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Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD Review

The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection DVD Review

Sixteen Time World Champion and widely considered the greatest professional wrestler of all time , he is the Nature Boy , Ric Flair .

Disc 1 :

Ric Flair vs Harley Race : Steel Cage Match
From the very first Starrcade . Seven time champ Harley defending his World Championship against the Nature Boy . Needless to say , this had a big match feel and one of the bigger matches in NWA history . Flair wins the world title with a crossbody from the top rope . ****

Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes
From Starrcade 1985 . Now these two guys have fought quite a lot . Great chemistry between these two . The match is a little slow . It became much better by the end . Dusty wins the World title after pinning Flair with a small package . ***1/2

Ric Flair vs Barry Windham
World title on the line in this free tv match . Windham was a tag champ at the time . What an awesome match this was . They actually had me cheering for Windham ! The commercial breaks ruined the pace a little bit , but it was still a fantastic match . The match ends with a time limit draw . I really wanted to see a winner . ****3/4

There are many special features on this release , but I'll just be rating the matches .

Disc 2 :

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat : 2 out of 3 Falls
From Clash of the Champions VI . This is the first time I've ever watched this match and I am really looking forward to it . Flair gains the first fall with a small package . Steamboat wins the second fall with a chickenwing submission . Steamboat is able to win with a pin . Wow . This was a monumental match . I've heard people say Wrestlewar is better so I cannot wait to see that one . One of the best matches ever . *****

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat
From Wrestlewar 89 and is the final match in this famous trilogy of matches . A lot of fans consider this to be the greatest match of all time . Let's see shall we . Steamboat goes for a slam but Flair counters it into a small package to win his sixth World title . Easily a five star match , and easily one of the best matches I've ever watched . Absolutely phenomenal . *****

Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Eddie Gilbert & Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat was apparantly a mystery partner here . This is a nice bonus feature on this DVD set . Obviously when Flair and Steamboat were in , it was awesome . Steamboat gets the upset win with a crossbody onto Flair . ***

Ric Flair vs Terry Funk : I Quit Match
From Clash of the Champions IX . This match was made after the classic at Wrestlewar , when Terry attacked Flair and gave him a painful piledriver onto a table . This match was pretty stiff . This was a war . The intensity of this match was off the charts . Terry quits to the figure four leg lock . ****1/4

Disc 3 :

The 1992 Royal Rumble
The first WWE match of the set . Some consider this the very best Royal Rumble and I do love rumbles . Ratings seem to range for it with a few five stars thrown in .This is the only rumble that was held for the WWE Championship . There are so many great superstars in this match . Flair , with help from Hogan , eliminates Sid Justice to win the rumble and the title . Bobby Heenan's reaction was priceless . Awesome rumble . ****1/2

Ric Flair vs Sting
From Clash of the Champions XXVII . These two have had a lot of great matches together including the very first Clash and the Great American Bash . This was another great match . Flair rolls up Sting as he tries to help Sherri and unifies the world titles . ***3/4

Ric Flair vs Triple H
I'm not sure why these guys were fighting since they were allies at the time . World title is on the line . The match was fun while it lasted . HHH wins with a pedigree . **1/2

9.5/10 . Wow . What a set . One of the best the WWE has ever released . I know it's hard to find nowadays , but find it if you can because it's worth every penny . The matches are fantastic and the special features are interesting to watch .

Monday, 24 September 2012

An Update

Hey guys , just wanted to say that it's going to be even harder for me to upload new posts now that I'm working morning til night Wednesday , Thursday and Friday . But I promise I'll do my best on my days off to keep those posts coming !

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ranking Every Hell in a Cell Match

With the 2012 HIAC PPV coming soon , I thought I'd rank all 24 that have taken place . ( I'll update the list when I review the next PPV ) This is just my personal opinion .

24. Undertaker vs Big Boss Man - Wrestlemania XV - DUD

23. Undertaker & Stone Cold vs Kane & Mankind - Raw - N/R

22. Kane vs Undertaker - Hell in a Cell 2010 - **1/4

21. Mark Henry vs Randy Orton - Hell in a Cell 2011 - **3/4

20. Mankind vs Kane - Raw - ***

19. Undertaker vs CM Punk - Hell in a Cell 2009 - ***

18. Triple H vs Kevin Nash - Bad Blood 2003 - ***

17. John Cena vs Randy Orton - Hell in a Cell 2009 - ***1/2

16. Randy Orton vs Sheamus - Hell in a Cell 2010 - ***1/2

15. DX vs The McMahons & Big Show - Unforgiven 2006 - ***1/2

14. Undertaker vs Randy Orton - Armageddon 2005 - ***1/2

13. DX vs Legacy - Hell in a Cell 2009 - ***3/4

12. Triple H vs Chris Jericho - Judgement Day 2002 - ***3/4

11. John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk - Hell in a Cell 2011 - ***3/4

10. Batista vs Undertaker - Survivor Series 2007 - ***3/4

9. Six Man HIAC Match - Armageddon 2006 - ****

8. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - Bad Blood 2004 - ****

7. Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker - No Mercy 2002 - ****1/4

