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Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Road is Jericho: Disc 1

The Road is Jericho: Disc 1 Review

It's been quite a while since my last DVD review. I've missed doing them and I'll definitely be doing more in future, and might even do-over some old ones!

This is one I bought quite recently as I'm quite a big fan of Jericho's. So let's get started with this first disc.

The format of this set is mostly just a match compilation with Jericho telling stories in between them which works pretty well. Before I start I would absolutely recommend Jericho's first set as it has an excellent documentary feature and a match list to die for. Here's a link to the review I did for it a while ago;

Chris Jericho vs Pitbull #2
From ECW Hardcore Heaven 1996 and the TV Title is on the line. Jericho has only had around twenty matches in ECW, so it's always nice to see one and they're usually good. Jericho says that Pitbull was one of his favourite opponents in ECW. Pitbull looked impressive, and I especially liked the Gorilla Press turned into a Tombstone. Good match, but the outside shenanigans with Shane Douglas and Francine with no explanation was a bit distracting. Still I liked the match as it had a good power vs speed dynamic which always works. The finish was impressive too. ***

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon
From WCW Bash at the Beach 1997 and the Cruiserweight Title is on the line. I would easily say that Dragon is one of Jericho's best ever opponents. I've only seen a few matches between the two but they were always fantastic. There's one on Jericho's other DVD that takes place in Japan which is worth the price of the disc alone. The agility of both guys here can only be called outstanding. This was one hell of a match as they seemed to counter every move that the other guy had. So many nearfalls and false finishes that made it so exciting to watch with no dull moments at all. The dead crowd didn't help, but this was a crowd conditioned to only care about the nWo. Still an awesome match that was a show stealer. ****

Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko
From Uncensored 1998 and the Cruiserweight Title is on the line. This storyline was excellent with Malenko taking time off from wrestling and Jericho humiliated him on a weekly basis until Malenko returned in an amazing surprise reveal and beat him for the Title. This is the start of the feud. I loved the '1004' on the back on Jericho's tights. Jericho was hilarious with his heel mannerisms like telling the ref to ask Malenko if he gave up even though he was on the ropes. A good match with Jericho dominating most of it. Malenko fought back when he could but Jericho proved he was the better man here with Malenko tapping to the Liontamer. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs X-Pac: Steel Cage 
From No Mercy 2000. Jericho and Pac fought quite a lot at the start of Jericho's WWE career. According to Y2J, Vince McMahon hand-picked Pac to work with Jericho and improve his WWE style in the ring. I think it worked out pretty well for him. You can only win this match by escape. This was a pretty entertaining match with the cage used well. Jericho trying to get the Walls of Jericho on top of the cage was a cool visual and his fall looked brutal. The finish was cool with X-Pac landing balls first on the door to give Y2J the win. This was fun but could have been way longer. Still I enjoyed it while it lasted. ***

Chris Jericho vs Kane: Last Man Standing
From Armageddon 2000. Yes this feud started over a cup of coffee spilled over Kane. I think that's the most memorable part of this feud. This one started off straight away with both guys fighting in the entrance-way. Even though Kane was on offense most of the time, this was still a very entertaining match to watch, mostly thanks to Jericho's great 'face-in-peril' routine that made him very sympathetic to the crowd. This wasn't a very brutal match but it was still a lot of fun and Kane's best match in a while. ***1/4

Chris Jericho vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
From Raw June 4th 2001 and the WWE Title is on the line. Mick Foley was the outside referee here. This was at the point where Jericho and Benoit were being elevated towards the main event. Didn't really get the point of Foley being there since he saw Austin hit the low blow and Earl Hebner did nothing about it. It was inevitable that Hebner would be knocked out forcing Foley to take charge. Foley accidentally hit Jericho with a chair, leading to the Stunner and a win for Austin. Fun match with a bit too many shenanigans for my liking. Still it was a good match overall. ***1/4

Chris Jericho vs Booker T
From Raw July 16th 2001 and the WCW World Title is on the line. Of course this took place during the critically acclaimed Invasion angle. Jericho mentions having some nice chemistry with Booker in his WCW days. Damn good, short match here that had the crowd going nuts by the end even though it only lasted about five minutes. Nick Patrick did make me laugh here with the way he avoided handing Jericho the win, even if it didn't make Booker look very good. Still I had fun with it. **3/4

That's the end of the first disc and it was a good way to start with some fun matches from Jericho's early career. The next disc has some rarer matches and what I remember as an excellent match with The Rock. See you next time.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Review

Here I am with my first review since Money in the Bank earlier this year. It's been a while and I have missed it, so what better way to start than with the latest special offering from NXT?

