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Friday, 21 September 2012

The Greatest Hell in a Cell Matches of all Time DVD Review

The Greatest HIAC Matches of all Time DVD Review

With the HIAC PPV coming up in around 5 weeks time , I thought I'd reflect on HIAC matches from the past with this DVD review . This set basically has every cell match from the first one up until 2007 , with the exception of the Wrestlemania XV abomination , which doesn't even get a mention .

Mick Foley is the very appropriate host of this match collection .

Disc 1 :

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels : Hell in a Cell
The one that started it all . It's amazing the level of chemistry these two great athletes have with each other . Until the HIAC from Wrestlemania 28 , I considered this to be the very best HIAC match of all time . It is still a classic that holds up to this day . The end of this match features the debut of Kane . HBK pins Taker after Kane gives him a tombstone piledriver . ****3/4

Stone Cold & Undertaker vs Mankind & Kane : Hell in a Cell
I won't rate this since it was more of a segment than a match . Still worth watching to see Paul Bearer getting the ever loving piss kicked out of him . N/R

Undertaker vs Mankind : Hell in a Cell
The match that made me a wrestling fan . The image of Mankind being thrown off the cell and then through the cell will stand the test of time as one of wrestling's most enduring images . Possibly the most brutal match of all time thanks to just two spots . Don't forget about the thumb tacks that came later . Incredible . ****1/2

Mankind vs Kane : Hell in a Cell
I wish Raw was still this much fun nowadays . The attitude era was an amazing time to be a wrestling fan . It was a short match but still good and they managed to pack some brutal stuff in there . The match ends when Stone Cold interferes and somehow causes a DQ . ***

Triple H vs Cactus Jack : Hell in a Cell
If Cactus loses this match , his career must end . I don't think this is the classic match everyone calls it , but it's still an awesome match . Cactus falling through the cell will be an image that will live on forever . HHH wins with a pedigree. ****1/4

Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold vs Rikishi vs Triple H vs The Rock vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
WWE title on the line in this huge HIAC match . Five amazing superstars here , with Rikishi added to it . The match got even better when the door was opened and everyone was fighting outside . Got to give it to Rikishi for the chokeslam off the cell . Angle pins Rock after he's given a stunner . ****

Disc 2 :

Triple H vs Chris Jericho : Hell in a Cell
I don't think this feud really warranted a cell match , but that didn't stop it from being good . Referee Tim White suffered his career ending injury here after being knocked out of the ring and into the cell . A great match and HHH gets the win with a pedigree on the top of the cell . ***3/4

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
Definitely one of the better HIAC matches in history . Taker's head was absolutely gushing blood . No wonder he took time off afterwards . Lesnar retains his title after countering a tombstone into an F5 . Awesome stuff . ****1/4

Triple H vs Kevin Nash : Hell in a Cell
Mick Foley is the special guest referee here . I think this cell match is a little underrated . Both guys tried their best to make the match brutal , and brutal it was . Good match as HHH wins with a pedigree . ***

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels : Hell in a Cell
This feud could only end with hell in a cell . At this point , both guys were undefeated in the cell . A huge blood feud ending with a 45 minute cell match . This is one long match . The psychology for this match was great , and helped make it an awesome match . HHH gets the win , but it took three pedigrees to take HBK down . ****

Disc 3 :

Batista vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell
In normal singles matches , these two didn't have very good matches . In this kind of environment though , they excel . Easily one of the better cell matches in history with added greatness thanks to a barbed wire wrapped steel chair . Batista wins with a Batista bomb . ****1/2

Undertaker vs Randy Orton : Hell in a Cell
Orton's first HIAC match and also a match that helped make him into a superstar . Orton looked great in this match and looked like he could beat Taker , with moves like the amazing crossbody onto Taker on a table . Taker proved to be too much though and beat Orton with a tombstone . ***1/2

DX vs The McMahons & Big Show
I find this to be an underrated cell match . It was fun and did have its brutal moments like the elbow drop on Shane's neck with a chair wrapped around it . The sledgehammer breaking on Vince's back was a great visual . DX wins with the sledgehammer shot . ***1/2

Batista vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
Here is a feud that deserved the cell. There was some brutal stuff in this match like the chair around Batista's neck being rammed into the ring post and the Batista bomb through a table. Edge interferes in the match and hits Taker with the conchairto and puts Batista on him for the pin. Quite an underrated match from a fantastic feud. ***3/4

8.5/10 . A great set here filled with cell matches ranging from good to fantastic . If you've only seen the PG era cell matches then this DVD is a must-have .

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