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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior DVD Review

Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior DVD Review

Before you read on , I suggest that if you like the Ultimate Warrior , you should be closing this page because you will not like this DVD . I , however , thoroughly enjoyed it . I always thought Warrior was a bit of a dick and this DVD really does confirm it . I will say that there really should have been more information on the Warrior's pre-WWF days . It basically tells you where he competed and leaves it at that . I will also say that they maybe could have said a couple of nice things about the guy . But as it is it's still fun to watch . I do wish that they had somehow gotten in the story from Bret Hart's book about how a terminally ill young boy came to meet his hero the Warrior , but Warrior never came to see him . That's all I think about when I hear his name now . Disgraceful . Anyway back to the feature . If you don't like Warrior , you will love this . If you do like him , then maybe just get it for the two classic matches .  7/10

Matches :

Ultimate Warrior vs Terry Gibbs
Warrior's debut match here and it's basically just a two minute squash . 1/4*

Ultimate Warrior vs Honky Tonk Man 
From Summerslam 1988 . This match lasted 30 seconds , but it is probably the most memorable and best squash match ever . Warrior ending Honky's very lengthy IC title reign in just 30 seconds was awesome . A squash worth watching for sure . 1/2*

Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior
I can't even comprehend how huge this must have been at the time . I love this match , even though the Warrior never really went anywhere in his career after this . Amazing match with both guys showing how powerful they are . Warrior gorilla pressing Hogan above his head was an unbelieveable site to see . Such a great match . ****1/4

Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude : Steel Cage 
From Summerslam 1990 and is for the WWE Title . It's a shame they couldn't have put the superior match from the previous Summerslam in this match's place . Rude really helped put the Warrior over . Not too great a match here though . Pretty dull stuff . Warrior retains by climbing out of the cage . *3/4

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage 
From Wrestlemania VII and the loser of this match had to retire . This is easily one of the best booked matches in WWE history . Savage made Warrior look like a champ . I still can't believe Warrior kicked out of five Savage elbows . The post-match segment isn't shown ( although that moment makes this match even better ) . Warrior pins Savage after a few big shoulder blocks . ****3/4

6/10 . If you can enjoy the documentary then this set is for you , especially if you haven't already got the classic Wrestlemania matches on DVD .

The Rise and Fall of WCW DVD Review

The Rise and Fall of WCW - DVD Review

After the success of the ECW set of the same name , it's a wonder how they took so long to come out with this set . As for the documentary on the first disc , people think it's too short . While I think that they missed out on some stuff such as any mention Bret Hart , I still think it had a reasonable length and I enjoyed every minute of watching it . I've seen mixed reactions of the feature with some thinking it's brilliant and some thinking it's awful . I didn't really know much about the history of WCW but this did give me information I never knew about . If you were ever a fan of WCW then this should be one for you to watch . Great stuff and I would easily watch it again . 9/10

The matches look like classics here , so this set should be an awesome one .

Disc 2 Matches :

Magnum TA vs Ric Flair 
If it wasn't for the tragic car accident , Magnum could have been one of the greats and this match helps show it . Magnum puts $1000 on the line . Flair has some nasty scars on his forehead . Very good match for its time . The match ends in a time limit draw . ***1/4

Sting / Lex Luger / Barry Windham vs Ric Flair / Arn Anderson / Tully Blanchard 
Six terrific athletes going at it in a six man tag match . This match was just non-stop excitement all the way through and I thoroughly enjoyed it . Tully pins Windham after hitting him with a foreign object . ***3/4

Barry Windham vs Dusty Rhodes 
I'm not too big a fan of the work of Dusty , but he can have a good match if given the right opponent and he had that in Windham . And yet it still ended up being a little underwhelming . Pretty good match as Windham beats Dusty with the claw manoeuvre . **3/4

Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair 
From Chi-Town Rumble 1989 . I have been waiting a while to see this match . The first match in the famous Steamboat/Flair trilogy of matches . I have the other two matches in the trilogy rated at 5 stars each and I'm expecting this one to be the same . And yes this was goddamned incredible . Another all time classic between these two . I'd say it's the worst of the three , but no way in hell is that a bad thing but I don't think I can give it the full five . Very close though . ****3/4

