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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wrestlemania XXVIII Re-Do Review

Wrestlemania XXVIII Re-Do Review

For some reason this is the only one I feel like reviewing just now. Been a while since I did this one. Over a year anyway. Well then let's get started. I think you guys know the drill for the Re-Do Reviews.

Started off with a great rendition of America the Beautiful by Lilian Garcia . Why doesn't she just do it every year ? She does it so much better every year than anyone else .

(I still agree with this. Although for some reason they didn't have anyone sing it this year. Lilian absolutely kills it here)

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
I was totally shocked and disappointed by this match . I was expecting those guys to go out there and give it the best they've ever given , but sadly weren't allowed . Saying that however , this is probably the best 18 second match you will ever see . 1/4*

(This one is still quite painful to watch, but considering that it led to Bryan's gigantic popularity rise and possibly every push he's gotten since then, I can't bring myself to give it the dreaded DUD rating. I'll stick with 1/4* for the rise of Daniel Bryan)

(I had never noticed before, but during the Team Johnny backstage segment you can hear the fans chanting 'Bullshit' at what they just witnessed)

Randy Orton vs Kane 
I wasn't expecting this match to be very good ,but i have to admit that they exceeded my expectations . Good match with Kane picking a very surprising victory . Looks like its the night of surprises here . **3/4

(Fans continue the Daniel Bryan chant in this match. Now this was a thrown together feud if I ever saw one. I don't even remember what they were feuding over. Might have been the No DQ match they had in 2011. Anyway the match was not as bad as many people had predicted it to be. The match had it's slow moments, but it really picked up pace towards the finish. Kane winning was really surprising, and he won in a big way with the second rope chokeslam. I'll stick with the **3/4 rating)

Big Show vs Cody Rhodes
This match was how I expected it to be : short with good action throughout . Big Show picks up the win to become the latest (and biggest) grand slam champion in the wwe . **

(A feud built out of Show's embarrassing Mania moments. It's nice that he got a proper Mania match here and had his own Mania moment, as winning the IC Title made him a Grand Slam Champion. Cody gave a great performance here. Show's emotion after the match helped put the match over just that little bit more. I'll increase the rating to  **1/4)

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs Beth Phoenix & Eve
This match was surprisingly good and long . Got to give Maria credit for going out there with broken ribs and still putting on a performance . Too bad Beth had to get pinned though . **

(It does annoy me that this throwaway match got more time than the World and IC Title matches. I still have great respect for Maria performing with broken ribs. I don't think many other celebrities would have done the same thing. This was actually very entertaining for a divas match. I'll stick with the  ** rating)

Undertaker vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell
I'm probably overrating this match but I dont care . I watched Wrestlemania with a few friends this year , and when this match was over , we were all hugging each other after what we had just witnessed . Some weren't even wrestling fans ! Unbelievable match with amazing storytelling from all three guys . Shawn Michaels deserves and Oscar for his performance. I truly thought the match was over after the DX special. The aftermath of the match was great with all three guys hugging each other to signify that it was indeed the end of an era . Classic . Taker goes an amazing 20-0 after a tombstone . *****

(I was kind of worried that I might end up lowering the rating for this match, but no, it's still as amazing as the first time I watched it. Everything was perfect from the the in-ring action, the nearfalls, HBK as the ref and the heat from the crowd. Taker kicking out of the DX Special still gives me goosebumps and is a heartstopping moment. Still the match of the night and the best WWE match of 2012. In my opinion, it's also a candidate for best match ever. All three guys showing respect after the match is just the icing on one damn beautiful cake. Easily remains at *****)

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny 
Its a shame this match was put after the Hell in a Cell because nothing was going to follow it . Ok match but the crowd was dead for it . I also feel bad for Zack Ryder who has been treated like crap for months now. It's not all bad news though , as Team Johnny picks up the victory ! **1/2

(It's no wonder the crowd was quiet for this one, after having spent all their energy on that epic HIAC. The match doesn't mean much now since Big Johnny only lasted three months as General Manager. The match is still fun to watch though. I think this should have been elimination to make it easier on the eyes. Everyone looked kinda silly with the t-shirts too. Fun match but I'm gonna decrease the rating because the heat segment lasted too long for me. **1/4)

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
The match started off a bit slow but Jericho's heel antics trying to get disqualified were awesome and kept it going . Great finishing sequence where no one knew what was going to happen . This gets better with every viewing . Punk retains with the anaconda vice . A modern Wrestlemania classic . ****

(I always seem to change my mind on the rating for this one. Hopefully this time it'll stick. They had to deal with a crowd that was saving their energy for Cena/Rock, but they worked through it well and managed to get the crowd fired up. Jericho trying to get Punk to DQ himself was pretty cool. Just great action throughout, including a painful-looking suplex to the floor. Awesome stuff. Probably the best match between these two. I'll increase the rating to  ****1/4)

Shouldn't MGK be called the Anorexics? My god eat some meat or something people ! ( Sorry Bryan). Their performance seemed dubbed to me but i dont know if that's how music is nowadays ( even though i'm 17) . Flo Rida's performance was ok but I'm a rocknroll fan so i didn't really bother with it . Great video package for this dream match .

