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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Losing the Faith

After staying true to WWE since May 2010 , I have tried my best to watch every single Raw , Smackdown and PPV . This is the first time I have felt that I should stop watching for a while . I'll still watch the PPVs to review them , but I think I need a break from the TV shows . I'll probably turn my attention over to TNA who have been doing a great job .

How do you feel ?

Monday, 27 August 2012

Thank You !

I managed to reach over 500 page views , so I must thank all of those who have visited this site . When I started this I didn't think it would last , but I have kept true to it all this time . Here's to another 500 !

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Summerslam 2010 Review

Summerslam 2010 Review : WWE vs Nexus 

The second Summerslam in a row to take place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles .

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler
IC Title up for grabs . I'd call this a bittersweet way to open up this Summerslam . These are two guys that can put on great matches , but they're only given about eight minutes until it turns into an unnecessary clusterfuck . The match ends in a no contest after the Nexus interfere . **

Melina vs Alicia Fox
Thank god they finally took the title off of Fox . The girl just cannot wrestle . This was just a standard WWE divas match . Melina wins the title with a faceplant . 1/2*

Big Show vs The Straight Edge Society
How the mighty have fallen . For the last few months , the SES were a great faction with a great amount of heel heat . Now they were losing matches to Show and not looking so good . Match was entertaining as Show pins both Gallows and Mercury . **

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
This match is actually really good for a WWE Championship match that ends with a DQ . Then again these two usually did have good matches against each other . Sheamus keeps his title with the championship advantage after grabbing a chair and then throwing the ref out of the ring . ***1/4

Kane vs Rey Mysterio
This was another surprisingly good match , considering that everyone was complaining that they faced each other too much . I was also surprised that Kane retained but I was also happy with it . Kane wins with a chokeslam . ***

After the match , Undertaker comes out of the casket in a return that just about everyone saw coming . He doesn't get his revenge though , as Kane gives him a tombstone .

Team WWE vs The Nexus
Here we are , the reason people bought this show and the saviour of this show . Elimination rules apply here . Daniel Bryan made his big WWE return in this match . Bryan quickly takes out Darren Young with the Lebell lock . Morrison eliminates Tarver with starship pain . Sheffield takes out Morrison with a big clothesline . Another big clothesline takes out R-Truth . Crowd went crazy when Bret came in . Bret DQ's himself with a steel chair shot . Edge pins Sheffield with a spear . Otunga taps to the walls of jericho . Slater eliminates Jericho . Seconds later he also eliminates Edge . Slater taken out with the Lebell lock . Miz runs in and hits Bryan with a briefcase which takes him out of the match . Cena pins Gabriel . Cena wins the match by making Barrett tap to the STF . ****

5/10 . At least the main event really delivered . The world title matches were also good . The rest you can skip .

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Decide for me .

Hey guys , I've decided to let you guys decide on which review I should do next . Here's the choices

Wrestlemania XI

Summerslam 2010

And I'm currently working on the Edge Blu Ray , Greatest Stars of the 90s and Smackdown 10th Anniversary .

You can also choose one of my many WWE DVD's that I uploaded on a post , or just tell me a PPV you would like to see reviewed .

Thanks , and please comment .

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Night of Champions 2010 Review

Night Of Champions 2010 Review : Bryan wins his First Title

A night where all championships are defended . All seven titles will be on the line .

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler
IC Title is on the line . These two seemed to fight every week at this point , but that was never a bad thing considering they always had good matches . If Dolph was DQ'd or counted out he would lose the title . Great match to start the show off with . Ziggler retains with a zig zag . ***1/4

Big Show vs CM Punk
Before the match , Punk attempts to get some heel heat from his hometown crowd . They still love him . Around this time Punk was losing just about all of the time . Big Show wins with his knockout punch . *1/4

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz
US Title up for grabs here . This was the match that let us know that Bryan was here to stay in the WWE . It's amazing how far he's came since this match . Fantastic match as Bryan makes Miz tap to the lebell lock and wins the US Title . Match of the Night for sure .  ****

I've only just realised I've been misspelling Lebell this whole time . My apologies for that .

Melina vs Michelle McCool : Lumberjill Match
This match was to unify the womens and divas championships . Two titles that don't mean much . The divas division might be better if these two were still here . An ok match here . Michelle beats Melina and unifies the titles with a boot to the face . *1/2

Kane vs Undertaker : No Holds Barred
One of the biggest feuds of all time and this time the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line . This one was a brawl from start to finish . As is usual with these two , the match wasn't great . Kane retains with a tombstone and gets the upset . **1/4 

Tag Team Turmoil Match
Two teams start in this match and once one team loses , another comes out and this keeps going until there's a winner . The Usos and Hart Dynasty start . Harts are eliminated first which means there will be new champs . Santino & Kozlov eliminated next . Usos eliminated by Evan Bourne and Mark Henry . It's down to those two and Drew MicIntyre and Cody Rhodes . Cody pins Evan with crossrhodes . **

Sheamus vs John Cena vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton : Six Pack Challenge 
Elimination rules apply here in this match for the WWE Championship . This was a very hard match to predict as everyone had a good chance of winning . Jericho eliminated with an RKO within the first two minutes of the match . Edge is out after an AA . Barrett takes out Cena with a wasteland . Barrett eliminated with an RKO . Orton wins the WWE Title with an RKO . ***1/2

6.5/10 . The IC , US and WWE title matches delivered and most of the other stuff was fun too .