Rock N Roll Express vs Midnight Express
From Wrestlewar 1990 . Two of WCW's best tag teams going at it here . Jim Cornette wants this match to decide who the real express is . This was a very well paced match . The heel heat section was very well done . Awesome match as the Rock N Roll Express win it with a roll up . ***3/4

Midnight Express vs The Southern Boys 
From the Great American Bash 1990 and it is for the USA Tag Titles . I've seen this match receive rave reviews , so lets see what all the fuss is about . This match was fast paced and exciting all the way through . Fantastic tag action here . Midnight Express win with a small package . ****1/4

Steiner Brothers vs Sting & Lex Luger
For the tag team titles and took place at Superbrawl 1991 . This is another match I've seen as being critically acclaimed . I've always enjoyed the Steiners as a tag team . This was a brilliantly fast match , filled with power moves and never seemed to slow down at all . Scott pins Sting after he's hit with a chain to retain the titles . ****

Sting vs Vader 
From the Great American Bash 1992 and is for the World Title . I remember their match from the 1992 Starrcade being a great match , so I'm looking forward to this one . And yes it was a great match . I think Sting might have botched his stinger splash at the finish though . Vader hits a powerbomb to win the title . ***3/4

Sting vs Rick Rude 
World title is on the line at Spring Stampede 1994 . Looking at the participants , this looks like it should be a great match , but it turned out to be mediocre . It started fast , but just really slowed down and started plodding from there . Harley Race ruined the finish too by missing his cue . Sting pins Rude to win the title . **

Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair
From Bash at the Beach 1994 . Finally WCW did what the WWF never could and put this dream match on a pay per view for the World Title . The match was actually a very entertaining one . Could even be one of Hogan's best , but obviously it's nowhere near Flair's best . Hogan hits the leg drop to win the World title . ***1/2

Disc 3 :

The Giant vs Ric Flair 
Why was this match on this DVD . To see early Paul Wight ? To see a misused Flair ? I guess I'll never find out . Giant dominated the match and wins the World title with a chokeslam . 1/2*

Rey Mysterio vs Dean Malenko 
From Clash of the Champions 33 and is for the cruiserweight title . The first cruiserweight match of the disc and a great one at that . I really wish there hadn't been a commercial break because the pacing of this one was off the charts . Rey is able to retain with a roll up . ***1/2

Team WCW vs Team nWo : War Games
From Fall Brawl 1996 . I have to admit , this is the first War Games match I have ever watched and I have to say I did enjoy it . It's a shame it hasn't been brought back ( unless you count TNA's Lethal Lockdown ) . What was the deal with the two Stings though ? nWo wins it after fake Sting puts Luger in a scorpion death lock . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs Syxx : Ladder Match 
From Souled Out 1997 . This is the first one on one WCW ladder match I've seen and I'm glad it features Mr Guerrero . The match was good , but I felt it was a bit sloppy . It didn't help that Eric Bischoff kept talking about other angles . Eddie wins the belt . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko : No DQ
From Uncensored 1997 . I love the matches between these two . Although I would say that the ECW matches are much better than the WCW ones . This was a great match , but the camera cutting backstage to show an injured Rick Steiner annoyed me . Dean wins by hitting Eddie with a camera . ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera
Chris is putting his cruiserweight title on the line and Juventud is putting his mask on his line . Another great WCW cruiserweight match . I love how Jericho keeps his title on while wrestling . Jericho makes Juventud submit and take his mask off after the liontamer . ***3/4

Steiner Brothers vs The Outsiders 
From Superbrawl VIII and this really wasn't much of a match , more of an angle as Scott decides to turn on Rick and the Outsiders pick up the win . 1/2*

Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone vs Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman
From Bash at the Beach 1998 . This match was meant to get WCW a lot more viewers . Not sure if it did or not . Now this one felt LONG . Pretty dull too , as is the case with quite a few celebrity matches . Shouldn't have been a main event of a PPV . Hogan pins DDP to win . **

