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Monday, 22 August 2016

New Page

Hey everyone!

I have no idea if anyone still comes to this blog so this may fall on deaf ears.

I wanted everyone to know that I'm coming back to reviewing with a brand new blog, this one will be combining my movie reviews (most of which will be up soon) and wrestling reviews will be starting again so I can alternate between the two.

The movie side will feature new releases and reviews from my blu ray collection.

The wrestling side will feature all new PPVs, PPVs and shows from the past, and maybe some current shows thrown up there soon.

So far I've only got a review for Phantom Menace up as I review every Star Wars movie, and you can expect to see Summerslam 2016 up there soon.

I hope everyone can have a look and hopefully enjoy.

Here's the link:

Thank You.