6. Triple H vs Cactus Jack - No Way Out 2000 _ ****1/4

5. Batista vs Triple H - Vengeance 2005 - ****1/2

4. Edge vs Undertaker - Summerslam 2008 - ****1/2

3. Mankind vs Undertaker - King of the Ring 1998 - ****1/2

2. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels - Badd Blood 1997 - ****3/4

1. Undertaker vs Triple H - Wrestlemania XXVIII - *****

What's your list ?

Hell in a Cell 2009 Review

Hell in a Cell 2009 Review : Three Cell Matches in One Night

The first HIAC PPV , and this is where the concept of the cell would really go downhill . ( Luckily that was brought back up with the WM28 HIAC) . Let's begin .

Undertaker vs CM Punk : Hell in a Cell
World Heavyweight Title on the line and this is Punk's first cell match . At this point , no championships had ever changed hands in the cell . Taker wins his seventh world title after giving Punk a tombstone piledriver . Nice match to start us off . ***

John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler
IC Title up for grabs here . Rey Mysterio was supposed to be in this match but he violated the wellness policy . The match started off slow but found its pace towards the end . Morrison retains the title with starship pain . ***1/4

Mickie James vs Alicia Fox
Divas title on the line . The ending of this match was scary , as Alicia looked like she may have broken her neck off the DDT . Mickie retains with the DDT . 3/4*

Batista & Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho & Big Show
For the Unified Tag Titles . Jericho and Show were making a surprisingly good tag team at this point in time . Mysterio and Jericho had their usual great chemistry . This was such a great and exciting tag team match . Show retains the tag titles with a big right hand to Mysterio . Awesome . **** . Match of the Night

John Cena vs Randy Orton : Hell in a Cell
Boy this feud lost its momentum in a hurry . It does seem like a feud designed for the cell . The two top modern stars trying to prove who's better . Can someone tell me why this wasn't the main event and a tag match with no titles on the line was ? It's also notable that this is Cena's first cell match . Orton wins the title with a punt to the head . ***1/2

R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre
This was Drew's PPV debut . These guys had been attacking each other for a couple of the previous weeks . The fans weren't kind to this match . Drew wins with his DDT . *

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs The Miz
US Title on the line and I do enjoy triple threat matches . Not a bad match but the crowd was dead for it . Kofi pins Miz after Swagger gives him a gut wrench powerbomb . Pretty nice match . **1/2

DX vs Legacy : Hell in a Cell
Somehow this got the main event and the world titles didn't . Doesn't mean it isn't a good match though . These two teams had two great matches at the last couple of PPVs . Before the match even starts , Legacy attack DX and lock HHH out of the cell . This was a great way to end the show as the match was great and told a good story . DX get the win with a sledghammer , superkick combo . ***3/4

7.5/10 . Here you get three great matches and two really good ones . One to watch for sure .

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Greatest Hell in a Cell Matches of all Time DVD Review

The Greatest HIAC Matches of all Time DVD Review

With the HIAC PPV coming up in around 5 weeks time , I thought I'd reflect on HIAC matches from the past with this DVD review . This set basically has every cell match from the first one up until 2007 , with the exception of the Wrestlemania XV abomination , which doesn't even get a mention .

Mick Foley is the very appropriate host of this match collection .

Disc 1 :

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels : Hell in a Cell
The one that started it all . It's amazing the level of chemistry these two great athletes have with each other . Until the HIAC from Wrestlemania 28 , I considered this to be the very best HIAC match of all time . It is still a classic that holds up to this day . The end of this match features the debut of Kane . HBK pins Taker after Kane gives him a tombstone piledriver . ****3/4

Stone Cold & Undertaker vs Mankind & Kane : Hell in a Cell
I won't rate this since it was more of a segment than a match . Still worth watching to see Paul Bearer getting the ever loving piss kicked out of him . N/R

Undertaker vs Mankind : Hell in a Cell
The match that made me a wrestling fan . The image of Mankind being thrown off the cell and then through the cell will stand the test of time as one of wrestling's most enduring images . Possibly the most brutal match of all time thanks to just two spots . Don't forget about the thumb tacks that came later . Incredible . ****1/2

Mankind vs Kane : Hell in a Cell
I wish Raw was still this much fun nowadays . The attitude era was an amazing time to be a wrestling fan . It was a short match but still good and they managed to pack some brutal stuff in there . The match ends when Stone Cold interferes and somehow causes a DQ . ***