(Looking back, these musical performances did make the match seem like a bigger deal, even if I'm not a fan of the genre)

John Cena vs The Rock : Once in a Lifetime 
I've seen many different opinions on this match . Some think its good , some disappointing , and some think its a classic . Time for me to give my opinion on it . Really similar to the Rock/Hogan match ten years before . The match is slow to start but the last 10-15 mins or so is just golden . I was really surprised with The Rock winning the match . I was so sure that Cena was going to pick up the victory . Due to the atmosphere , the match itself , and how much of a big deal it was . I'll call it a classic . The biggest match in Wrestlemania history and also one of the best . And now also one of the most underrated . ****1/2

(I thought for sure that their second match would lower the rating for their first, but it doesn't. It still feels special and reminds me of the time when no one could predict the winner. I myself thought for sure that Cena would win, and was pleasantly surprised when he lost. I still love their second match too, so I think the Cena/Rock feud may be a guilty pleasure for me. Still awesome to me. ****1/2)

Definitely watch this event . There's something for everyone . Short matches, long matches , dream matches , brutal matches , technical classics , its all here at the Grandest Stage of them all . Wrestlemania .

I'll give it 9/10 , got to be in the top ten Wrestlemania's of all time .

(This is a hard Mania to rate overall. The first part wasn't great even though there was some fun to be had, and the three main events delivered and more! HHH/Taker, Punk/Jericho, and Cena/Rock are all worthy reasons to see this show. I think I'll stick with my 9/10 for the three main events, the beginning of the rise of Bryan, a good Kane/Orton match, an enjoyable divas match, Big Show becoming a Grand Slam Champion and a fun 12 man tag team match. This is certainly a Wrestlemania to be seen)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2011 DVD Re-Do Review

The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2011 Re-Do Review

This seems like the most appropriate choice for a re-do review. This is the first review that I posted on this blog, and it's also the worst one I've ever done as you'll soon see for yourself. So like my Wrestlemania XXIX re-do, I'll post the original review, whilst writing what I think of the matches now. Ok lets begin. This is gonna be a long one.

Disc 1

John Morrison vs  The Miz : Falls Count Anywhere.
Great match to start the year off with , and they really used the FCA stipulation out there . Why the hell isn't Morrison with wwe anymore ? ****1/4

(Well that was certainly a short observation. I still agree that Morrison should still be with WWE. He may have had the personality of a brussel sprout, but he was amazing in the ring. The match, however, isn't as good as I first thought. It's still a great match, just not ****1/4 great. I'll lower it to  ***3/4)

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler
Not as good as other matches they've had in the past , but still good nonetheless. ***

(Wow, that's got to be the shortest review I've ever given to a match featuring Ziggler. Ziggler had held the title for quite at this point. This might have been their 94th match together, who knows. Kofi was more of a transitional champion, since the title went to Wade Barrett soon after. I definitely overrated this one. It may be exciting, but it's just way too short. I'll give it  **)

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio : 2 out of 3 falls
This match would be great if given a proper ending , but everything before that was great . ***1/4

(Man, I loved the matches between these two. It's a shame we never got to see more, or even a PPV match between the two. Mysterio lost the first fall really quickly, as he tapped to the arm breaker. Del Rio lost the second fall to a roll up. Del Rio manages to win on a countout. Great match with a copout ending. I'll increase the rating to  ***1/2)

Natalya vs Melina
Watch for the great finish . *

(A keen observation there, if I do say so myself. Although Natalya stretching Melina with the sharpshooter was a fucking awesome visual. Natalya should totally be at the top of the divas division. A year later she would move on to a fart gimmick that no one wants to remember. Match was super short, but still not bad. Rating stays the same *)

(Just so everyone knows, I won't be talking about the non-wrestling segments since I can't rate them. I might add something smart and witty if I can come up with anything)

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan
I probably overrate this match , but i thought it was fantastic . ***3/4

(Why in the name of God didn't I capitalise my I's? It just looks so damn tacky and unprofessional. Wait, I'm not a professional. Well I may as well act like one. Don't worry Daniel, you'd move on to bigger and better things, like 18 seconds at Wrestlemania. I think I may have overrated this a tad, but it was just so damn fun and exciting, like most Bryan matches. I'll give it ***1/2)

The Rock Returns - Amazing , must-see

(His return still gives me goosebumps)

John Cena Responds - These last 2 promos are even more interesting now looking back . Great promo.

Championship Coronation of Dolph Ziggler- Skip unless you want to see Edge win his final World title .

A Stone Cold Referee - Ok segment , having JBL return was a nice surprise.

(Even Stone Cold couldn't make their match work)

'The Rock' Attacks Cena . - Probably the only heat segment for the 'Main Event' of WM XXVII

(Miz's make up looked awesome here, as even some of the people in the crowd thought he was The Rock as he came out. It's a real shame he was more of a background character in the feud)

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio : Steel Cage
Really good match , but I still find it strange why they gave Del Rio a loss 2 weeks before his World Title WM match which he lost clean . Made him look rather weak . ***

(Yeah it was bad booking giving Christian the win over Del Rio two weeks before Wrestlemania, where he would lose once again. No wonder he can't get himself over. The match was good though, so I think I'll stick with my *** rating)

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
Kinda sucks that Wade only has one match on this entire 4 disc set . Ok match with a great finish . **3/4

(At least it's the only match featuring the Corre on the set. My God they were boring. They tried giving them the IC and Tag Team Titles, but they just never looked like a threat, and I think they were a failure overall. Match wasn't bad, and the finish was pretty cool with Barrett turning trouble in paradise into a wasteland for the win. I'll give it  **1/4)

(For some reason I missed out the Taker/HHH confrontation on Raw, featuring Shawn Michaels. Shawn was awesome here, as he got everyone hyped up for the No Holds Barred match at Mania. Good work from everyone here)

Disc 2

Edge Says Goodbye - Emotional goodbye from Edge . Definitely watch especially if you're a fan of Edge .