Monday, 20 August 2012

Summerslam 2012 Review

Summerslam 2012 Review : A Perfect Storm

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Pretty damn great match to start off the 25th annual Summerslam . This match was all about Jericho not winning any big matches since he returned . Great back and forth match as Jericho makes Dolph submit to the walls of jericho . ***1/2 .

Daniel Bryan vs Kane
This feud started with AJ being in love with both guys . She has been punishing Bryan the past couple of weeks and so decided to put him in a match with Kane . Crowd was hot for Bryan . Bryan gets the big upset with a small package pin . **3/4

Kane goes batshit crazy after the match .

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz
IC Title on the line in this one . Rey's wearing a pretty cool Batman outfit from my pick for film of the year . This should be a good one . The Miz looked great in this match . Miz retains his title after a skull crushing finale . ***1/4

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
World Title up for grabs here . WWE has tried their hardest to make us care about this match considering we've already seen it a few times . I'm still not very interested . I think this was as good as their MITB match , maybe even a little better . Sheamus hits Del Rio with a show and then a backbreaker . He gets the pin even though Del Rio's foot was on the rope . ***

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players
This is for the tag titles . I don't know how well the Prime Time Players will do without AW as their manager . The fans even start a ' Kobe Bryant ' chant . This has been the worst match of the night so far . Truth gets the pin with a Li'l Jimmy . *

John Cena vs CM Punk vs Big Show
Triple threat match for the WWE Championship . The crowd is really cheering for Punk . Show catching Punk off the suicide dive was a great visual . Show taps to a double submission hold from both Cena and Punk . AJ restarts the match . This match started slow but got better as it went on . Punk pins Show after Cena hits him with an AA . ***

We see come stars in the audience like Rick Rubin , David Arquette with a world title and an asshole known as Fred Durst .

Kevin Rudolf gives a god awful performance of one of his songs . Thankfully the crowd shits all over it . Seriously WWE stop with the music .

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
This feud has been brewing ever since the night after Extreme Rules and so for that it was the most anticipated match on the card . This had a big fight feel . I'm pretty sure the match has No DQ even though it wasn't announced .  Crowd wasn't really into it . It's a disappointing match : I was expecting a four star brawl . HHH taps to Lesnar's arm lock . Still pretty good though . ***1/2

8/10 . A very Good Summerslam with four nice matches and two great matches .

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hell in a Cell 2010 Review

Hell in a Cell 2010 Review - Cena Joins the Dark Side

Been a while since I've done a PPV so I'll try and get the ball rolling again with the next one on the list .

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz vs John Morrison : Submissions Count Anywhere
Pretty sure this is the first and only match of its kind . I could be mistaken . The US Title was on the line here and this was definitely the best choice for the opener . It was fun seeing Morrison and Miz being out of their comfort zone and trying submission holds which they never usually did . Morrison jumping off the stage setup was brilliant . Bryan retains with the labelle lock . ***3/4

Randy Orton vs Sheamus : Hell in a Cell
WWE Championship on the line here . In hindsight , this probably should have main evented the show , but I suppose hindsight is 20/20 . This really wasn't a feud designed for HIAC but it was still a great match . This is Sheamus's first and only Cell match to date . Orton retains after hitting an RKO on the steel steps . ***1/2

Edge vs Jack Swagger
This was the start of Edge's face turn . At the time he was going after stupidity in the WWE and that meant Swagger and his big eagle . Fans weren't really into this match . It was still pretty good . Edge pins Swagger with the spear . **3/4

John Cena vs Wade Barrett
This was the biggest feud in WWE at this point . Could have even been the main event . The stipulation was that if Wade lost , the Nexus would disband , and if Cena lost , he would become a member of the Nexus . High stakes in this one . Wade gets the big upset win after a ' fan ' hits Cena with a weapon . ***3/4 . I'll put this as Match of the Night .

Natalya vs Michelle McCool
Unified divas title up for grabs here . Not much to say about this one . Michelle is DQ'd and so retains the title . 1/4*

Kane vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
For me , this was a dream match . I've always thought that the Cell was born for the legendary feud between these two brothers . It's a shame it couldn't have taken place twelve years earlier as this match couldn't live up to the expectations . As the match ends , Paul Bearer turns on Taker by shining the urn in his face . Kane hits the chokeslam to retain . **1/4

7/10 . One of the better PPV's of 2010 thanks to three great matches .

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Rock : Great Ones - DVD Review

The Rock : Great Ones - DVD Review

This DVD came with the UK copy of the Wrestlemania 28 DVD set . I think that the US version never received this bonus and was only available through WWE Shop or some other stores . Thought I'd give my take on it .

Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock on the day of the 1996 Survivor Series , where Rocky made his debut . Just a really standard interview . Nothing compared to his interviews years later .

The Rock vs Triple H
This match was supposed to be on the Rock's second 3 disc DVD set , and had somehow disappeared . Thankfully WWE made up for it by putting it here , let's hope it's a good one . These two had some great matches together like 3 months later at Summerslam . The match ends in a double count out . **1/2

The Rock vs Kane
A couple of years after this match , the Rock had some funny promos about Kane . The Rock defeats Kane after Mankind hits Kane with a sledgehammer . **

We now have the final 20 minutes of the 2000 Royal Rumble match . I won't review it , but it's fun to watch . Rock wins the rumble .