This Takeover special was way more anticipated than any other edition which is saying a hell of a lot. Does it hold up almost two months later? Let's have a look and see.

Triple H talking to the camera with no mic and all the lights coming on with the crowd going nuts was just the perfect way to start this. The revolution has truly begun.

Tyler Breeze vs Jushin Liger
Breeze's entrance was just awesome. How is this guy not on the main roster yet? Actually scratch that last comment, keep him on NXT so Vince doesn't ruin him. It's also really weird yet cool seeing Liger in a WWE ring. This was a hard one to predict before the event and I would have thought Breeze would have came out on top. I don't mind Liger winning since Breeze still looked good even just being in the ring with him. I did like the story they were telling of Breeze trying too hard to show off against the legend, but Liger's veteran skills put him away. Damn good match that fired the crowd up and gave us a rare match at the same time. Good stuff. ***1/4

The Vaudevillains vs Blake & Murphy
The NXT Tag Titles are on the line. I love the way that NXT got us to the point where we were just dying for anyone to take the Tag Titles from B&M. Those guys were going nowhere until they got Alexa Bliss involved who made them slightly more tolerable. The inclusion of Blue Pants is excellent. Great tag match here that just got better as it went on with some great nearfalls and false finishes towards the end. The stuff with the two girls was well done too. A great effort. ***1/2

Apollo Crews vs Tye Dillinger
I do love Dillinger's new Perfect 10 gimmick. No wonder why it got over so fast. Apollo is just an amazing specimen though. He has the size of a heavyweight and can move around better than most cruiserweights. That gorilla press and standing moonsault combination is just deadly. Impressive debut as Apollo got to totally show off his stuff and that's all you can really ask for. **

Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin
I wasn't looking forward to this one initially, as Corbin had yet to really impress me in a match. This ended up being the biggest surprise of the night and it's easily Corbin's best match yet. Either Corbin's gotten way better or Joe is just a miracle worker. Nice, hard hitting match as Joe gave Corbin a lesson in how to work a longer match with surprisingly good results. All action, no dull moments. Great finish too with Joe countering a pin attempt to lock in the clutch. ***1/4

Sasha Banks vs Bayley
The NXT Women's Title is on the line. I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a Title match. The build up to this was spot on and the video package was just perfection. Bayley is a great character who has been built up as underdog in the same vein as Sami Zayn. She couldn't have had a better opponent than Sasha Banks who was just a mega bitch. The match was amazing and easily the best of the NXT women's matches so far which is saying so much. Sasha was a fantastic heel and managed to turn the crowd against her when she focused on Bayley's injured hand. The drama was built brilliantly and it even looked like Bayley would lose at some points. I said Cena/Owens at MITB was my MOTY. Well this has easily beaten that and is my new MOTY. The best women's match I've ever seen and it'll be hard to beat. THIS is the women's revolution. Take note WWE. *****

Afterwards, the Four Horsewomen of NXT come together for maybe the final time. A total tearjerking moment and it made the match just that bit more special. Just awesome.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens: Ladder Match
The NXT Championship is on the line. I felt kind of sorry for these guys having to go on after that emotional rollercoaster, but it's Balor and Owens so of course they still put on an awesome match. I've grown kind of tired of ladder matches, but this one proved that they can still be hard-hitting spectacles. There weren't really any high-flying, OMG moments until the end with the Coup de Grace from the top of the ladder, but this match didn't need those at all and it was all the better for it. Some of those ladder moments did look stiff as hell though. Great main event to a fantastic show. ****

9.5/10: This show had just about everything you could want from a wrestling show. Nothing was bad or dragged, and everything was entertaining in it's own way. Easily the best of the Takeover shows so far and I doubt it'll be topped any time soon. Definitely recommended.

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A New Beginning?

It has been a long time since I reviewed anything here. I only had a look back here recently and saw that the page views were still coming in. I thought I only had an audience with Facebook links, but apparently that's not the case.

I've missed reviewing, so I'm gonna upload a new review either today or tomorrow and see how it does with views. I'll go with TakeOver Brooklyn since I never got a chance to do that one. 

Thanks to everyone who's ever viewed the page and I hope my latest one will be up to scratch.