Goldberg vs Diamond Dallas Page 
From Halloween Havoc 1998 . This is the infamous match that no one at home was able to see . Just a minute into the match and the feed cut out . Luckily this is the full match . Awesomely fun match and it did look at times as if DDP could win it . Goldberg hits the jackhammer to retain . ***1/4

Booker T vs Lance Storm 
Not really sure why they ended this set with this World Title match . I think it would have been more appropriate to end it with a match from the final Nitro . The fans were really hot for this though and it was good while it lasted . Booker hits the bookend to retain . **1/2

9/10 . This was an awesome set . Combine a great documentary with a fantastic second disc and a good third disc , you get a must - have three disc set . Highly recommended .

Friday, 23 November 2012

TLC 2009 Review

TLC 2009 Review : Sheamus Shocks the World 

Christian vs Shelton Benjamin : Ladder Match 
What a great way to start the show off . Two of the best ladder match participants of all time going at it . It can only lead to a lot of fun . ECW Title was hanging over the ring . Christian's head cut being checked ruined the momentum of the match a little bit . That all changed when Shelton hit the senton off the ladder . Christian retains the title . Match of the Night . ***3/4

John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre 
IC Title on the line . I think this was meant to be McIntyre's breakout performance but obviously , nothing really came from it . Fans weren't really into this , but it wasn't too bad . This was pretty entertaining . Drew hits his big DDT to win the IC Title . **3/4

Mickie James vs Michelle McCool
Womens title up for grabs and yes this was the idiotic ' piggy james ' storyline . Excuse the language but that was just fucking stupid . At least Mickie was here , making the match as watchable as she possibly could . Michelle boots Mickie in the face to win . *1/4

John Cena vs Sheamus : Tables Match 
Here we have what is perhaps the shocker of the year . I don't think anyone gave Sheamus a snowball's chance in hell of winning the WWE Title . I know people have argued that Cena slipped and fell through the table , but it still happened . If it didn't happen , would Sheamus be where he is today ? The match itself was good . ***

Undertaker vs Batista : Chairs Match
Well this was a disappointing match . I think we were all expecting a great match , after having what is probably the best feud of 2007 , with all of their matches that year ranging from great to fantastic . This one didn't really cut it . Boring match . Taker retains . **

Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton
The match that effectively ended Kofi's big push ends tonight . The match was really good , but it would have been great if Kofi was able to get the win with all the momentum on his side . Orton pins Kofi after an RKO . ***1/4

DX vs JeriShow : TLC Match
I couldn't say why this was the main event on this night , probably because it was a TLC match or because it looked more interesting than almost every other match . The match was great though and DX were able to win the tag titles and end JeriShow's long reign . Good way to end the show . ***1/2

6.5/10 . I'll say that the show is worth watching for the opener , Sheamus winning the title , a good match between Kofi and Orton , and the TLC match .

Monday, 19 November 2012

Survivor Series 2012 Review

Survivor Series 2012 Review : Punk's Reign Continues

Brodus Clay / Justin Gabriel / Tyson Kidd / Sin Cara / Rey Mysterio vs Tensai / Primo / Epico / Prime Time Players : Elimination Match 
Yes this was announced as the bonus match for the evening and that is just fine by me . Nice to have more than one traditional match on the show . It's a shame that the crowd was dead for it as I found it to be very enjoyable . Only Brodus is eliminated from the face team , as they all hit high-flying moves to pin Darren Young and win the match . **3/4

Eve vs Kaitlyn 
Now this was better than expected . They even managed to have the crowd care a little bit by the end . I was expecting this to be a dud but I was wrong . Probably the best WWE divas match in a while . Eve hits a swinging neckbreaker to win . *1/4

Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth 
This is when the show started to feel more like Raw . There was no heat on this match , although it did start off quite well . It's a shame we never got to see a big uppercut from Cesaro . *1/2

I'm not even going to try and explain what happened with the ' AJ Scandal ' storyline . Pretty awful , although it was nice to see Tamina back again .

And now the show starts to feel less like Raw .