Triple H vs Cactus Jack : Hell in a Cell
If Cactus loses this match , his career must end . I don't think this is the classic match everyone calls it , but it's still an awesome match . Cactus falling through the cell will be an image that will live on forever . HHH wins with a pedigree. ****1/4

Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold vs Rikishi vs Triple H vs The Rock vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
WWE title on the line in this huge HIAC match . Five amazing superstars here , with Rikishi added to it . The match got even better when the door was opened and everyone was fighting outside . Got to give it to Rikishi for the chokeslam off the cell . Angle pins Rock after he's given a stunner . ****

Disc 2 :

Triple H vs Chris Jericho : Hell in a Cell
I don't think this feud really warranted a cell match , but that didn't stop it from being good . Referee Tim White suffered his career ending injury here after being knocked out of the ring and into the cell . A great match and HHH gets the win with a pedigree on the top of the cell . ***3/4

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
Definitely one of the better HIAC matches in history . Taker's head was absolutely gushing blood . No wonder he took time off afterwards . Lesnar retains his title after countering a tombstone into an F5 . Awesome stuff . ****1/4

Triple H vs Kevin Nash : Hell in a Cell
Mick Foley is the special guest referee here . I think this cell match is a little underrated . Both guys tried their best to make the match brutal , and brutal it was . Good match as HHH wins with a pedigree . ***

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels : Hell in a Cell
This feud could only end with hell in a cell . At this point , both guys were undefeated in the cell . A huge blood feud ending with a 45 minute cell match . This is one long match . The psychology for this match was great , and helped make it an awesome match . HHH gets the win , but it took three pedigrees to take HBK down . ****

Disc 3 :

Batista vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell
In normal singles matches , these two didn't have very good matches . In this kind of environment though , they excel . Easily one of the better cell matches in history with added greatness thanks to a barbed wire wrapped steel chair . Batista wins with a Batista bomb . ****1/2

Undertaker vs Randy Orton : Hell in a Cell
Orton's first HIAC match and also a match that helped make him into a superstar . Orton looked great in this match and looked like he could beat Taker , with moves like the amazing crossbody onto Taker on a table . Taker proved to be too much though and beat Orton with a tombstone . ***1/2

DX vs The McMahons & Big Show
I find this to be an underrated cell match . It was fun and did have its brutal moments like the elbow drop on Shane's neck with a chair wrapped around it . The sledgehammer breaking on Vince's back was a great visual . DX wins with the sledgehammer shot . ***1/2

Batista vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
Here is a feud that deserved the cell. There was some brutal stuff in this match like the chair around Batista's neck being rammed into the ring post and the Batista bomb through a table. Edge interferes in the match and hits Taker with the conchairto and puts Batista on him for the pin. Quite an underrated match from a fantastic feud. ***3/4

8.5/10 . A great set here filled with cell matches ranging from good to fantastic . If you've only seen the PG era cell matches then this DVD is a must-have .

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hard Knocks : The Chris Benoit Story DVD Review

Hard Knocks : The Chris Benoit Story DVD Review

Anyone that can't bear to hear about Benoit after the tragedy of 2007 , please do not read this as I may praise Benoit as a wrestler . I've already expressed my opinion on the Benoit matter . This DVD arrived this morning after I ordered it off Amazon . It seems it's only there and Ebay you can get this .

Everyone is going to have their own personal opinion of this documentary . I myself was able to enjoy it , and I thought it was fantastic . I wish it could have been about 40 minutes longer to get more insight into his time in the WWE , but what we got was great .  9/10

Disc 1 Matches :

Pegasus Kid vs Jushin Liger
This match took place in Japan and was for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship . Liger is one of the most respected wrestlers in Japan . The pacing was amazing . I didn't want this match to end . A big night for Benoit as he pins Liger after a top rope leg drop to win the title . ****

Chris Benoit vs Too Cold Scorpio
This was from the 1993 WCW Superbrawl . This was before they both went over to ECW . Both guys had great chemistry together and respected one another . Jesse Ventura's commentary has been edited out . This was a great match and had fans cheering even though they were relatively unknown . Scorpio wins with a roll up . ****

Wild Pegasus vs Black Tiger
This was the Super J Cup . Black Tiger was of course the late , great Eddie Guerrero . After a great match , Benoit heads to the finals of the tournament after giving Black Tiger an arm drag as he comes off the top rope . ***3/4

Wild Pegasus vs The Great Sasuke
This is the finals of the 1994 Super J Cup . Some great showing of athleticism here . This was an absolute classic of a match . An important match for Benoit as he wins the Super J Cup after giving Sasuke a gut wrench suplex from the top rope for the win . Phenomenal . ****1/2

Chris Benoit vs Sabu
I won't give this match a rating since it's just here to show Sabu's neck being broken by Benoit . This gave him his ' Crippler ' name . N/R

