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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Epic Journey of Dwayne ' The Rock ' Johnson DVD Review

The ......... Dwayne ' The Rock ' Johnson DVD Review

This is the Rock's second three disc DVD set  , with his first one being a match compilation and some promos , and this one with a documentary and matches and moments .

First off , the documentary was amazing . I'd definitely put it right beside Stone Cold's most recent documentary DVD . I didn't know too much about the Rock coming into this and every minute of it was entertaining and interesting to watch .

Overall I'll give the documentary  9/10

Disc 2

Crush/ Jerry Lawler / Goldust / HHH vs Marc Mero / The Stalker / Jake Roberts / Rocky Maivia : Elimination Match
Imagine making your debut at not only a Survivor Series , but also at the famed MSG . Jake Roberts was a house of fire here . Jerry Lawler is eliminated with a DDT . The Stalker is eliminated with a curtain call . This one wasn't very interesting . HHH eliminated with a moonsault . Crush eliminates Mero and Roberts with a heart punch . Just Rocky left . Crush is out after a running cross body . Rocky wins with a shoulder breaker . **1/2

The Rock vs Triple H : Ladder Match
Now here is a career making match . Only three months after this , The Rock would go on to win the WWE Title . And we all know how HHH's career went after this . This match certainly stole the show on this night which also included a great match between Austin/Taker . This was another match that involved working on an injured leg . This was just a classic brutal battle for the IC Title . Triple H wins the title . ****1/2

The Rock vs Mankind vs Ken Shamrock : Steel Cage Match
This was a No.1 contenders match for the WWE Championship . The double abdominal stretch was pretty cool . All guys took turns teaming up . The crowd went absolutely wild after that double people's elbow . The Rock pins Ken to pick up the win after Mankind hits Ken with a double-arm DDT . ***3/4

The Rock vs Mankind : I Quit Match
This is , without a doubt , one of the most brutal matches in WWE history , especially after I recently watched Beyond the Mat for the first time . WWE Championship on the line . These guys had a great series of matches from late 1998 to early 1999 . Mankind falling on top of that electrical equipment was an amazing site to see . The match becomes hard to watch after Mankind is handcuffed . Mankind appears to say he quits but it ended up being a recording . ****

Stone Cold vs The Rock : No Holds Barred Match
Shane McMahon is the special guest referee here , intended to give Austin a huge disadvantage . A month before this , these guys managed to save Wrestlemania 15 from being the worst ever and they had another great match on this night . Austin retains after a stunner and whacks Rock with the belt . ****

Disc 3

The Rock vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle
Angle actually was concussed before the match even began after being Pedigreed throught the announce table . According to Triple H's documentary , everyone was panicing over what was going to happen since Kurt was out . I'm surprised they got a really good match out of it . Even though it has turned into a singles match so far , HHH and the Rock have enough chemistry to pull it off . Kurt comes back in and we've got a triple threat again . This has been great so far . Stephanie punched by HHH ! Wow this is exciting . Great match ***3/4

The Rock & Undertaker vs Edge & Christian
The tag team titles are on the line here . Not entirely sure why this match is on the disc . It's this kind of match that makes me realise that Raw sucks nowadays . This isn't even an excellent match but it's still really fun . The Rock pins Edge after a people's elbow to win the tag titles . ***

The Rock vs Ric Flair
A non-title match and also a dream match here . The people's champion against the nature boy . This was a very entertaining match . The Rock gets the three count after a rock bottom . **3/4

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar
Quite the historical matchup here . Even after only being in the WWE for a few months , it was Brock's time to be the man . This showed how big an impact he made in the WWE , and still has an impact even today . This match took place at one of the all time great PPVs at Summerslam 2002 . This match starts off so quickly with a belly-to-belly from Lesnar . This is gonna be awesome . Such a fast paced , exciting match . Lesnar locked in the sharpshooter . Fans are really behind Brock . Rock hit with a steel chair . Heyman rock bottomed through an announce table ! Lesnar kicks out of a rock bottom ! Rock kicks out of a rock bottom ! Lesnar wins with the F5 . Overall an excellent match . ****

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan
Obviously this wouldn't be as good or as big as their Wrestlemania match due to it being on a B-show PPV , but it still sparked a lot of interest considering it was only the second time they'd ever faced each other . This was an ok match . When McMahon came out a big ' you screwed Bret ' chant started . The Rock wins with a rock bottom . **

We come to the Raw after the No Way Out PPV where Rock beat Hogan . Rock was hilarious just ripping it out of Toronto . This was just a great back and forth segment between the Toronto crowd and the Rock .

We now come to the second ever Rock concert and all three were great to watch . This one was to help promote the match between The Rock and Goldberg at Backlash .

This has to be one of the greatest returns in WWE history . The internet wasn't able to ruin this one ! For 20 minutes he does all of his classic Rock stuff and it is brilliant . He announces that he will see John Cena at Wrestlemania .

We now have The Rock's introduction for Wrestlemania 27 . He gets the crowd all fired up for the night by mocking Cena .

7.5/10 . The documentary is worth it for this DVD . Discs 2 &3 left something to be desired but there were still some excellent matches here .

Monday, 30 July 2012

Undertaker : The Streak - DVD Review

Undertaker : The Streak DVD Review

Time to review a very recent WWE DVD release based on one of the most popular wrestlers of all time - The Undertaker and his legendary Wrestlemania undefeated streak of 20-0 .

When I heard they were making a documentary for the streak , I was excited . When I heard it was going to be 40 minutes long , that excitement left me . The streak is one of the biggest things in the WWE . Surely they could have made it at least an hour and a half . It was an ok documentary , nothing to go out of your way to see . It goes from match to match showing little snippets of action and sometimes gives you the story of the match . The point of this was obviously to make the streak look huge which it already is . Some of the interviews are nice though . I would call it disappointing .   5/10

Disc 2

Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka
The very first match in the Undertaker's legendary streak . It's amazing to think what would have happened if WWE decided Snuka would win the match . Who knows . Taker was mostly in control of the match . Taker goes 1-0 with a tombstone . *3/4

Undertaker vs Jake Roberts
Taker was a face around this time . I think Jake left for WCW after this . This one was pretty slow . Taker goes 2-0 with a tombstone on the outside . *

Undertaker vs Giant Gonzalez
Apparently Gonzalez didn't have a muscle on him and so WWE thought it would be a good idea to him dress in a suit that had muscles drawn on it . Nope doesn't look stupid at all . Some people think this is Taker's worst Wrestlemania match , but I would give it to the first HIAC match at WM 15 . Taker goes 3-0 after a disqualification . 1/2*

Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy
Another streak match that wasn't very good . That slam at the end was very impressive though . Weirdly , Taker goes 4-0 after a flying clothesline . 1/2*

Undertaker vs Diesel
This is where Undertaker's matches started getting better at Wrestlemania . This was also his longest Mania match at that time until the next year . Taker goes 5-0 with a big tombstone . ***

Undertaker vs Sycho Sid
This was Taker's first Mania main event and also his first championship match at the event . He wouldn't have another championship match until WM 23 . Have to feel sorry for these guys considering they were the main event of a show that also had the epic submission match . Taker goes 6-0 and wins the title after a tombstone . **

Undertaker vs Kane
Pete Rose is tombstoned by Kane in a moment that would repeat at the next two Wrestlemanias . This was the first match in their legendary feud . You either love or hate this match , but I'm inbetween . I enjoy the matches and I love the feud . Undertaker extends his streak to 7-0 after a third ! tombstone to Kane . ***1/4

Undertaker vs The Big Boss Man : Hell in a Cell
Here we are , the worst Hell in a Cell match in history . Luckily the other Cell match at Wrestlemania is a classic . This feud definitely did not warrant a Cell match . Both guys were heels so I don't know how this would work . Good god this was so boring . I think the only time the fans cheered was when it ended . Taker wins with a tombstone . DUD The Brood comes down on top of the Cell and hands Taker a noose with which he hangs Boss Man .