The highlight reel plays host to The Rock on Raw in 2003 . Instead of Jericho we have Christian and so we have the first ever Peep Show . This was classic Rock making fun of Captain Charisma .

It's hard to review this considering it's a very short DVD and to me , just a DVD bonus .

I'll give it 4.5/10

Friday, 17 August 2012

Breaking The Code : Behind The Walls of Chris Jericho - DVD Review

Breaking The Code ...... Chris Jericho DVD Review

Chris Jericho is definitely one of my favourite wrestlers of all time . Whenever he feels his character has became stale , he changes it , and has always remained relelvant . He has also been in many great matches over the years .

I knew a lot of the information from the documentary due to reading both of his books ( can't wait for the third ) , but it was still entertaining to hear it from the man himself .  This was a very entertaining documentary from start to finish . You owe it to yourself as a wrestling fan to see this and if you already have , watch it again .


Disc 1 Special Features :

Chris talks about how much of a fan of wrestling he was as a kid . He says he and his friend could re-enact the whole Savage/Steamboat match from Wrestlemania 3 .

Chris says he wanted his character to be called Jack Action . Thankfully he never used it . He got the Jericho part of his name from a Helloween album .

A promoter in Mexico wanted to call Chris ' He-Man' instead of Golden Lion which he wanted to be called . A crowd had to choose Chris's name on a game show . Thankfully he got Golden Lion .

We now have a couple of Thrillseeker vignettes and the first one shows them working out . We also see them with two ' hot girls ' . Not much more to say about this .

The second vignette shows them in a fairground and an arcade . We also see them doing activities such as ice skating , visiting stores and ice skating . Again not much more to say here .

Christian talks about quickly becoming a friend of Jericho's .

Chris talks about trying desperately to get to ECW .

Joey Styles talks about naming a submission hold of Chris's ' Mister Salty ' because he didn't know the name of it .

The very funny 'Man of 1004 Holds' promo is shown in full .

We now have Chris running around Washington DC trying to prove he's a victim of conspiracy . This was pretty funny .

On WCW Thunder , Jericho's dad comes out to say that he's been whining and crying too much .

Chris walks around the arena on Thunder and can't find his way to the ring . This was also pretty funny .

The Rock and Chris share a backstage promo . Both guys trade catchphrases in a funny promo .

We now have an unseen part of Raw from 2003 after the show ended , that only the fans in the arena got to see until now . These guys have a fun back and forth . This was just great .

We now have another unseen part , this time from Smackdown and it takes place after the show . Jericho decides to fight with an old man in the crowd . This was pretty humoress .

We get to see a lot of Jericho's best moments from both WCW and WWE .

To finish off the special features , we get a music video of Fozzy's ' Let The Madness Begin ' .

Disc 2 :

Before the matches , Chris Jericho says he put these matches here for a reason : either they had some sentimental value or he just really wanted you to see them .

Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho
This match is here because it is Chris's (and Lance's) first ever wrestling match . The video quality is pretty bad but that's understandable . The match had a 10 minute time limit . This took place in 1990 . This was actually pretty good . The match ends in a draw as the time limit expires . **

The Thrillseekers vs The Infernos
This was from Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994 . The Thrillseekers are making their debut here . This was entertaining as far as squash matches go . The Thrillseekers win after a double dropkick from the top rope . 1/4*

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon
The International Junior Heavyweight Title is on the line . This could very well be the most important match of Chris's career . This match got him into ECW and if not for that he may never have gotten into WCW and then the WWE . The video quality isn't very good . It's like an old videotape . As for the match itself , it is excellent . The guys have amazing chemistry with each other . Jericho retains after a top rope butterfly suplex . ****1/4

Chris Jericho vs Cactus Jack
The only ECW match on the disc . According to Chris's book , Foley has never beaten Chris in a match . I think it was something like 6-0 . The match was great . Jericho pins Cactus after a german suplex . ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero
This took place at the WCW Fall Brawl in 1997 , with the cruiserweight title on the line . It's a shame these guys never had a proper feud in the WWE as it could have been great . I think this is the closest we can get to a great match between the two . Eddie wins the title after a frog splash . ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera
Chris is putting his cruiserweight title on the line and Juventud is putting his mask on his line . Another great WCW cruiserweight match . I love how Jericho keeps his title on while wrestling . Jericho makes Juventud submit and take his mask off after the liontamer . ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko
Cruiserweight title is on the line . This was 2 months after Dean won a battle royal disguised as a masked wrestler . These guys are good friends in real life . Dean is disqualified after being caught with knucks in his hand . **1/4

The debut of Chris is shown . Possibly the greatest debut in WWE history . Still amazing to watch .

Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle
This took place at the 2000 No Way Out . Both guys were still relatively new to the WWE but obviously would go onto greater things . Chris's IC Title is on the line . For some reason , Kurt wasn't putting his title on the line . Quite a good match here . Angle pins Jericho after hitting him with the belt . ***

Triple H vs Chris Jericho
This was for the WWE Championship . After a good match , Jericho hits the lionsault and pins HHH to win the championship . The crowd went absolutely wild . *** Later on the decision was reversed and HHH got his title back .