(Even today, this still hurts to watch. It has been two years since this took place, and I still can't believe that Edge has gone)

A New Side of R-Truth - I truly miss the heel R-Truth . This was great to see at the time .

(Why the hell can't this R-Truth come back? He was awesome! Now he's gone back to the boring rapping R-Truth)

John Cena vs The Miz
I remember watching this match at the time and once it had finished , i said to myself , 'why didnt that happen at Wrestlemania ?? Even with the DQ finish it still would have been better than what we got instead . ***1/2

(Yeah this totally should have been the match that took place at Mania. It was fun and had tons of heat from the crowd. It's probably the best match the two have had together. Rating stays at ***1/2 for this one)

Randy Orton vs Christian
I hated this match at the time because Christian's reign was so short and it felt like a slap in the face to a man who worked hard for his opportunity. It even made me boo Orton for a while , and i dont usually boo someone unless they suck at wrestling . Suffice to say it was shocking at the time . However , with that being said , this was an awesome match that showed that both guys were at the top of the brand . ****

(I'm still pissed that Christian only held that title for two days. He worked so hard for it, and then it was just ripped away from him. Stopped watching Smackdown for a while after it. At least we got some great Orton/Christian matches out of it, especially their excellent No Holds Barred match. This was the first of many great matches between the two. Excellent stuff as Orton hits a big RKO to win the title. This still deserves it's **** rating)

Riley's Revenge - Would have been much better if Riley wasn't now a jobber for guys like Lord Tensai . Skip.

(Now known as Sweet T, and Riley is still in jobber hell)

Randy Orton vs Sheamus . Special Referee : Christian
Don't know why Christian is wearing his ring gear but i suppose that's irrelevant . A lot of people think Sheamus was better as a heel . I would say he is good as a heel but much better as a face . I think the No DQ match would have been better here , but this is still a good match that is worth watching , especially for the heel turn of Christian . ***

(I still think that Orton and Sheamus should have had more matches for the World Title. Who knows, they may have some in the future. Christian made his inevitable heel turn in this match. This match is a bit better than I originally thought. Just good action throughout, and Sheamus even looked great when it was over. I'll increase it to  ***1/4)

John Cena , Randy Orton & Alex Riley vs The Miz , R-Truth & Christian : Elimination
Funny promo by the heels before the match that is worth watching for the lols . Good match . Nothing more

(Sweet Jesus Christ, I actually used the word 'lols'? I hate my 17 year old self. The heel segment before the match was pretty good though. Elimination matches are usually fun, and this one was no exception. It's nice that Christian got a pinfall on Orton. Cena wins as usual. Rating stays at ***)

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes
Wow these guys fought each other a lot in 2011 . Good match from 2 of my wrestlers . ***

(Yeah these two did fight each other quite a lot. Not a bad thing at all mind you. For some reason, when Cody talks about chocolate, it gives me a craving for chocolate. I probably should have put the word 'favourite' behind the word 'wrestlers'. Makes me sound like a creepy stalker when I don't. The match wasn't as good as I remembered, but it did have it's moments, mainly thanks to Bryan. I'll give it  **1/2)

CM Punk Pipe Bomb- Absolutely required viewing if you haven't seen it . Still amazes me .

(Yeah this is still amazing. Got to be one of the all time best promos. Just absolutely masterful stuff here)

Sin Cara vs Christian
Great match from these two , they seem to have chemistry together . Hope they can face off in the future . ***1/4

(This might be Sin Cara's best match in the WWE so far. Don't know if that's good thing or not. Soon after this, Sin Cara would be suspended after violating the wellness policy. Christian made Sin Cara look great here. Fun, high-flying match. Rating stays at  ***1/4)

Mr McMahon Relieved of his Duties - Quite shocking at the time , but not very good now looking back . Kinda cheesy as well.

(Good God this was horrible. HHH looked silly with his crying and the line 'I love you pop'. Pardon me while I go to vomit. What made it even worse was that it was all made redundant when Vince returned, without any explanation as to why his power was given back to him.

Disc 3

John Cena vs Rey Mysterio
Kind of a dream match here and probably should have been saved for a pay per view considering how good it is and the money it could make . I couldn't help but feel bad for Rey , as he had already fought earlier in the night and didn't get his rematch until a month later . Rey applying the STF was unbelievable . CM Punk returning was great too. Phenomenal match between the 2 babyfaces . One of the best of 2011 . ****

(Since it looks like Rey may be retiring anytime soon, this could be the only big match we see between the two, which is an absolute shame since they have such great chemistry. Still sucks that Rey only heard the title for around an hour, but the great match made up for it. One of the better TV matches of 2011. It stays at  ****)

Cody Rhodes vs Ezekiel Jackson
This match is only here to show Cody winning the title . *

(Why was Ezekial even the IC Champion in the first place? He was good as heel, but he was fucking awful as a face. Thank God for Cody winning the title, as he would also go on to bring back the classic IC Title. We didn't see much of Zeke after this. Really quick match, but it was fun due to Cody winning the title. Lets keep it at  *)

John Morrison vs R-Truth : Falls Count Anywhere
I thought this match would take place at Summerslam or another PPV but obviously that didn't happen . Good match from the two . ***

(Considering how packed that year's Summerslam card was, it was no wonder that this wasn't on it. At least we did get to see the end of the feud. There were some nice spots in this one, like the front suplex on the floor, and the big kick from the barricade. Rating stays at  *** for this one)

Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio
Disappointing match but still good , thought they could have done better . ***

(First time I watched this, I thought it was awesome. Second time, I thought it was disappointing. And now for the third time, I think it's pretty good. It's not a technical masterpiece, but it was a well-worked, well-paced match. It's finish is a little abrupt though. I'll give it  ***1/4)

Airboom vs Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga
Just here to show Airboom winning the titles . **

(As I said above, this was here mainly to show Airboom winning the Tag Titles. Evan would end up ruining it by violating the wellness policy. In fact I think he was suspended twice. Could be wrong. Matches featuring David Otunga usually tend to be pretty dull. Very short, very unremarkable match. *)

Randy Orton vs Christian : Steel Cage
Awesome match between these two great athletes . Probably the third best match they had and that's saying something ! ****1/4

(This is the last match from their fantastic feud in 2011, and they finished it in great fashion. These two were usually guaranteed to have a great match, and this was no exception. It had great crowd heat to go along with it. The top rope RKO to end the match looked amazing. I overrated a tiny bit, but not by much. Still awesome. ****)

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes
Good , if unspectacular , match . ***

(These two had a few good matches during this time period, but nothing was going to follow Orton's fantastic feud with Christian. A good back and forth contest between the two. Rating stays at  ***)

Cutting Edge - Good to see Edge again and the ending was awesome.

Mark Henry Unleashed - Ok segment , just to show how dominant Mark Henry was.

Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler
Probably here just to show the involvement of Hugh Jackman . *1/2

(I think this was WWE's way of saying "Hey, look who we can get on the show!". Other than that, there's no real reason for it to be on the DVD. Although it is Zack Ryder's only appearance. I'll give it  *)

Mark Henry vs Christian : Lumberjack
No idea why this is here . 1/4*

(There really is no reason for this to be here. The fact that it's heel vs heel doesn't help. The lumberjacks weren't really needed either. Boring match thanks to Henry's restholds. I'll give it  1/2*)

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
These two would have a much better match at Survivor Series but this is still a good match . ***

(Aside from the 2011 Survivor Series, these two have never really had a match that could be called a classic. Good match anyway, but I don't think Punk should have won, considering that Del Rio would be winning the title at the PPV. **3/4)

Disc 4

12 Man Tag Match
Very good , if overlong , tag match . ***1/4

(Wow I didn't give a lot of info on this match did I? For those curious it's : John Cena / CM Punk / Kofi Kingston / Evan Bourne / Mason Ryan vs Dolph Ziggler / Jack Swagger / Cody Rhodes / Alberto Del Rio / David Otunga / Christian. Some great stars included there, apart from Mason and Otunga. But yeah this match was way too long, but it was pretty entertaining while it lasted. The  ***1/4 rating stands)

Vote of No Confidence
Just a Highlight Video

(This whole storyline sucked balls and still does today)

John Cena vs Sheamus : Referee - Triple H : Commentator - CM Punk
This is worth watching because it is so unique , even if it kind of failed in the long run . N/R

(This was strange to watch which makes it worth a view alone. Punk on commentary is always great though. The story was wretched though, with nothing accomplished and most of the roster looked really bad. Can't really give it a rating since it's not much of match)

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara
I really enjoyed this match and find it very underrated . ***1/2

(This was Sin Cara's last proper storyline in WWE, unless you include the mask feud with Cody Rhodes which I don't. I really overrated this one the first time round. It's a little too short and not enough action. Parts of it were still good though. **1/2)

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes : Street Fight
Brutal match that left both guys battered and bruised at the end . Great match . ***3/4

(This is probably the best match that these two have had against each other. This match featured no weapons being used, besides Cody's mask, and yet they still managed to look like they beat the absolute shit out of each other. That's something special right there. I just wish that it had a better finish. The  ***3/4 rating still stands)

Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan
I think this match is here to show the feud between Mark Henry and Big Show . Daniel Bryan puts on a hell of a performance . **

(Daniel Bryan can make anyone look amazing, including himself. Everyone wanted to see Bryan win this, and he made you believe that he could. Bryan would only be a month away from winning the World Title and becoming a main eventer. I'll lower the rating to  *1/2)

CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler
I remember watching this match and being amazed by it . Even after a second viewing it is still an amazing match . ****

(Great choice for the closing match of the DVD set. Ends with a bang, not a whimper. This was Punk's first full day of his 434 day championship reign. This match made Ziggler a star, and showed that he could be a bonafide main eventer. Fantastic wrestling all the way through. The best match on the set for sure. Still  ****)

Overall i would say that this dvd is definitely worth your money especially if you missed these matches . 8/10.

