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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Make Your Voices Heard People!

Just a quick little post here.

Usually when I finish writing a post I upload it to the Facebook group 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' (Here's the link, it's an awesome page : ), but judging by the amount of pageviews I get, I think I get quite a lot of views from elsewhere.

I'm guessing it's from Scott Keith's Blog of Doom that time I asked for a plug (thanks again Scott if you're reading) and I think it'd be awesome if you made your voices heard!

Write in the comments any Pay Per View that is on the WWE Network or even something from the likes of TNA (please no), ROH, or New Japan that you would like to see me to review and I'll get it done. You could even request a Greatest Hits post if you enjoy it.

I look forward to some feedback if I do get any.

By the way, to let you know what I'm working on at the moment; it'll be the Greatest Hits of The Shield. Sound like a good one? Let me know!

Chris Jericho: Greatest Hits

Chris Jericho: Greatest Hits

Definitely one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, here are the greatest hits of the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla.

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon 
From a show in Japan on the 7th July 1995. This isn't on the WWE Network at the moment, but I think it deserves to be here as one of Jericho's greatest matches. This is the match that got him to ECW and led him to the bigger companies of WCW and WWE. You can find this one on his DVD and it's totally worth the price for this match alone. An incredible back and forth match that had the typically quiet crowd going crazy. One of Y2J's best. ****1/2

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit
From Fall Brawl 1996 and this is Jericho's PPV debut in WCW. Kevin Sullivan (the WCW booker) apparently told Jericho to get in minimal offense, but Benoit and Jericho ignored him and instead went out there and put on a fantastic, stiff, back and forth match. Definitely up to the standard of their WWE matches and one of Jericho's best in WCW. Both guys looked good in the end. ****

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon
From Bash at the Beach 1997 and the Cruiserweight Title is on the line. I don't think there was any way that they would surpass their match from Japan, but they still went out their with their awesome chemistry and put on a great, high flying match that was much better than the typical WCW cruiserweight match. The dumb crowd was silent for some reason and chanted for Syxx. A great hidden gem here with tons of high flying and nearfalls. Worth a watch for sure. ****

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Guerrero
From Fall Brawl 1997 and the Cruiserweight Title is on the line. It's a shame that these guys didn't have more matches together, especially in the WWE, because they were fun to watch, but out of the matches they did have this one is easily the best. An amazing technical contest that went back and forth throughout. The crowd was quiet for some reason but these guys didn't need a loud crowd to put on a spectacle. Jericho's best WCW match and one of Eddie's best too. ****1/2

Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera
From Superbrawl 1998. Jericho's Cruiserweight Title is on the line and Guerrera's mask is on the line too. For some reason WCW decided to unmask all their luchadores, including Mysterio and Psicosis. Idiots. Anyway Jericho was finally a heel here, where he would have one of the most entertaining runs of his career. A hell of a cruiserweight match here with some nice nearfalls and high flying action. Jericho looked like a complete dick at the end. ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko
From Slamboree 1998. Cruiserweight Title is on the line. Earlier in the night there was a battle royal to decide who would face Jericho for the Title and a luchador called Ciclope won it. The crowd went insane when he unmasked and revealed it was Malenko all along. An awesome moment for sure. The match itself is pretty good, but it's the awesome end to the angle that everyone remembers. ***

And that's the end of the WCW days.

Chris Jericho vs X-Pac
From Unforgiven 1999. Here we have Jericho's PPV debut for the WWE. Ken Shamrock was originally meant to face Jericho here, but he was injured so X-Pac came in instead. For some reason Jericho seemed to dislike this match in his book, but I thought it was pretty damn good. It did have its slow moments and the DQ ending was dumb, but it was still a very good match while it lasted with some chemistry shown between the two. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Chyna
From Armageddon 1999 and the IC Title is on the line. Jericho hated working with Chyna, but she did give him his first proper feud in the WWE and this match that gave him his first of nine IC Title reigns. Chyna had a kayfabe broken thumb that Jericho focused on during the match. Jericho carried Chyna to a good match here and gave her one of her better matches. Good stuff and a nice moment for Jericho. ***1/4

The next three matches are from the Chris Benoit Greatest Hits post. Here's the link :

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho
From Wrestlemania XVI. The European and the IC Titles are on the line here, as both are held by Kurt Angle. First fall is for the IC belt, and the second fall is for the European. Angle and Jericho would go down in history as Benoit's greatest opponents, but this wasn't as great as you would think. However, this was still a damn good match, even if the crowd didn't care. Benoit wins his first Title in WWE as he hits the flying headbutt for the IC Title. Jericho won the European Title. ***1/2

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho
From Backlash 2000 and the IC Title is on the line. The start of a long and awesome feud here. Jericho wasn't the European Champ here and I don't know when he lost it. This was a great match filled with awesome counter wrestling, and they cut a nice pace throughout. The DQ finish does spoil it a bit, but at least they'd have future matches together. It was still an awesome match though. ****

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho : Submission Match
From Judgment Day 2000. I was really looking forward to this one, due to both guys being known for their submissions. You didn't get matches like this in the WWF at the time as it was during the Attitude Era which was more about hardcore matches. But these guys showed that this kind of wrestling can be a ton of fun, and put on a great contest. I especially like the Walls of Jericho submission on the ring ropes. Great stuff here. ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Triple H : Last Man Standing
From Fully Loaded 2000. Jericho cost HHH a Title match and had been insulting Stephanie McMahon for weeks, so HHH was gonna get some payback. This is, without a doubt, Jericho's break out match and the one that made him a star. He may have came out as the loser, but that didn't matter as he'd put on an amazing performance against the Game. The story was incredible with Jericho giving everything he had to try and beat HHH, only to come up short at the end. The best Last Man Standing match ever and a career highlight for both athletes. Amazing stuff. ****3/4

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho : 2/3 Falls
From Summerslam 2000. Aside from their awesome ladder match (which I'll get to soon), this seems to be their highest rated match. This is only the second time I've watched it and it was even better this time. You would never believe that these two were best friends because they looked like they had such hatred for one another. The arm psychology was very well done too. The match ended 2-1 to Benoit. Incredible stuff. ****1/2

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho : Ladder Match
From Royal Rumble 2001 and the IC Title is on the line. Finally these two fearsome rivals reach their final encounter, and boy did they try to destroy each other. This isn't the high-flying ladder match that you would expect, as these guys just wanted to beat the other up. The most (in)famous moment of the match comes from a suicide dive from Benoit as he goes head first into a steel chair, and it looks absolutely brutal. It was a war, and a terrific one at that. ****1/2

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs X-Pac vs Eddie Guerrero
From No Way Out 2001 and the IC Title is on the line. Man that is a hell of a lot of talent in one match (yes even X-Pac). This one only lasted around twelve minutes but there was a ton of action packed into it. The Radicalz turning on each other was fun too, especially since we got to see Guerrero vs Benoit which is always a good thing. There were some stiff shots in there too. A chaotic match that was a ton of fun. ****

Chris Jericho vs Rhyno
From Summerslam 2001. Stephanie McMahon chose Rhyno to take on Jericho, because Y2J was pissing her off so much. This was after the huge gore through the stage that Jericho took on Smackdown. Jericho taking a huge gore on the outside looked awesome and pretty painful. Jericho managed to give Rhyno his best match on this night and made him look like a beast. A great little match. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam
From Unforgiven 2001 and the Hardcore Title is on the line. These guys have had quite a few matches together and this might just be the best of them all. In fact it's probably the best match contested for the Hardcore Title. RVD was meant to be a heel but the fans were behind him here. The suplexes on the ladder looked brutal. Jericho's eye was busted badly here and I actually flinched when he went face first into the ladder. A brutal match that was a ton fun. A definite over-looked gem here that's worth watching. ****1/4

Chris Jericho vs The Rock
From No Mercy 2001 and the WCW World Title is on the line. This is the first time that these guys fought each other on PPV and thankfully not the last. I would call this their best match together but I haven't seen the Vengeance match yet so I can't really say anything, but this one seems like it would be really tough to top. A nice moment for Jericho as he wins his first World Title in one of his best matches. These guys cut an amazing pace and there was just non-stop, back and forth action from bell to bell. A fantastic match. ****1/2

Chris Jericho vs The Rock
From Vengeance 2001 and this is the second semi-final in the tournament to crowd the Undisputed Champion. The WCW Title is on the line and Steve Austin won the WWE Title earlier. Rock seemed like the obvious winner to set up Austin/Rock, but Vince threw us a curveball with Jericho winning. It was gonna be hard for these guys to top their No Mercy match and this was almost as good. They had their usual awesome back and forth match with an exciting finishing sequence. ****1/4

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho
From Vengeance 2001 and the Undisputed Title is on the lien. Both guys had already been in a match at this point so they must have been pretty exhausted. Because of that the match wasn't too great but it was still pretty solid. Booker T interfered to give Jericho the victory and the Undisputed Championship which he would still brag about years later and for good reason. Who else beat the Rock and Austin on the same night? **3/4

The Rock vs Chris Jericho
From Royal Rumble 2002 and the Undisputed Title is on the line.  These two have tremendous chemistry together, and this match definitely proves that point. They've had better matches before this one, but this was still awesome. The run-ins don't hurt the match, but they do make Jericho look a little weak. A brilliant back and forth match between two of the all time greats, and easily the match of the night. ****

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho
This was a semi-final match in the 2002 King of the Ring. While this is a great match between the two, their best match was their Hardcore bout from Unforgiven 2001. This match is infamous for Jericho going on wrestling forums and yelling at the fans who didn't like the match. Can't complain to me Chris, I enjoyed it a lot. Just the kind of match you would expect from these two. Great stuff. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels
From Wrestlemania XIX. Even with their awesome feud in 2008, this is still my favourite match between these two guys, and I'd even go so far as to say that it is probably the most underrated match in Wrestlemania history. It's probably Jericho's best match ever and definitely one of Shawn's best, as it was this match that made him realise that he was still the showstopper. This stole the show on an already stacked card. An absolutely amazing contest with a great story and some of the best back and forth action you will ever see. One for the ages that deserves more recognition. *****. Jericho kicking HBK in the nuts and spitting on him afterwards is the icing on the cake.