Chris Benoit vs Al Snow
From an ECW show . After seeing Snow in WWE I wasn't expecting this to be as good a match as it was . The best match I've seen Snow compete in . Benoit gets the pinfall with a dragon suplex . ***3/4

Disc 2 :

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero
From an episode of Monday Nitro . These two best friends usually did have great matches together . This was another great match between the two . Benoit wins it with a dragon suplex . ***1/2

Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan : Falls Count Anywhere
From the 1996 Great American Bash and these were two guys who really did not get along . The start of this match reminded me of the classic submission match at Wrestlemania 13 . A really good match as Benoit wins with a superplex from a top rope table . ***1/4

Chris Benoit vs Booker T
From the 1998 Great American Bash . This was the finals of their famous WCW best of seven series contest . The winner would become the no.1 contender for the World TV Title . Booker wins with a missile dropkick . ***1/4

Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit
Owen Hart's tribute match . Also arguably the best WCW match ever and arguably the best free tv match ever . Additionally , one of the most emotionally charged matches ever , all in tribute for the late great Owen Hart . It doesn't matter how good the match is, considering it's all for Owen, but I definitely consider it an all time classic. Bret wins with a sharpshooter . *****

Chris Benoit vs Sid Vicious
From the 2000 Souled Out . Benoit said he never wanted to win the world title in WCW after everything he went through there and considers his world title win in WWE to be his first . This was a surprisingly good match . Sid taps to the crossface . ***

Chris Benoit vs William Regal
From the Brian Pillman tribute show . These two have amazing chemistry with each other . The video quality isn't very good and looks more like an ECW match , but the match quality still stands as excellent . Regal taps to the crossface to end an exceptional match . ****

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle : Steel Cage Match
One of my favourite cage matches between two guys that have never had a bad match together . Angle's moonsault from the top of the cgae looked absolutely amazing . Benoit's diving headbutt from the cage was amazing too . Angle wins by leaving the cage . Awesome match . ****

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
Can't wait to watch this match . Holy shit , a DDT to Kurt on the ring apron . That looked brutal . Sharpshooter to Kurt . Quite a lot of Sharpshooters on this dvd . Very technical so far . Benoit countered the angle slam into the crossface ! Now Benoit had the angle lock , and Kurt counters that into an angle lock and Benoit counters that into a crossface ! Benoit taps to the angle lock . This was just flat out awesome . ****1/2

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit
Here we are at the main event WWE wishes they could forget . Even after the Benoit tragedy , it is still one of the greatest matches of all time . This match showed that great wrestlers like Benoit can have their big moment . Here we go ! Michaels with an amazing moonsault to the outside . HBK has been bloodied by the ring post . Benoit double-suplexed through a table ! Triple H now bleeding from the head ! HHH hits the pedigree ! Benoit saves the match . Benoit locks in the sharpshooter ! Sweet chin music to Benoit ! Only 2 ! What a match ! Benoit locks in the crossface ! Triple H taps and Benoit defies the odds ! An all time classic . I can't see any reason not to give it ***** . After the match , Benoit and Guerrero embrace in the ring in a true Wrestlemania moment .

A doctor talks to Benoit about a neck injury that took place at the 2001 King of the Ring .

Benoit talks about the crippler crossface . He tells us how to apply the hold .

We now have some footage from Confidential of Benoit taking photos for his cover shoot of WWE Magazine .

9/10 . If you can stomach Benoit , then you have to go and find this DVD . Amazing matches combined with a great documentary makes a great DVD . Even if it's hard to find .

Monday, 17 September 2012

Night of Champions 2012 Review

Night of Champions 2012 Review : Kane's Going to Disneyland !

The Miz vs Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara
Very fun and unpredictable match for the IC Title here . The crowd was very pro- Rhodes and Miz . Seeing Cara and Mysterio going one on one at points in the match was fun and hopefully they'll have a singles match in the future . The Miz retains with a skull crushing finale to Rhodes . ***

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs Daniel Bryan & Kane
Tag titles on the line . This match was a hell of a lot of fun to watch . Bryan and Kane are fantastic together . I felt bad for Kofi and Truth being booed by the crowd because Kane & Bryan were so much more entertaining . Kane accidentally falls on top of Kofi to get the pinfall and the titles . ***

Zack Ryder vs Antonio Cesaro
Ryder won the pre-show battle royal to earn this US championship match . I was really rooting for Ryder here because I felt like he never got his chance with the title last year . Cesaro's offense was brutal and I'm surprised Ryder wasn't knocked out with that uppercut . Cesaro retains with his finisher . **3/4

Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler
I think everyone was expecting these guys to have a good match and they almost stole the show . Only a couple of rest holds held the match back a little , but it was still a great match . Orton picks up the win with a unique-looking RKO . ****

Layla vs Eve
Kaitlyn was supposed to be wrestling but was attacked from behind backstage and Eve took her place . This was an above average divas match and Eve wins the title with a swinging neckbreaker . *3/4

The backstage segment between Daniel Bryan and Kane was classic . Kane pouring Gatorade over Bryan and shouting that he's going to disneyland made me laugh non-stop .