(Definitely still sticking with the 8/10 rating. These best of Raw and Smackdown sets are vastly underrated and this one was fun all the way through, with both the non-wrestling and wrestling content. Easily worth a purchase)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Payback 2013 Review

Payback 2013 Review

Wade Barrett vs The Miz vs Curtis Axel
I'll be honest, going into this, I wanted anyone but the Miz to win. I like the guy but he absolutely sucks as a face. When he went for the cover after hitting Axel with his finisher, I almost had a heart attack. The match itself was exciting, but I think Wade was outside the ring for too long, which is something that can plague these multiple man matches. This is the first time that Axel really impressed me, with moves like the amazing dropkick and the perfectplex. Hopefully he can make the IC Title look as good as his father once did. Good way to open the show. ***

AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn
Like most, I was expecting the usual sloppy divas match here, but what we got really surprised and impressed me. AJ was just awesome from everything from her move set, to her facial expressions, to her bumping. She actually made Kaitlyn look good! The best WWE divas match I've seen in quite a long time. Hopefully this kind of divas action can continue. ***

Dean Ambrose vs Kane
I wasn't really looking forward to this one after the match they had on Raw. This one was a lot better, but it still wasn't great. They did try their best, especially Kane who was trying his hardest to keep up with Ambrose. Ambrose was his usual, brilliant self. It's a shame that it had to end in countout. Overall it was pretty enjoyable. **1/2

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio
Now this is a hard one to rate. It wasn't a technical classic like I thought it would be and I was disappointed that Ziggler lost the title, but this had amazing storytelling and psychology. The gradual double turn was booked exceptionally well, with Del Rio becoming more vicious as the match went on, and Ziggler trying his hardest to keep going. Awesome stuff all the way through, and it was something different than what we're used to. Ziggler should still be champ though. ***3/4

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
I'm surprised that this one wasn't the main event, seeing as it had the most interest and was guaranteed to have the most heat. Like their Wrestlemania match, this started a little slowly and then gradually built to a great finish. Easily the match of the night with some awesome back and forth action, and with some great nearfalls. Fantastic stuff here. ****1/4

Daniel Bryan & Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns
Probably not a great idea for this to come on right after Punk's return match. Because of crowd burnout, it was quiet for the first part of the match, but as soon as Bryan got that hot tag, they were back to their usual rowdy selves. Fun match with an exciting finish. I have a feeling we may be seeing a feud between Orton and Bryan pretty soon. ***1/4

So far, the show has been fucking awesome, so anything the main event brought would just be the cherry on top of the ice cream.

John Cena vs Ryback : 3 Stages of Hell
The Lumberjack portion of the bout seemed a bit dumb to me, but it wasn't too bad. The unexpected clean pin for Ryback was pretty awesome though. How many people can say that they've pinned Cena clean? The tables portion was entertaining as well, although it was obvious that Cena would win, which he did. The Ambulance portion was a lot of fun though, as they used a lot of the ambulance as a weapon. The finish was quite cool as well, with Ryback given an AA through the roof of the ambulance. ***1/4

9/10. For a PPV without a lot of build, this was pretty damn awesome. The worst match was still an entertain one, and six matches were three stars or over, with one of those being a four star match. Order the replay as soon as possible. Highly recommended.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Unforgiven 2008 Review

Unforgiven 2008 Review : A Bad/Great Night for Y2J

Found this in a shop for a very cheap price, so I decided to buy it and review it.

Matt Hardy vs The Miz vs Chavo Guerrero vs Mark Henry vs Finlay : Championship Scramble
The first and best Scramble match of the night. Great choice for the opener of the show. The match was fun all the way through, but Henry's bearhugs slowed the momentum of the contest. The finish was booked very well with Matt trying his hardest to stop anyone else from picking up a pinfall, and the chaos that ensued was pretty cool. Matt managed to pick up a big win and the ECW Title in the end. ***3/4

Priceless vs Cryme Tyme
Tag team titles were on the line here. I think this match is mostly famous for Cody's overreaction to missing the moonsault. This was just your standard, formulaic tag match, complete with heat segments and the heels picking up a quick victory. The small package reversal for the finish was pretty nice though. **1/4

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho : Unsanctioned Match
I think history shows that HBK + Unsanctioned Match = awesome. In storyline terms, Jericho absolutely deserved this beating. He injured Shawn's eye, punched his wife and then showed no remorse for it. An ass kicking was definitely coming his way. This should have been the main event. The great thing about these two guys is that they make you believe in their feud. They make it seem so real. I could've done without Lance Cade's interference, but at least it made Jericho look like more of a bastard. A physical, psychological, all out war. Fantastic stuff that is must see. Great finish with Jericho unable to take anymore punishment, and Shawn still punching away at him. Just awesome. ****1/2

Jeff Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin vs Brian Kendrick vs MVP vs Triple H : Championship Scramble
I think this match would have been much better with contenders that looked like they could win the WWE Title. There was no chance that anyone but HHH and Hardy were leaving with the title. I don't get why the ref was still counting Hardy's pinfalls when he was the current champ. Believe it or not, the match didn't really pick up until MVP came in the ring. This started slow, but it was tons of fun by the end with HHH and Hardy trading wins. ***1/2

Maryse vs Michelle McCool
This is Michelle's first defense of the divas title. Nothing much to say here, just the usual sloppy divas match. Front suplex wins Michelle the match. 3/4*

Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs Kane vs JBL vs Chris Jericho : Champioship Scramble Match
The champ, CM Punk, was taken out earlier in the night, so Y2J took his place even though he had already been destroyed by HBK. A new champ was guaranteed. Batista and JBL start the match off. After five minutes Kane comes out. After five more minutes, Rey Mysterio comes out. Finally Jericho comes out . Jericho looks really damaged after his match earlier in the night. Worst scramble match of the night as it was pretty boring with three big men, and the fact that Jericho could barely compete. Jericho pins Kane to become the new champ. Great to see Jericho becoming champ after the beating he took earlier. **1/2

7.5/10. This was a good PPV with no real dark spots except for the divas match. The main event was pretty boring as well, but they made it up to us with a surprising Jericho re-appearance, and letting Jericho win the World Title. The other two scramble matches were a lot of fun, but the main highlight was the war between Jericho and Shawn Michaels. That match is must-see. Recommended show.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Wrestlemania X-Seven Re-Do Review

Wrestlemania X-Seven Re-Do Review

Don't worry, the Best of Raw and Smackdown 2011 re-do is on it's way, I just wanted to do this one right now. Really I'm only doing this as an excuse to watch this amazing show again. I've only ever watched it in full twice, so maybe a third time might change some things. I have the tagged classic DVD version, which means that I don't have to put up with the blurred WWF logo. I'll even include my thoughts on the extras from the DVD. Ok lets start up this magical show once again. As usual with the re-dos, I'll post the original review and then add my fresh thoughts below each match.