Chris Jericho vs Christian 
From Wrestlemania XX. The storyline was that Christian was getting sick of Jericho's romance with Trish Stratus, and so decided to take him out on the Grandest Stage of them All. This was a great technical match and it's pretty underrated in my book. The big twist ending came when Trish cost Jericho the match and revealed that she was with Christian the whole time. Lucky bastard. Still it was a great match that deserves more recognition. ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Christian & Trish Stratus
From Backlash 2004. First an underrated Mania match, and now this one is quite a forgotten little gem as well. Jericho used a running enzenguri as a finisher for (I think) the first time here. The crowd was into this match, and they became hot when Jericho and Trish were going one on one. This wasn't as good as the Mania match, but it was still a ton of fun with a good back and forth battle between the guys, and the Jericho/Trish sections. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin
From Backlash 2005 and the IC Title is on the line. You can usually bank on the IC title match being a great way to start the show off and on this occasion it was a fantastic opener. The crowd was absolutely dead to start off but these two guys managed to bring them round and make them loud. Some brilliant moves and nearfalls in this match with a great pinning combination to finish it off. I have no idea how Shelton never became a star. ****

Chris Jericho vs Lance Storm
From One Night Stand 2005. These guys had the honour of opening this awesome show. This might have been Storm's final match, and if it is it's nice that he was able to finish it with the guy he started off with. Some nice back and forth technical wrestling here. It's just a shame that it couldn't have been given more time because it would've been awesome. ***

Chris Jericho vs John Cena
From Summerslam 2005 and the WWE Title is on the line. This would end up being Jericho's final PPV match until Armageddon 07. This was also the first PPV in which Cena was booed by about half the audience, something that would continue almost ten years later. These guys had a nice match and Jericho made Cena look like a star. Great stuff. ***3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
From Judgment Day 2008. The start of the best feud of 08, and one of WWE's best feuds of the decade. I think that Shawn was meant to be the heel here, but the fans just didn't want to boo him. Luckily that led to Jericho becoming a heel once again, and what a fantastic heel he was. And yes of course this was an awesome match, what else would you expect it to be? Just the usual brilliant, technical, back and forth contest from both guys and easily the Match of the Night. It's amazing that their feud and their matches would only get better as time went on. ****

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho : Unsanctioned Match
From Unforgiven 2008. I think history has shown that HBK + Unsanctioned Match = awesome. In storyline terms, Jericho absolutely deserved this beating. He injured Shawn's eye, punched his wife and then showed no remorse for it. An ass kicking was definitely coming his way. The great thing about these two guys is that they make you believe in their feud. They make it seem so real. I could've done without Lance Cade's interference, but at least it made Jericho look like more of a bastard. A physical, psychological, all out war. Fantastic stuff that is must see. Great finish with Jericho unable to take anymore punishment, and Shawn still punching away at him. Just awesome. ****1/2

Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels : Ladder
From No Mercy 2008 and the World Title is on the line. The best feud of 08 finally comes to a head in this amazing match. In this era of wrestling, ladder matches were all basically spotfests with little psychology, so this was a pleasant surprise as they managed to mix in big spots while also telling a brilliant story. You could feel the hatred with every single ladder shot and Jericho even lost a tooth in the melee. The best one on one ladder match since the days of HBK/Ramon. Might even be the match of the year. A phenomenal contest and a modern classic. ****3/4

Chris Jericho vs Ricky Steamboat
From Backlash 2009. The Dragon looked absolutely fantastic at Wrestlemania, and it seemed as if he hadn't aged a day. WWE took advantage of that and gave us a match we wanted to see: Y2J going against his childhood hero. Steamboat seemed to tire out quite easily here, but Jericho covered that well enough. A very good match here, as Steamboat showed that he had what it took to hang with one of the best in Y2J. ***1/4

Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio : No Holds Barred
From Extreme Rules 2009 and the IC Title is on the line. A fantastic match here, and amazingly they would only get better. The match would start Jericho's ninth and final reign of the IC Title. Amazing back and forth action and counter wrestling here. The story of Jericho going after Mysterio's mask was good as well, and I liked how they played that into the finish. Excellent stuff. ****1/4

Chris Jericho vs Rey Mysterio
From The Bash 2009. Jericho's IC Title is on the line and Mysterio's mask is on the line as well. Two minutes into the match and Rey goes head first into the barricade. Ouch. I can't believe that Rey kicked out of that huge springboard codebreaker. Amazing action with some awesome counter-wrestling. Easily match of the night, and if Taker/HBK hadn't happened, it would likely be match of the year as well. Mysterio's second mask was a great idea and a great end to the story of Jericho wanting Rey's mask. Fantastic match. ****1/2

JeriShow vs Batista & Rey Mysterio
From Hell in a Cell 2009 and the Tag Titles are on the line. I had to include a JeriShow match somewhere and this was the best one they had on PPV. Some great star power in this one.  Mysterio and Jericho gave us their usual great chemistry here. Even Big Show looked motivated and seeing him against Rey was a lot of fun. An exciting tag team match that was fun all the way through. Good stuff. ***1/2

Edge vs Chris Jericho
From Wrestlemania XXVI and the World Title is on the line. This match had been built-up for almost a year and started when Edge was injured. Jericho started saying insulting things, like thanking him for getting injured because he was just holding him back. Ouch. The crowd started quiet for this thanks to the boring Bret/Vince match, but because both guys are so good, they were able to get the crowd into it. A fun match even though it had an abrupt finish. ***3/4

Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne
From Fatal 4 Way 2010. Bourne was getting quite a big push at this point, so it was a great idea to put him with a veteran like Jericho, even if the Bourne experiment didn't turn out so well. Split reaction from the crowd here as there were some Y2J chants. A great back and forth match in which Jericho gave Bourne the upset win and made him look great. ***3/4

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
From Wrestlemania XXVIII and the WWE Title is on the line. This is a match I always seem to change my rating on, but I think I've finally reached my final verdict on it. I think this match is pretty damn underrated, but that's probably because it's on the same show as Cena/Rock and Taker/HHH. This is one of the best WWE Title matches in Wrestlemania history, and my favourite match between these two guys. The crowd didn't seem interested at first, but these guys managed to get the crowd on their feet and cheering. Awesome stuff. ****1/2

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho : Chicago Street Fight
From Extreme Rules 2012 and the WWE Title is on the line. This is another match that is pretty damn underrated, as most people seem to remember Sheamus/Bryan and Lesnar/Cena rather than this forgotten gem. Both guys wore street clothes which added to the drama. Jericho was great as a heel here, going from threatening Punk's sister to pouring beer on Punk. An awesome street fight filled with nice weapons spots, nearfalls, and both guys came out looking like a million bucks. ****1/2

Chris Jericho vs Dolph Ziggler
From Summerslam 2012. Definitely the best choice for the opener of the show as they got the crowd fired up nicely. There wasn't a lot on this show, but these guys stole it anyway. The story was that Jericho couldn't win the big one and Ziggler wanted to prove it by beating him. Ziggler was proven wrong as Jericho got the victory in the end. Nice nearfalls and great chemistry with these two awesome athletes. ***1/2

Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan
From Raw February 11th 2013. It said this is a Chamber qualifying match, but both guys ended up in the Chamber match so I'm not sure how that really worked out. Jericho gave Bryan a big break in his NXT days by making him look good, so it's nice that they got to face each other again while they're at the same level. A hell of a TV match here as the crowd was hot for it and both guys were very motivated. Great stuff. ***1/2

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
From Payback. I can't believe I've only watched this match once (As of this writing I've watched it about six times). It seems like the kind of match I would back and watch again and again (You did dummy). I hope this isn't the last time we see these guys square off because they seem to get better and better each time they fight. This was Punk's return after a couple months away, and what a way to return in his hometown of Chicago with a huge reaction. He was also sporting the Wolverine look he still has today. I loved the finish with Punk hitting two Go to Sleeps to win. Terrific match and easily one of the best matches of 2013. Excellent stuff. ****1/2

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho 
From Raw July 15th 2013. Why doesn't the Best of Raw and Smackdown 2013 set have this awesome match? There was some doubt that RVD would be able to shake off some ring rust for his return, but I think the MITB match and this match showed that he had none at all. Both of these guys showed that they only grow better with time. This was one hell of a back and forth match. Easily one of the best TV matches of the year, and definitely one worth checking out. ****1/4

Monday, 21 April 2014

Extreme Rules 2013

Extreme Rules 2013 Re-Review

This isn't going to be like the old re-do reviews that I did a while ago with red italic font to show my new thoughts, this is just going to be a completely new review.

We're coming up on the 2014 edition of Extreme Rules, so I felt that this was appropriate and I'll be doing the other ones as well. (I'm also working on three different Greatest Hits for those interested)

Let's begin.

