing . Punk retains with the anaconda vice . A modern Wrestlemania classic . ****

Shouldn't MGK be called the Anorexics? My god eat some meat or something people ! ( Sorry Bryan). Their performance seemed dubbed to me but i dont know if that's how music is nowadays ( even though i'm 17) . Flo Rida's performance was ok but I'm a rocknroll fan so i didn't really bother with it . Great video package for this dream match .

John Cena vs The Rock : Once in a Lifetime 
I've seen many different opinions on this match . Some think its good , some disappointing , and some think its a classic . Time for me to give my opinion on it . Really similar to the Rock/Hogan match ten years before . The match is slow to start but the last 10-15 mins or so is just golden . I was really surprised with The Rock winning the match . I was so sure that Cena was going to pick up the victory . Due to the atmosphere , the match itself , and how much of a big deal it was . I'll call it a classic . The biggest match in Wrestlemania history and also one of the best . And now also one of the most underrated . ****1/2

Definitely watch this event . There's something for everyone . Short matches, long matches , dream matches , brutal matches , technical classics , its all here at the Grandest Stage of them all . Wrestlemania .

I'll give it 9/10 , got to be in the top ten Wrestlemania's of all time . 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Comments and requests welcome !

I would love to hear all of your opinions and some requests so that i may find new material i may not already have . Tomorrow i shall review the recent Extreme Rules PPV and also Wrestlemania XXVIII .

The Best Of Raw & Smackdown 2011 DVD Review

Hey i'm Ross from cold old Scotland and i thought i'd finally put my opinions of the wwe tv and dvds onto the internet for others to see and comment on . I'll start with one of the latest wwe dvds .

The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011 DVD Set

Disc 1

John Morrison vs  The Miz : Falls Count Anywhere.
Great match to start the year off with , and they really used the FCA stipulation out there . Why the hell isn't Morrison with wwe anymore ? ****1/4

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler
Not as good as other matches they've had in the past , but still good nonetheless. ***

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio : 2 out of 3 falls
This match would be great if given a proper ending , but everything before that was great . ***1/4

Natalya vs Melina
Watch for the great finish . *

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan
I probably overrate this match , but i thought it was fantastic . ***3/4

The Rock Returns - Amazing , must-see

John Cena Responds - These last 2 promos are even more interesting now looking back . Great promo.

Championship Coronation of Dolph Ziggler- Skip unless you want to see Edge win his final World title .

A Stone Cold Referee - Ok segment , having JBL return was a nice surprise.

'The Rock' Attacks Cena . - Probably the only heat segment for the 'Main Event' of WM XXVII

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio : Steel Cage
Really good match , but I still find it strange why they gave Del Rio a loss 2 weeks before his World Title WM match which he lost clean . Made him look rather weak . ***

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Kinda sucks that Wade only has one match on this entire 4 disc set . Ok match with a great finish . **3/4

Disc 2

Edge Says Goodbye - Emotional goodbye from Edge . Definitely watch especially if you're a fan of Edge .

A New Side of R-Truth - I truly miss the heel R-Truth . This was great to see at the time .

John Cena vs The Miz
I remember watching this match at the time and once it had finished , i said to myself , 'why didnt that happen at Wrestlemania ?? Even with the DQ finish it still would have been better than what we got instead . ***1/2

Randy Orton vs Christian
I hated this match at the time because Christian's reign was so short and it felt like a slap in the face to a man who worked hard for his opportunity. It even made me boo Orton for a while , and i dont usually boo someone unless they suck at wrestling . Suffice to say it was shocking at the time . However , with that being said , this was an awesome match that showed that both guys were at the top of the brand . ****

Riley's Revenge - Would have been much better if Riley wasn't now a jobber for guys like Lord Tensai . Skip.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus . Special Referee : Christian
Don't know why Christian is wearing his ring gear but i suppose that's irrelevant . A lot of people think Sheamus was better as a heel . I would say he is good as a heel but much better as a face . I think the No DQ match would have been better here , but this is still a good match that is worth watching , especially for the heel turn of Christian . ***

John Cena , Randy Orton & Alex Riley vs The Miz , R-Truth & Christian : Elimination
Funny promo by the heels before the match that is worth watching for the lols . Good match . Nothing more

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes
Wow these guys fought each other a lot in 2011 . Good match from 2 of my wrestlers . ***

CM Punk Pipe Bomb- Absolutely required viewing if you haven't seen it . Still amazes me .

Sin Cara vs Christian
Great match from these two , they seem to have chemistry together . Hope they can face off in the future . ***1/4

Mr McMahon Relieved of his Duties - Quite shocking at the time , but not very good now looking back . Kinda cheesy as well.

Disc 3

John Cena vs Rey Mysterio
Kind of a dream match here and probably should have been saved for a pay per view considering how good it is and the money it could make . I couldn't help but feel bad for Rey , as he had already fought earlier in the night and didn't get his rematch until a month later . Rey applying the STF was unbelievable . CM Punk returning was great too. Phenomenal match between the 2 babyfaces . One of the best of 2011 . ****

Cody Rhodes vs Ezekiel Jackson
This match is only here to show Cody winning the title . *

John Morrison vs R-Truth : Falls Count Anywhere
I thought this match would take place at Summerslam or another PPV but obviously that didn't happen . Good match from the two . ***

Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio
Disappointing match but still good , thought they could have done better . ***

Airboom vs Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga
Just here to show Airboom winning the titles . **

Randy Orton vs Christian : Steel Cage
Awesome match between these two great athletes . Probably the third best match they had and that's saying something ! ****1/4

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes
Good , if unspectacular , match . ***

Cutting Edge - Good to see Edge again and the ending was awesome.

Mark Henry Unleashed - Ok segment , just to show how dominant Mark Henry was.

Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler
Probably here just to show the involvement of Hugh Jackman . *1/2

Mark Henry vs Christian : Lumberjack
No idea why this is here . 1/4*

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
These two would have a much better match at Survivor Series but this is still a good match . ***

Disc 4

12 Man Tag Match
Very good , if overlong , tag match . ***1/4

Vote of No Confidence
Just a Highlight Video

John Cena vs Sheamus : Referee - Triple H : Commentator - CM Punk
This is worth watching because it is so unique , even if it kind of failed in the long run . N/R

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara
I really enjoyed this match and find it very underrated . ***1/2

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes : Street Fight
Brutal match that left both guys battered and bruised at the end . Great match . ***3/4

Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan
I think this match is here to show the feud between Mark Henry and Big Show . Daniel Bryan puts on a hell of a performance . **

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler
I remember watching this match and being amazed by it . Even after a second viewing it is still an amazing match . ****

Overall i would say that this dvd is definitely worth your money especially if you missed these matches . 8/10.

Please comment and feel free to send me review requests and i shall see what i can do .