(The opening video package was brilliant, making Wrestlemania seem like an absolutely huge deal. This was also the first Stadium show since Wrestlemania VIII, and so it was amazing to see this size of crowd)

Chris Jericho vs William Regal 
You know you're gonna have a great PPV when these guys open the show and it isn't even in the top 5 matches of the show . I believe this feud started with Jericho peeing in Regal's tea . Ok then . Good seven minute match with an abrupt ending , as Jericho retains with a lionsault . ***

(I would have thought that these guys would be given more than seven minutes to work. Could have lead to a much bigger match, but what we got was completely fine. In fact I think I may have underrated it a little bit. They managed to pack a ton of action in that short time. Lets call it  ***1/4)

Right To Censor vs Tazz & The APA 
I think Tazz was suffering from a concussion here . I could be wrong but I'm sure I heard it somewhere .  Nice short tag match as Bradshaw gets the win for his team . **

(I don't even remember anything about Right to Censor, other than the fact that they had possibly the worst theme music ever. Seriously, it could drive you insane if you listened to it for too long. Very short, very inoffensive match here, that was entertaining all the way through. The  ** rating stays put)

Raven vs Kane vs Big Show : Hardcore Match
This probably didn't look that good on paper , but it ended up being a really entertaining match with a nice ending . Kane wins the title after a leg drop from the stage on top of both guys . ***

(This was probably much better than it had any right to be, but it did it's job which was to be just mindless fun. The way they wrestled through the backstage area was just tons of fun, and who could forget the famous golf cart scene? I do think the original rating is a bit high though. Lets go with  **3/4)

Eddie Guerrero vs Test
This was for the European championship . I remember Test only having a couple of good matches and this might've been his best . Probably because he was working with the late great Eddie . I think this was only about a month or two before he took time off to work on his drug addiction . Eddie wins the title after hitting Test with it . ***

(It wasn't long after this that Eddie headed off to rehab to fix himself up. Both of these men died way too early in their lives. But enough of the depressing talk, because we've got a very good match here. This started off with a great pace, but it slowed down a bit when Test caught his leg in the ropes. Nice exciting match. Rating stays at  ***)

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit 
I love this match . Only the ending ruins it , but before that it was a technical classic . I was surprised that the crowd was really enjoying it . Another reason why this PPV was so great . The match told a great story of two amazing athletes trying to outdo each other . It started with an incredible display of mat wrestling which Benoit seemed to be winning , so Angle turned it into a fight and it escalated from there . Angle wins after rolling up Benoit and grabbing his tights . ****1/4

(The mat wrestling in the first part of this match is fantastic. In fact this whole match is fantastic except Kurt grabbing Benoit's tights for the pinfall victory. Kind of ruined it a little bit, but the whole match is still awesome. If it had someone winning clean, the rating would be much higher. Got to keep the rating the same since you rarely saw stuff like this back then. ****1/4)

Ivory vs Chyna
This is the only real dark spot of the event but at least it is really short . Chyna wins after a gorilla press . 1/4*

(Good God why did this match have to be here? Ivory was fine, but Chyna sucked major balls. Even with that very low rating this was overrated. A big fat DUD. Thank goodness it's short and is generally forgotten about when talking about this PPV)

Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon : Street Fight 
This is probably the best match between two non-wrestlers ever . Sure , it's overbooked but it really helps it . The crowd was hot for it and to hear the crowd go wild when Linda McMahon stands up is unbelievable . Mick Foley was great as the ref too . Shane wins the match after an incredible coast to coast with a garbage can . ***3/4

(This is another match that was way better than it had any right to be. Matches between two non-wrestlers usually result in a DUD rating or in the one star region, but not this one. The booking was absolutely perfect for it, and ensured that it was entertaining all the way through. Shane's high-flying certainly helped out as well. The pop from Linda standing up still gives me goosebumps. I may have overrated this, but it was just so entertaining that I'll put the rating at  ***1/2)

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz : TLC Match
This is the last great match featuring these only these three teams . Arguably the greatest spotfest ever and probably the best TLC match ever . All these teams put on moves that looked like they would easily cause injury . The run-ins helped the match as well . I would definitely put it as one of my favourite matches ever and for good reason . This match is easy to watch again and again . Edge and Christian pick up their second victory in a row in TLC . *****

(My God this match is still unbelievable to watch. My favourite is the Wrestlemania 2000 ladder match, but TLC 1&2 are absolute classics as well. What more can I say that hasn't already been said? An enthralling roller coaster ride of a match that can be watched over and over again. Hardy being speared from 20ft in the air is a now legendary Mania moment and it has every right to be. And it's not even the best match of the night! *****)

Gimmick Battle Royal
This isn't much of a match but it is really fun to watch all these old legends in action , so I'll give it  * . Iron Sheik wins the match and afterwards , Slaughter gives him a cobra clutch for his trouble .