Triple H vs The Undertaker
The first in their trilogy of matches at Wrestlemania and they would only get better as they went on . I know people complain that the ref was out for too long , but that only made the match better . They brawled all around the arena and HHH was even chokeslammed from some scaffolding ( even if a cameraman ruined it in the replay ) . Taker goes 9-0 after a last ride . ****

Undertaker vs Ric Flair : No DQ Match
This is a really good brawl match here . I loved it when Arn Anderson ran into the ring and gave Taker an amazing spinebuster . That absolutely brutal superplex to Flair was brilliant . Flair bled quite badly during the match . Flair kept fighting with all of his heart but couldn't finish it . Taker picks up the win after a tombstone piledriver and goes 10-0 at Wrestlemania . ***1/2

Undertaker vs A-Train & Big Show : Handicap Match
I've heard people call this match crap , but i don't its that bad . There might be a little bias there though . Nathan Jones was supposed to be in this match but he sucked so was taken out , only to be used at the end of the match . Taker hits a chokeslam straight away but Show stops the pin . This has been a solid match . Here's Nathan to attack Show . Taker goes 11-0 at WM with a tombstone . Not a bad match . **

The Undertaker vs Kane
This is the match where the deadman gimmick returned after 4 years of the biker gimmick . Needless to say , this was a very anticipated matchup . The deadman was always better suited for Taker . Paul Bearer coming back was great as well . Here he is ! Taker gets a huge pop from the crowd . Kane doesn't believe Taker is really there and so goes to touch him but instead gets a few punches to the face . I really enjoyed this match at the time , and I still enjoy it . Taker wins with his tombstone piledriver and goes 12-0 . Solid match . **1/2

Undertaker vs Randy Orton
I believe this was the first time the Streak was really referenced . Thankfully they turned Orton heel again because his babyface thing sucked . This match was pretty good though . Druids surround the ring . Undertaker floats down to the arena . Orton is looking impressive in this match . The ref gets knocked out , and Bob Orton interferes to hit Taker with the cast . Only a 2 ! Orton turns a chokeslam into an RKO ! Again only a 2 ! Taker tombstones Orton to pick up the win and go 13-0 . Great match . ***1/2

Undertaker vs Mark Henry : Casket Match
Another extension for the legendary WM Streak of the Undertaker . Too bad the match wasn't that good . This was when Undertaker started diving over the top rope at Wrestlemania again . Taker wins and goes 14-0 . *

Batista vs Undertaker
I remember before this match took place , I was sure it wouldn't be a very good match . Boy was I wrong . This match rocked . Love it when Taker uses druids for his entrance . Amazing entrance for Taker . Really surprising fast pace for this match . Love the Undertaker's WM suicide dive . Always great to see . These two guys went out there and tore down the house and showed they deserved to be in the main event at Wrestlemania . Taker goes 15-0 and wins the world title with a tombstone . ****

Edge vs The Undertaker
This is one of my favourite Wrestlemania matches . This is probably the best of the Edge/Taker series of matches and that is saying something . Great back and forth match worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania . Undertaker wins another world title and goes 16-0  after making Edge submit to the hell's gate submission . ****1/2

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
In my opinion , this is the greatest match of all time . Everything about it was great : the referee , the commentators , the entrances , the red hot crowd , the amazing nearfalls , and the two legends in that ring . The man who never loses at Wrestlemania vs Mr Wrestlemania . These two have never had a bad match against each other and this was their best . IMO only Bret vs Steve Austin at WM13 comes close to beating this . I've watched this match around 12 times and it still amazes me . Best match ever . Taker goes 17-0 after a tombstone . *****

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels : Streak vs Career
This has got to be one of the greatest matches of all time . The emotion and anticipation for this match was off the charts . It will always be remembered by wrestling fans and for good reason . I still think their first match was better but only by a small margin . Incredible classic . Taker ends HBK's career and goes 18-0 with a third tombstone . ****3/4

Triple H vs Undertaker : No Holds Barred
Amazing at the time , but now they have surpassed themselves at WM XXVIII it seems a little irrevelent . Still a great match though . Taker barely makes it to 19-0 after making HHH submit to the hell's gate . ****1/2

Undertaker vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell
I'm probably overrating this match but i dont care . I watched Wrestlemania with a few friends this year , and when this match was over , we were all hugging each other after what we had just witnessed . Some weren't even wrestling fans ! Unbelievable match with amazing storytelling from all three guys . Shawn Michaels deserves and Oscar for his performance. I truly thought the match was over after the DX special. The aftermath of the match was great with all three guys hugging each other to signify that it was indeed the end of an era . Classic . Taker goes an amazing 20-0 after a tombstone . *****

6/10 . This DVD set is worth getting if you don't own any of the matches . But if you're a wrestling the fan , the chances are you already do and its not worth the full price just for the documentary . Wait until it comes to a low price then get it , although it is nice to have all the streak matches on one DVD set . Until Wrestlemania 29 anyway . If you're a big Taker fan you need this .

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bragging Rights 2010 Review

Bragging Rights 2010 Review : Bryan & Ziggler Steal a Bad Show

Time for another 2010 review .

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler
The theme of this PPV was Smackdown vs Raw , so this was the IC Champ vs US Champ . This was the only match worth mentioning on this night . This was just such a great technical match and the perfect opener for the night . Bryan makes Ziggler submit with the labelle lock . A modern day classic and easily match of the night . ****1/4

Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes vs John Cena & David Otunga
Tag titles on the line . Drew and Cody had to job here to further the Nexus angle . This was basically a handicap match with Cena doing all the work . Cena makes Cody submit to win the match . *1/2

Ted Dibiase vs Goldust
These guys were fighting over the million dollar championship even though it has no meaning and Goldust only wanted it because it was gold . Actually not a bad match and Goldust looked great in there . Ted wins with a DDT . **1/2

Natalya vs Layla
Time for the divas portion of the evening . Thank god for Natalya . Ok for a divas match I suppose . Layla wins after Michelle gives Natalya a kick to the head . 3/4*

Kane vs Undertaker : Buried Alive Match
I know the matches weren't that good , but I always loved the feud between these two . That being said this is probably the worst match that the two have had with each other . It's amazing how many of his own type of matches Taker has been defeated in . You think he would have learned his lesson by now . It was all just puching , kicking and chair shots . What makes this worse is that Nexus helped Kane bury Undertaker and then it was never mentioned again . No revenge or anything . Pointless . 1/2*

Smackdown vs Raw Elimination Match
I won't bother naming the participants as there are a lot of them . The winning team gets the trophy for their respective brand . Tyler Reks quickly eliminates Santino with his finisher . Sheamus eliminates Kofi with the high cross . Something felt missing from this match . Morrison eliminates Swagger with starship pain . Sheamus puts Tyler out with a brogue kick . Big Show and Sheamus are both eliminated by count out . Edge puts Truth out with a spear . He also eliminates Morrison with a spear . Del Rio is eliminated with a backslide from Punk . Punk eliminated with a 619 . Jackson is eliminated with a botched 619 . Edge wins the match with a spear to Miz . ***1/4

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton
Barrett ordered Cena to help him win the match or he would be fired . Cena did help Barrett win the match , but by disqualification . The fact the PPV ended on a DQ made it suck even more . The match was ok up until the end . **

4/10 . Disappointing after the Bragging Rights the year before . One amazing match and one really good match help , but the rest is a whole lot of nothing .