Sheamus vs Big Show 
After their show stealing match at Hell in a Cell the previous month , I was really looking forward to this . While it wasn't as good as that match ( mainly thanks to the finish ) , it was still a good match with some nice moments . Sheamus's electric chair on Show was an amazing sight to see . The match ends as Sheamus goes for a brogue kick and Show pulls the ref in the way of it and gets DQ'd . ***1/4

After the match , Sheamus assaults Show with a chair . Where is Ziggler ? Speaking of Ziggler , why the hell is Cody's replacement David Otunga ? They really couldn't find anyone better than him ?

It should also be pointed out that the commentary was pretty atrocious .

Alberto Del Rio / Damien Sandow / David Otunga / Wade Barrett / Dolph Ziggler vs Team Hell No / Kofi Kingston / Miz / Randy Orton : Elimination Match 
This was a bit of a disappointing one . The rapid elimintions of both Sandow and Kane at the start of the match annoyed me . Kofi Kingston looked more like a jobber too , as he was easily taken out by Barrett . When it came down to the final four , things really picked up . Miz never really got a fair showing here , as he got a nice face reaction and then is quickly eliminated by Del Rio . I was so sure that Orton was gonna win here , but Ziggler's superkick out of nowhere was amazing . Ziggler pins Orton to win the match . ***

John Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk
I really wasn't sure how this match was going to turn out , but I ended up enjoying it immensely . I found the exchanges between Cena and Ryback to be enjoyable and Punk was great as usual . Ryback being double-suplexed through an announce table looked great . I was sure Ryback was going to win at the end until three guys from NXT made an appearance and put Ryback through another table . Punk was there to pick up the pieces and pinned Cena to retain , guaranteeing a year long reign . Well done Punk . ***3/4

6/10 . Not too bad of a PPV , as the last three matches saved it , and the fact that there was nothing awful outside of the AJ / Vickie segment . The commentary team needs to pull itself together though . Overall an enjoyable , but forgettable night .

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Eddie Guerrero RIP 1967 - 2005

Top 5 Eddie Matches ( in my opinion ) 

5. vs Kurt Angle - Wrestlemania XX

4. vs Edge - No DQ Smackdown 2002

3. vs Rey Mysterio - Halloween Havoc 1997

2. vs Dean Malenko - 2 out of 3 Falls Match ECW 

1. vs Brock Lesnar - No Way Out 2004

What's yours ?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Eddie Guerrero Bonus Tribute DVD Review

This was the fourth bonus disc that came with the Viva La Raza DVD set . This disc features the episodes of Raw and Smackdown that were dedicated to his memory . Once again RIP Eddie .

I'll start with the Raw show ..

Monday Night Raw : 

The show starts off with a respectful ten bell salute to a great man . Wow only two minutes in and I'm already tearing up .

Kane & Big Show vs MNM
Show still has tears in his eyes as he comes out . It's really hard to focus on the action considering what this show is all about . Nice entertaining tag match to start off the show . *3/4

Kurt Angle vs Shelton Benjamin 
Now this should be a very athletic wrestling contest . Joey Styles says this match is one Eddie would love to see . A very good match here as Angle makes Shelton tap out to the Angle lock . ***

Shawn Michaels vs Rey Mysterio 
At this point in time , I would say that this was considered a dream match . It's also pretty underrated in my opinion . Rey gets the win with a 619 . ***1/4

Divas Battle Royal 
This features divas from both Raw and Smackdown . Not as bad as the crap we get nowadays . Melina wins the whole thing . 3/4*

Eugene vs Simon Dean
How the hell did this match make the show ? This one was awful . Eugene wins with a rock bottom . DUD

Ric Flair vs William Regal 
Two amazing in ring technicians going at it here . Should hopefully be a good one . The match was really short but it was entertaining while it lasted . *1/2

John Cena vs Randy Orton
I think this was the first time that these guys faced each other in the WWE . Pretty historical for that reason . Not a bad match , but it had a bad finish with Bob Orton attacking Cena to cause the DQ . *3/4

Friday Night Smackdown :

Batista comes out to give a nice heartfelt tribute to Eddie .