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
I am getting sick of this feud , but the matches have been good . I would put this as the best of their matches so far , and I even thought that Del Rio would make Sheamus tap out the second time he put on his cross armbreaker . Nice match for the world title as Sheamus retains with a brogue kick . ***1/4

John Cena vs CM Punk
To say this match for the WWE Championship had a big match feel would be an understatement after their classic matches from last year . The crowd was split way down the middle . A great back and forth match with amazing near falls . I really thought it was over after the rock bottom . After a german suplex from the top rope , it looks as if Cena has one the title , but both shoulders were down at the same time and it is declared a draw . Match of the night and MOTYC . ****1/2

8/10 . A great show tonight , with only two matches falling under three stars , and they weren't very long anyway . Orton/Ziggler and the main event are definitely worth your time .

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century Blu Ray Review

Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century Blu Ray Review

This documentary is just the same as the one from the Greatest Stars of the 90s . It's fun to sit through and watch , but there's nothing really new to learn here . If you're a WWE fan , you probably knew all the facts anyway . Every superstar featured on the DVD , in my opinion , deserves to be there .

Fun . End of story . 5/10

Disc 1 : Matches

Booker T vs The Rock
From Summerslam 2001 . For some reason the WCW Championship is being defended in the main event of a big WWE PPV . This was a pretty good match and the crowd was into it . The Rock wins the WCW Title after a rock bottom . ***

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
IC title on the line in a match between two guys that have awesome chemistry together . Another good match between the two . Jericho wins the title with a walls of jericho . **3/4

Triple H vs Kane
One of the highest rated Raw matches in history . HHH's World Title was on the line and if Kane lost he had to remove his mask and show his face . One way or the other , something big would happen . A good exciting match here as Kane is pinned after an RKO and a pedigree . *** After the match , Kane unmasks for the first time and attacks RVD .

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
One of the best Smackdown matches in history and one of the best Iron Man matches . WWE Title was on the line . Angle goes 1-0 after Brock hit him with a chair and was DQ'd . Brock quickly ties it after an F5 . Brock makes it 2-1 with an ankle lock . Brock goes 3-1 with a count out . Angle makes it 3-2 with an Angle slam . Brock is 4-2 after hitting Angle with the title . Brock makes it 5-2 with a top rope perfectplex . Angle makes it 5-3 with a belly to belly from the top rope . Brock taps to the Angle lock to make it 5-4 . The match ends 5-4 to Brock as he becomes the new champion . ****1/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
WWE Championship up for grabs in this match between two guys that always have great matches with each other . This one was no exception . One of the better matches they've had with each other . Eddie wins with a roll up . Excellent match here . ****

Disc 1 Blu Ray Exclusives

We get the debut of Evolution . It's amazing to see how Batista and Randy Orton went from being relatively unknown , to two of the biggest stars in the industry .

Kane gives his eulogy for the Undertaker on Smackdown , after he buried him alive at the 2003 Survivor Series .

JBL decides to call out the Undertaker . A midget Taker comes out . Thought it was Hornswoggle at first but I don't think it is . The real Taker comes out and chokeslams the midget .

Disc 2

JBL vs Eddie Guerrero vs Booker T vs Undertaker
From Armageddon 2004 . This was a very unpredictable match , as every competitor had a viable chance of winning the match . Everyone was also getting tired of JBL being the champion . Two frog splashes couldn't even keep Taker down . JBL retains with a clothesline from hell to Booker T . ***3/4

JBL vs Kurt Angle vs Big Show
From the 2005 Royal Rumble and is for the WWE Championship . This match was better than a lot of people expected , even with some of the overbooking . JBL pins Angle after a clothesline from hell . ***

Triple H vs Edge
This took place in Japan and is a unique heel against heel match for the World Heavyweight Championship . The Japanese fans are very respectful . A nice little rare match here as HHH pins Edge with the pedigree . ***

Lita vs Trish Stratus
From the 2006 Unforgiven . Womens title was on the line here and this was Trish's retirement match . Nice that it took place in Toronto . This is what a divas match should be like . Trish wins the Womens title by making Lita tap to the sharpshooter . A nice emotional moment . ***1/4

Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton
The winner of this match would go on to face John Cena at Wrestlemania 23 for the WWE Title . It was hard to predict the winner of this one , since everyone looked like a viable candidate . HBK pins Orton after Edge spears him . **3/4