Friday, 27 July 2012

Wrestlemania XIV Review

Wrestlemania XIV Review : The Attitude Era Begins

15 Team Battle Royal
The mystery team ended up being the return of the Legion of Doom . It's hard to rate a match like this , considering there are 30 men in the ring at once . This was to decide the no.1 contenders for the tag titles at the In Your House PPV . I'd say it's entertaining . The Legion of Doom win . *

Taka Michinoku vs Aguila
This is for the Light Heavyweight Championship . They only got around five minutes to work , but they put a lot of action in that small timeframe . The fans were only really into the big moves but I found it all very entertaining . Taka retains after some sort of brainbuster slam . ***

Triple H vs Owen Hart
The stipulation of this match was that Chyna had to be handcuffed to Commissioner Slaughter so that she couldn't interfere on HHH's behalf . European title on the line . I think this is a great , underrated match . Chyna is able to hit Owen with a low blow and HHH takes advantage with a pedigree and retains the title . ***1/2

Marc Mero & Sable vs Goldust & Luna
Looking at this on paper , it didn't look like it was going to be very good at all . It did end up being really good and the crowd also helped it a lot . The crowd loved Sable . Sable picks up the win with a TKO on Luna . ***1/4

The Rock vs Ken Shamrock
This is for the IC Title . This would be the last time the Rock would be in the mid-card at Wrestlemania . Shamrock actually kicked out of the people's elbow here . That chair shot was brutal . Shamrock makes Rock tap to the ankle lock . The decision was reversed to a DQ so The Rock retains his title . **1/2

Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie vs The New Age Outlaws : Dumpster Match
This match was here as a result of the infamous segment on Raw where Jack and Charlie were both thrown off the stage in a dumpster . This was just like a Hardcore match . Charlie suffered an injury here after being powerbombed in the dumpster . We have new tag champions after The New Age Outlaws are put in a dumpster backstage . ***

Undertaker vs Kane
Pete Rose is tombstoned by Kane in a moment that would repeat at the next two Wrestlemanias . This was the first match in their legendary feud . You either love or hate this match , but I'm inbetween . I enjoy the matches and I love the feud . Undertaker extends his streak to 7-0 after a third ! tombstone to Kane . ***1/4

Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels
This match is great considering that Shawn was fighting with an injured back . All through the match you can clearly see the pain on his face , and tries to complete the match . This was an awesome match all things considered and gave Austin his first WWE Title win and started off the Attitude era . ****

8.5/10 . This was one of the funnest Mania's ever and also one of the most important as it started off the most popular era in WWE history .

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wrstlemania XV Review

Wrestlemania XV Review : Act 1 of 3

Ok lets get this over and done with . I had to choose between this or Bragging Rights 2010 and they both pretty much suck .

Boys 2 Men are here to sing America the Beautiful . Something felt missing here .

Al Snow vs Hardcore Holly vs Billy Gunn : Hardcore Match
This is for the Hardcore chamoionship . We are told that this is Snow's first Wrestlemania , but I'm not sure about the other guys . This was entertaining enough . Hardocore Holly regains his title by pinning Al Snow . **

D-Lo Brown & Test vs Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett 
Tag titles on the line . This would be both Owen and Jeff's finally Wrestlemania appearances . Owen would have his life taken away only a month later . Jeff picks up the victory after a flying dropkick to D-Lo . *1/2

Butterbean vs Bart Gunn : Boxing Match
Well this turned out to be a bad idea didn't it ? It made all wrestlers involved in the Brawl for All look like weaklings . Butterbean wins by knockout after about 30 seconds . DUD . The knockout looked awesome though .

The Big Show vs Mankind 
The winner of this match would go on to referee the main event of the night . Pretty sure Mankind punctured a lung and gave himself some internal injuries when Show landed right on top of him . Mankind wins by DQ after being chokeslammed on two chairs which is kind of retarded since Show already hit him with chairs and the ref did nothing . 1/2*

Mankind couldn't ref later on because he was taken to hospital .

Road Dogg vs Val Venis vs Ken Shamrock vs Goldust : Elimination Match 
A strange collection of wrestlers here . IC title is on the line . For some reason it's a tagging in and out match . Shamrock and Venis are both eliminated by countout . Road Dogg counters a powerslam into a pinfall to rertain his title . **1/4

Triple H vs Kane
A lot of fire in this storyline . HHH caused a fireball to damage Chyna's eye and he also blew a flamethrower into Kane's face dressed as Goldust . Before the match , a chicken attacks Kane and it ends up being Pete Rose . We all know how that ends . Kane wins by DQ after Chyna hits him with a chair . **

Vince announces that he's the guest referee for the main event .

Sable vs Tori
Women's title up for grabs here . Tori looks like something from a 60's sci-fi movie . This was pretty bad . Sable retains with a powerbomb . Really botched match . DUD .

You can easily tell that Vince Russo got his slimy hands all over this show .

Shane McMahon vs X-Pac
This is for the European title . I would put this as the second best match on this night even if that's not saying a lot at all . Shane retains after X-Pac is pedigreed by HHH . Another big twist ! **1/2 . At least it led to HHH becoming the Game .

Undertaker vs The Big Boss Man : Hell in a Cell
Here we are , the worst Hell in a Cell match in history . Luckily the other Cell match at Wrestlemania is a classic . This feud definitely did not warrant a Cell match . Both guys were heels so I don't know how this would work . Good god this was so boring . I think the only time the fans cheered was when it ended . Taker wins with a tombstone . DUD  The Brood comes down on top of the Cell and hands Taker a noose with which he hangs Boss Man .

Stone Cold vs The Rock : No DQ
The saving grace of the show . If this wasn't here it would be the worst Wrestlemania of all time . I've got the Austin/Rock Wrestlemania matches at the same ratings as the HHH/Taker matches . I would still put this feud ahead of that one . This match was great . Mankind comes back out later in the match as the referee . Austin wins the championship after a huge stunner to the Rock . ****

3/10 . Wow this Wrestlemania sucked . I'd definitely put it in the bottom 3 of Wrestlemania's .

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

1000th Episode of Raw Review

Raw 1000 Review

Here we finally are : the most anticipated episode of Raw in history . It will surely be a historic night .

We have a new logo , although it does look really similar to the previous logo . The stage set up looks great , just like a PPV .

Here comes the boss . Vince comes out to thank the WWE Universe for allowing this to happen . And now introducing DX !

DX comes out and does their usual schtick , when Shawn feels that there's something missing . Didn't there use to be more of them ? And here they are ! X-Pac , Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are all here in their classic DX gear ! This was so much fun . Damien Sandow comes out to complain about them and eats a DX Special .

Rey Mysterio , Sin Cara & Sheamus vs Chris Jericho , Dolph Ziggler & Alberto Del Rio
Unfortunately we miss the beginning of the match due to the always highly annoying commercial breaks . What we got was fun though . Ziggler gives Jericho a right hand and Sheamus follows up with a brogue kick to win the match . **3/4 Nice to have JR join commentary as well .

Layla and AJ are backstage talking about the wedding . AJ says there's strange stuff all around the arena and just outside the door . First thing we see is Hacksaw Jim Duggan . Next there's R-Truth and Roddy Piper playing jumprope with Little Jimmy . Finally we have Mae Young and her son ! The hand ! The only thing missing from this segment was Mark Henry . Brilliant .

And unluckily we have the Funkasaurus up next . Boring . At least we have Dude Love at ringside to make it bearable .

Trish Stratus and HHH re-enact a classic scene from Raw involving yoga .