Fandango vs Chris Jericho
I still don't get why this match didn't have a gimmick attached to it. Falls Count Anywhere or just a plain old No DQ match could have sufficed. I also don't understand why Jericho went over cleanly while they were trying to push Fandango. 50/50 booking at its finest I guess. Fandango was still green here (I think he still is today) and Jericho seemed to carry most of the match. It was a good opening match and better than I remembered with an exciting finishing sequence. Jericho made Fandango look good. ***

Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose
US Title is on the line. It didn't seem likely that Kingston would get a clean win over Ambrose who was kept strong as a member of Shield, so Ambrose was definitely the favourite here. Ambrose has now held the Title for a year even though he's only defended it a few times. Ambrose pulling out a crossface chickenwing was a cool moment. Another good match here as these guys showed chemistry and gave us some nice counters and nearfalls. Good stuff. **3/4

Sheamus vs Mark Henry : Strap Match
The first 'extreme' match of the night. I can't recall how this feud even began. I'm guessing that Sheamus made some bad jokes about Henry. I've never really like the four corners rule with these matches with the exception of Austin/Vega. I was hoping that I underrated this one last year as I thought it was boring, but it wasn't as bad as I remembered. It was a little dull at times but they kept it short and both guys worked hard to make it entertaining. **

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger : I Quit
The winner will go on to face Ziggler at Payback. This was originally meant to be a triple threat ladder match for the World Title until Swagger gave Ziggler a concussion on Smackdown, so it was changed to this. I originally thought that this was a good match, but its pretty dull for the most part and wasn't very exciting or dramatic. It was only when both guys locked in their finishing submissions that it looked as if the match could end, but that was about it. A mediocre match overall. **

Team Hell No vs The Shield : Tornado Match
The Tag Titles are on the line and all four guys are in the ring for this one. Team Hell No had held the Titles for around eight months at this point, so a Title change was in order and the Shield was the perfect team to give them to. The match was a lot of fun and felt very chaotic due to all four men being in the ring at once. It was a bit too short for my liking but there was non-stop action throughout and they used the time well. A good tag match. ***

All three members of the Shield stand in the ring holding Titles.

Randy Orton vs The Big Show : Extreme Rules
Orton got a nice reaction from his hometown crowd. I think this feud stemmed from Show punching Orton at Wrestlemania. It was pretty forgettable. The match, however, was surprisingly good and both guys seemed very motivated. The crowd was hot for it too, mainly thanks to Orton's involvement. Why the hell couldn't they have been this good for last year's Survivor Series? Anyway it was a good match overall that gave Orton a nice win in his hometown. ***1/4

John Cena vs Ryback : Last Man Standing
The WWE Title is on the line. Ryback had just recently turned heel. It seems odd that Ryback would get the big match instead of Mark Henry who beat Ryback at Wrestlemania. Cena had a hell of a job to get Ryback to a good match, but this ended up being a damn good match and probably the highlight of Ryback's singles career. Power moves were used a lot in this one and it wasn't boring at all. Ryback was made to look like a monster. It's too bad that didn't last long. All in all a great match, even if it had a cop out finish. ***1/2

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar : Steel Cage
The rubber match of this (way too long) feud. Both of their matches at Summerslam and Wrestlemania were pretty underwhelming so the expectations weren't high for this one which worked to its advantage. This is definitely the best match of their feud and they finally had an excellent contest. This one started quickly with HHH attacking Lesnar before the match even began. I think this took place during the time of Bret Hart bad mouthing HHH, and so HHH locking in the sharpshooter was a fun 'fuck you' moment. Overall an awesome cage match and a fitting end to the long feud. ****

7/10. A good show here as the two main events delivered (except for the finish to the Cena/Ryback match) and the undercard was solid with a few good matches worth watching like Jericho/Fandango and Orton/Show. There were a couple of dull matches but overall I'd say that this show is worth a watch.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Greatest Hits of the WWE Championship

The Greatest Hits of the WWE Championship

I have a feeling that I may have to update this one a lot as we seem to get a great WWE Title match every so often. As a side note, this will also include the Undisputed Championship and the current WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I'll probably include that in the Greatest Hits of the World Title when I finally get around to it.

So here are the Greatest Hits of the WWE Title. Enjoy the journey through history!

Let's start off big.

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant
From Wrestlemania III. Arguably the biggest match in the history of wrestling. The hero Hogan going up against the undefeated giant in Andre. This match drew 93,000 (if that is the real number) people into the Silverdome. The match isn't good, but that doesn't matter as it's all about the big match feel and the historical significance. The slam is still a goosebump-inducing moment. The match itself is about *1/2 as it was slow and plodding, but for what it did for professional wrestling and how important it is, it deserves *****.

Randy Savage vs Ted Dibiase
From Wrestlemania IV and this is the final match of the tournament for the WWF Title. This was Savage's fourth match of the night and Dibiase's third as he gained a BYE in the previous bout. Both guys performed well considering how tired they must have been. A solid match from both guys and a big moment for the Macho Man, even if he needed Hogan's help to win the belt. ***

Randy Savage vs Hulk Hogan
From Wrestlemania V. I suppose you could say this one was a year in the making. It was gonna be hard to live up to the great storyline and build-up of the Mega Powers exploding, but I'd say they delivered. Savage was a great heel here, running away from Hogan and using Liz as a shield. A great match with Savage wearing down Hogan for most of it, and Hogan hulking up to win back his Championship belt. ***3/4

Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior
From Wrestlemania VI. Winner takes all here as both the WWF and IC Titles are on the line. I have a deeper appreciation for whoever booked this match after watching the train wreck at Halloween Havoc 98. The crowd couldn't decide who to cheer for and were split right down the middle. This is one of the best booked matches ever as it was fun and had a big match feel throughout, when it probably should have been awful. Awesome stuff here. This match makes me feel like a kid again. RIP Warrior.  ****1/2

The 1992 Royal Rumble Match
Then only Rumble to ever have a Championship on the line. This is universally considered to be the greatest Rumble of all time, although I do prefer the 2004 edition myself. It is a fantastic Rumble though and had everything you could want from like huge stars such as Hogan, Savage, Flair, Roberts, Taker, Piper and others. It was never boring and fun all the way through and gave Ric Flair a huge career moment as he won the thing. Amazing match that has to be seen. ****3/4

Randy Savage vs Ric Flair
From Wrestlemania VIII. The story here was that Flair claimed to have been a love interest of Elizabeth, and that really pissed Savage off. Flair didn't get away with his blade job here and was fined, I think, around $5000. A fun, fast paced match here that should have been the main event of this show. Both Savage and Flair performed greatly. Both guys showed great hatred for one another, making this a dramatic match. A fantastic contest. ****1/2

Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior
From Summerslam 1992. A rematch from Wrestlemania VII except both guys are babyfaces this time. This would be Warrior's last WWF PPV appearance until 1996. The crowd was behind Warrior and some were against Savage. This was a long one but a good one and the crowd was hot throughout. It did get a little overbooked at times with Mr Perfect and Ric Flair, but it was still an awesome match overall. ****

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
From Survivor Series 1992. This match really showed a changing of the guard in the WWE. These guys showed that they didn't have to be huge muscled up superstars to show that they could carry a show and also have the best match on the show. Four years before their Iron Man match and these guys were still having classics. Fantastic match. Probably their second best together and that's saying something. ****1/2

Bret Hart vs Yokozuna
From Wrestlemania X. This was both guys second match of the night as Bret had faced his brother Owen and Yoko had faced Lex Luger. Yoko had now held the Title for around ten months and everyone was desperate to see him drop it. This was a much more entertaining match than I expected and it was never really boring. A nice moment for Bret as well as he defeats the monster and wins the Title. ***

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart : Steel Cage
From Summerslam 1994. The best steel cage match ever? Quite possibly. The best one without any blood? Absolutely! The drama was amazing as the crowd went crazy whenever either guy would try to climb out of the cage. Their brilliant chemistry together showed as well and there were every move hit perfectly. The superplex from the top of the cage looked fantastic and safe as well which was great. Another terrific contest from the Hart brothers and a MOTYC/all time classic to boot. *****

Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund : Submission Match
From Survivor Series 1994. The only way to win is to have the manager of the opponent throw in the towel. Owen held the towel for Backlund and the British Bulldog held the towel for Bret. I've always found this to be quite an underrated match as a lot of people seem to find it quite boring with all the submission moves, but I loved it as it had great psychology and told a good story with the finish as Bret's mother couldn't bear to see him in pain and threw in the towel, costing him the match and the Title. Terrific drama. ****1/4

Bret Hart vs Diesel
From Royal Rumble 1995. The roles have been reversed since KOTR as Diesel is Champ. Just an awesome big man/small man match here. The crowd was split. For some reason the match still continues after HBK interferes. Bret uses a chair and still no DQ. This is like an attitude era match. Even with the overbooking this is great as these guys have good chemistry. Lots of superstars run in to end it. Fantastic stuff. ****1/4

Bret Hart vs Diesel : No DQ
From Survivor Series 1995. Yet another classic contest from these two guys and this may have been the best one. This time there were no rules. This is Diesel's last match as a face and, thankfully, the final match of his way too long title reign. Bret's work on the leg of Diesel was great. I think this was also one of the first times that the announce table was used as a weapon in the WWF. Awesome match with a great story as well. ****1/4

Bret Hart vs British Bulldog
From Seasons Beatings IYH. Quite a forgotten classic here. Over three years since their classic Summerslam bout and they were still putting on amazing matches together. This time there's not really any historical value, but there's enough action to make a highly recommended watch. Just the fantastic technical match that you would expect from these two as Bret retains with a nice roll-up. Might be the Match of the Year for 1995.  ****1/2

Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
From Wrestlemania XII. This is one of those matches that people either love or hate, and I'm in the camp of love. That didn't sound right. Anyway I believe this is the first televisied Iron Man match in the WWF. Admittedly some people won't like this match and will find that it's too long and even boring, but I just found myself entertained with it the entire time, including the overtime. They paced themselves incredibly well for the full 60 minutes. In my opinion it's a classic and the boyhood dram has indeed come true for HBK. ****3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Diesel : No Holds Barred
From Good Friends, Better Enemies IYH. This is widely regarded as Kevin Nash's greatest match ever and it's not hard to see why. This would be Diesel's last PPV appearance before heading to WCW to become an even bigger douche. Anyway this was one hell of a contest that made HBK look good and made Diesel look like a monster. Diesel taking Mad Dog Vachon's leg was a funny moment too. Great stuff here. ****

