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Monday, 29 October 2012

Hell in a Cell 2012 Review


Hell in a Cell 2012 Review : World Title Match Steals Show

Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio
I was expecting this match to be the sleeper hit of the night . Boy was I wrong . It wasn't a bad match and was going great up until Del Rio botched his top rope move and that's all I can really remember from the match . The finish was kinda botched too as Orton ' hits ' the RKO . **3/4

Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars
At one point in the match , I was so sure we were gonna have new tag champs . I wish the match didn't have to end in a stupid DQ . That made it feel like a free TV match . Rhodes Scholars wins after Kane is DQ'd for staying in the ring for too long . **

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
Now this was a good match . There were some nice counters in there and even some close nearfalls , like with Kofi's SOS . Kofi retains in his first title defense with a trouble in paradise to the Miz . ***

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel
I'm sick of hearing the fans chant ' we want wrestling ' and then start the boring chants on a pretty good match like this one . Gabriel looked like he had a chance of winning this one , but was taken out by a brutal uppercut . Cesaro retains with the neutraliser . **1/2

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Prime Time Players
I have no idea why this match took place . Probably just a time filler . It did end up being much better than the tag title match , that's for sure . Sin Cara took a bad bump on his head during the match . Rey gets the win with the 619 . **3/4

Sheamus vs The Big Show
This one started out slow but man did it escalate towards the finish . What a surprising ending as well . I thought it was over after Show's first WMD and then thought it was over when Sheamus hit the brogue kick . Show managed to win the World title after hitting Sheamus with a second WMD . ***3/4

Eve vs Kaitlyn vs Layla
Wow , this one felt very sloppy . Just an average divas match I guess . Eve wins by pinfall . Can't even remember who she pinned . 3/4*

CM Punk vs Ryback : Hell in a Cell
Now here's the one we were looking forward to the most . It turned out to be disappointing . The match felt too short to me and the finish came out of nowhere . They managed to make HIAC feel like a TV match . I did think Ryback looked good in there . CM Punk retains after the ref gives Ryback a low blow and Punk pins him . **3/4

After the match , Ryback DESTROYS the ref and even gives Punk a shell shock right on top of the cell .

5/10 . Not much of a show and maybe the worst of 2012 so far . The world title match saves it from being awful and there was nothing really bad outside of the divas match .

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ranking Every WWE 2010 PPV

Sorry about the very shoddily edited 2010 logo .

Anyway , this will be the same as the 2011 list where I will list the match of the night next to the PPV .

13. Bragging Rights - 4/10 : Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler  ****1/4

12. Summerslam - 5/10 : Team WWE vs The Nexus  ****

11 . Over The Limit - 5/10 : CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio  ****1/4

10.  Survivor Series - 6/10 : Traditional Survivor Series Match ***3/4

9. Fatal 4 Way - 6.5/10 : Evan Bourne vs Chris Jericho  ***3/4

8. Night Of Champions - 6.5/10 : Daniel Bryan vs The Miz  ****

7. Elimination Chamber - 6.5/10 : Smackdown Chamber Match  ****1/2

6. Royal Rumble - 6.5/10 : Rumble Match  ****1/4

5. Hell in a Cell - 7/10 : John Cena vs Wade Barrett  ***3/4

4. Money in the Bank - 7.5/10 : Smackdown Ladder Match

3. Extreme Rules - 7.5/10 : CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio  ****

2. TLC - 7.5/10 : John Morrison vs Sheamus : Ladder Match  ****

1. Wrestlemania XXVI - 8/10 : Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels  ****3/4

How would your list go ?

Royal Rumble 2010 Review

Royal Rumble 2010 : Edge Returns and Wins it

Christian vs Ezekial Jackson
This was the last PPV that the ECW Title was defended on . I've heard people say this is a surprisingly good match , so I'm looking forward to it . This actually was a really good match . Nice work from both guys . Christian retains with a killswitch . ***1/4

MVP vs The Miz
The impromptu match for the evening and it is for the US Title . This was a pretty good little match . Miz retains his title after a small package . **3/4  . MVP showed some bad sportsmanship after the match .