The Rock vs Chris Jericho
From the No Mercy 2001 PPV . It feels strange that Jericho had to leave WCW in order to win their world title . This is easily a match people should refer to when talking about either Rock's or Chris's best matches and is also one of the best of 2001 . These two always had great matches with each other and this was arguably their best . Jericho uses his faceplant finisher to win the match and the title . ****1/2

Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho
This is the match that created the first Undisputed Championship that Jericho won ( and would never stop referencing ) . The match isn't very good but that's understandable considering both of them were in a match earlier in the night . Austin against Angle , and Jericho against Rock . Booker T interferes and hits Austin with a title belt to give Jericho the win . Solid match . **1/4

Disc 3 :

Chris Jericho vs Hulk Hogan : No DQ Match
Hogan was defending his Undisputed title here . It must have been great for Chris to go against one of his childhood heroes . I miss that title design . Jericho managed to carry Hogan in this match . Hogan rolls Jericho into a pin after Chris is distracted by Undertaker's music . **3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
I love this match . It always seems to go under the radar when talking about the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history . This will always be a favourite of mine . This match showed Shawn that he was still the showstopper and would go on to wrestle and create classic moments and matches for another seven years . Shawn gets the win after a roll up . After the match , Jericho goes to hug HBK but ends up kicking him in the crotch . Just greatness here . ****1/2

John Cena vs Chris Jericho
The WWE Championship was on the line here , and the loser would be fired from the WWE . This would be Jericho's final match for over two years . This is also when fans started to boo Cena . Cena wins and retains after a second F-U . ***1/4   Jericho is fired and dragged out by security guards .

Jericho returns to the company in November 2007 by cracking his code to show ' Save Us Y2J ' . This was a great Raw moment .

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho
I'm pretty sure this is the match where Jericho made it to a record 8 reigns with the IC Title and it would not be his last reign . I think Jeff lost the title because he broke the wellness policy and had to miss Wrestlemania as well . Chris wins with the codebreaker . ***

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho : Ladder Match 
Many have called this match the best of 2008 and it is very hard to find another match that can match up to it . I believe this was their feud ending match and this was one of the best feuds of the year . World Title was on the line . Chris lost a tooth in this match . Jericho retains his title in this classic match after a tug of war with the belt . ****1/2

Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho : No Holds Barred 
This was one of the best feuds of 2009 and gave us some fantastic matches. This is one of them. This match would start Jericho's 9th and final reign of the IC Title . Jericho wins the awesome match by taking off Rey's match and rolling him up. Just some great counter wrestling and some amazing action here. Hard to believe that they'd better themselves at the next PPV. ****

Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
It's unbelievable to think that after ten years in the WWE together , these two never had a one on one match . Well these wrestling fans in Britain were in for a very rare treat . Taker makes Jericho submit to the hells gate to win . **3/4

Edge vs Chris Jericho
This match seems to get better every time I watch it . At first I thought it was ok , then good , and now I think it's great . The crowd was dead thanks to the Bret/Vince match , but they got into it by the end . Jericho got the upset victory with a codebreaker . ***3/4

9/10 . One of the best superstar DVD sets the WWE has ever made . The documentary is fantastic and if you add that to the great matches , you get an awesome DVD set .

Monday, 13 August 2012

Top 50 Superstars of all Time DVD Review

Top 50 Superstars of all Time DVD Review

Ok first thing's first , this list was always going to be controversial . I'm sick and tired of hearing people say ' this list is total bullshit ! ' . If every wrestling fan was to do a top 50 list , I don't think any two would be the same , so no one would ever agree . I'm here to watch a great countdown video and enjoy the interviews of different wrestlers , not to shit all over the WWE and their hard work .

Ok with that over and done with , this is a very entertaining countdown . Hearing what other wrestlers have to say about everyone on the countdown is interesting . You find some things out , for example that Jerry Lawler's personal favourite is Terry Funk .

Overall I'll give it  7/10 .

Now let's see how the matches get on .

Disc 2

Lou Thesz vs Argentina Rocca
The NWA Championship is on the line . I wish there was a date for this because it looks like the oldest match I have on DVD . I don't feel like I can rate this match as it was way before my time and I don't think I could do it justice . It is , however ,  interesting to watch . Thesz hits the Thesz press to get the pinfall . N/R

Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk JR.
NWA Championship on the line . For this one we get highlights of the match which is deemed a classic . This is another I cannot rate . N/R

The Fabulous Moolah vs Susan Green
The ladies championship is on the line . This is from 1975 . The fans were really cheering for Susan . This is actually more entertaining than most divas matches today . Moohlah wins with a big splash . **1/4

Gorilla Monsoon vs Muhammed Ali
This wasn't the actual match , but shortly into the match , Gorilla gets Muhammed into the ring . This match seems too good to be true . Gorilla gives Ali an airplane spin ! And that's the end of that .