Matt Hardy vs Carlito 
This was a good way to open up the second tribute show for Eddie . Hardy wins the match by countering a suplex attempt into a twist of fate . **1/2

Animal & Heidenreich vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
The newer version of LOD here . Don't think it lasted very long . Short match but it was fun while it lasted . Animal pins Cade after Cade is hit by the doomsday device . *3/4

Cruiserweight Battle Royal
Now this one should be a lot of fun . Loved Scotty 2 Hotty breaking out the worm . Juventud wins the whole thing . Lots of fun here . **

Chavo Guerrero vs JBL 
It's fitting that the final match on this disc features Eddie's nephew ( more like brother ) , and one of his close friends in JBL . Loved Chavo's tribute to the lying , cheating and stealing . Best match of the Smackdown show . Chavo pins JBL with the frog splash . Fitting way to end the show . ***

I'm not sure how to rate this , as it's all about celebrating the life of Eddie . I'll give it the same as I gave the set it came with . 8.5/10

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Viva La Raza : The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD Review


Viva La Raza : The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD Review

I do this review in honour and respect of this legendary wrestler , leading to the seventh year anniversary of his death on November 13th . RIP Eddie .

Note -  The version of the DVD I have comes with a bonus fourth disc that features both of his tribute shows and I shall be reviewing that in a later post .

Disc 1 Matches :

Eddie Guerrero vs 2 Cold Scorpio
TV Title is on the line . Scorpio is definitely an under appreciated athlete . This should be a great match . This was Eddie's first ECW match . And yes this was a great match . Brilliant way for Eddie to debut . Eddie rolls up Scorpio to become the new champ . ***1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko
From Hostile City Showdown 1995 . Now this match for the TV title should be fucking awesome ,( pardon the language ) , if their 2 out of 3 falls match was any indication . This might be their first clash in ECW . The match ends with a time limit draw and the fans want more . ****

Eddie Guerrero vs Shinjiro Ootani
From Starrcade 1995 . This was WCW's World Cup of Wrestling in which wrestlers from Japan came over to fight with the WCW wrestlers to give WCW more of a global feel .Great match that became better as it went along . Shinjiro wins with what looked like a really fast count . ***3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Ric Flair
Flair said that Eddie was one of his favourite guys to wrestle . That's a pretty huge compliment . This match took place at Hog Wild 1996 and is for the US Title . This was a nice enjoyable matchup . Flair retains by pinning Eddie during the figure four leglock . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho
From Superbrawl VII . Jericho talked about how he thought that he and Eddie were at their best in this match for the US Title but the fans didn't care because at that point they had no personalities . It's a shame because it's a damn good match . Eddie wins with a sunset flip . ***1/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
These two have had what seems to be hundreds of matches with each other , and they never become tiresome . They're always good or great . This was another good one . Eddie wins the cruiserweight title with a frog splash . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko
Second Malenko match on the disc and it's from Starrcade 1997 and it's for the cruiserweight title . This match was pretty good , but it was nowhere near as good as their ECW matches . Eddie retains with a frog splash . **3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon
From Slamboree 1998 . If Dragon wins , Chavo gets his freedom . Ultimo is a fantastic wrestler , and in a match with Eddie , it should be good . This was a perfectly acceptable match , but the crowd just wasn't into it . Eddie pins Dragon with a frog splash . **3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Juventud Guerrera
This was after Juventud had had his masked removed by Jericho . This was a really short match , but was exciting while it lasted . Eddie wins with a frog splash . **

Eddie Guerrero vs Psychosis
Hopefully another very fast paced match coming now . This was after Eddie's car accident and he had formed the LWO . The match wasn't bad at all . Eddie hits the frog splash to win it . **1/2

And now moving onto the WWE days .