Shawn Michaels vs The British Bulldog
From King of the Ring 1996. This event is mainly remembered for Austin's classic 3:16 speech, but this was the match that stole the show. These two always have good matches and this was one of their best, if not the best. Bulldog's a heel here. The match seems to change in pace throughout, as sometimes its a nice, quick pace, and sometimes its a slower, more controlled pace. That doesn't stop it from being a very entertaining match. Having Owen Hart on commentary was a bonus too. Awesome match overall. ****

Shawn Michaels vs Vader
From Summerslam 1996. You really can't go wrong with an HBK match in 1996 as most of them tended to be fantastic as we've already seen. This was another one of those matches. Vader was such a great big guy. Apparently Vader was meant to win this match, but Shawn threw a tantrum backstage and so the finish was changed. HBK's huge dive to the outside was awesome. After a couple of restarts, HBK hits a moonsault to retain in an awesome big man vs small man contest. ****

Shawn Michaels vs Mankind
From Mind Games IYH. Before Backlash 2004, Mick Foley described this as the greatest match of his career. I personally prefer his Royal Rumble 2000 match, but this is a very close second. These guys showed remarkable chemistry and went out there and put on what might be the Match of the Year for 1996. Even the DQ ending couldn't ruin it. One of the greatest matches of all time and one of the best ever for the WWF Title. See this one immediately. *****

Shawn Michaels vs Sycho Sid
From Survivor Series 1996. Out of all the guys that Shawn faced in 96, I don't know why Sid was chosen as the guy to take the Title from him as he was awful on the mic and not that good in the ring. This is easily his best match ever. Shawn made Sid look awesome here. The crowd was behind Sid for some reason. Shawn was his usual great self here and brought out the best in Sid. Terrific back and forth big man vs small man match. ****1/4

Bret Hart vs The Undertaker vs Vader vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
From Final Four IYH. The WWF Title was vacant due to Shawn Michaels losing his smile and forfeiting the Title. Elimination rules apply and you get an elimination by pinfall, submission, or by putting someone over the top rope. Any chance to see Austin and Hart in the same match is awesome. Vader had a bad cut on his eye early on. A hell of a match that was all action all the way through and it was entertaining throughout. Great multi-man match with an exciting finish. ****1/4

Undertaker vs Bret Hart
From Summerslam 1997 and Shawn Michaels is the guest referee. One of the most historical matches of all time as it led to the first ever Hell in a Cell match, which in turn led to the Montreal Screwjob. This was a very long match clocking in at almost half an hour. It started slowly but it really built up to a great finish. Taker was the first guy to kick out of a sharpshooter here which was cool. HBK cost Taker the match and set up their great feud. Great match. ***1/2

Bret Hart vs The Undertaker
From One Night Only 1997. Bret considers this his last great match in the WWE. True. He even considers Undertaker to be his final opponent in WWE. Even though Hart was the heel here, he was still cheered by most of the fans as he usually was in a foreign country. Awesome match, it's just a shame it ended in DQ, or it could have had a higher rating. Still a great match though and an improvement over their great Summerslam match. ****

Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
From Survivor Series 1997. One of the most historical matches contested for the WWF Title even if it's for all the wrong reasons. Every wrestling fan knows the story here and if you don't then I assume that you've been living under a rock your whole life. The match itself is pretty decent and was mostly a brawl, but of course it's the ending that everyone remembers. One of the most controversial moments in wrestling history. **3/4

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels
From Wrestlemania XIV. Mike Tyson is the special enforcer. This match is great considering that Shawn was wrestling with a screwed up back and that Austin was still feeling the effects on the tombstone at Summerslam. In-ring wise this isn't a classic, but because of the historical significance and the fact that it started off the Attitude Era makes it an all time classic. Great match from both guys, even if Tyson counted a little too fast for the finish. ****

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Dude Love
From Over the Edge 1998. Vince was trying to put all the odds against Austin by making himself the special referee for the bout. This was an overbooked match but it was overbooked to perfection and made it a very exciting contest. These guys had an awesome brawl that went all over the place. One of Austin's best matches and a MOTYC for 1998. The Attitude Era at its best. ****1/2

Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
From Summerslam 1998. Billed as the Highway to Hell, here we have the two biggest stars of the time (or even maybe all time) going at it for the top prize. This one had a lot to follow after the ladder match, but I think they managed it fine. It seemed like Taker was carrying Austin here. Taker's leg drop through the announce table was awesome. Just a great match between these two megastars and an appropriate main event for Summerslam. ***3/4

The Rock vs Mankind : I Quit
From Royal Rumble 1999. Without a doubt this is one of the most brutal matches in WWE history, especially after watching the Beyond the Mat documentary which showed Mick Foley's family and their reactions and Mick's injuries as well. There were way too many unprotected chair shots here. No wonder they aren't used today. Anyway this was a great match with some nice spots like the fall off of the stage area. Brutal but great. ***1/2

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock
From Wrestlemania XV. This Wrestlemania was awful and definitely one of the worst, but this match just about saved the whole thing. The first of three awesome matches at Mania. This is probably the worst of the Austin/Rock matches at Mania, but it still deserves to be here since it was their first big match together and it showed just how great these guys worked together. An awesome, brawling main event. ****

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock : No Holds Barred
From Backlash 1999. Shane McMahon is the guest referee to give Austin a big disadvantage. First they managed to save Wrestlemania and now they were stealing the show on this night. I think this is just a little bit better than their Mania match. I especially liked the announce table spot with Rock using the camera to show his point of view before he took a stunner. Awesome contest. ****

Triple H vs Cactus Jack : Street Fight
From Royal Rumble 2000. This is most definitely an easy contender for the best match of both of these guys' careers. HHH was made into a star thanks to Foley here, and unfortunately he let it go straight to his head and we're still suffering from it. Anyway this is still an all time classic featuring some brutal moments. There was a throwback to the 99 Rumble as HHH handcuffed Cactus and beat him with a chair. The pedigree onto the thumbtacks still looks absolutely insane, and I can't believe that anyone would take a bump like that. An all time great for sure. An absolute war. *****

Triple H vs Cactus Jack : Hell in a Cell
From No Way Out 2000. If Cactus loses this match, his career must end. I don't think this is the five star classic match everyone calls it, but it's damn close and still an awesome match. Cactus falling through the cell will be an image that will live on forever. The stuff with the barbed wire bat was pretty damn cool as well. HHH wins with a pedigree. Foley started his career with Cactus Jack, and he ended it with Cactus Jack. Until he came back a couple of weeks later. ****1/2

The Rock vs Triple H
From Backlash 2000. This is probably the most memorable match from their awesome feud besides the Iron Man match. The odds were stacked against the Rock as HHH was basically running the company and Shane McMahon was the guest referee. The double Rock Bottom through the announce table looked awesome. The fans were already hot for this one but they just about blew the roof off when Austin returned. Fantastic match overall. ****1/4

Triple H vs The Rock : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
From Judgment Day 2000. Shawn Michaels was the ref for this match. For everyone who has heard so much about this match but has never seen it, you will not be disappointed. Every minute felt like it was adding to the match and it was never dull or boring, unlike some other Iron Man contests. The match ended 6-5 to HHH , as Undertaker made his goosebump-inducing return and got the Rock disqualified. Just brilliant and probably the best Iron Man match in WWE history. ****3/4

Chris Benoit vs The Rock
From Fully Loaded 2000. If Rock is disqualified, he loses the Title to Benoit. Looks like they decided that Benoit was good enough for a big push. God knows why they stopped it though. This was a fantastic match that showed that Benoit deserved to be a main event player in the WWF. Benoit gave Rock one of his best matches here. Benoit almost became the WWF Champ by DQ, but Foley restarted the match and Rock won it back. ****1/4

Kurt Angle vs Triple H vs The Rock
From Summerslam 2000. This was Angle's first real shot at the top and he would stay there for the rest of his WWE career. This is mainly remembered for Angle suffering a head injury as he was pedigreed through the announce table and had to be taken to the back. Luckily he was able to come back for the second half of the bout. Great match as Rock and HHH already had awesome chemistry, and Angle added a lot to the contest too. Fun stuff. ***3/4

Kurt Angle vs The Rock : No DQ
From No Mercy 2000. The Angle/Stephanie McMahon storyline was still continuing here and Rock wanted some payback for the beatdowns they had put on him leading to the show. Angle didn't exactly look good here as he needed all the help he could get to win. Still this was a great match that the crowd got insanely into. It had a great finishing stretch, and Angle was given a huge moment for his career as he wins the WWF Title for the very first time. ***3/4

The Rock vs Kurt Angle
From No Way Out 2001. I do prefer this one to their No Mercy match. I think the fans were desperate to see Angle finally drop the Title. It was kind of obvious that Rock would win since Austin was the No.1 Contender and they needed a huge match for Mania. Still this was a terrific contest that was kind of ruined by Hebner's bad count at the end where he thought Angle kicked out and Rock had to hit the Rock Bottom again. ****

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock : No DQ
From Wrestlemania X-Seven. The second and best of their Mania series. One of my favourite matches. The two biggest faces of the last three years going one on one to find out who's the best. From start to finish this was an intense contest and the pace never seemed to slow down thoughout the entire match. The drama was awesome and the nearfalls were very close calls. One of the best WWF Title matches ever and just one of the all time classics. Absolutely fantastic match and a milestone in the careers of both superstars. *****

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle
From Summerslam 2001. Now this is one hell of a forgotten gem. This one made Kurt Angle look like an absolute star. It may have ended in DQ but the DQ worked in terms of storytelling as Austin got himself DQ'd because he knew that he couldn't beat Angle on this night so he had to take the easy way out and attack all the refs. Angle kicked out of three stunners for god's sake! That was unbelievable to see. A fantastic contest that definitely deserves more recognition. A classic. ****1/2

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Chris Jericho
From Vengeance 2001. Both guys had already been in a match at this point as Jericho had beaten The Rock and Austin had beaten Kurt Angle. Both guys were tired so the match wasn't too great but it was still pretty solid. Booker T interfered to give Jericho the victory and the Undisputed Championship which he would still brag about years later. **3/4