Harley Race vs Terry Funk
The NWA World Championship was on the line here . This is another clipped match showing only the ending . Harley locks in the Indian death lock to win the NWA title . N/R

Gorilla Monsoon vs Andre The Giant : Boxing Match
This looks like a very rare match , you can tell with the quality . This took place in Puerto Rico . I don't know how to rate a boxing match so I won't . Andre wins by knock-out . N/R

Billy Graham vs Dusty Rhodes
This took place in 1977 in MSG . Graham was defending his WWWF title against Rhodes . I think this'll be a full length match . The fans loved Dusty here . Dusty wins by a countout so he doesn't win the championship . **1/4

Hulk Hogan vs The Iron Sheik
This was almost a year after Hulk beat Sheik for the title in a memorable match . Hogan retains quickly after his big leg drop . **

Adrian Adonis / Harley Race / Randy Savage vs Junkyard Dog / Ricky Steamboat / Roddy Piper : Elimination Match
This took place in MSG and this should be a lot of fun . All these guys were feuding for Wrestlemania 3 and one of them would go there to have one of the best matches ever . I wonder who . Adonis and the JYD are eliminated by count-out . Harley pins Steamboat to eliminate him . Harley is eliminated by Piper . Piper wins with a small package . Excellent match ! ****

Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude
This should be good . Two of the best wrestlers that the WWE had to offer at the time . Their matches would get better as they moved to WCW . This was only a month before the first ever Royal Rumble . The match was slow to start , but the pace got a little faster as the match went on . Slowed way down again when Rude went on the offense . Pretty boring for these two . The end was pretty exciting though . The match ends as the time limit expires leaving a draw . **

Curt Hennig vs Jerry Lawler 
Curt is of course Mr Perfect . Two hall of famers going at it for the AWA World Championship . This is the first time I've ever watched a match from AWA . Let's hope it's a good one . Looks like Curt was always great at selling moves . This was well paced . Curt wins by DQ after being thrown over the top rope by Jerry . **3/4

Jake Roberts vs Ted Dibiase : No DQ Match
The other stipulation in this match was that Virgil was banned from ringside . A few months later , these two guys would go one on one once again at Wrestlemania 6 . Hopefully this one will have a finish . The pace was pretty slow for this one . This was pretty boring . Jake hits the DDT to get the win . *

Disc 3 :

Bret Hart vs Ric Flair
This match never actually aired on TV but lucky for us they filmed it . I have been waiting to see this match for a while because Bret is my favourite wrestler and I've always wanted to see him win his first big title . A very historical match . At one point Bret dislocated a finger and had to pop it back into place . Bret makes Flair submit with the sharpshooter and becomes the new WWE Champion . ***1/2

Mankind vs The Rock : Empty Arena Match
Falls also count anywhere in this match . These guys had great matches in late 98' and early 99' including their famous I Quit match . No idea why they're doing this in an empty arena . Very unique . It feels strange watching this match without a crowd cheering . This really did go everywhere . Mankind wins by pinning Rock under a forklift . ***

The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle
WWE Championship is on the line . A lot of big names in this match as it was to build to the HIAC match at Armageddon in 2000 . The match ends as HHH and Rikishi interfere . Fun while it lasted . *1/2

Kane / Undertaker / Jeff & Matt Hardy vs Stone Cold / HHH / Edge & Christian
This one was fast paced and exciting from the outset . Kane&Taker/HHH&Austin was the big feud heading into Backlash 2001 . HHH pins Matt after a stunner . **1/2

Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho vs Edge & Triple H
Going into the 2002 Judgment Day PPV , Angle /Edge were going to be in a hair vs hair match and Jericho/HHH were going to be in a HIAC match . Two big feuds going at it . Tazz says he can't imagine Angle with bald hair . Pretty easy to nowadays . Angle pins Edge after a chair shot and an angle slam . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs The Big Show
Non-title match here . I remember before this match Big Show said if he lost this match would quit . It was ok as he came back 6 months later . I loved Eddie as the champ . Big Show had most of the offense in this match . Eddie beats Show after a frog splash . **3/4

Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton
Add ten minutes to this match and you have a classic . As it is , it's still a great match that was action-packed . Rey Mysterio finally got the moment he deserved after hitting Orton with the 619 and getting the pin and the world title  . One of my favourite matches . ***1/2

John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Batista & Undertaker
The two main events of Wrestlemania 23 were teaming up to take each other on here at the 2007 No Way Out . This was well built up . HBK and Cena were also the tag champs at the time . This was a nicely paced match . This was just an awesome back and forth tag match . Cena pins Taker after a superkick and an F-U . ****

Edge vs The Undertaker
This is one of my favourite Wrestlemania matches . This is probably the best of the Edge/Taker series of matches and that is saying something . Great back and forth match worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania . Undertaker wins another world title and goes 16-0 after making Edge submit to the hell's gate submission . I would call this the greatest singles match in the career of Edge . ****1/2

6.5/10 . The documentary is a fun watch if you love countdowns . It was nice getting to see some of the much older matches , but the match quality differs from time to time .

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Rise and Fall of ECW DVD Review

The Rise and Fall of ECW : DVD Review

This is known around the wrestling world as the greatest DVD set the WWE has ever made . This single set was so popular that WWE decided to bring back ECW in a one night only PPV . This PPV worked so well that in the next year , WWE brought it back and also decided to bring back ECW as a whole and while it wasn't as good as the original product , it still lasted for over 3 years . As for the documentary on disc 1 , it has remained the greatest documentary the WWE has ever done . At times they've tried to replicate it with other ones like the Stone Cold documentary , but none have come close to this one . It lasts for almost 3 hours and is entertaining all the way through . It's always great listening to different stars or Paul Heyman talk about the glory days . You can see the passion they had for it and still have it .

This easily receives 10/10 . This is the standard by which all wrestling documentaries are judged .