(This was just silly fun. The entrances were best part, as it was pretty nostalgic getting to see some of the older wrestlers. The actual match didn't last too long, but it was entertaining. Sticking with the  * here. 

Triple H vs The Undertaker
The first in their trilogy of matches at Wrestlemania and they would only get better as they went on . I know people complain that the ref was out for too long , but that only made the match better . They brawled all around the arena and HHH was even chokeslammed from some scaffolding ( even if a cameraman ruined it in the replay ) . Taker goes 9-0 after a last ride . ****

(The worst Wrestlemania match between these two, and it's still great! Just a fun main event style brawl around the arena. Boy that ref sure was knocked out. I still find it hilarious when Taker chokeslams HHH off the scaffolding and the replay shows that he landed on a safety mat. Other than that just a great match that kept the streak going. This is staying at  ****)

Stone Cold vs The Rock : No DQ
This is without a doubt one of the biggest matches ever , with the two faces of the Attitude era facing off in a match that would end that era . This was , in my opinion , the best match of this Wrestlemania . Holy shit this match started off amazingly . It's just non-stop action here . This is war . Both men are busted open here . Such an amazing match here with both men giving their all to win the championship . Austin gives Rock a sharpshooter ! Cobra clutch to Rock ! Stunner to Austin ! Unbeliveable ! Jim Ross does a brilliant job in this match . Vince McMahon comes down to the ring . Rock hits the People's elbow but Vince breaks the count . Rock bottom to Rock and only a 2 count ! Vince and Austin have teamed up . Austin keeps hitting Rock with the steel chair and gets the 3 count . Another absolute classic on this excellent PPV . *****

(Still one of my favourite matches of all time, and the match of the night which is definitely saying something. There was action all the way through and it never got boring. Even the finish with Vince interfering couldn't ruin it. Match of the year for 2001 in my book. Easily one of the greatest matches of all time, and maybe even the greatest match for the WWE Championship. This is easily staying at the highest rating of  *****)

10/10 . Got to give it a perfect score and I'd like to see anyone argue with me . Just absolute fun from start to finish with 3 good matches , an awesome match , a fantastic match and two all time classics .

(This is still 10/10 since nothing much has changed. Not even a bad womens match could bring this down. Entertaining just about all the way through, with some classic matches. What more could you ask for as a wrestling fan? Still the best PPV ever and I doubt that anything will ever top it)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Wrestlemania XXIX Re-Do Review

Wrestlemania XXIX Re-Do Review

I've just reached over 5000 page views for this blog, which I consider to be a landmark for myself. So to celebrate, I thought I'd do my first re-do of a review, and what better than this years Mania? I think I may have totally overrated it anyway.

I'll copy the original review here, and then put my re-done thoughts below each match in brackets and bold italics coloured red, along with either a new star rating, or the original rating if my opinion stays the same. I'll be doing this for every re-do in the future. Ok then, lets try it.

(I still think it's kind of weird that they didn't have America the Beautiful sung by someone. Plus you don't really want to open up a wrestling show by talking about a tragic disaster like Hurricane Sandy do you?)

Randy Orton / Sheamus / Big Show vs The Shield
At Elimination Chamber, I predicted the Shield to lose. I predicted that they would lose this match too. Looks like I need more faith in the Shield. The match was a great way to kick off the show, with a mostly fast pace and everyone got their chance to show off. Roman hits Orton with a spear to end the match. ***1/4

(Man, the stuff with Big Show's betrayal never went anywhere did it? Just a couple of meaningless matches. Thought it would have even ended up with some sort of triple threat involving the World Title. Shield winning the match was still the right way to go. I'll stick with the same rating for this, since I still really enjoyed it. ***1/4)

I do wonder where the Shield go from here though. Maybe try and go for the WWE Championship? I could see Seth and Roman doing everything they can to get the belt on Ambrose. That would be pretty cool. And by the way, the crowd absolutely sucks tonight. They could only be heard during Taker/Punk and Rock/Cena. I was expecting more from New York.

(Well the Shield now holds the Tag Titles and the US Title, so they're doing pretty well. Plus they're the most interesting thing in the WWE at the moment besides Daniel Bryan. The crowd seemed louder this time around too.)

The stage setup looks fantastic though.

(Still agree with that astute observation)

Ryback vs Mark Henry
I was really looking forward to this one, but it failed to live up to my expectations. I was expecting a back and forth power match, but Ryback never really seemed to get any offense in until the match was over. Seeing him pick up Henry was impressive mind you. Henry picks up the win after a failed shell shock. *

(This one didn't seem as bad this time around because the initial disappointment wasn't there this time and I knew what to expect. Additionally, at this time of writing, this is Ryback's final PPV as a face. But yeah this match is still pretty boring, but not as bad as originally thought. I think I'll increase the rating to  *1/2)

Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler & Big E. Langston
I almost had a heart attack with the throwback to last years World title match. Amazing thing to do though. I knew that Bryan and Ziggler would be awesome, but I wasn't sure about the big guys. Turns out they were on their A-game tonight. Really good match as Hell No retain their titles. ***1/4

(Dolph Ziggler would end up having a much better night on Raw the next day anyway. I'm still confused as to why they didn't do the cash in on this show to make it even better. Maybe they wanted to try and surpass last years Raw after Mania. The match is a lot shorter than I remembered. Still a good match, but I think I'll bring the rating down to  ***)

Fandango vs Chris Jericho
Huge moment for Fandango here, as he gets his debut at the Showcase of the Immortals. He did quite a good job and got to show off some of his moves. Biggest of all, he was able to beat Y2J! The match was very entertaining throughout, but I think Jericho may have injured his leg at the finish. Fandango rolls up Jericho to win. ***