Disc 2 Matches :

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho
Nice little rare Raw match for the European title here . At this point , Eddie was with the Radicalz . Eddie is the new European champ after Chyna betrays Y2J and plants him with a DDT . **

Eddie Guerrero vs Matt Hardy
This was a King of the Ring qualifying match . Matt says that he absolutely loved to work with Eddie . A very good match while it lasted . Eddie wins with a hurricarana . **1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam
From Backlash 2002 and is for the IC Title . Now here was a fun feud at the time , and gave us matches like this one and , of course , the classic ladder match between the two . Eddie's sunset bomb looked sick . Eddie becomes the new champ with a frog splash . Great match . ***3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Jeff Hardy
IC title is on the line here . Ok tv match here , just not sure why it's on the DVD . Eddie pins Jeff with a frog splash . *1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Edge : No DQ
Now here is a classic match . Easily one of the best matches in Smackdown and in tv history . It could also , arguably , be Edge's best singles match of his career . Just awesome stuff with a great ending as Edge hits the edgecution off a ladder to get the win . After the match , Eddie gets a nice standing ovation from the fans . ****1/2

Los Guerreros vs Team Angle
From Backlash 2003 . Two great teams going at it here . Haas looks like he's had his eyebrows done . Kinda weird . I hate those goddamned idiots with the ' boring ' chants . The match is really good , but the fans weren't into it unless there was some lying , cheating and stealing . Haas pins Chavo to retain . ***1/4

Eddie Guerrero vs John Cena : Parking Lot Brawl
A very rare type of match here on Smackdown . I think there's only been a couple in the WWE . Pretty hard match to rate , but it was really entertaining . Eddie hits the frog splash on a car to win . **3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero
From Royal Rumble 2004 . It's a shame they only really got eight minutes to work here . With an extra ten I think they could have done so much more . Eddie wins with a frog splash . **1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar
From No Way Out 2004 . I would put this as one of my favourite matches ever and consider it to be an all time classic . The story of the match was terrific , with Eddie trying to overcome another demon in the form of Brock Lesnar . Eddie seemed like he never had a chance and was able to prove everyone wrong . Eddie finally wins the WWE Title after hitting Brock with the frog splash . A classic . ****3/4

Disc 3 Matches :

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
WWE Championship up for grabs in this match between two guys that always have great matches with each other . This one was no exception . One of the better matches they've had with each other . Eddie wins with a roll up . Excellent match here . ****

Eddie Guerrero vs JBL
I love this match . The PPV was awful but this match saved it . JBL made Eddie bleed so badly with a massive fucking chair shot . Really brutal . It helped the story of the match though and I didn't even care about the DQ ending . Eddie hits JBL with his title to get DQ'd . Great stuff . ****

Eddie Guerrero vs JBL : Steel Cage
Another very good match from these two and this time it was JBL defending the WWE Championship . Great match and I was impressed with the frog splash from the top of the cage . JBL climbs out of the cage as a disguised Kurt Angle keeps Eddie in the ring . ***3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle
This was a WWE Championship Series . Judging by their Wrestlemania match , this should be a fantastic tv match if it's given enough time . And wow this match was awesome , especially for free tv . Angle gets the win as Rey accidentally hits Eddie with a chair . ****

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio : Steel Cage Match
Another great match between these two amazing wrestlers . The storyline was awful but their matches and interactions managed to turn it into one of the best of the year . Eddie wins with a frog splash . ***1/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Batista
From No Mercy 2005 . This is Eddie's final match on PPV . Batista and Eddie were really good friends . This was a great match but I didn't care for the spinebuster finish . I suppose it was good because it was unexpected . Batista retains his title . ***1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Mr Kennedy
Eddie's final ever match here . It's hard to believe he would pass away only two days later . As a sign of respect to Eddie , I'm not gonna rate this match . But I will say : it's nice to see him go out with a smile .

8.5/10 . The fourth disc helps this set ( which I'll review soon ) but with just the three discs , it's still an excellent set for fans of Eddie and just wrestling fans in general .

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Brock Lesnar : Here Comes The Pain - Blu Ray Review

Brock Lesnar ..... Blu Ray Review

Before I begin , I should mention that I have never watched the original Here Comes The Pain documentary , so I wouldn't be able to tell you if anything has been removed or added .