Disc 2 :

The Pit Bulls vs Raven & Stevie Richards : 2 out of 3 Falls Dog Collar Match
Stevie doesn't come out , so it turns into a handicap match , but the titles are still being defended by Raven . One of the Pitbulls goes to the back and brings out a bloody Stevie to make this a tag match . Raven wins the first fall after a piledriver through a table . The Pitbulls get the second fall after powerbombing Stevie through a table . Tommy Dreamer comes in to pin Raven and wins the tag titles with one of the Pitbulls . The match restarts and the Pitbulls become the new champs . This was a lot of fun . ***

Rey Mysterio vs Psicosis : 2 out of 3 Falls
This should be a great match . Rey had quite a few great matches in ECW . Rey gets the first fall by pinning Psicosis after a hurricarana . Psicosis gets the second fall with a tombstone piledriver . This has been a great match so far . Psicosis wins the final fall with a spinning senton . ****1/4

The Sandman vs Mikey Whipwreck : Ladder Match
I do love ladder matches and since this is ECW it should be awesome . The ECW World title is on the line . This is a different kind of ladder match , in where you can only win by pinfall or submission . The ladder is just there as a weapon . Mikey wins the world title after a splash from the top rope onto a ladder that was placed on Sandman . ***1/2

2 Cold Scorpio vs Sabu
This was for the TV Championship and had a 30 minute time limit on it . These two guys are great athletes . Sabu's high flying was amazing . This is unbelievable . The match ends in a draw because the time limit expired . This is one of the best matches I've seen that didn't have a proper ending . ****1/2

Tommy Dreamer vs Raven
This was one of the biggest feuds in ECW history . This was billed as their final battle . For three years Dreamer could never beat Raven . Could he do it tonight ? The fans throw a ' you sold out ' chant to Raven . The match was great . Dreamer finally beats Raven after a DDT on a road sign . ***1/2

Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow
This was the infamous match where Bam Bam drove Taz right through the ring . This was also the first time that Taz was actually pinned in a match . The TV title was on the line and Bam Bam was in his hometown . Bam Bam was actually considered the underdog even though he was around double Taz's size . This was a pretty good match . Bam Bam pins Taz after collapsing on top of him . ***

Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn
I've seen different reactions for this match . Some think it's ok , some think it's great and some think it's a classic . Time for my take on the match . TV title on the line . RVD was very popular here . These guys have amazing chemistry together . This was brilliant . RVD retains the title after a five star frog splash . ****3/4

9.5/10 . Add a few more matches and this is an easy ten . As it is , you have an amazing documentary and 3 amazing matches with a few great ones . Get this if you don't have it !

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jeff Hardy : My Life My Rules DVD Review

Jeff Hardy : My Life My Rules DVD Review

This documentary is like the Randy Orton documentary but shorter and better . It's only around 50 minutes long and could have been longer but it was still a great piece of film . It mainly focuses on his return in 2006 to his final match in 2009 . It never really speaks in kayfabe and Jeff is really open and honest with all that he's done .

Overall I'll give it  8/10

Disc 1 Matches :

Jeff Hardy vs The 1-2-3 Kid
This is from 1994 and naturally Jeff looks very young . This was just to put over Kid but Jeff did get some offense in . What was going on with his hair ? Kid wins with a guillotine-like submission move . *

I watched the next match with Jeff and Matt's alternate commentary .

Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz : Triangle Ladder Match
The second ladder match in Wrestlemania history at that time . If it wasn't for the No Mercy ladder match , this wouldn't be here and if it wasn't for this match , there would be no TLC . Many people mistake this as the first TLC match and it's not hard to see why . Plenty of ladders and tables , just no chairs . This was an amazing match that no one had seen anything like at the time . No wonder the ladder match is such a popular match type . So many replay moments . Edge & Christian grab the titles after plunging Matt to a table in the ring . *****

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz : Steel Cage Match
These two teams must have had dozens of matches together and I'm guessing they were all good matches . If one member escapes the cage , the other member has to escape as well to win the match . Around three minutes into the match , Jeff is pushed off the cage by Edge , leaving Matt by himself in the cage . Jeff's whisper in the wind was great . The Hardys win the tag titles by escaping after giving Edge a conchairto . Very good match . ***1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Mike Awesome : Hardcore Match
The hardcore title is on the line . I think Jeff worked best in matches with no rules and Mike was from ECW so he should be used to matches like this . Should be good . Jeff wins the title after a swanton . *1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam : Ladder Match
Both of these guys are well known for their ladder matches . Would this be another memorable one ? The hardcore title was on the line . This was a very innovative match and I think it's underrated . RVD wins after throwing Jeff off the ladder . ****

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy : Special Referee - Lita
This was from the 2001 Vengeance PPV . These guys were better as partners than opponents , although their 2009 feud was pretty good . I think they were feuding here because of the cage match at the previous month's Survivor Series after Jeff cost them the tag titles . This was an ok match . Pretty slow pace though . Jeff wins with a swanton bomb . **1/4

Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho & Christian : No DQ Match
HBK and Y2J were feuding here , leading to their classic Wrestlemania match a couple of months later . There is a high level of talent in this match . Today , all of them have been world champions . Jeff picks up the win with a swanton . This wasn't as good as it looked on paper . **

Special Features :

Jeff gives us an insight to some of his favourite things like favourite band  , song , movie , tv show , etc .