The Rock vs Chris Jericho
From Royal Rumble 2002.  These two have tremendous chemistry together, and this match definitely proves that point. Their No Mercy match was better, but this was still awesome. The run-ins don't hurt the match, but they do make Jericho look a little weak. A brilliant back and forth match between two of the all time greats, and easily the match of the night. ****

The Rock vs Brock Lesnar 
From Summerslam 2002. Even though Brock had only been in the WWE for a few months at this point, it was his time to become the man. This one started straight away and they wasted no time in giving us an exciting, fast-paced match. The fans were really against the Rock here as he was heading back to Hollywood and the fans felt betrayed by it. An awesome match that made Brock look like an unbeatable monster. ****

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar : Hell in a Cell
From No Mercy 2002. One of the better Cell matches in history but also one of the most brutal with Undertaker's blade job looking absolutely sick. He lost a ton of blood in this one. This one didn't need big spots or moments like previous Cell matches did. All it needed was two big guys beating the absolute shit out of one another. Even Paul Heyman took some licks here. By the end, Brock looked like a beast and a star. ****1/4

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
From Royal Rumble 2003. I'm still pissed off at the fact that the HHH/Steiner match was given a rematch, and this one didn't happen on PPV again. No wonder 2003 was an bad year for the WWE. Anyway enough of the negativity, because we just came out of hell and into heaven with this bout. An absolute technical masterpiece that has to be seen. Easily the Match of the Year. This might be their best contest together, and that is saying a hell of a lot. This one definitely made up for the last two blunders. I didn't want this to end, but unfortunately it had to as Angle retains with the ankle lock. After the match Benoit gets a well deserved standing ovation from the crowd. Unbelievable stuff. *****

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle
From Wrestlemania XIX. These guys had a lot of pressure to follow up and close an already amazing show, but they managed it spectacularly. They had a technically sound contest that went back and forth, and they got the quiet crowd into it. The shooting star press botch is still a scary moment to watch, but it doesn't really overshadow the match that came before it. In the end both guys came out worse for wear with Lesnar's concussion and Angle needing neck surgery. Still it was a brilliant wrestling match. ****1/4

Brock Lesnar vs Big Show vs Kurt Angle
From Vengeance 2003. This was Angle's PPV return from his neck surgery that was supposed to keep him out for a year, so the fact that he came back after only a few months is amazing. All three guys were made to look like threats, especially Show, which is something that makes these triple threat matches great. The action was never slow and was never boring. Lesnar's powerbomb to Show was amazing. An awesome triple threat match, and one of the better ones I've seen. ****

Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar
From No Way Out 2004. Definitely an all time classic here, and a genuinely heartwarming moment in wrestling history, especially now that Eddie is no longer with us. This is a guy who worked hard to get where he was and here he was finally rewarded with the biggest moment in his career. Probably one of the greatest matches of all time, and for good reason, as both guys looked incredibly motivated. Check this one out if you haven't seen it already. ****3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle
From Wrestlemania XX. These guys never really had a proper one on one feud with each other until this moment. Expectations were high due to the skills of both men, but this match definitely delivered the goods. They started  with some nice mat wrestling and moved on to hitting their signature moves in an exciting back and forth clash. Eddie proved that lying, cheating and stealing always wins the match. Fantastic wrestling match. ****1/2

John Cena vs JBL
From Wrestlemania 21. As far as star ratings go, this is probably gonna be the worst one here, but I think it deserves a place since it was a historical moment with Cena's first big Title win. The match was slow and plodding but worth watching once for Cena's victory. *1/4

John Cena vs JBL : I Quit
From Judgment Day 2005. The expectations weren't that high for this one since their Wrestlemania match was so boring, but without a doubt they definitely exceeded any and all expectations with this bloody brawl. Cena's blade job was sick (although overshadowed by Eddie Guerrero's the previous year) and one of the worst I've seen. One hell of a brawl and one of the better WWE I Quit matches I've seen. Cena had truly arrived at the big time. ****1/4

Edge vs John Cena
From New Year's Revolution 2006. The first ever cash in of the Money in the Bank briefcase. I can't really rate it since it only consisted of two spears and lasted two minutes but it was an historical moment for sure.

John Cena vs Triple H
From Wrestlemania 22. For almost the entirety of 2005, Cena was treated like a huge star, but in my opinion this is the match that made him 'the man'. I think this was the first time that the crowd truly turned on Cena. He'd been booed before, but nothing on this scale with the fans chanting 'fuck you Cena'. Harsh. Still this was a great match that had a big match feel to it and was entertaining all the way through. Both guys came out looking good. ****

John Cena vs Rob Van Dam
From One Night Stand 2006. Cena has face some harsh crowds over the years, but nothing will ever compare to this ECW crowd. They threw toilet paper into the ring and had some flattering chants such as 'Cena swallows' and 'fuck you Cena'. The match itself was a lot of fun and the crowd made it even better. The roof was blown off the place when RVD pinned Cena to win the Championship. A great moment. ***3/4

Edge vs John Cena : TLC Match
From Unforgiven 2006, and if Cena loses, he can never wrestle on Raw again. Also the WWE Title is on the line. Edge was in his hometown, so naturally he was cheered like a hero and Cena was booed by about 96% of the audience. An awesome TLC match here, and possibly the best one on one TLC bout. The spots were great, including the finish with Edge given an F-U through two tables. It looked amazing. Fantastic match and one of the best for both guys. ****1/2

John Cena vs Umaga : Last Man Standing
From Royal Rumble 2007. At New Year's Revolution these two had a damn good match, but with a match that had no rules they put on a show stealing performance. This is easily Umaga's best match during his time in WWE, and it was a sign that Cena could wrestle and put on a great match. An awesome no holds barred style of match, and Cena managed to pick up the win and still made Umaga look strong in the process, since he had to be made to pass out with the ring ropes around his throat. Great stuff here and one of the best Last Man Standing matches I've seen. ****1/2

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels
From Wrestlemania 23.This was originally meant to be Cena vs HHH, but HHH had torn his quad again, so HBK was his replacement and I actually think that that was the better choice. Cena had yet another star-making performance with Mr Wrestlemania. The piledriver onto the steps looked brutal. The finish was really exciting with nearfalls from both guys finishers and a close small package from HBK. An awesome match. ****1/2

Shawn Michaels vs John Cena vs Edge vs Randy Orton
From Backlash 2007. This was only six days after Cena and HBK had one of the best TV matches ever, and it helped to build up to this bout. This is easily one of the better fatal four ways in WWE history. One of the great things about it is that it was unpredictable, as all guys looked to have a chance of winning it. This was just non-stop action from beginning to end and it never became dull. I loved the finish with Shawn superkicking Cena onto an unconcious Orton that managed to give Cena the pinfall victory and retain the Title. Great stuff. ****

John Cena vs Randy Orton 
From Summerslam 2007. This is the first time these two guys have went one on one at a PPV and the first time they have fought for the WWE Title and would fight for it multiple times in the future (felt like dozens). They would also fight two years later at the 2009 Summerslam, just with a different result. Great match and quite possibly their best with one another. Cena hits the FU to retain. ****

Triple H vs Randy Orton : Last Man Standing
From No Mercy 2007. This is now HHH's third match of the night. He didn't have much of a chance after already facing Orton and Umaga. These guys have had three Last Man Standing matches together, and this is easily the best of the bunch. This is also probably the best HHH/Orton match, and believe me there have been plenty! HHH had a lot of sympathy from the fans after they had seen how exhausted he was from the earlier matches. A very well paced Last Man Standing match here, with even some great storytelling, as Orton tried to punt HHH like he had punted HBK, and HHH wouldn't end it like that! Awesome match. ****

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton
From Survivor Series 2007. HBK isn't allowed to use the superkick or he will lose the match and won't get a rematch. If Orton is DQ'd or counted out, he will lose the WWE Title to HBK. This match was great because both guys had to go against their usual strategies. It was great to see HBK busting out submission moves like the ankle lock or the crossface or the sharpshooter. The psychology was brilliant. HBK tries to go for a superkick, realises he can't, and eats an RKO for his hesitation. Awesome match. One of the best of 2007 and the match of the night. ****1/4

Triple H vs John Cena 
From Night of Champions 2008. Their first singles match together since Wrestlemania 22, so this one was highly anticipated. This time HHH was the champ and both guys were faces. This had a big match feel throughout and it definitely lived up to the expectation with a classic main event-style match with nearfalls and false finishes. A great match that made both guys look great in the end. ****

Triple H vs Jeff Hardy
From No Mercy 2008. The last time these guys fought on PPV was at the 2007 Armageddon show where Hardy beat the Game, so his chances were looking good. On any other show this would have stolen the show, but the ladder match between Jericho and HBK did that on this night. Still these guys went out there and put on one hell of a match and Jeff Hardy looked as if he was so close to winning the Title but he just wasn't good enough to beat HHH. Awesome match. ****1/4

Jeff Hardy vs Edge vs Triple H
From Armageddon 2008. All three guys looked to have a chance of winning, but Jeff was the clear fan favourite. He had been getting Championship matches for months now and the crowd was just begging to see him win the big one and they would get their wish. A great moment for Jeff. The match itself was great too and they used the triple threat stipulation well. All in all a great match and a classic moment for Jeff. ****

John Cena vs Randy Orton : I Quit
From Breaking Point 2009. This one was a little unpredictable, because it was hard to imagine either guy saying 'I quit'. This had a slower pace to it, but it managed to work that pace to its advantage. Orton hitting Cena with the kendo sticks was hard to watch, especially with the welts shown on Cena's ribs. Great match and a great visual to end the match as Orton quits to the STF using the handcuffs. ***3/4

John Cena vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
From Survivor Series 2009. I originally thought that DX would team together to try and take out Cena and failing as SuperCena emerged, but thankfully they went a whole different route with it. HBK's sudden superkick to HHH was amazing and totally unexpected. The rest of the match was a ton of fun with many nearfalls and false finishes to keep things exciting. One of my favourite triple threat matches. ****

Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena vs Wade Barrett
From Night of Champions 2010. Elimination rules apply in this six pack challenge. This one was pretty hard to predict since everyone seemed to have a good chance of winning. Jericho being eliminated within the first three minutes was a shocking but funny moment and fit Jericho's character. The match was a lot of fun throughout and the final two between Orton and Sheamus was exciting as well. Fun, great match. ***3/4

CM Punk vs John Cena
From Money in the Bank 2011. What can I say about this match that hasn't already been said? It's one of those matches where you need to have the volume turned way up to enjoy it even more, due to the awesome crowd. One of the best WWE Title matches of all time and one of the best matches of the entire decade. Sadly the impact of the storyline was lost once HHH decided to ruin it himself. Still this will be a match that can be enjoyed for years to come and if you haven't seen it, find it right now. *****

CM Punk vs John Cena
From Summerslam 2011 to decide who the Undisputed WWE Champion was. There was no way in hell that these guys were gonna be able to replicate the MITB classic, but they damn sure tried their best. Both guys being Champion made things interesting, and their insane chemistry only added fuel to the fire. HHH wasn't needed here though. The counter wrestling was great and kept the match unpredictable until the controversial finish. Classic stuff. ****1/2

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
From Survivor Series 2011. I think by this time, everyone knew that Del Rio just wasn't gonna cut it as the top champion. Thankfully they realised that Punk should be the top guy (behind Cena) and so started the 434 day reign of Punk. This was an awesome match that had the crowd's attention throughout. A great way to start an historic Title reign. ***3/4

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
From Wrestlemania XXVIII. This is a match I always seem to change my rating on, but I think I've finally reached my final verdict on it. I think this match is pretty damn underrated, but that's probably because it's on the same show as Cena/Rock and Taker/HHH. This is one of the best WWE Title matches in Wrestlemania history, and my favourite match between these two guys. The crowd didn't seem interested at first, but these guys managed to get the crowd on their feet and cheering. Awesome stuff. ****1/2

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho : Chicago Street Fight
From Extreme Rules 2012. This is another match that is pretty damn underrated, as most people seem to remember Sheamus/Bryan and Lesnar/Cena rather than this forgotten gem. Both guys wore street clothes which added to the drama. Jericho was great as a heel here, going from threatening Punk's sister to pouring beer on Punk. An awesome street fight filled with nice weapons spots, nearfalls, and both guys came out looking like a million bucks. ****1/2

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk
From Over the Limit 2012. The two of these guys headlining (Cena vs Laurinaitis doesn't count) a PPV with the biggest Title on the line must have been a dream come true for a ton of fans, including myself. Bryan looked great going against the most popular guy in WWE at the time, and looked like a top star. This was an absolutely stunning match, and possibly the best of 2012. It's definitely one of the best of all time. The 'this is awesome' chants were well deserved and very appropriate. Fantastic stuff here. *****

CM Punk vs John Cena
From Night of Champions 2012. In my opinion, this should have been one of the main events of Summerslam, but unfortunately Lesnar/HHH wasn't allowed to be upstaged. Cena was in his hometown and was still being booed. As expected, these guys gave us another awesome match, and I didn't even mind the cop out ending the match was that good. They've had better, but I don't think we'll ever get enough of seeing Punk and Cena go one on one. ****1/2

CM Punk vs The Rock
From Royal Rumble 2013. This match was pretty huge at the time and was pretty much a dream bout, so big that it came after the Rumble, and it definitely deserved to with a good build up. Punk's amazing 434 day Title reign came to an end here. The ending with the Shield interfering did hurt it a little bit, but this was still a great back and forth match that had that big match feel throughout. Rock hits the People's Elbow to win the Title for the first time in over ten years. ***1/2

John Cena vs The Rock
From Wrestlemania XXIX. The slammy award winner for Match of the Year. I wouldn't agree with that, but it's a phony award so it doesn't really matter. I've said in the past that I seem to have a guilty pleasure with this and the original, and that still holds true: I love this match. People complain about the slow start, but I think it builds well to the finisher fest towards the end. Ok it was quite boring at times to start with, but it did get much better as it went on. Cena hits a third AA to win the Title. Awesome match. ****

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena
From Summerslam 2013. I feel so bad for not calling this the Match of the Year, but it definitely deserves like a runner up prize or a very honourable mention. What can I say about this match that hasn't already been said? This was Bryan's moment in the sun and he went over Cena completely cleanly and made himself a huge star in the process. It definitely helps that this was an amazing back and forth battle that felt like a war was being waged. Fantastic match and a fantastic moment as Bryan wins his first WWE Title, even if it was ruined by Orton. *****

John Cena vs Randy Orton : TLC
From TLC 2013. I'm still shocked by the fact that a Cena/Orton match was given a 'this is awesome' chant from the audience. This is the 'biggest match in WWE history' and to be frank, it was pretty damn awesome which I really wasn't expecting. This was never going to be the usual high-flying TLC match that we're used to, but they still managed to make it work with some stiff chair shots and table spots. The slow climbing was a little annoying but you always get that with these matches. I even loved the throwback to their I Quit match with the handcuffs. I don't think anyone expected this one to end cleanly with no interference at all, but that's exactly what we got and the match was all the better for it. Great match. ***3/4

Daniel Bryan vs Batista vs Randy Orton
From Wrestlemania XXX. I wasn't sure how good this one was going to be due to an injured Bryan, but it was much better than I thought it was going to be. Bryan, of course, was the total star of the match. That announce table spot looked scary and Orton looked as if he really injured himself coming down on the monitor. The final few nearfalls were nail-biting and it genuinely felt like any one of the three could leave with the Title. A classic Wrestlemania main event and a classic moment with Bryan's rise to glory. ****1/2

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Tribute to a Legend

Sunday, April 6th 2014 at Wrestlemania XXX the unthinkable took place. The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania that had lasted an astounding 23 years was broken. Every wrestling fan around the world was shocked. Many felt angered, confused, and saddened. I still don't know how to feel, I'm mostly still in shock from the events that took place. I don't know if the Undertaker is going to retire now, but if he is I would want to thank him for making me the wrestling fan that I am today. I wouldn't be writing anything on this blog if it weren't for the Deadman.

When I first started watching wrestling in 2004, the Undertaker wasn't around.  He had been buried alive by my favourite wrestler at the time; Kane. In the weeks leading to Wrestlemania XX many vignettes were aired that hyped the resurrection of the Undertaker. All I knew of the Phenom was from his Biker days in old VHS tapes. Finally the day came on March 14th 2004. I sat there at the age of nine, ready to see my favourite guy finally beat up this so-called Demon of Death Valley and send him back to the grave.

"Oh Yessssssssss!", a shrill voice cried. Suddenly the lights went out and a small man with an urn appeared, followed by some mysterious hooded figures carrying flaming torches. For the first time I was introduced to Paul Bearer (RIP). I found him fascinating, but I had no time for that as it was apparent that something big was about to happen. Then the bell tolled. For the first time ever I witnessed and heard the start of Undertaker's legendary entrance music. I stood in awe as a man walked slowly out with a ten gallon hat and a long leather coat. I was entranced the entire time it took him to reach the ring. His eyes rolled up to the back of his head and to me that was the coolest thing ever. By the time the match ended I couldn't give a damn about Kane. I had a new favourite wrestler, one that would remain my favourite for another decade.

Undertaker's 2004 was pretty bad in terms of in-ring action such as the dull battles with JBL, the Concrete Crypt mess and the clash with Heidenreich. I stood by Taker during that entire year and absolutely loved watching him perform. I even had his picture on my damn birthday cake. Hell, I even have his symbol tattooed on my right arm. Over the next few years I would stop watching and then start watching again multiple times, and my first thought coming back each time was to find out what Undertaker was doing.

Unfortunately I didn't come back to wrestling full time until 2010, when Taker was really slowing down and only appearing at Wrestlemania and for a feud with Kane. This gave me the opportunity to go back and find a lot of his back catalog of matches from his debut at Survivor Series 1990, through some road bumps like Giant Gonzales and the fake Undertaker, up to his days in the Ministry, and finally his days as a biker. He may not have had the best matches but I didn't care about that, I just loved watching him perform.

But now as I sit here with tears in my eyes, it looks as if it could be the end of the Deadman's illustrious career.

Thank you for giving me a hero to look up to, and many amazing memories that I'll always cherish.

Thank you Undertaker.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wrestlemania XXX

Wrestlemania XXX Review

Well this show seems to have split the fanbase down the middle. We have the usual people complaining about stuff and we have people that are happy about some of the stuff. What do I think of the show? Let's find out.

I got bad Mania 27 flashbacks when Hogan came out to start the show, but those fears were taken away by the appearance of both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. A definite fun opening to the show.