Time for the wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ . We have Slick as the reverend ! Awesome ! He does a great job of it . Just as they're about to be married , AJ stops and says she's accepted another proposal from another man . Vince ! Turns out it's a different proposal and AJ is the new GM of Raw ! Yes !

When we come back from the break , Bryan is going crazy around the ring . And here's CM Punk . Punk starts to poke fun at Bryan . Bryan retaliates by shouting that he is the greatest of all time and that's the cue for the People's Champion . The Rock announces that he will face the WWE Champion in a title match at the Royal Rumble . Punk says that he will be the champ and will beat The Rock . Bryan interrupts and eats a rock bottom .

Christian vs The Miz
Nice to have Bret Hart as the ring announcer . IC Title is on the line . The match is cut short thanks to commercial breaks . And we have a new champ after a skull crushing finale to Christian . **1/4

Triple H comes out again to get all serious . He wants Lesnar to come out and give him an answer . Heyman comes out to tell him no and also insults his kids and that's the cue for Stephanie . She insults him enough to get him to agree to the match at Summerslam . Stephanie attacks Heyman and here comes the pain ! HHH and Lesnar have a brawl in the ring with HHH coming out victorious .

Lita vs Heath Slater : No DQ 
Lita says she hired some protection and here is the APA . Oh my god ! Amazing to see both guys . Heath runs out the ring but is caught by every legend he's faced in the past month . He takes a twist of fate from Lita and a clothesline from hell from JBL and that puts him away . N/R   A lot of fun .

Kane had a match scheduled but the glorified jobbers and Drew McIntyre come out to attack Kane . Here comes the gong ! Taker's here ! And with his cool bald look ! He and Kane kick ass Brothers of Destruction style . The crowd chants ' This is awesome ' . Yes it truly is .

John Cena vs CM Punk
These two put on a good ten minute match when Big Show comes out and causes the DQ . *** . Show attaks Cena but Punk does nothing . He leaves the ring while the Rock comes out to put a beating on Show . He goes for a People's elbow but Punk clothelines him ! And gives him a GTS ! Heel turn ! Yay ! Great way to end the show .

This is exactly what Raw should be : a ton of fun . So much nostalgia here . Definitely worth checking out .

Monday, 23 July 2012

Raw 15th Anniversary DVD Review

Raw 15th Anniversary DVD Review

Thought I'd review this since tonight is the highly anticipated 1000th episode of Raw .

The first part we are shown people talking about the very first episode of Raw and the UK release of this dvd includes the full first episode .

Mr Perfect vs Ric Flair : Loser Leaves WWE
Two of the greatest of all time here . I like the little facts they put in the corner of the screen . The only problem with matches like this is that the commercial  breaks take away from it . Perfect sends Flair home with a perfectplex . ****

Mr Perfect and Shawn Michaels brawl outside the arena and onto the Fink's car . This seemed very real .

Razor Ramon vs The Kid
This is definitely one of the most important moments in Raw's history as it showed that anything can happen and anyone can be beaten . Ramon beats on the Kid the whole match until the end where the Kid one with a moonsault . 3/4* He was now known as the 123 Kid .

Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty
This is for the IC Title . Apparently this was the 1993 match of the year . Really hard to argue with that except for maybe the KOTR match between Hart/Perfect . Just amazing fast paced action in this one . Marty wins his first and only IC Title after a roll through . Amazing . ****1/4

Gorilla Monsoon comes out to throw Bobby Heenan out of the WWE . It must have been a shame to see him go .

Bret Hart vs 1-2-3 Kid
WWE Championship is on the line here . This is such a great match . Kid looked like he had no chance of hell winning this match but Bret made him look like a credible threat which says a lot for the Hitman . Bret pins Kid but his foot was on the rope and Bret tries to get the match restarted . The match starts over . Kid gets a close 2 count but the commercial break ruins it . Bret retains the title after a sharpshooter . What a match . One of the best in Raw history . ****1/2

Leslie Nielsen goes hunting for the Undertaker for Summerslam 1994 . RIP

William Shatner comes out as a guest on the King's Court to promote his new TV show Tech Wars . Shatner inducted Lawler into the Hall of Fame in 2007 . Shatner gives Lawler a monkey flip and Bret Hart comes out to raise his arm .

Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart 
Two amazing athletes here . This is the infamous match in which everyone thought Shawn was really injured because they made it look so real . It is still a good match though . After Owen kicks Shawn in the head , Shawn puts him over the rope and then collapses in the ring , ending the match . ***  We come back from commercial and Shawn is being seen to by medics and is given oxygen . This looks way too real .

Vader pins Savio Vega at the end of a match . He attacks him and gives him another Vader bomb . He even attacks the ref . Another ref comes out and he is powerbombed . Gorilla Monsoon comes out to stop him and suspends Vader indefinitely . Vader attacks Gorilla and this was the first time a superstar attacked a high ranking official in the WWE .

We cut in to a match between Ahmed Johnson & Vader . Vader wins as Ahmed is knocked out . As Ahmed is on a stretcher , Goldust comes out and gives him the kiss of life . Ahmed comes around and chases Goldust . I'm pretty sure this was highly controversial at the time .

Now we are shown the infamous 'Pillman's got a gun' segment . USA Network felt uncomfortable with this segment and WWE had to apologise to stay on the network . Pillman was injured at home and Stone Cold was trying to get in to attack him . The segment ends as a gunshot was heard fired . The gunshot is edited out of the DVD .

Undertaker vs Mankind : No Holds Barred
These two had one of the best feuds of the 90's and usually had great matches against each other . This was not as good as the other matches they've had . Taker wins after a tombstone piledriver . **

Another controversial segment here with the ' Lost smile ' . It's hard to say whether Shawn is telling the truth here . He says he needs to take time off for a knee operation and has to give up his championship . Many think he made this up so he didn't have to drop the belt to Sid or Bret .

Goldust gives an interview regarding HHH . This was just to show the impact Chyna had when she first appeared in the WWE .

We are shown some clips of when ECW really invaded the WWE . Jerry Lawler never really seemed happy with it . Some interviews are shown with members of ECW .

Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog
This took place in Germany and was the finals of the newly created European Championship . This is arguably the greatest match in Raw's history . It is filled with amazing technical moves and non-stop action . This is what I would call a classic TV match . Bulldog wins the title after countering a pinning attempt by Owen . ****1/2

In the next segment we come back to Bret Hart standing in the ring . He complains that he's been screwed and shouts curse words . The same would happen only 8 months later .

Bret Hart , Owen Hart & The British Bulldog vs Undertaker , Stone Cold & Dude Love : Flag Match 
This was Canada vs The USA . It starts off in the middle of the match so I don't think I can give it a fair rating . It took place in Canada , so the Hart Foundation were the clear favourites . Bret grabs the flag to win the match . N/R since we were only shown part of it .

We are now in the first Raw in MSG . This was the start of the famous and amazingly fun Austin/McMahon feud . Austin stuns McMahon for the first time ever and makes history . The roof comes unglued . Definitely groundbreaking .

We see McMahon with a black eye after Bret infamously punched him backstage . This was the first time Vince said ' Bret screwed Bret ' . He tries to justify his actions at the Survivor Series in Montreal . Luckily everything seems to be sorted out today .

Here we have Sable showing off her amazing body . She was immensely popular during this time . Brock Lesnar is one lucky bastard .

Rocky Maivia comes out with the Nation of Domination to confront Austin so Rocky can get his IC Title back . Austin comes on the tron and is shown on a bridge and throws the belt off the bridge and into the water .

Degeneration -X comes out to show their asses to audiences around the world . Sgt Slaughter comes out to put them in a match against each other . I won't review the match sine it isn't a proper one . HHH pins Shawn .