Jeff shows us his motorbikes and rides one of them with Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy watching .

Jeff and his friends talk more about his motorbikes .

We now see Jeff's art gallery . Looks really good .

Jeff talks about his dog , Jack , that died in the fire of his house . You can see the love he had for the dog .

We now get to meet Jeff's father , the original Hardy boy .

We see Jeff's alter ego , Will o the Wisp , for the wrestling promotion known as Omega .

Jeff is backstage preparing for his Summerslam match against CM Punk . This is a nice feature .

Jeff shows off his tattoos from Shannon's Gas Chamber Ink .

The final feature talks about the Hardy Show which is an online show .

Disc 2 :

Jeff Hardy vs Edge
This was the night Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE for the first time since 2003 . It's a great return when your first match back is against the WWE Champion . The match was quite good apart from the botched ending . *3/4

Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro
IC Title on the line . These guys had some great matches in 2006 , especially their ladder match on Raw a few weeks later . Hardy wins the IC Title after hitting Nitro with a swanton bomb . Good match . ***

The Hardys vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
This was from the 2007 Backlash PPV . According to JR , this is the first time the Hardys have defended their tag titles on PPV for six years . Matt gets the pin after Jeff gives Trevor a swanton bomb . Good tag match . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin vs Santino Marella vs William Regal : Elimination Match
The winner of this match would go on to face Umaga at the Great American Bash PPV . Regal eliminates Santino and now three great athletes remain . Jeff eliminates Regal with a twist of fate . Hardy wins with a rollup . Not as fun as it looked on paper . **

Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin
IC Title on the line . The story was that Jeff still had some head trauma after Khali tried to crush his head with his huge hands . Two amazing high flying athletes here . The slower pace hurt the match a little , but it was still a very good match . Jeff retains with the swanton . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Carlito : Ladder Match
Jeff's best and favourite match here with another pretty great athlete in Carlito . Ladder matches are very rarely bad and with Jeff in here , this will be no exception . This is for the IC Title . Both guys took some painful bumps in this match . Jeff pushes Carlito off the ladder to retain . ***1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H
This match was to decide who would face the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble . This took place at the 2007 Armageddon PPV . HHH was the clear favourite to win but many people wanted the underdog , Jeff , to win it . This was a great match . Jeff got the upset win after rolling up HHH . ***1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton
I'm not totally sure why Jeff had to put his IC Title on the line here . Doesn't matter anyway since this wasn't really a match . More of an angle advancement . Orton immediately kicks Jeff in the balls to cause the DQ . Jeff gives Orton an absolutely insane swanton bomb from the stage to end the show . N/R

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton
From the 2008 Royal Rumble . I think around this time , people were becoming sick of Orton and the way he snuck out of matches still holding the belt ( with the exception of the 2007 Survivor Series match ) . They also felt that Jeff was due his chance and wanted to see him go on to win the big one .
This was a really good match with a great ending after Orton turns a twist of fate into an RKO . ***1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Shawn Michaels
Now this was a dream match right here . This was the Raw before the 2008 No Way Out and both these guys were in the Raw chamber match . Two showstoppers against each other . This was an amazing match that would have easily been PPV worthy . Jeff gets the big win over Shawn with a swanton . ****

Disc 3

Jeff Hardy vs Umaga : Falls Count Anywhere
These guys had some good matches in 2007 for the IC Championship . I'm not sure why they are feuding here though since there is no title on the line . The crowd was absolutely hot for Jeff . This really was a FCA match , cos these guys went everywhere . Jeff sliding down the stair rail was awesome . Jeff wins after a swanton from the top of a huge truck onto Umaga . **3/4

Jeff Hardy vs John Cena
I've never seen these guys face each other so this should be pretty good . This was to decide who would face Triple H for his WWE Title . Two fan favourites going at it . I just noticed a fan run-in there . Hate those guys . Cena wins after giving Hardy an F-U . Awesome TV match . ***1/2

Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison
These guys have had a history , when Morrison was known as Johnny Nitro . In my opinion , their ladder match was the highlight of the feud . This was a nice TV match . Jeff wins with the swanton bomb . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H
This is from the 2008 No Mercy PPV and would've been match of the night if not for the main event . The WWE Championship was on the line here and these guys had been feuding for around a month . Hardy's somersault over the top and to the outside was nasty . This was an excellent back and forth match . It looked as if Jeff was going to win the title but HHH managed to get a sneaky pin and retain the title . ****1/4

Jeff Hardy vs The Undertaker : Extreme Rules
This match took place in the UK . These guys had a classic ladder match on Raw in 2002 , could they have another great match with no rules ? We're about to find out . Jeff hit Taker with a chair the previous week and did the worst thing possible : he pissed off the deadman . Jeff beats Taker with a leg drop off a ladder . Quite the upset . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H vs Edge
We finally come to the shining moment of Jeff . After years of trying to win the big one he finally does it . A great moment from the WWE . Jeff was definitely the underdog here with HHH and Edge also being in the match . The fans were behind him though . Edge spearing Jeff through the announce table looked brilliant . HHH hits Edge with a pedigree and goes for the cover but Jeff hits the swanton on Edge and wins the title . ****