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H
Can I just mention how absolutely badass HHH's entrance was? His best yet. Seeing almost the entire arena erupt in Yes chants was a sight to behold. The match itself was awesome and delivered. The shoulder psychology was very well done and was used later on the night too which is cool. Everyone was worried that HHH would somehow bury Bryan again, but luckily he put the little goat over in grand fashion and got the show off to a fantastic start. Best Mania opener since Bret vs Owen. ****1/2

The Shield vs The New Age Outlaws & Kane
I'm glad that this one went really short because there's no way that the corporate side could keep up with the Shield. The Shield definitely deserved better opponents at Mania, but this was still a fun, energetic match while it lasted and made the Shield look good. *

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
I wasn't looking forward to this one too much because Battle Royals aren't usually that good, but this one surprised me. Once all the jobbers had been eliminated this turned into a very fun match. Cesaro slamming Big Show over the ropes to win was amazing and a Wrestlemania moment. Congrats to Cesaro. **

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt
The Wyatt Family's entrance was fantastic and will go down as one of the coolest entrances in WWE history. The match itself was great. Bray was brilliant in his role trying to corrupt Cena by making him burst out in anger. Bray's spider walk was creepy as hell and awesome beyond belief. Unfortunately, the finish was dumb with Cena getting the clean win and taking away all the heat from an up and coming star. Still at least it was a great match. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
Now this one's sure to open up a can of worms. I think it was awesome that WWE had the balls to do something so drastic and shocking. I still can't believe it actually happened and my heart dropped when the pin hit 3. It's a moment that is going to go down in Wrestlemania history for sure. The match itself was disappointing. It started slowly, but got much better once they started the submission holds. Is it a good booking decision? Only time will tell. ***1/4

Divas Invitational
I'll admit that I kinda missed the start of this due to the shock of the previous match, but my friends told me that I didn't really miss much. It was more entertaining than I thought it would be and I'm glad that AJ left with the Title. Not bad at all. *3/4

Daniel Bryan vs Batista vs Randy Orton
I wasn't sure how good this one was going to be due to an injured Bryan, but it was much better than I thought it was going to be. Bryan, of course, was the total star of the match. That announce table spot looked scary and Orton looked as if he really injured himself coming down on the monitor. The final few nearfalls were nail-biting and it genuinely felt like any one of the three could leave with the Title. A classic Wrestlemania main event and a classic moment with Bryan's rise to glory. ****1/2

9/10. I enjoyed the hell out of this Wrestlemania and I'd definitely put it as one of my favourites. Everything involving Bryan was amazing, the Battle Royal was a lot of fun, the six man tag was kept nicely short, the divas match wasn't terrible, Wyatt and Cena put on a great match, and we got a shocking and very memorable moment in the Undertaker match.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Undertaker: Greatest Hits

Undertaker: Greatest Hits

This one seemed very appropriate now that we're very close to Wrestlemania, and in my opinion this man is Wrestlemania. The Phenom, The Last Outlaw, The Demon of Death Valley. He has many names and will go down in history as one of the greatest of all time. Here is the Deadman's Greatest Hits.

Yes I know Undertaker hasn't had many classic matches during his career, but he's had many classic moments that make up for it.

Mean Mark vs Johnny Ace
From Capital Combat 1990. This is the first time I've seen Mark Callaway without the Undertaker gimmick and it is freaking surreal. It feels wrong just looking at him. He looks like Trevor Murdoch. He did show signs of athleticism for a big guy. The match lasted ten minutes and was pretty solid throughout. Mark was still a bit green but he'd get there. **

Bret Hart / Jim Neidhart / Koko B. Ware / Dusty Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase / Greg Valentine / Honky Tonk Man / The Undertaker
From Survivor Series 1990. Dibiase had a mystery partner and it ended up being the Undertaker who was making his WWF debut here. Taker looked like a force of nature here. No wonder he rose to stardom so quickly. He was counted out in this one for his elimination. The match never really got going until it came down to Dibiase and Bret Hart, as they had a great little back and forth contest with a few nearfalls. Solid overall. **1/2

Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka
From Wrestlemania VII. The first of 21 other victories for the Deadman at Wrestlemania and poor Snuka was the first victim. The match wasn't very good and only lasted around four minutes, but I think it gets a pass for being historical. Taker looked very dominant. *1/2

Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan
From Survivor Series 1991 and the WWF Title is on the line. They really must have had faith in the Undertaker to give him the World Title only a year into his run. The match was slow and plodding because Taker was still in his zombie stage where he did very little in the ring apart from choking people and the tombstone. Still it's a big moment for Taker as he wins his first Championship in the WWF. *

Taker would lose that Title only a week later to Hogan at This Tuesday in Texas.

Undertaker vs Jake Roberts
From Wrestlemania VIII. Taker and Roberts were allies for a while until Taker stopped Roberts from hurting Miss Elizabeth, and so that led to this match. Roberts was about to leave for WCW, so his parting gift to the WWF was to make Taker look like a badass, as he managed to get up after two DDTs which was unheard of at the time. Entertaining little match. **

We're gonna skip forward a few years as the Deadman didn't do much after this apart from facing Giant Gonzales. I was gonna put the casket match with Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble, but that one was just awful, and I don't think anyone wants to hear about the Undertaker vs Undertaker match again.

Undertaker vs Diesel 
From Wrestlemania XII. It took five years but Undertaker was finally able to have a good match at Wrestlemania. This looked like it would be a slow and plodding match on paper, but in reality these guys managed to put on a very entertaining big man contest. Good stuff that made Taker look great. Taker hits the tombstone to go 5-0. ***

Undertaker vs Mankind : Boiler Room Brawl
From Summerslam 1996. The first person to get to the ring and take the urn from Paul Bearer is the winner. The start of this was quite creepy with Taker searching for Mankind. Like a horror movie scene. I'm not the biggest fan of this match and it went too long for my liking, but it was pretty entertaining. Bearer betrays Taker and hits him with the urn to end the match in a shocking moment. **1/2

Undertaker vs Mankind
From Survivor Series 1996. Paul Bearer is suspended in a shark cage hanging over the ring. I didn't realise that this feud went on for so long as it started at KOTR 96, but I don't think they ever had a bad match together. Another good match here even if the crowd didn't seem all that interested in it. The finish came out of nowhere with Taker hitting a quick tombstone for the win. **3/4

Undertaker vs Sycho Sid
From Wrestlemania 13 and the WWF Title is on the line. I didn't really wanna put this match here but it was a big moment for Taker as he main evented Mania for the first time and won the World Title for the first time in almost six years. The match is slow and goes on way too long at 22 minutes. Sid may have soiled himself at some point too. Mediocre match. **

Undertaker vs Mankind 
From Revenge of the Taker IYH and the WWF Title is on the line. Yes they started this feud up again, but how couldn't they? It was awesome! This one is famous for the botch where Mankind couldn't light the firepaper and Taker had to do it instead, but this was a great forgotten gem and their best match outside of the Hell in a Cell. Mankind's announce table spot was awesome. Great stuff here. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Vader
From Canadian Stampede and the WWF Title is on the line. The feud between Paul Bearer and Taker was still ongoing here, and this time Bearer had Vader. It wouldn't be long until Kane made his first appearance. Anyway this was a very good big man match with two of the best big men in the business. The crowd absolutely loved Taker here. Both guys came out looking good. Good stuff here. ***1/4

Undertaker would lose his WWF Title at Summerslam to Bret Hart as Shawn Michaels was the guest referee and screwed Taker out of the Championship.

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels : Hell in a Cell
From Badd Blood IYH. The first ever Cell match and the winner goes on to face the WWF Champion at Survivor Series, thus leading to the Montreal Screwjob. This was easily Taker's best match up to this point, and it wouldn't be topped for another twelve years, strangely enough with Shawn Michaels. Both guys were awesome in their roles with HBK as the cowardly heel and Taker as the monster. An all time classic match that never had a dull moment and also gave us the debut of Kane as he tombstoned his brother. Amazing match. *****

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels : Casket Match
From the 1998 Royal Rumble. This might be the only great casket match in history. These guys wouldn't have another one on one contest until Wrestlemania 25. This one is mainly remembered because it's the match in which Shawn screwed up his back after hitting the edge of the casket, and wouldn't compete for another four years. This wasn't as good as their other matches, but it was still a great one. After the match, Kane comes out and sets the casket on fire with Taker still inside. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Kane
From Wrestlemania XIV. The first match in an off again, on again feud. The original feud was awesome but their feuds in the future were pretty bad, especially in 2010. Kane was made to look like a huge threat here and equal to the Undertaker. Kane kicking out of two tombstones was insane and wouldn't happen again until Mania 26. Good match and the best of the Taker/Kane series. ***

Undertaker vs Mankind : Hell in a Cell
From King of the Ring 1998. This is the match that made me a fan of professional wrestling so it just had to be here. The image of Mankind being thrown off the cell and then through the cell will stand the test of time as one of wrestling's most enduring images. Possibly the most brutal match of all time thanks to just two spots. Don't forget about the thumb tacks that came later. Incredible. ****1/2

Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
From Summerslam 1998 and the WWF Title is on the line. Billed as the Highway to Hell, here we have the two biggest stars of the time (or even maybe all time) going at it for the top prize. This one had a lot to follow after the ladder match, but I think they managed it fine. It seemed like Taker was carrying Austin here. Taker's leg drop through the announce table was awesome. Just a great match between these two megastars and an appropriate main event for Summerslam. ***3/4

I'm gonna have to skip ahead again as Taker didn't do too much after that match, and his 1999 matches are pretty bad.

Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
From Fully Loaded 2000. Angle cost Taker the Tag Titles and ruined his motorbike, so Taker wanted some payback. This was basically just a glorified squash match for Taker, as Angle didn't get a lot of offense in and the match was pretty short too. Still it was enjoyable while it lasted. **1/4

Undertaker vs Triple H
From Wrestlemania X-Seven. Just like the Austin/Rock match at Mania 15, this is the first of three awesome matches and this is the worst of the three, even though it's still an awesome match. This was an entertaining brawl that went all the way into the crowd, where Taker would chokeslam HHH off the stage and that visual would be ruined by the cameraman showing the safety mat. The ref bump was ridiculously long too. Still it was a fun match overall, with an especially exciting finish. Taker's best match in years. ****

Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam
From Vengeance 2001 and the Hardcore Title is on the line. Why the Undertaker was going after the Hardcore Title I have no idea. Must have been part of the WWF vs WCW storyline. A fun match that lived up to the hardcore name as they went all around the arena and RVD was flying all over the place. Taker made RVD look damn good here. ***1/4

Undertaker vs Ric Flair : No DQ
From Wrestlemania X-8. This started Flair's comeback in the ring for another six years. Taker looked like a total dick in this feud. It was a really one-sided feud, as Taker took out Flair's friends and family, lost him his job in the board of directors, and Flair never really got his revenge. It's still awesome to see Arn Anderson run in and deliver a big spinebuster to Taker. The match wasn't as good as I remembered and most of it featured some dull offense from Taker. It did have it's moments though. ***

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
From Unforgiven 2002 and the WWE Title is on the line. This was to see if Brock really had what it took to be the man in the WWE. The way that Brock squared up to Taker was awesome. These guys showed some nice chemistry here, which would carry on to their HIAC match (and hopefully to their Mania match). Both guys beat the crap out of each other. A great match with a bad finish as it ends with a double DQ . ***1/2

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar : Hell in a Cell
From No Mercy 2002 and the WWE Title is on the line. One of the better Cell matches in history but also one of the most brutal with Undertaker's blade job looking absolutely sick. He lost a ton of blood in this one. This one didn't need big spots or moments like previous Cell matches did. All it needed was two big guys beating the absolute shit out of one another. Even Paul Heyman took some licks here. By the end, Brock looked like a beast and a star. ****1/4

Undertaker vs John Cena
From Vengeance 2003. Funny how ten years later this is considered a big dream match for Wrestlemania. Cena would eventually get a win over Taker, but it definitely would have meant more if he had done it on PPV. Well I think the kid has done well for himself, so it didn't affect him too much. Cena did look good against the Deadman, and looked to be a match for him. Very good contest. ***1/4

Undertaker would take Vince McMahon at the 2003 Survivor Series and would lose thanks to interference from Kane. This would signal the end of Biker Taker.

Undertaker vs Kane
From Wrestlemania XX. Hearing Paul Bearer's "Oh Yeeeeesss" was just plain cool. Seeing the return of the Deadman Undertaker was amazing and his entrance still gives me goosebumps. A Wrestlemania moment for sure. The match itself wasn't so good. Pretty dull match altogether until Taker sat up for the first time in ages. **

Let's just skip the rest of 2004, it was pretty awful for Taker.

Undertaker vs Randy Orton
From Wrestlemania 21. Quite an under-appreciated match in my opinion, probably because of the show it was on with other great matches. This was the first time that the Streak was used as part of a storyline with Orton desperate to break it. Orton looked great here and looked as if he could have beaten the Streak, especially with the awesome RKO out of the chokeslam. Great match with a great finish. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Randy Orton : Hell in a Cell
From Armageddon 2005. Orton's first Cell match and one that would help mold him into a superstar. The match was really long at about half an hour, but it was entertaining just about all the way through. Orton's crossbody onto a table was amazing. Taker finally got his revenge and took out Orton and his father Cowboy Bob. Great match. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
From No Way Out 2006 and the World Title is on the line. I would describe this as Taker's best non-gimmick, non-Wrestlemania match. Taker finally got to use his MMA style against an opponent and it worked very well, especially against a technical master like Angle. One hell of a back and forth match where you didn't know who was going to win. Maybe the WWE MOTY for 2006. If only we'd gotten a rematch. ****1/2

Undertaker vs Mr Kennedy
From No Mercy 2006. This was during Kennedy's run of beating former World Champs. This feud would continue to December. Solid match that started pretty boring but got more entertaining as it went on. Always nice to see a classic piledriver. Even if it looks pretty dangerous. The DQ finish ruins it a bit, but it was still quite good. **3/4

The 2007 Royal Rumble Match
This was billed as the most star-studded Rumble in history. While it does have a lot of stars, I don't think anything will ever beat the 1992 Rumble with the amount of stars in it. Everyone knows this match for one thing: the final two showdown between hometown boy Shawn Michaels and the Deadman, The Undertaker. These guys had a ten minute mini-match that was a great preview for their Wrestlemania 25 classic. Everything before the final two was pretty average except maybe for a chokeslam through a table outside the ring to Sabu, but this was all about the final two. Both guys would end up in both the World Title matches at Mania anyway. A great Rumble overall. ***3/4

Undertaker & Batista vs John Cena & Shawn Michaels
From No Way Out 2007. Yes it's the Smackdown Mania Main Event against Raw's Mania Main Event. This is also one of the only times you can see Taker going against Cena while he's the face of the company. Hopefully not the last time either. I think everyone was expecting HBK to turn on Cena, but it turns out that the Smackdown guys would turn on each other. It's always great to see Taker and HBK go against each other. One hell of a tag match and I enjoyed every second of it. One worth watching. ***3/4

Undertaker vs Batista
From Wrestlemania 23 and the World Title is on the line. I remember thinking at the time that this would be a major bore, but oh man was I wrong about this and so were a lot of other people. These guys totally stole the show on this night and this would also be the start of Taker's run of amazing Streak matches at Mania. Batista earned more respect with that performance. Excellent power match and it's probably my favourite match featuring Batista. ****1/4

Undertaker vs Batista : Last Man Standing
From Backlash 2007 and the World Title is on the line. After their Wrestlemania classic this one was highly anticipated, and I'd say they delivered. The non-finish was quite annoying, especially on a PPV. At least it looked really cool with the stage collapsing. The counting didn't hinder things as these guys worked well with a slower pace. Great match overall. ***3/4

After this, Edge would cash in his newly won MITB briefcase to take the World Title from Taker and Taker wouldn't be back until September where Edge would cost him the Title another couple of times.

Undertaker vs Batista vs Big Daddy V vs The Great Khali vs Finlay vs MVP : Elimination Chamber
From No Way Out 2008 and the winner faces the World Champ at Wrestlemania. One of the more predictable Chamber matches here as only Taker and Batista had a realistic shot of winning, and even then it was obvious that Taker would win. The match was slow when Daddy V and Khali were in the ring but they weren't in for too long. The action between Taker and Batista was awesome. A better match than expected. ***3/4

Undertaker vs Edge
From Wrestlemania XXIV and the World Title is on the line. One of my personal favourite matches and probably Edge's best singles match. No one really gave Edge much of a chance here, but once he hit the spear, I think most fans thought that the Streak had ended. Luckily that wasn't the case. An awesome match featuring some great counter-wrestling and some well done nearfalls as well. A classic Wrestlemania main event. ****1/2

Undertaker vs Edge 
From Backlash 2008 and the World Title is on the line. I don't think there was any way that they were gonna be able to put on the same performance as they did at Wrestlemania, but they still put on a great contest. It wasn't too exciting for the first half or so, but it got much better when Taker got his comeback and we got some nice counter-wrestling. Good stuff here. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Edge : Hell in a Cell
From Summerslam 2008. The final match for one of the best feuds of 2008. This is very close to being their best match, but I'd have to give the edge (no pun intended) to their Wrestlemania match. This match did have some awesome spots like the spear through the announce table and the chokeslam through two wooden tables. Taker finally giving Edge his comeuppance was awesome and beat him using moves that Edge used against him, such as a spear and hitting him with a camera. Fantastic match overall. ****1/2

Undertaker vs The Big Show
From No Mercy 2008. This feud started at Unforgiven when Show stopped Taker from attacking Vickie Guerrero. A Taker/Show feud doesn't sound that interesting, but these guys put on some surprisingly good matches, including this one. It wasn't boring at all. Show looked great at the end when he beat Taker by knockout, which might be the only time Taker lost that way. Very good match. ***1/4

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
From Wrestlemania XXV.  I've seen this match countless times, and it never becomes boring even though I seem to know it inside out now. If you need an example of a perfect match, I would present this to you. To me, this is what wrestling is all about: two of the best in the business going out there with only pride on the line, to have an epic confrontation. If you haven't seen this one yet, I really do pity you, because you don't know what you're missing. The nearfalls are absolutely epic and these guys just looked like warriors by the end. In my view, the greatest match in Wrestlemania's long history. *****

Undertaker vs CM Punk vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio
From Bragging Rights 2009 and the World Title is on the line. Everyone looked as if they had a chance of winning this one and that made it even more exciting and unpredictable. It was way too short for my liking as it lasted just under ten minutes, but those were ten fun minutes. Just non-stop action from start to finish and it was great. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio 
From Royal Rumble 2010 and the World Title is on the line. Mysterio performed well in this one and looked like a true quirky underdog against the Phenom. He managed to bloody up Taker's nose quite badly and that only pissed the Deadman off as he then decided to beat the hell out of Mysterio. Mysterio looked like he had a chance of winning, but Taker was just too much for him. ***1/2

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels 
From Wrestlemania XXVI. The Streak vs The Career. I'm surprised that HBK has been able to stay away from wrestling for so long, as most expected him to come back as most wrestlers do. A fantastic match that was almost able to live up the original. This still had the excellent drama and exciting nearfalls of the first and an emotional moment with HBK making the final walk back to the curtain. A classic and the jumping tombstone was an awesome finish. *****

Undertaker vs Triple H : No Holds Barred
From Wrestlemania XXVII and HHH's second shot at the legendary Streak. This one seems to have some split opinions with some people loving it and some people hating it, but I thought it was great. Yes it does have it's slow moments with both guys taking a while to get up, but the drama made up for it with HHH looking at Taker as if he was from another world and that nothing could take him down. HHH's tombstone was a close call for the Streak to end. Great stuff here. ****1/4

Undertaker vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell
From Wrestlemania XXVIII. The second HIAC match in history, and luckily nowhere near as bad as the first. I think a lot of people were worried that this would be a rehash of their No Holds Barred match, but fortunately it was so much better. This is one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history thanks to Shawn Michaels adding more drama, and the awesome nearfalls as well. The DX Special was especially good, and I thought the match was over for sure. All three guys embracing after the match was the icing on an already delicious cake. *****

Undertaker vs CM Punk
From Wrestlemania XXIX. Almost a year later and this is still one of the best matches of 2013. For the past seven years, the Deadman's streak hasn't failed to deliver and this is no exception. Punk looked terrific in defeat as he seemed to take Undertaker to the very limit and even outsmarted him at times, sometimes with help from Paul Heyman. Undertaker looked amazing for a 'broken down old man' as some people seemed to be calling him. An awesome match worth watching again and again. ****1/2