Disc 2

We now have the legendary moment between Stone Cold and Mike Tyson . This is still a moment that is fondly remembered when thinking of the WWE's greatest moments . Hearing JR yell ' Tyson and Austin ! ' is still great .

DX gives us a special report . They apologise for their profanities in the WWE . I found this hilarious .

We cut in to a No Holds Barred match between Cactus Jack and Terry Funk . Both guys are inside a dumpster when the New Age Outlaws come out . They push the dumpster right off the side of the stage . This was a definite Holy Shit moment .

We come now to the night after Wrestlemania XIV . HHH complains about Shawn dropping the ball . Sean Waltman comes back from WCW and into the WWE as X-Pac . Here's the new DX with HHH as the leader . X-Pac comes out to shoot on Hogan and Eric Bischoff .

Austin and McMahon are supposed to have a match and Austin has to have his hand tied behind his back . It was this night that Raw beat Nitro in the ratings . Dude Love comes out and attacks Austin . The match never starts .

We now have the infamous incident of DX trying to invade a WCW show in Norfolk . This was done brilliantly .

We have the segment where DX impersonated the Nation of Domination . This was hilarious , especially the Owen Hart impersonation .

This is the night , Austin drove in on a Miller Lite Zamboni and attacks Vince . The crowd goes absolutely crazy for it .

Another great moment in the history of Raw . McMahon in the hospital is visited by Mankind and a female clown . I would've hated to have been Vince here . We also have the debut of Mr Socko . Austin attacks Vince and hits him with a bed pan in a moment that never gets old .

We now have the infamous moment of Austin filling Vince's Corvette with cement . The window breaking helped the segment . Highly entertaining .

Another great segment between Austin and Vince . Vince was terrified he was gonna be shot in the head by Austin . Austin 3:16 says Vince just pissed his pants !

Mankind vs The Rock : No DQ
This match was taped and the night it was shown , WCW gave away the result and ended up giving away more viewers to the WWE . This was Mick Foley's first big title win and is still a great moment and a great match too . ***1/2

We now have what is probably the most memorable segment in Raw's history . Austin drives a beer truck into the arena and drenches The Rock , Vince and Shane with beer . Amazing .

The Rock holds a funeral for Austin , but Austin has a monster truck and drives over The Rock's car . This moment is clipped .

For some reason we are given the match between the Mean Street Posse and The Stooges . I don't even wanna rate this .

We are shown Vince revealing himself as the higher power behind the Ministry of Darkness .

The debut of Y2J Chris Jericho is shown . Possibly the greatest debut in WWE history . Still amazing to watch .

We are now given the highest rated segment in Raw's history . This is your life . This was The Rock's birthday present from Mankind . It is definitely a great segment even if it is a bit long .

Big Boss Man reads a sympathy card to the Big Show .

The wedding of Test and Stephanie McMahon . It turned out that Triple H had already married her .

Triple H vs Chris Jericho
This was for the WWE Championship . After a good match , Jericho hits the lionsault and pins HHH to win the championship . The crowd went absolutely wild . ***  Later on the decision was reversed and HHH got his title back .

We are now shown the moment when Vince revealed that he had purchased WCW . A huge moment to say the least .

Kurt Angle comes out to parody the beer truck incident and this time has a milk float . He drenches the Alliance in milk . Milk o Mania is running wild !

We now have possibly the greatest return in WWE history . After almost a year away , HHH returns to MSG .

Hulk Hogan is in the ring and The Rock comes out . They stare each other down . It was an amazing moment and so was their epic match at Wrestlemania . Their Mania match was made here .

Now we have one of the most surreal moments in history . Eric Bischoff is announced as the new general manager of Raw . This was unbelievable . Eric and Vince hug !

Disc 3

The Rock puts on his first concert . Every one of his concerts are hilarious and all are worth watching .

Kane finally unmasks . A lot of people thought this ruined Kane , but I still loved him . I kinda wish he would take it off again .

Eugene is the general manager and makes a game of musical chairs to decide a no.1 contender . It sounds bad but was made funny thanks to Chris Jericho and especially Ric Flair .

Randy Orton celebrates his first World Championship win with Evolution . Evolution attacks him and starts his god awful face run . I remember being shocked by this as a kid .

Vince spoofs the NFL and I don't know why since I live in Scotland . Seemed funny .

Batista has to decide which brand to go to since he won the Rumble . He chooses Raw and powerbombs HHH through a table starting his 4 year long face run .

Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Michaels
This was a tournament for a World Championship shot . Shawn was making his return after his five star match with Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania . This is such a great technical match . Shawn gets the win  after Shelton leaps from the ropes and receives an amazing looking sweet chin music . Painful looking as well . ****

Chris Jericho holds a Highlight Reel to see who the first draft to Raw is . It shockingly turns out to be John Cena . This was very exciting at the time . Cena has a good back and forth talk with Christian .

We come to the wedding of Edge and Lita . Snitsky's poem was very humorous . Kane interrupts the wedding and then tombstones the priest .

Shawn Michaels gives Hogan a superkick after a match , starting off their feud leading up to their hilarious Summerslam match .

John Cena and Chris Jericho compete in a  Loser is Fired match . Y2J loses and is dragged out by security guards .

Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle : 30 Minute Iron Man Match
This was a little disappointing considering the two classics these two had earlier in the year and the history both men have with the Iron Man concept . Still a really good match though . Angle gets the first fall after an Angle slam from the top rope . HBK evens the score with a roll up . Angle gets another point after making Michaels submit to the Angle lock . HBK evens it up again after a superkick . The match ends in a draw with 2-2 . ***1/4

On the same night as the previously mentioned Iron Man match , Stone Cold stunners every major member of the McMahon family . Highly entertaining .

Eric Bischoff has a trial for his job . This was all pretty funny . He ended up being fired .

Edge and Lita have a live sex celebration  . This was a highly rated segment and obviously a controversial one .

Triple H and Shawn Michaels impersonate Vince and Shane McMahon . This was pretty funny , especially HBK as Shane .

John Cena vs Rob Van Dam vs Edge 
This match for the WWE Championship had to take place because RVD was being suspended for his use of drugs and they needed a new champion . Edge becomes the new champion after Cena gives RVD an F-U and Edge throws Cena out the ring to pin RVD . ***

Edge vs Shawn Michaels : Street Fight 
This is the second Street Fight these guys have faced off against each other on Raw . This was a really good match with good use of weapons . Edge wins after Orton interferes and gives HBK an RKO . ***1/2

Randy Orton is celebrating his new title win when Shawn Michaels makes his return after 5 months . He gives Orton a superkick . Don't know why they ended the DVD with this .

8.5/10 . This is a great DVD but it can be tiring watching segment after segment with so few matches .

Friday, 20 July 2012

Survivor Series 2010 Review

Survivor Series 2010 Review : Free or Fired

I remember people saying that this would be the final Survivor Series ever . Thank goodness that never happened . Let's begin .

The video package was great showing Cena having a split decision over the main event and what he should do . Be free ? Or be Fired ?

Daniel Bryan vs Ted Dibiase 
US Title on the line . This is a match that shows that Bryan can have a good match with anyone . Probably the best singles match in Dibiase's career so far . Bryan can make anyone look good . I loved how at the time , when Bryan entered the ring he never got much of a reaction , but as the match went on , the fans were cheering like crazy for him . Bryan retains after making Ted submit with the Labelle lock . ***1/2

The Miz comes out to get some heat from the Miami audience . I think there's some lighting issues in this arena .