Batista / Undertaker / Shawn Michaels / John Cena vs Randy Orton / Edge / Mr Kennedy / MVP
Both Wrestlemania 23 main events teaming up here to take on some dreaded heels . This match was a lot of fun . The match ends after a big clusterfuck , and HBK pinning Orton after a superkick . ***1/4

Batista vs Undertaker
I remember before this match took place , I was sure it wouldn't be a very good match . Boy was I wrong . This match rocked . Love it when Taker uses druids for his entrance . Amazing entrance for Taker . Really surprising fast pace for this match . Love the Undertaker's WM suicide dive . Always great to see . These two guys went out there and tore down the house and showed they deserved to be in the main event at Wrestlemania . Taker goes 15-0 and wins the world title with a tombstone . ****

Blu Ray Exclusives

Triple H vs JBL vs John Cena vs Randy Orton
From Backlash 2008 . Elimination rules apply in this match for the WWE Championship . JBL eliminated first after tapping to the STF . Cena out quickly afterwards with a punt to the head . After a long battle , HHH counters an RKO into a pedigree to win the title . Great match . ***1/2

Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs JBL vs Chris Jericho : Champioship Scramble Match
From Unforgiven 2008 . The champ , CM Punk , was taken out earlier in the night , so Y2J took his place even though he had already competed . A new champ was guaranteed . Batista and JBL start the match off . After five minutes Kane comes out . After five more minutes , Rey Mysterio comes out . Finally Jericho comes out . Jericho looks really damaged after his match earlier in the night . Jericho pins Kane to become the new champ . ***

CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy : TLC Match
One of the best feuds of 2009 hits its breaking point with a TLC match . Jeff Hardy's specialty match . Nice to see they got the main event spot . Jeff being dropped onto a set-up chair looked brutal . The superplex on the ladder looked very sick . Jeff's swanton onto the announce table was the holy shit moment of the match . Punk knocks Jeff off the ladder and grabs the title to become the new champ . Incredible . ****1/4

Eddie Guerrero , Rey Mysterio and Booker T argue over who's going to win the 2005 Royal Rumble .

Kurt Angle tells the fans he hates the ' You Suck ' chant . He does his entrance over again until he hears some respect . This is pretty good . Kurt walks out and refuses to compete .

Booker T has his coronation and is now known as King Booker .

At Backlash 2007 , John Cena and Randy Orton talk backstage . Cena basically accuses Orton of being gay . Pretty funny actually . To make things better , Ron Simmons turns up and says his catchphrase .

We are shown the Jericho Highlight Reel where Jericho throws Shawn Michaels face first into the Jeritron 5000 and kayfabe injures his eye , almost forcing him to retire .

6.5/10 . The documentary isn't too great , but the matches make up for it , especially with the full Iron Man match between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle .

Saturday, 8 September 2012


I have to apologise for not posting anything for a while , I've been so busy with a new college course and my 18th birthday that I haven't had the time to review anything . I'll try and get back up to speed with the reviews as soon as possible . Speaking of my 18th , I received some new DVDs and a LOT of money to buy many more with . Here's the list and you may be seeing reviews up soon .

The Undertaker's Deadliest Matches

Rey Mysterio : The Life of a Masked Man

Raw : The Beginning - 1993 & 1994

The Greatest Cage Matches of all Time

The Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century ( Blu Ray )

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wrestlemania XI Review

Wrestlemania XI Review : The Worst Wrestlemania Ever

Lex Luger & British Bulldog vs Jacob & Eli Blu
Luger's final Wrestlemania match here . Not sure why these two teams are feuding . No titles on the line . Not a bad match but not too good either . Bulldog wins with a sunset flip . *3/4

Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarrett
IC title on the line between these two great superstars . This match was going fine , until the DQ finish ruined it . Why at Wrestlemania ? The Roadie runs in to secure the DQ victory for Razor . **3/4

Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy
Another streak match that wasn't very good . That slam at the end was very impressive though . Weirdly , Taker goes 4-0 after a flying clothesline . 1/2*

Smoking Gunns vs Owen Hart & Yokozuna
Tag titles on the line here . This was Yokozuna's return to the company and he did it by winning the tag titles . Owen pins one of the Gunns after Yokozuna gives him a banzai drop . **1/4

Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund : I Quit Match
Bret calls this the worst PPV match of his career . I think I'll agree with that . Roddy Piper was the guest referee for this match and was a pain in the ass with the microphone . Made it a more comedic match . Bret wins with the crossface chickenwing even though Bob just screamed into the mic . 1/2*

Diesel vs Shawn Michaels
This was for the WWE Championship and is the only match on this show that I would call great . Shawn really stood out on this match and showed he was the showstopper . Diesel retained the title with a jacknife powerbomb . ***1/2

Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow
This was the only reason people were buying this show and it still wasn't too good . It is one of the better matches on the show though . Taylor manages to get the win after a flying forearm from the second rope . **1/2

2.5/10 . This really didn't feel like a Wrestlemania and is easily the worst of the bunch . The only thing saving it is the WWE Title match .

