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Friday, 17 August 2012

Breaking The Code : Behind The Walls of Chris Jericho - DVD Review

Breaking The Code ...... Chris Jericho DVD Review

Chris Jericho is definitely one of my favourite wrestlers of all time . Whenever he feels his character has became stale , he changes it , and has always remained relelvant . He has also been in many great matches over the years .

I knew a lot of the information from the documentary due to reading both of his books ( can't wait for the third ) , but it was still entertaining to hear it from the man himself .  This was a very entertaining documentary from start to finish . You owe it to yourself as a wrestling fan to see this and if you already have , watch it again .


Disc 1 Special Features :

Chris talks about how much of a fan of wrestling he was as a kid . He says he and his friend could re-enact the whole Savage/Steamboat match from Wrestlemania 3 .

Chris says he wanted his character to be called Jack Action . Thankfully he never used it . He got the Jericho part of his name from a Helloween album .

A promoter in Mexico wanted to call Chris ' He-Man' instead of Golden Lion which he wanted to be called . A crowd had to choose Chris's name on a game show . Thankfully he got Golden Lion .

We now have a couple of Thrillseeker vignettes and the first one shows them working out . We also see them with two ' hot girls ' . Not much more to say about this .

The second vignette shows them in a fairground and an arcade . We also see them doing activities such as ice skating , visiting stores and ice skating . Again not much more to say here .

Christian talks about quickly becoming a friend of Jericho's .

Chris talks about trying desperately to get to ECW .

Joey Styles talks about naming a submission hold of Chris's ' Mister Salty ' because he didn't know the name of it .

The very funny 'Man of 1004 Holds' promo is shown in full .

We now have Chris running around Washington DC trying to prove he's a victim of conspiracy . This was pretty funny .

On WCW Thunder , Jericho's dad comes out to say that he's been whining and crying too much .

Chris walks around the arena on Thunder and can't find his way to the ring . This was also pretty funny .

The Rock and Chris share a backstage promo . Both guys trade catchphrases in a funny promo .

We now have an unseen part of Raw from 2003 after the show ended , that only the fans in the arena got to see until now . These guys have a fun back and forth . This was just great .

We now have another unseen part , this time from Smackdown and it takes place after the show . Jericho decides to fight with an old man in the crowd . This was pretty humoress .

We get to see a lot of Jericho's best moments from both WCW and WWE .

To finish off the special features , we get a music video of Fozzy's ' Let The Madness Begin ' .

Disc 2 :

Before the matches , Chris Jericho says he put these matches here for a reason : either they had some sentimental value or he just really wanted you to see them .

Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho
This match is here because it is Chris's (and Lance's) first ever wrestling match . The video quality is pretty bad but that's understandable . The match had a 10 minute time limit . This took place in 1990 . This was actually pretty good . The match ends in a draw as the time limit expires . **

The Thrillseekers vs The Infernos
This was from Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994 . The Thrillseekers are making their debut here . This was entertaining as far as squash matches go . The Thrillseekers win after a double dropkick from the top rope . 1/4*

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon
The International Junior Heavyweight Title is on the line . This could very well be the most important match of Chris's career . This match got him into ECW and if not for that he may never have gotten into WCW and then the WWE . The video quality isn't very good . It's like an old videotape . As for the match itself , it is excellent . The guys have amazing chemistry with each other . Jericho retains after a top rope butterfly suplex . ****1/4

Chris Jericho vs Cactus Jack
The only ECW match on the disc . According to Chris's book , Foley has never beaten Chris in a match . I think it was something like 6-0 . The match was great . Jericho pins Cactus after a german suplex . ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero
This took place at the WCW Fall Brawl in 1997 , with the cruiserweight title on the line . It's a shame these guys never had a proper feud in the WWE as it could have been great . I think this is the closest we can get to a great match between the two . Eddie wins the title after a frog splash . ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera
Chris is putting his cruiserweight title on the line and Juventud is putting his mask on his line . Another great WCW cruiserweight match . I love how Jericho keeps his title on while wrestling . Jericho makes Juventud submit and take his mask off after the liontamer . ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko
Cruiserweight title is on the line . This was 2 months after Dean won a battle royal disguised as a masked wrestler . These guys are good friends in real life . Dean is disqualified after being caught with knucks in his hand . **1/4

The debut of Chris is shown . Possibly the greatest debut in WWE history . Still amazing to watch .

Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle
This took place at the 2000 No Way Out . Both guys were still relatively new to the WWE but obviously would go onto greater things . Chris's IC Title is on the line . For some reason , Kurt wasn't putting his title on the line . Quite a good match here . Angle pins Jericho after hitting him with the belt . ***

Triple H vs Chris Jericho
This was for the WWE Championship . After a good match , Jericho hits the lionsault and pins HHH to win the championship . The crowd went absolutely wild . *** Later on the decision was reversed and HHH got his title back .

The Rock vs Chris Jericho
From the No Mercy 2001 PPV . It feels strange that Jericho had to leave WCW in order to win their world title . This is easily a match people should refer to when talking about either Rock's or Chris's best matches and is also one of the best of 2001 . These two always had great matches with each other and this was arguably their best . Jericho uses his faceplant finisher to win the match and the title . ****1/2

Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho
This is the match that created the first Undisputed Championship that Jericho won ( and would never stop referencing ) . The match isn't very good but that's understandable considering both of them were in a match earlier in the night . Austin against Angle , and Jericho against Rock . Booker T interferes and hits Austin with a title belt to give Jericho the win . Solid match . **1/4

Disc 3 :

Chris Jericho vs Hulk Hogan : No DQ Match
Hogan was defending his Undisputed title here . It must have been great for Chris to go against one of his childhood heroes . I miss that title design . Jericho managed to carry Hogan in this match . Hogan rolls Jericho into a pin after Chris is distracted by Undertaker's music . **3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
I love this match . It always seems to go under the radar when talking about the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history . This will always be a favourite of mine . This match showed Shawn that he was still the showstopper and would go on to wrestle and create classic moments and matches for another seven years . Shawn gets the win after a roll up . After the match , Jericho goes to hug HBK but ends up kicking him in the crotch . Just greatness here . ****1/2

John Cena vs Chris Jericho
The WWE Championship was on the line here , and the loser would be fired from the WWE . This would be Jericho's final match for over two years . This is also when fans started to boo Cena . Cena wins and retains after a second F-U . ***1/4   Jericho is fired and dragged out by security guards .

Jericho returns to the company in November 2007 by cracking his code to show ' Save Us Y2J ' . This was a great Raw moment .

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho
I'm pretty sure this is the match where Jericho made it to a record 8 reigns with the IC Title and it would not be his last reign . I think Jeff lost the title because he broke the wellness policy and had to miss Wrestlemania as well . Chris wins with the codebreaker . ***

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho : Ladder Match 
Many have called this match the best of 2008 and it is very hard to find another match that can match up to it . I believe this was their feud ending match and this was one of the best feuds of the year . World Title was on the line . Chris lost a tooth in this match . Jericho retains his title in this classic match after a tug of war with the belt . ****1/2

Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho : No Holds Barred 
This was one of the best feuds of 2009 and gave us some fantastic matches. This is one of them. This match would start Jericho's 9th and final reign of the IC Title . Jericho wins the awesome match by taking off Rey's match and rolling him up. Just some great counter wrestling and some amazing action here. Hard to believe that they'd better themselves at the next PPV. ****

Undertaker vs Chris Jericho
It's unbelievable to think that after ten years in the WWE together , these two never had a one on one match . Well these wrestling fans in Britain were in for a very rare treat . Taker makes Jericho submit to the hells gate to win . **3/4

Edge vs Chris Jericho
This match seems to get better every time I watch it . At first I thought it was ok , then good , and now I think it's great . The crowd was dead thanks to the Bret/Vince match , but they got into it by the end . Jericho got the upset victory with a codebreaker . ***3/4

9/10 . One of the best superstar DVD sets the WWE has ever made . The documentary is fantastic and if you add that to the great matches , you get an awesome DVD set .

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