I did really enjoy this feature . It starts by talking about where he grew up and then moves on to his amateur career . The rest of the doc. shows us his major feuds and matches in the WWE . It is not in kayfabe by the way . For some reason the doc. stops randomly at the stretcher match with Big Show at Judgment Day . Couldn't WWE have added the rest of his WWE tenure and then talked about his return ? That is my only real complaint , although it is a big one . I'll give it  7.5/10

Brock gives a short interview before each match .

Disc One Matches :

Brock Lesnar vs Leviathan
The first of two OVW matches on the set . It's pretty cool to see Lesnar and Batista going at it . Might be the only time they have . This wasn't a bad match at all . Leviathan wins it with a spear . *3/4

Rico Constantino & Prototype vs The Minnesota Stretching Crew
Final OVW match on the set . Prototype is , of course , John Cena . Nice to see early action between the two , considering the classic they would go on to have . While this was an OVW match , it took place on Raw . Enjoyable tag match . Shelton pins Rico to win the titles . **

Brock Lesnar vs Jeff Hardy
From Backlash 2002 . Lesnar's first PPV match and first official WWE match . This was basically Brock beating the crap out of Jeff but it was fun to watch . Brock was even allowed to kick out of the swanton . The match ends as Jeff can't continue . **

Brock Lesnar vs Rob Van Dam
This was the final of the 2002 King of the Ring . You could say that this was Lesnar's big moment in WWE as it led to his match at that years Summerslam . Ok match as Lesnar hits the F5 to win the match and crowned the king . *3/4

Rob Van Dam & Ric Flair vs Brock Lesnar & Undertaker
Nice to see a rare tag match on here . Match was entertaining . Would have been better if RVD had spent more time in the ring . Taker hits RVD with the last ride to get the win . **1/4

Brock Lesnar vs Hulk Hogan
The winner here would face the Rock at Summerslam for the WWE Title . This match really helped Lesnar become a superstar . The way he bloodied Hogan and wiped the blood on his own body was unbelievable . Brock makes Hogan pass out to pick up the upset . ***

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar
Quite the historical matchup here . Even after only being in the WWE for a few months , it was Brock's time to be the man . This showed how big an impact he made in the WWE , and still has an impact even today . This match took place at one of the all time great PPVs at Summerslam 2002 . This match starts off so quickly with a belly-to-belly from Lesnar . This is gonna be awesome . Such a fast paced , exciting match . Lesnar locked in the sharpshooter . Fans are really behind Brock . Rock hit with a steel chair . Heyman rock bottomed through an announce table ! Lesnar kicks out of a rock bottom ! Rock kicks out of a rock bottom ! Lesnar wins with the F5 . Overall an excellent match . ****

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton
Strange to think how a decade later , this is considered a dream matchup . Really looking forward to watching this one . This one was mostly to show Brock's dominance , but Orton looked impressive in there . Brock hits the F5 to win . **

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker
From Unforgiven 2002 . This was to see if Brock really had what it took to be the man in the WWE . The way that Brock squared up to Taker was awesome . These guys showed some nice chemistry here , which would carry on to their HIAC match . Both guys beat the crap out of each other . A great match with a bad finish . It ends with a double DQ . ***1/2

They don't show Lesnar being thrown through the stage .

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker : Hell in a Cell
Definitely one of the better HIAC matches in history . Taker's head was absolutely gushing blood . No wonder he took time off afterwards . Lesnar retains his title after countering a tombstone into an F5 . Awesome stuff . Lesnar showed that he could be the guy to lead the WWE .  ****1/4

They show the 2003 Royal Rumble from the point in which Lesnar entered which was 29 . I won't rate it since it's just a small part of the rumble . It was a big moment for Brock though .