Jeff Hardy vs Dolph Ziggler : Extreme Rules
It's amazing to see how far Ziggler has came today and it's nice he gets a match on this DVD when he was relatively new in the WWE . I think this was meant to be like a small preview of the extreme rules match at Wrestlemania between Jeff and Matt . Jeff gets the quick win after a swanton . *1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy : Stretcher Match
The first stretcher match on Smackdown . This was just five days after their match at Wrestlemania . The matches were actually pretty good . Matt manages to push Jeff over the finish line to win . Some nice innovative offence in this match . ***

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk
This was from the 2009 Night of Champions . These two were complete opposites personality wise . The feud started when Punk cashed in his MITB briefcase on Jeff after a grueling ladder match . This was a great match , and that's not surprising considering who is in the match . Jeff wins his second World Heavyweight Championship after a swanton bomb . ***3/4

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk : Steel Cage
The loser of this match had to leave the WWE . To date , this is Jeff's final match in the WWE . World title was also on the line . This was only five days after their big TLC match at Summerslam . Fans were solidly behind Jeff here . In fact the fans are really loud throughout this entire match . Punk wins by escaping the cage . ****

8/10 . A great documentary and 27 matches give you value for your money . Some of the matches seemed pointless , but the majority of them are worth watching .

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wrestlemania XII Review

Wrestlemania XII Review : 60 Minutes .. One Match

Vader / Owen Hart / The British Bulldog vs Jake Roberts / Ahmed Johnson / Yokozuna
The team that featured Vader was known as Camp Cornette . I'm really not sure how this feud began and caused this match to be made . It's sad to think that half of the competitors in this match are no longer with us . This was a good way to open to show . Vader pins Roberts after a vader bomb . **3/4

Roddy Piper vs Goldust : Hollywood Backlot Brawl
If they had ended this after the brawl outside , that would have been fine . Instead they decide to drag it out all night with car chase videos and use it to interrupt the next match . I'm just gonna rate it here and not even mention the stuff that happens later on . DUD

Stone Cold vs Savio Vega
Austin's very first Wrestlemania and after this almost all of his Wrestlemania matches would be excellent and very memorable . This is quite an underrated match . Austin wins by making Savio pass out with a cobra clutch . ***

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Ultimate Warrior
It sounds unbelievable that HHH would ever be the jobber in a squash match , but here it is . Warrior even no sold the pedigree . Warrior wins with a big splash . DUD

Undertaker vs Diesel
This is where Undertaker's matches started getting better at Wrestlemania . This was also his longest Mania match at that time until the next year . Taker goes 5-0 with a big tombstone . ***

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
I absolutely love this match . It's probably the fifth time I've watched the match and it still amazes me . 60 minutes filled with drama , great mat wrestling and close nearfalls . What more could you ask for ? Only some of the slower parts of the match stop me from giving it the full five . ****3/4

6.5/10 . A couple of DUDs stop this from being great , but there were still two good matches and an all time classic .

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wrestlemania 13 Review

Wrestlemania 13 Review : A Match for the Ages

The Godwinns vs Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon vs New Blackjacks vs The Headbangers : Elimination Match
The winners of this match would earn a tag title opportunity on Raw the next night . Elimination style matches are usually a lot of fun . The Blackjacks are eliminated by DQ . Doug and Phil are also eliminated . The Headbangers win the match and the title shot . **

Rocky Maivia vs The Sultan
IC Title on the line . This is Rocky's first Wrestlemania and they would only get better from here . The Sultan would later become the popular Rikishi . Sultan's mask reminds me of Bane . Fans certainly didn't like Rocky here with the ' Rocky sucks ' chants . This was an ok match . Rocky retains with a rollup . *1/4

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Goldust
It was with this feud that Chyna made her debut in the WWE . This would be Hunter's last Wrestlemania as a pompous windbag . This was a pretty standard wrestling match . Not too much excitement involved . Hunter wins with a pedigree . **

Vader & Mankind vs Owen Hart & The British Bulldog
Quite a star filled match . Hopefully it will be the first truly good match on this show . Unfortunately this looked much better on paper . Still the best match of the night so far . The match ends in a double count-out . **1/2

Bret Hart vs Stone Cold : Submission Match
I have never seen this match rated at lower than five stars and I'm not about to change that. This match is known as not just one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania matches, but also one of the greatest of all time. It is arguably the best wrestling match of all time. This was a brutal match, and Austin bleeding while locked in the sharpshooter is one of the most iconic images in wrestling history. It can be argued that this is the match that led to the Attitude era, thanks to the popularity of Austin. Bret wins as Austin passes out from the sharpshooter. Just incredible and almost impossible to surpass. *****

Ahmed Johnson & Legion of Doom vs Faarooq , Crush & Savio Vega : Chicago Street Fight
Couldn't tell you how this match ended up being set for a street fight . I think it was a feud between Ahmed and Faarooq . Ahmed gets his own LOD outfit which is pretty cool . I thought the crowd would be dead after that last classic but they were actually pretty lively for this . Good garbage match . Animal pins Crush to win the match . ***

Undertaker vs Sycho Sid
This was Taker's first Mania main event and also his first championship match at the event . He wouldn't have another championship match until WM 23 . Have to feel sorry for these guys considering they were the main event of a show that also had the epic submission match . Taker goes 6-0 and wins the title after a tombstone . **

5/10 . This Wrestlemania gets a free pass thanks to the absolute classic between Hart and Austin .