(This win didn't end up meaning much for Fandango, since Jericho got his win back at the Extreme Rules PPV. He would become rapidly popular after the Fandangoing craze though. Even if WWE made it lame a week later. Still, it's a nice debut for Fandango, but the match isn't as good as I previously thought. The botched finish doesn't help it. Still pretty entertaining though. I'll give it  **1/2)

(Fuck me, I forgot about the endless, time wasting Rock/Cena promos. Yes we know this match is happening for fuck sake. This time could have went to the Tag Title match)

(Goddamit, I forgot about the useless Sean Diddy whateverthefuckhisnameis concert. More time that could have went to the undercard)

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger
I really wasn't looking forward to this match before the show, but they genuinely surprised me with a really good contest. Swagger made himself look like a contender for once. I especially loved the switches between the ankle lock and the cross armbreaker. Del Rio retains by making Swagger submit to the armbreaker. ***1/4

(This is a feud that never really went anywhere after this, although we did get a nice I Quit match out of it, though only because Swagger injured Ziggler. This match was also pretty predictable thanks to Swagger being caught with drugs, and so they couldn't have put him as World Champ. Still can't believe that he didn't get an entrance. A little bit unfair. Then again, Antonio Cesaro didn't even get a match. Now that's unfair! Anyway the match was still very entertaining, but it could have done with a lot more time. I'll lower it to  ***)

                                                    Cartoon villainy at it's finest and funniest

The Undertaker vs CM Punk
These streak matches seem to be the biggest matches at Wrestlemania now. Before the show, most people said that this match wouldn't be very good or that it was too predictable. Well they were certainly proved wrong. I was actually very surprised at Punk kicking out of the tombstone. Awesome match and a great finish with each guy trying to get their finisher with Taker coming out on top. ****1/2

(Yes the storyline was silly, but people seemed to be crapping on this match before it even took place. Watch what you say because it may come back to haunt you. Living Colour was a great choice for a live entrance. I was interested to see how this one held up whilst knowing the outcome. And holy hell yes it holds up. Punk's facial expressions are incredible, he was working his ass off in there, as was Taker. Even better the second time. The Streak needs to be the final match of the night every time now, because nothing can follow it. ****1/2)

                                                                 One of the coolest Mania moments of all time

(Another idiotic Cena/Rock promo. Then again, we needed something to cool off the energy from that Punk/Taker match)

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar : No Holds Barred
Wow, the dead crowd really killed this match. Seriously it was almost complete silence except from a few pops from the bigger moves like the suplex through the announce table. The match itself was damn good. Brock Lesnar looked like an absolute beast. The Shawn Michaels parts of the match were well done as well. The final moments of the match were the best, with both guys arms being the focus of attack. HHH hits a pedigree on the steel steps to win. ***

(No wonder the crowd was dead after that amazing match. Before the show, I thought this would end up stealing the show. I was quite wrong about that. The brawl they had on Raw was the best fighting they had in their feud. They would top themselves with a surprisingly good cage match the next month anyway. Brock screams like a girl and doesn't seem to know it. What is it with Brock and being knocked out? Out of his 3 Mania matches, he's been knocked out in 2 of them. Well one was a concussion. Really long and boring match with only the finish being interesting. Rating is being lowered to  **3/4)

I have a feeling I might piss a few people off with my views on the next match. Maybe some people are just way too negative about something they say they're a fan of.

(I have a feeling that I overrated the next match, or maybe I've been led to believe that by the negative reviews I've seen of it)

John Cena vs The Rock
No way did I think this would be the best match on the show. I was wrong. The counters in this match were amazing like the spinebuster into an attempted STF, or a rock bottom into another rock bottom. This was what a Wrestlemania main event should be, with both guys giving their best performance with some great nearfalls. Cena is able to finally overcome the Rock and win the WWE Title with an AA. Awesome match and, in my opinion, one of the best ever. Phenomenal stuff. ****1/4

(I really don't think people gave this a chance going in. Yes it was repetitive, and the feud was uninteresting, but people said the same about Punk/Taker before it took place, and look what happened there. I'm still surprised that these guys weren't given huge entrances for the big event. The action was good, but as I watch this for a second time, I can hear them calling out the moves. You know, I thought for sure that I would be lowering this match to the three star level, but no, it's staying at the very same level. Let the rage commence! I guess the Rock/Cena series is my guilty pleasure. In my opinion, still awesome  ****1/4)

8/10. Awesome Wrestlemania and so far the best PPV this year. Only one match was sub-par and even that was a bit of a spectacle. The Diddy performance was also awful but it didn't last too long thankfully. The main events delivered, even with a dead crowd for HHH/Lesnar, and the other two even exceeded my expectations, especially the main event. All in all, a fantastic show worth ordering if you missed it.

(This stays at 8/10. I thought it might have lowered, but I still found this to be a fun, kick-ass show. Sure some ratings were lowered, but a couple were raised as well. It all evens out in the end.  You guys may think the show sucks and you're entitled to your opinion, and that's absolutely fine. All I know is that I loved this show, while many others shunned it. Maybe try and give it a second chance guys)

Well I enjoyed this re-do, and I believe I'll do more in the future. Feel free to request any, and even any that I haven't done yet! I think my next one may be Wrestlemania X-Seven (just an excuse to watch it again) or maybe even Wrestlemania XXVII or XXVIII.