Brock Lesnar vs Team Angle
Team Angle was Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin . Two great athletes that never really got their due . Especially Shelton . If Lesnar beats both guys , he gets to face Kurt in a cage match . For a handicap match , this was really good . Brock wins with an F5 . ***

Disc 2 Matches :

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle
Looking at this card , it is quite amazing that this match made the main event . Both guys were capable of pulling it off , but this was Lesnar's first Wrestlemania and Angle's first time in the main event at Wrestlemania so there had to be nerves here . Vince must have had a lot of faith in both guys to put them here . Aside from the botched ending , these guys managed to give us a fantastic match on a fantastic night , to give us probably the second-best Wrestlemania in history . I think we all know the no.1 anyway . Lesnar wins after a third F-5 to Angle . A new champion is crowned . ****1/4

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar
From Backlash 2003 and the WWE Title is on the line . Strange how the roles were reversed almost exactly 8 years later . Lesnar bled pretty badly in this one . Hearing grown men chant ' Lets go Cena ' sounds wrong . Lesnar retains with an F5 . **3/4

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
One of the best Smackdown matches in history and one of the best Iron Man matches . WWE Title was on the line . Angle goes 1-0 after Brock hit him with a chair and was DQ'd . Brock quickly ties it after an F5 . Brock makes it 2-1 with an ankle lock . Brock goes 3-1 with a count out . Angle makes it 3-2 with an Angle slam . Brock is 4-2 after hitting Angle with the title . Brock makes it 5-2 with a top rope perfectplex . Angle makes it 5-3 with a belly to belly from the top rope . Brock taps to the Angle lock to make it 5-4 . The match ends 5-4 to Brock as he becomes the new champion . ****1/4

Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio
I've never seen these two fight each other , so I'm really looking forward to this one . Should be a good one . Nice little match here as Rey taps to Lesnar's submission move . ***

Brock Lesnar vs Big Show
Everyone remembers this infamous match for the WWE Championship . This was the match that finished with the ring imploding ( that was stolen 8 years later ) . Actually a pretty good match that ends in a draw . ***

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg : Special Referee - Stone Cold Steve Austin
Ah this infamous match . I remember at the time thinking it was going to be great , and once it was over , even at 9 years old , I thought ' what the fuck was that ??' I had no idea both guys were quitting after the match . The match isn't good but is worth watching thanks to the great crowd reactions to both men . The match starts with a ' You sold out ' chant . They even start singing ' Na na na na Goodbye ' . Both guys just walking around the ring staring each other down . Austin gets his own nice chant and has a little grin on his face . Finally some contact . Even that's boring . Finally they get going with some power moves . Goldberg wins with a Jackhammer . I'll give the whole thing *1/4 . The fans made this match worth watching . Lesnar gives the fans and Austin two middle fingers and Austin returns the favour with a stunner . Austin also hits Goldberg with a stunner leaving the fans happy . Quite surreal to say the least .

Blu Ray Exclusives :

Brock Lesnar vs Ric Flair
This is a match that showed that Lesnar was for real . This was actually a really fun match . Brock beats his first legend after hitting Flair with an F5 for the victory . ***

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H vs The Rock
This took place on the Australian Global Warning Tour . I would call it a dream match of sorts . That is one big ass arena . The match started off a little slow , but was great by the end . The Rock retains his title by pinning HHH after a rock bottom . ***1/2

Brock Lesnar / Kurt Angle / Mr America vs Big Show / Charlie Haas / Shelton Benjamin
We all knew Mr America was Hulk Hogan , although he would never admit that . Should be a good match . This was a basic six man tag , which ended in a big clusterfuck , but it was a lot of fun . Show pins Mr America to win the match . **3/4

Brock Lesnar vs Big Show vs Kurt Angle
From Vengeance 2003 . This was Angle's PPV return from having neck surgery after Wrestlemania XIX . Brock's powerbomb to Show was awesome . This was a highly enjoyable triple threat match . Angle wins the title after pinning Lesnar with the angle slam . ***1/2

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar : Extreme Rules Match
5 seconds into the match and John Cena is busted way open . Unbelievable. This match was tense and BRUTAL throughout and it feels like there is change coming toward the WWE . Absolute classic that will never be forgotten by anyone that watched it . I have new respect for John Cena . ****1/2

8/10 . Enjoyable documentary , the matches were nice and I enjoyed the small interview portions with Brock . I'm not sure I would recommend the DVD , but I'd damn sure recommend the blu ray .