John Morrison vs Sheamus 
These two had a great rivalry in the later half of 2010 , starting with their FCA match on Raw and ending with the ladder match at TLC . This wasn't their best match but it was still pretty good . Morrison pulls the upset win after a running knee to Sheamus . ***

Kaval vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph has his IC title up for grabs . Poor Kaval . A great wrestler who never got his chance . I do think he was smart to get out when he did before he became a jobber , which he kinda was anyway . A good match as Ziggler retains with a roll through . **3/4

Big Show / Rey Mysterio / Chris Masters / Kofi Kingston / MVP  vs  Alberto Del Rio / Tyler Reks / Drew McIntyre / Cody Rhodes / Jack Swagger : Elimination Match
Wow that's a mouthful . And here we are , the best part of Survivor Series : the elimination match ! MVP gets a huge reaction . MVP is eliminated after a cheating pinfall by Drew . Masters eliminated after the cross arm-breaker by Del Rio . Del Rio is out with a knock out . Rhodes is eliminated after the knock out punch of Show . Reks is pinned by Kofi . Kofi submits to the ankle lock . Swagger is out after a big splash from Rey . The faces win after a 619 and a chokeslam to Drew . This match was exciting and fun from start to finish . Match of the night . ***3/4

Natalya vs Laycool : Handicap Match
Time for the divas championship portion of the PPV . At least they're all good wrestlers . Shame the match never really reflected that . Except for Natalya she's always awesome . Natalya wins after a sharpshooter to Michelle and becomes the new divas champion . * . After the match , Laycool attacks Natalya and Beth Phoenix makes her return to save her .

Edge vs Kane 
Well this wasn't a very good storyline was it ? Kidnapping Paul Bearer to make Kane angry . Smart . This match actually wasn't as bad as expected but it still wasn't great . Especially since the match ended in a double pin . **1/2

The Nexus vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov 
Tag Team title match . We really needed a cool down match after that ? Not much to say about this match apart from the fact it was only really here since there were around 4 tag teams in the WWE at the time . Slater picks up the win after a zig zag to Santino . *1/2

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton : Special Referee - John Cena
If Wade leaves with the title , Cena will be free from the Nexus . If Orton leaves with the title , Cena will be fired . This match was highly anticipated . The match was ok but everyone knew it would come down to what Cena would do . Cena pins Wade's shoulders to give Orton the win . We all knew he would never be fired .  **1/2

6/10 . The first half of this PPV was going great but the second half brough it back down again . Worth seeing for the US Title match and the traditional SS match .

Monday, 16 July 2012

Money In The Bank 2012 Review

Money In The Bank 2012 Review : Punk & Bryan Do It Again

There are a lot of expectations for this PPV thanks to last year's spectacular outing , can it live up to them ?

World Heavyweight Championship Contract MITB
This , along with the WWE title match , was the match I looked forward to most . There were some botches in the match but the great pace and the amazing highspots more than made up for it . Tyson Kidd looked like a star in this match . Dolph Ziggler wins the briefcase after pushing Christian off a ladder . ***3/4

The Miz comes out to say he's been filming a movie and will be in the final ladder match tonight . I am totally fine with that .

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
Here's a match I wasn't really looking forward to coming into the PPV . It turned out to be a very good match . Del Rio worked on the arm of Sheamus during the match and Sheamus mostly went for his big power moves . There were also some nice counters in the match . Sheamus retains after a brogue kick to Del Rio . *** After the match , Del Rio attacks Sheamus and Dolph comes out with his briefcase . He never gets the chance to cash in as Sheamus hits him with the brogue . Thankfully it doesn't count as a cash in .

The Prime Time Players vs Epico & Primo
Surprisingly this match got time to work with and these guys managed to put on a pretty good match . I love AW having his mic on the whole time . That could be a nice gimmick to work with . Primo gets the surprise win after rolling through Darren Young . **3/4

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan : No DQ  , Special Referee - AJ
I was so happy when I heard this match was gonna be no DQ . It did kinda bum me out that it wasn't the main event , but that didn't stop them from stealing the show . The past 3 PPVs these guys have shown that they can carry a show , so put them in the main event ! There were some brutal moments in the match , like the kendo shots and a yeslock with a kendo stick . Surprised that AJ called it right down the middle . The match was so unpredictable thanks to AJ and the amazing action . CM Punk manages to keep his fantastic title reign going after giving Bryan a top rope back suplex through a table . ****1/4

Ryback vs Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks
Now this is more like it . Real opponents for Ryback . This is probably Ryback's best match yet and wins it after giving his finisher to Reks . *

Layla , Kaitlyn & Tamina Snuka vs Natalya , Beth Phoenix & Eve Torres
Just the usual generic PPV divas match to put the women in a match . I was really hoping that Kharma would come back and attack everyone at the end , but it was not to be . Face divas win after Layla hits a neckbreaker on Beth . 3/4*

WWE Championship Contract MITB
This has to be the most predictable MITB match in history . That being said , the match definitely exceeded my expectations and ended up being a great match . Big Show being AA'd through the announce table was amazing . Nice to also see the return of Show's giant ladder from 2010 . This match was more about psychology and story than a spotfest . Cena gets the predictable win after breaking the case down . ***1/2

7/10 . A good World title match , two great ladder matches and a classic WWE Championship match equals a really good PPV . Worth seeing for the main matches .

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Ladder Match DVD Review

The Ladder Match DVD Review

Here , I'm gonna review one of the best and one of my favourite DVD's of all time . This match has helped make superstars like Edge , Jeff Hardy , The Rock and Shawn Michaels .

Let's get started .

Disc 1

Jake Roberts vs Big Daddy Ritter : Ladder Match
This is from stampede wrestling . This match is here to show how far the ladder match has come throughout the years . It's worth watching this one once for its historical value , but as far as quality goes it isn't that good . It might have been great at the time . In fact I don't think I can properly rate this one . All I can say is that it is here for good reason . At least it gets better from here . N/R

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels : Ladder Match
I think a lot of people used to think that the match at Wrestlemania X was the first ladder match in WWE . They cleared that up with this match which is the first . At the time I don't think they could have picked anyone better than these two amazing athletes . This was probably well received at the time but doesn't hold up as well now . Still a really good match though . Bret grabs the title to retain . ***1/4

Shawn Michaels gives comments on his ladder match with Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania . Their Summerslam match is up next .

Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon : Ladder Match
Obviously this match had high expectations going in , thanks to their match at the previous year's Wrestlemania . Everyone was wondering if it would live up to the anticipation . It did just that . This was an amazing match that even had a lot of leg work involved in it . It's hard to decide which ladder match is better between the two , but I think you've got to go with the first since that took place at Wrestlemania . This was still a show-stealer though . Shawn takes a nasty suplex to the outside and his leg hits the guardrail . Michaels is taking a lot of punishment to that leg . The ending was botched because the belt was too high up and Michaels takes a temper tantrum for that . He finally grabs it and wins the match . ****3/4

The Rock vs Triple H : Ladder Match
Now here is a career making match . Only three months after this , The Rock would go on to win the WWE Title . And we all know how HHH's career went after this . This match certainly stole the show on this night which also included a great match between Austin/Taker . This was another match that involved working on an injured leg . This was just a classic brutal battle for the IC Title . Triple H wins the title . ****1/2

The New Brood vs Edge & Christian : Ladder Match
Now here is another career making match . This gained both teams huge popularity and started their legendary tag feud . If it wasn't for this match , we wouldn't have seen matches like the triangle ladder match or the TLC match . This one was filled with very innovative spots . There were no titles on the line , just money and the managerial services of Terri . At the start the fans weren't into it , but by they end they were on their feet and cheering and applauding all four men . Jeff Hardy grabs the money and wins . Fantastic from start to finish . ****1/2

The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz : TLC Match
Here we are , the first ever TLC match and it was in the Hardy Boyz hometown . Still makes me wonder why E&C won the thing . This could be the greatest TLC match ever . It's between this and the TLC at Wrestlemania . I never wanted this match to end . It feels much shorter than 15 minutes . Edge and Christian win after taking out all other competitors . Amazing is the word to describe this . *****

Gregory Helms comes along to give us the only WCW match on the dvd .