Edge : A Decade of Decadence - DVD Review

Edge : A Decade of Decadence - DVD Review

One of the most successful and popular WWE Superstars of all time , the Rated R Superstar , Edge .

Disc 1 :

Edge vs Owen Hart
From the 1998 Breakdown . This is Edge's PPV singles match debut . I doubt there was a better way to debut here than facing fellow legendary Canadian , Owen Hart . Edge looked great in his debut here and Owen always looks great anyway . Christian also makes his debut here as Owen rolls up Edge for the win . ***1/2

The New Brood vs Edge & Christian : Ladder Match
Now here is a career making match . This gained both teams huge popularity and started their legendary tag feud . If it wasn't for this match , we wouldn't have seen matches like the triangle ladder match or the TLC match . This one was filled with very innovative spots . There were no titles on the line , just money and the managerial services of Terri . At the start the fans weren't into it , but by they end they were on their feet and cheering and applauding all four men . Jeff Hardy grabs the money and wins . Fantastic from start to finish . ****1/2

Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz : Triangle Ladder Match
The second ladder match in Wrestlemania history at that time . If it wasn't for the No Mercy ladder match , this wouldn't be here and if it wasn't for this match , there would be no TLC . Many people mistake this as the first TLC match and it's not hard to see why . Plenty of ladders and tables , just no chairs . This was an amazing match that no one had seen anything like at the time . No wonder the ladder match is such a popular match type . So many replay moments . Edge & Christian grab the titles after plunging Matt to a table in the ring . *****

Edge vs Lance Storm
From the 2001 Summerslam .IC Title on the line here as these two real life friends and fellow Canadians fight for the title . Great match here as Edge wins the match and the IC Title with an impaler DDT . ***1/2

Edge vs Test
From the 2001 Survivor Series and this was to unify the IC and US Titles . This could be Test's best match . Between this and his match with Eddie at WM . This was when the botched invasion angle was ending . Edge unifies the titles with a roll up . ***1/4

Edge vs Mr Perfect
This was from an episode of Sunday Night Heat and seems like a dream match nowadays . Mr Perfect loses by DQ after bringing in a chair . *3/4

Edge vs Kurt Angle
The loser of this match had to have their head shaved bald here at the 2002 Judgment Day . I would call this the first great singles feud of Edge's career . Most people did have their best matches with Angle . A classic back and forth battle here as Edge pins Angle with a small package and turns him bald and the way we know and love him today . ****1/4

Edge vs Kurt Angle : Steel Cage
Angle was still pissed from being shaved bald and so that's why we have this cage match to be the culmination of the feud . Angle was wearing a wig during this period to hide his head . Edge bled badly in this match . An amazing cage match here . Edge pins Angle after a spear from the top rope . ****

Edge & Hulk Hogan vs Billy & Chuck
Tag titles on the line here . This must have been amazing for Edge , to tag with his childhood hero and also win the titles with him . Edge and Hogan both hit Billy with a leg drop and win the tag titles . What a great moment . ***

Edge vs Eddie Guerrero
From the 2002 Unforgiven and this was another great feud in 2002 for both guys which is most fondly remembered for the amazing No DQ match from Smackdown . Eddie wins this great match after a sunset flip from the top rope . ***1/2

Disc 1 Special Feature :

The special feature here is the best of Edge & Christian . This shows their funniest moments . A lot of fun to watch .

Disc 2 :

Edge vs Randy Orton 
IC Title on the line here at Vengeance 2004 . This is the match that ended Orton's reign of tyranny with the title and signified he'd be given a much larger push . It also put Edge back in the title scene . Fans were solidly behind Orton even though he was the heel . This match was good but it did have its slow points . If it wasn't for the slower parts in this match it could've been a classic . Edge wins with a spear . ***1/2

Edge vs Shawn Michaels : Street Fight
This is the first of two street fights between the two on Raw . This one is usually regarded as the better one . HBK bleeds badly in this one . This was a great , brutal match . HBK gets the win as Edge attempts the spear and is hit with a superkick . ***1/2

Edge vs Kane 
This was from the Raw Gold Rush Tournament to determine a No.1 Contender for the World title . This was also the match where Lita joined up with Edge . Fans immediately start a ' You screwed Matt ' chant . Edge pins Kane after hitting him with the briefcase that Lita threw to him . **1/2

Edge vs Matt Hardy : Street Fight
If you don't know why these two were fighting here , then you obviously aren't a big wrestling fan . Why wouldn't you fight over Lita ? I know I would . This was a pretty hard hitting match , but it should be considering there's real hate . The match ends in a no contest after a side effect off the stage and onto electrical equipment . ***1/4

