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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hell in a Cell 2009 Review

Hell in a Cell 2009 Review : Three Cell Matches in One Night

The first HIAC PPV , and this is where the concept of the cell would really go downhill . ( Luckily that was brought back up with the WM28 HIAC) . Let's begin .

Undertaker vs CM Punk : Hell in a Cell
World Heavyweight Title on the line and this is Punk's first cell match . At this point , no championships had ever changed hands in the cell . Taker wins his seventh world title after giving Punk a tombstone piledriver . Nice match to start us off . ***

John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler
IC Title up for grabs here . Rey Mysterio was supposed to be in this match but he violated the wellness policy . The match started off slow but found its pace towards the end . Morrison retains the title with starship pain . ***1/4

Mickie James vs Alicia Fox
Divas title on the line . The ending of this match was scary , as Alicia looked like she may have broken her neck off the DDT . Mickie retains with the DDT . 3/4*

Batista & Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho & Big Show
For the Unified Tag Titles . Jericho and Show were making a surprisingly good tag team at this point in time . Mysterio and Jericho had their usual great chemistry . This was such a great and exciting tag team match . Show retains the tag titles with a big right hand to Mysterio . Awesome . **** . Match of the Night

John Cena vs Randy Orton : Hell in a Cell
Boy this feud lost its momentum in a hurry . It does seem like a feud designed for the cell . The two top modern stars trying to prove who's better . Can someone tell me why this wasn't the main event and a tag match with no titles on the line was ? It's also notable that this is Cena's first cell match . Orton wins the title with a punt to the head . ***1/2

R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre
This was Drew's PPV debut . These guys had been attacking each other for a couple of the previous weeks . The fans weren't kind to this match . Drew wins with his DDT . *

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger vs The Miz
US Title on the line and I do enjoy triple threat matches . Not a bad match but the crowd was dead for it . Kofi pins Miz after Swagger gives him a gut wrench powerbomb . Pretty nice match . **1/2

DX vs Legacy : Hell in a Cell
Somehow this got the main event and the world titles didn't . Doesn't mean it isn't a good match though . These two teams had two great matches at the last couple of PPVs . Before the match even starts , Legacy attack DX and lock HHH out of the cell . This was a great way to end the show as the match was great and told a good story . DX get the win with a sledghammer , superkick combo . ***3/4

7.5/10 . Here you get three great matches and two really good ones . One to watch for sure .

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