3 Count vs Evan Karagias & Jamie Noble vs Jung Dragons
This was for a match for the cruiserweight championship . The weird thing was that it was a tag match but only one man could win it . Just sounds like classic WCW . And what was the point of teams tagging in at the start of the match , when they all ended up in the ring together ?? A lot of nice high spots in the match though . 3 Count wins by bringing down the contract at the same time . ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit : Ladder Match
These two always had great matches against each other and this was probably their best . Benoit's suicide dive into the chair shot was sick . The walls of Jericho on the ladder was absolutely incredible . More of a story told here than in most ladder matches . Benoit with an amazing diving headbutt that he missed . Jericho brings down the title . ****1/2

Disc 2

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz : TLC Match
This is the last great match featuring these only these three teams . Arguably the greatest spotfest ever and probably the best TLC match ever . All these teams put on moves that looked like they would easily cause injury . The run-ins helped the match as well . I would definitely put it as one of my favourite matches ever and for good reason . This match is easy to watch again and again . Edge and Christian pick up their second victory in a row in TLC . ****3/4

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz vs Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit : TLC Match
This is known as the ' forgotton '  TLC match which is strange as I would say it is the third best of them and arguably the best match in the history of Smackdown . I'm pretty sure that this was the match that Benoit injured himself for almost a year . It has after crashing through a table on the outside of the ring . Later in the match he looked like a trooper coming back out . So much hard action in this match and it was brilliant . Jericho and Benoit retained their titles after Benoit climbed slowly up the ladder to grab the titles . ****3/4

Edge vs Christian : Ladder Match
I feel like this is an underrated match and especially more so on this dvd coming off of two amazing TLC matches . I enjoyed their matches together and this is probably their best one . Very entertaining match as Edge gives Christian a conchairto on the top of a ladder ! Edge grabs and regains his IC Title . ***1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam : Ladder Match
After watching this match , I'm thinking that if it was released today , it would be the most edited match of all time . They already have to edit out the fan run in and to do that they show Chris Benoit in the audience who is shown quite a lot . Needless to say , I don't think we're going to see this match again . However , this match is definitely one of the best in Raw's history . Eddie and RVD were having great matches at this time and this was probably their best . IC Title was on the line . RVD grabs the title after knocking Eddie to the outside . ****

Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy : Ladder Match
Now this is what wrestling is about . Everyone cheering the underdog taking on the huge obstacle to win the biggest prize there is . This seems to be a love it or hate it match . Some people , like myself , love the story of the whole thing , while others hate the fact that it isn't a spotfest like most other ladder matches . When Raw's 1000th episode comes up and we are remembering Raw's history , this is one match that will spring to my mind . Who can forget Jeff climbing the ladder slowly , with all of us thinking he had it in his grasps but was too late . Taker retains after throwing Jeff off the ladder . ***1/2  After the match Taker gives Jeff respect .

Jeff Hardy & RVD vs Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Chris Jericho & Christian vs Kane : TLC Match
Also known as TLC IV . Kane was supposed to be partnered with The Hurricane , but he was taken out earlier in the night . This match was voted the greatest match in the first decade of Raw . I wouldn't agree with that , but it was damn well close ! This is such a fun spotfest like most TLCs are . Kane retains his tag titles after chokeslamming Jericho . ****1/4

Chris Jericho vs Christian : Ladder Match
I feel that this is another underrated ladder match . Although during the match , Jericho really injured his tailbone after falling off the ladder . Jericho climbs the ladder to win yet another IC Title reign . ***1/2

Disc 3

Money In The Bank : Wrestlemania 21
The first ever MITB match . And we've had so many great ones since this one , but none have had the same impact or have been as good as this one . Can't beat the original . Kane enters but all the other participants come out to attack him . Kane takes out just about everyone with a flying clothesline to the outside . Benoit gives Jericho a german suplex while holding a ladder ! Kane attempts to break Benoit's arm . E&C team up once again . So many great moments in this match . I won't try and list them all . T-Bone off the ladder ! Shelton runs up a ladder and clothelines Jericho ! Absolutely amazing . Benoit diving headbutt from a ladder ! Edge takes advantage of Benoit's injured arm and takes the briefcase . What a classic . ****1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio : Ladder Match
I always love the matches between these two and this one is no exception . The storyline was stupid but these two were able to make it work . It was for the custody of Eddie's alleged child Dominic ( he was really Rey's ) The spots were great in this match even if Vickie did screw it up a bit . With help from Vickie , Rey climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase . ***3/4

Edge vs Matt Hardy : Loser Leaves Raw Ladder Match
This was the last match in their infamous rivalry over Lita/Amy Dumas . It was a short match but they managed to get a lot of stuff in there . Edge gets the win and stays on Raw after throwing Matt off the briefcase and onto the ring ropes . ***1/4

Edge vs Ric Flair : TLC Match
This took place in Flair's hometown and everyone wanted to see if he could pick up his amazing seventeenth world title win . At this point , Flair had never been in a ladder match or TLC match for that matter , so people were wondering if he could actually pull it off . Edge rips Flair's dream apart by grabbing his newly won WWE Championship .  ****

John Cena vs Edge : TLC Match
Cena here in his first ever ladder match . This was in Edge's hometown so obviously the fans were crazy for him to win . This was such a fantastic TLC match with a great story and great action . The finish was great . Cena wins back his WWE Championship after giving Edge an F-U off the top of a ladder and through two tables ! ****1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro : Ladder Match
I think this was the match that made Nitro , now known as John Morrison . Once again this was for the IC Title . Nitro's standing dropkick while he was on the ladder was an amazing feat of athleticism . Hardy's swanton on the ladder was sick . Hardy retains the title after trapping Nitro under the ladder and grabbing the belt . ***3/4

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs The Hardys vs William Regal & Dave Taylor vs MNM : Ladder Match
The Smackdown tag titles were up for grabs here . This match features what I would consider one of the most gruesome moments in WWE history , Joey Mercury shatters his nose with a ladder and blood pours everywhere . Needless to say , he had to go straight to hospital . This is just such an amazing spotfest of a match and it is never boring . Such a great way to end this dvd , with a modern classic . London & Kendrick retain their titles . ****1/4

9.5/10 .  This is , without a doubt , one of the best ever WWE DVDs . Every match after the first ranges from really good to absolute classic . A lot of replay value with this DVD as well , I can't even tell you how many times I've watched it and it never gets old .

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wrestlemania 2000 Review

Wrestlemania 2000 Review : Conception of the TLC

Time to get back on track with the Wrestlemania reviews and I'm not too sure I'm looking forward to this one apart from 3 matches .

Ok , let's begin .

