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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jeff Hardy : My Life My Rules DVD Review

Jeff Hardy : My Life My Rules DVD Review

This documentary is like the Randy Orton documentary but shorter and better . It's only around 50 minutes long and could have been longer but it was still a great piece of film . It mainly focuses on his return in 2006 to his final match in 2009 . It never really speaks in kayfabe and Jeff is really open and honest with all that he's done .

Overall I'll give it  8/10

Disc 1 Matches :

Jeff Hardy vs The 1-2-3 Kid
This is from 1994 and naturally Jeff looks very young . This was just to put over Kid but Jeff did get some offense in . What was going on with his hair ? Kid wins with a guillotine-like submission move . *

I watched the next match with Jeff and Matt's alternate commentary .

Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz : Triangle Ladder Match
The second ladder match in Wrestlemania history at that time . If it wasn't for the No Mercy ladder match , this wouldn't be here and if it wasn't for this match , there would be no TLC . Many people mistake this as the first TLC match and it's not hard to see why . Plenty of ladders and tables , just no chairs . This was an amazing match that no one had seen anything like at the time . No wonder the ladder match is such a popular match type . So many replay moments . Edge & Christian grab the titles after plunging Matt to a table in the ring . *****

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz : Steel Cage Match
These two teams must have had dozens of matches together and I'm guessing they were all good matches . If one member escapes the cage , the other member has to escape as well to win the match . Around three minutes into the match , Jeff is pushed off the cage by Edge , leaving Matt by himself in the cage . Jeff's whisper in the wind was great . The Hardys win the tag titles by escaping after giving Edge a conchairto . Very good match . ***1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Mike Awesome : Hardcore Match
The hardcore title is on the line . I think Jeff worked best in matches with no rules and Mike was from ECW so he should be used to matches like this . Should be good . Jeff wins the title after a swanton . *1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam : Ladder Match
Both of these guys are well known for their ladder matches . Would this be another memorable one ? The hardcore title was on the line . This was a very innovative match and I think it's underrated . RVD wins after throwing Jeff off the ladder . ****

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy : Special Referee - Lita
This was from the 2001 Vengeance PPV . These guys were better as partners than opponents , although their 2009 feud was pretty good . I think they were feuding here because of the cage match at the previous month's Survivor Series after Jeff cost them the tag titles . This was an ok match . Pretty slow pace though . Jeff wins with a swanton bomb . **1/4

Jeff Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho & Christian : No DQ Match
HBK and Y2J were feuding here , leading to their classic Wrestlemania match a couple of months later . There is a high level of talent in this match . Today , all of them have been world champions . Jeff picks up the win with a swanton . This wasn't as good as it looked on paper . **

Special Features :

Jeff gives us an insight to some of his favourite things like favourite band  , song , movie , tv show , etc .

Jeff shows us his motorbikes and rides one of them with Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy watching .

Jeff and his friends talk more about his motorbikes .

We now see Jeff's art gallery . Looks really good .

Jeff talks about his dog , Jack , that died in the fire of his house . You can see the love he had for the dog .

We now get to meet Jeff's father , the original Hardy boy .

We see Jeff's alter ego , Will o the Wisp , for the wrestling promotion known as Omega .

Jeff is backstage preparing for his Summerslam match against CM Punk . This is a nice feature .

Jeff shows off his tattoos from Shannon's Gas Chamber Ink .

The final feature talks about the Hardy Show which is an online show .

Disc 2 :

Jeff Hardy vs Edge
This was the night Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE for the first time since 2003 . It's a great return when your first match back is against the WWE Champion . The match was quite good apart from the botched ending . *3/4

Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro
IC Title on the line . These guys had some great matches in 2006 , especially their ladder match on Raw a few weeks later . Hardy wins the IC Title after hitting Nitro with a swanton bomb . Good match . ***

The Hardys vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
This was from the 2007 Backlash PPV . According to JR , this is the first time the Hardys have defended their tag titles on PPV for six years . Matt gets the pin after Jeff gives Trevor a swanton bomb . Good tag match . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin vs Santino Marella vs William Regal : Elimination Match
The winner of this match would go on to face Umaga at the Great American Bash PPV . Regal eliminates Santino and now three great athletes remain . Jeff eliminates Regal with a twist of fate . Hardy wins with a rollup . Not as fun as it looked on paper . **

Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin
IC Title on the line . The story was that Jeff still had some head trauma after Khali tried to crush his head with his huge hands . Two amazing high flying athletes here . The slower pace hurt the match a little , but it was still a very good match . Jeff retains with the swanton . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Carlito : Ladder Match
Jeff's best and favourite match here with another pretty great athlete in Carlito . Ladder matches are very rarely bad and with Jeff in here , this will be no exception . This is for the IC Title . Both guys took some painful bumps in this match . Jeff pushes Carlito off the ladder to retain . ***1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H
This match was to decide who would face the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble . This took place at the 2007 Armageddon PPV . HHH was the clear favourite to win but many people wanted the underdog , Jeff , to win it . This was a great match . Jeff got the upset win after rolling up HHH . ***1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton
I'm not totally sure why Jeff had to put his IC Title on the line here . Doesn't matter anyway since this wasn't really a match . More of an angle advancement . Orton immediately kicks Jeff in the balls to cause the DQ . Jeff gives Orton an absolutely insane swanton bomb from the stage to end the show . N/R

Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton
From the 2008 Royal Rumble . I think around this time , people were becoming sick of Orton and the way he snuck out of matches still holding the belt ( with the exception of the 2007 Survivor Series match ) . They also felt that Jeff was due his chance and wanted to see him go on to win the big one .
This was a really good match with a great ending after Orton turns a twist of fate into an RKO . ***1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Shawn Michaels
Now this was a dream match right here . This was the Raw before the 2008 No Way Out and both these guys were in the Raw chamber match . Two showstoppers against each other . This was an amazing match that would have easily been PPV worthy . Jeff gets the big win over Shawn with a swanton . ****

Disc 3

Jeff Hardy vs Umaga : Falls Count Anywhere
These guys had some good matches in 2007 for the IC Championship . I'm not sure why they are feuding here though since there is no title on the line . The crowd was absolutely hot for Jeff . This really was a FCA match , cos these guys went everywhere . Jeff sliding down the stair rail was awesome . Jeff wins after a swanton from the top of a huge truck onto Umaga . **3/4

Jeff Hardy vs John Cena
I've never seen these guys face each other so this should be pretty good . This was to decide who would face Triple H for his WWE Title . Two fan favourites going at it . I just noticed a fan run-in there . Hate those guys . Cena wins after giving Hardy an F-U . Awesome TV match . ***1/2

Jeff Hardy vs John Morrison
These guys have had a history , when Morrison was known as Johnny Nitro . In my opinion , their ladder match was the highlight of the feud . This was a nice TV match . Jeff wins with the swanton bomb . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H
This is from the 2008 No Mercy PPV and would've been match of the night if not for the main event . The WWE Championship was on the line here and these guys had been feuding for around a month . Hardy's somersault over the top and to the outside was nasty . This was an excellent back and forth match . It looked as if Jeff was going to win the title but HHH managed to get a sneaky pin and retain the title . ****1/4

Jeff Hardy vs The Undertaker : Extreme Rules
This match took place in the UK . These guys had a classic ladder match on Raw in 2002 , could they have another great match with no rules ? We're about to find out . Jeff hit Taker with a chair the previous week and did the worst thing possible : he pissed off the deadman . Jeff beats Taker with a leg drop off a ladder . Quite the upset . ***

Jeff Hardy vs Triple H vs Edge
We finally come to the shining moment of Jeff . After years of trying to win the big one he finally does it . A great moment from the WWE . Jeff was definitely the underdog here with HHH and Edge also being in the match . The fans were behind him though . Edge spearing Jeff through the announce table looked brilliant . HHH hits Edge with a pedigree and goes for the cover but Jeff hits the swanton on Edge and wins the title . ****

Jeff Hardy vs Dolph Ziggler : Extreme Rules
It's amazing to see how far Ziggler has came today and it's nice he gets a match on this DVD when he was relatively new in the WWE . I think this was meant to be like a small preview of the extreme rules match at Wrestlemania between Jeff and Matt . Jeff gets the quick win after a swanton . *1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy : Stretcher Match
The first stretcher match on Smackdown . This was just five days after their match at Wrestlemania . The matches were actually pretty good . Matt manages to push Jeff over the finish line to win . Some nice innovative offence in this match . ***

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk
This was from the 2009 Night of Champions . These two were complete opposites personality wise . The feud started when Punk cashed in his MITB briefcase on Jeff after a grueling ladder match . This was a great match , and that's not surprising considering who is in the match . Jeff wins his second World Heavyweight Championship after a swanton bomb . ***3/4

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk : Steel Cage
The loser of this match had to leave the WWE . To date , this is Jeff's final match in the WWE . World title was also on the line . This was only five days after their big TLC match at Summerslam . Fans were solidly behind Jeff here . In fact the fans are really loud throughout this entire match . Punk wins by escaping the cage . ****

8/10 . A great documentary and 27 matches give you value for your money . Some of the matches seemed pointless , but the majority of them are worth watching .

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