Edge vs John Cena 
I'm not gonna rate this since it's a MITB cash in . It's a classic moment considering it's the first ever cash in and Edge's first WWE Championship win . Edge wins the title after a second spear to Cena . N/R

Edge vs Mick Foley : Hardcore Match
I think that Foley can make just about anyone into a superstar . He did it here with Edge on this night . How the hell is Foley still alive after all this time ? His body has taken so much abuse over the years . Nice to have Joey Styles assist with commentary , he always adds to matches . Here we go . Edge spears Mick and Edge appears to hurt more , and thats because Mick was wearing BARBED WIRE AROUND HIS WAIST !! How awesome was that ! He whips Edge with the barbed wire . Mick has his barbed wire bat ! Foley arm dragged onto the steps . Edge douses Foley with lighter fluid ! Mick takes the bat to the head . Bulldog on the bat ! Here come the thumb tacks . Edge back suplexed right on the tacks ! Mr Socko ! WRAPPED WITH BARBED WIRE ! Holy shit ! Both guys bleeding . This is like a horror movie . The table is on fire ! SPEAR THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE !! There's your Wrestlemania moment Foley . Edge wins . This was amazing . Probably the most violent match in Wrestlemania history .  ****1/4

Edge / Mick Foley / Lita vs Tommy Dreamer / Terry Funk / Beulah 
I would call this the best match of the ONS PPVs , with only Awesome/Tanaka coming close . It's amazing to see a 60 year old Terry Funk in such a violent , brutal , bloody match . This is such an amazing match and the ECW crowd only makes it better . Absolutely insane and Edge is at his sleazy best as he spears Beulah and gives her a sexualised pin . ****1/4

John Cena vs Rob Van Dam vs Edge 
This match for the WWE Championship had to take place because RVD was being suspended for his use of drugs and they needed a new champion . Edge becomes the new champion after Cena gives RVD an F-U and Edge throws Cena out the ring to pin RVD . ***

Disc 2 : Special Features

Adam Copeland vs Christian
Edge and Matt Striker do commentary for this very rare dark match . Amazing to see these guys before they became huge superstars . The fans even react to them . Adam wins with a sit-down powerbomb . *1/2

Edge vs Jeff Jarrett
IC Title on the line with Edge and Matt Striker doing commentary . This is Edge's first championship win in the WWE and would lead to so many more . Edge wins the title with a spear . 3/4*

Disc 3 :

John Cena vs Edge
From Summerslam 2006 and is for the WWE Championship . If Edge lost by DQ , he would automatically lose the title . The DQ stipulation was used well here . A great match as Edge pins Cena after punching him with brass knucks . ***1/2

Edge vs Rob Van Dam
This was a MITB qualifying match for Wrestlemania 23 . Apparantly a kick to Edge's head , cracked his jaw here . These guys were the two winners of the previous two MITB matches . Really good match here as Edge pins RVD with the spear . ***1/4

Edge vs Randy Orton
This is one of the only ( or only ) successful heel vs heel match in the WWE . They've tried it before like the HIAC at WM 15 , but obviously that didn't work out . Fans picked Orton as their guy to root for . Both guys using heel tactics was awesome . Edge wins with the spear . ***1/2

Edge vs Undertaker
Another MITB cash in , but no one saw this coming since Edge was a Raw superstar . Another great cash in by Edge . N/R

Edge vs Batista
From Vengeance 2007 . This was Batista's last chance at Edge's World Title . Things would only get worse for the Smackdown side of things , as Edge would suffer an injury and for some insane reason , the title went to the Great Khali . Batista loses via count out . ***

Edge vs Rey Mysterio
From the 2008 Royal Rumble in MSG and the crowd was very pro-Edge . A good World Title match here as Mysterio goes for a west coast pop and instead meets a spear and is pinned for the three count . ***1/4

Edge vs Undertaker : TLC Match
If Taker loses this match , he has to leave the WWE . I think we all knew that wasn't going to happen . Another brilliant TLC match to add to the growing collection of those matches . Edge grabs the World title after throwing Taker off the ladder and through three tables . ****

Edge vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
The final match in what I would call the feud of the year for 2008 . This is so close to being their best match but I think I have to give the edge ( pun not intended ) to their Wrestlemania match . This match did have some amazing moments like Edge jumping off a ladder and onto Taker who was on a table . There was the spear through the cell , the spear through the announce table and the chokeslam through two tables . A classic match and one of the better HIACs and Summerslam matches . ****1/2

8.5/10 . Add in the documentary from the new DVD and you have a stunning DVD . As it is , it's still a fantastic DVD set filled with great matches .