The Godfather & D-Lo Brown vs The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan 
I actually found this tag match to be really entertaining . All guys put on a good performance , especially Bull Buchanan who impressed me . Bull picks up the win after a leg drop onto D-Lo . **3/4

Hardcore Battle Royal
The rules of this match were that if you pinned someone , you were the hardcore champ . The time limit was 15 minutes . There was a big botch at the end of the match where the ref was supposed to do the pinfall just as the timer ran out , but he did that too early and managed to get the pinfall , so there was a new champ even when there wasn't supposed to be ! This was mostly brawling with trash cans and road signs but it was fun . Hardcore Holly wins after smashing a glass over Crash's head and gets the pinfall . **

Al Snow & Steve Blackman vs Test & Albert
I always did enjoy the antics of Al and Steve . Usually gave me a laugh . A huge block of cheese runs to the ring to support head cheese . Test wins it with an elbow drop to Steve . Not much of a match here . *3/4

Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz : Triangle Ladder Match
The second ladder match in Wrestlemania history at that time . If it wasn't for the No Mercy ladder match , this wouldn't be here and if it wasn't for this match , there would be no TLC . Many people mistake this as the first TLC match and it's not hard to see why . Plenty of ladders and tables , just no chairs . This was an amazing match that no one had seen anything like at the time . No wonder the ladder match is such a popular match type .  So many replay moments . Edge & Christian grab the titles after plunging Matt to a table in the ring . *****

Terri vs The Kat : Cat Fight
Fabulous Moolah was with Terri and Mae Young with Kat . Val Venis was also the special ref . The only reason to watch this match is obvious and it's not for the wrestling . The less said the better . DUD

Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit : 2 Falls Match
The first fall is for the IC Title and the second is for the European Title . Here we have three of the all time great technical wrestlers . All three of these guys were here performing in their first ever Wrestlemania . Needless to say they would go onto greater things at Wrestlemania . This wasn't the best triple threat match but it was still pretty damn good . Benoit wins the IC Title after a diving headbutt onto Jericho . Jericho wins the European title after lionsaulting Benoit .  Angle came in with 2 titles and left with none . ***1/2

The Radicalz vs Chyna & Too Cool
Apparently this match didn't really mean anything since the next day , Eddie and Chyna started going out . Not much to say about this match . Chyna wins by pinning Eddie . **

X-Pac & Road Dogg vs Kane & Rikishi 
I think the only reason this match was here , was to set up another Pete Rose Wrestlemania moment from which he is attacked by Kane and Rikishi . The match ends with Kane pinning X-Pac after a tombstone piledrviver .  *1/2

Triple H vs Mick Foley vs The Rock vs The Big Show : Elimination Match 
Until Wrestlemania 27 , this was the only main event in Wrestlemania history that ended with the heel walking out as the victor . I think that this is quite the underrated match . I've always enjoyed it , but other people seem to think that it wasn't very good . Everyone's entitled to their opinion though . There was a McMahon in every corner here because they need to be the center of attention all the time . The Big Show is eliminated after a rock bottom . Mick Foley is eliminated after a pedigree onto a steel chair . HHH retains his title after Vince hits the Rock with a steel chair .  ***3/4

6/10 . This one is worth watching for the triple threat match , the fatal four way and obviously the amazing ladder match .

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

TLC 2010 Review

TLC 2010 Review : The Nexus Is Finally Buried 

Feels great to be back doing reviews and I'm going to start with my first PPV of 2010 ( excluding WM ) .

Ok then here we go with this great PPV .

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler : Ladder Match
I heard that some people hated the ending of this match , but I found it went with Dolph's character . Gotta give credit to Vickie for climbing up that ladder though . This was a good ladder match that was short on time but was very entertaining . Dolph wins after the belt falls to the ring and he scoops it up . ***

Laycool vs Beth Phoenix & Natalya : Tables Match
It seemed innovative to have a divas table match . This was probably the best divas match of the year , even if thats not saying much . They actually gave these girls around ten minutes to work with and they used that time well . It seemed as though the ending was botched but Natalya managed to save it . At one point , Beth fell out of the ring and landed badly on her head . I think she was ok afterwards . Natalya picks up the victory after frog splashing Laycool through a table . **3/4

Santino Marella & Vladmir Kozlov vs The Nexus 
Apparently TLC stands for Totally Lethal Cobra . This should last around five minutes . Ok match . The match ends in a DQ after an interference .  *3/4

John Morrison vs Sheamus : Ladder Match 
This was an awesome match . This match had more of a story than most ladder matches with Morrison's leg being targeted .  Sheamus just looked ruthless in this match . Sheamus falling through the ladder on the outside was such an amazing moment . After that , Morrison climbs up the ladder , kicks Sheamus in the head one more time and grabs the contract for a WWE Championship match . Awesome . ****

The Miz vs Randy Orton : Tables Match
And here we are , The Miz's first PPV as the WWE Champion . This match wasn't very fun .  It also wasn't very interesting until the end . Orton powerbombs Riley through a table while the ref is down and Miz gives Orton a skull crushing finale . He puts Orton in the wreckage of the table and the ref declares Miz the winner . Everything is shown on the replay and the ref starts the match over . Orton is knocked through a table thanks to Riley and the Miz retains the title . **1/4

Edge vs Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane : TLC Match
Originally this was supposed to be Edge/Kane , so thankfully they realised that wouldn't have been very good and added Rey and Del Rio . This was a great match and was almost as good as the Morrison/Sheamus match earlier in the night . Matt Striker makes a mistake by saying the first TLC match was at No Mercy 1999 even though it was at Summerslam 2000 . Cole also makes a mistake by saying Kane has never been in a TLC match even though he won one . Seriously , hire better commentators . The match is just a lot of fun though . Edge splashing Kane through a table was amazing . After Edge spears Kane off the apron and through a table , he climbs the ladder to grab his tenth world title . ***3/4

I'll just skip everything that happened with Cody Rhodes and Big Show .

John Cena vs Wade Barrett : Chairs Match 
CM Punk goes ringside to join in the commentating . Usually I would complain that a World title match was not the main event but tonight I think this deserved to be the main event considering it had been the main WWE storyline since June of 2010 . These two usually had great matches with each other and this was no exception . The end of one of the WWE's biggest storylines . Needless to say , it had a big match feel . Cena using that office chair to ram Wade into the steel steps was great . Cena wins the match and the war after giving Barrett a huge AA onto a bunch of chairs . ***1/2 .

After the match , Cena takes Wade up to the stage , puts some sort of trolley on him and drops around twenty chairs onto Barrett , symbolically killing the Nexus .

7.5/10 . This was a great show and probably the second best of 2010 , just behind WM . Three great matches , a hot opener and a good divas match .

Pick a DVD

Here is a list of the WWE DVD Sets that I own . It's hard to choose which to do next since I'm currently working on The Ladder Match DVD . Comment if you see one you would like reviewed and I will try my hardest to put the review up quickly .

Smackdown 10th Anniversary

Greatest Stars of the 90's

Top 50 Superstars of all Time

Jeff Hardy : My Life , My Rules

The Best of Raw 2010

The Best of Smackdown 2009-2010

The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold : The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar ....

The Rock : Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment 

Macho Madness

The John Cena Experience

Shawn Michaels : Heartbreak & Triumph

Shawn Michaels : My Journey

Starrcade : The Essential Collection

Rey Mysterio : The Biggest Little Man

Viva La Raza

Greatest Hell in a Cell Matches

Bret Hart Set

Hart & Soul

History of the IC Title

History of the World Heavyweight Title 

Twisted , Disturbed Life of Kane

Tombstone : History of the Undertaker

Triple H Tagged Classic

True Story of Wrestlemania 

The Best of King of the Ring

I can also get any PPV . As time goes on I will obviously buy more sets that are on sale and I can afford . Thanks .

Thursday, 5 July 2012

An Update

Still here in Portugal but I have watched a few matches from the Bret Hart set and The John Cena Experience . I've also done a review of the ladder match dvd set and have finished the first disc so far . Once I'm home I'll try my hardest to review the rest quickly .

Thanks for waiting !

P.S. How the hell did I miss Doink and DDP on Raw ?? Trust that to happen while I'm away .