Sheamus vs Randy Orton
WWE Championship is on the line . This was a strange one as I think Randy was still a bad guy , making this a heel vs heel match , but the crowd was cheering Orton crazily . Pretty slow match and not very interesting . Sheamus wins by DQ . **

Mickie James vs Michelle McCool
Wow this was pretty horrible . A really bad storyline and a 20 second match to end it . That involved cake . How this ended up on a best of DVD , I have absolutely no idea . Big fat DUD

Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio
World Heavyweight Title on the line in this one . Rey really bloodied up Taker's nose in this one . Don't think you can really say that about most superstars . Nice match as Taker retains with a last ride . ***

Royal Rumble Match
CM Punk's promo during the actual rumble was just awesome . I wish he could have stayed in longer though . Beth Phoenix appearing as the second woman in Rumble history and eliminating KHALI ! was amazing . I was so sure HBK was gonna win until Edge made his big return and won it . This was just a hell of a lot of fun to watch . ****1/4

6.5/10 . Well the Rumble itself was awesome and the undercard wasn't bad ( apart from the awful divas match ) Two good matches and a pretty good US Title match help the overral rating of the show .

Friday, 26 October 2012

Elimination Chamber 2010 Review

Elimination Chamber 2010 Review : Batista With a Surprise Win

John Cena / Sheamus / Kofi Kingston / Triple H / Ted Dibiase / Randy Orton : Elimination Chamber
As far as chamber matches go , I'd say this is an underrated one . It had all the elements of a great match , such as nice in-ring action and the guarantee of a new champion . It even had the advancement of the Legacy imploding storyline thanks to Ted pinning Orton . The ending with HHH going against Cena was great and was really hard to predict . Cena is able to win the title by making HHH tap to the STF . ***3/4

Cena isn't done yet . Vince arrives and announces that Cena will immediately defend the title against a very fresh Batista .

Batista vs John Cena
One spear and a batista bomb and we have a new WWE Champion . N/R

Kane vs Drew McIntyre
IC Title is on the line here . I think at this point Drew was still undefeated . Kane's headlock approach was strange to see , as he just usually brawls . The match isn't as bad as you may think . Not great but still not bad . Drew wins with his big DDT . **

Maryse & Gail Kim vs Michelle McCool & Layla 
This was supposed to be for the divas title match that no one cared about , but turned into a tag match ..... that even less people cared about . Thank god Gail went back to TNA . She was smart . Michelle pins Gail . This sucked  1/4*

MVP vs The Miz
This impromptu match was made earlier in the night and is for the US Title . Not sure how this match compares to their Royal Rumble match a month earlier , but it was pretty good . Miz even managed to bust his head opened . Big Show knocks out MVP to give Miz the win . **3/4

Time for the big main event .

Rey Mysterio / John Morrison / Chris Jericho / Undertaker / R-Truth / CM Punk : Elimination Chamber
How badass was Undertaker walking through a HUGE flame to get to the ring . Truth is eliminated quite quickly after a GTS . Punk then decides to be awesome and has a mid-match straight edge promo . Mysterio in next and these two have amazing chemistry . Punk is out after a top rope splash from Rey . Jericho in next and he and Rey have always had such great chemistry . Mysterio eliminated with starship pain . Morrison out with a chokeslam on the steel . This is awesome . HBK pops into the chamber and delivers a superkick to Taker and that makes Jericho the new world champ . ****1/2

6.5/10 . This was an enjoyable PPV thanks to the two chambers , but there was nothing really terrible outside of the bad divas match . This did its job and set up Wrestlemania nicely with stories for almost every match on the big supercard .

Monday, 22 October 2012

Cheating Death , Stealing Life : The Eddie Guerrero Story DVD Review

Cheating Death , Stealing Life .... DVD Review

This is apparantly my 100th post for the blog . Although there are around 6 or 7 drafts in there too .

Here is the review for the 2004 late , great Eddie Guerrero DVD .

The documentary is great for its running time . It's only about 45 minutes long , but that time flies by quickly . If you've read his book that has the same name as this DVD , then there really isn't anything too new , but it's nice to hear it from his own mouth . Another bonus is the interviews with his family and his friends , especially when it is revealed to Eddie that Malenko , along with Benoit and others , went to JR because they were worried about him . A great doc , and will be made even better just looking at this amazing match list !   8/10

Disc 1 Matches :

The Guerrero Brothers vs Cactus Jack & Rock n Roll RPM's
From the AWA Superclash III . Always nice to see Mick Foley in the ring . Eddie isn't actually in this match , it's Hector , Chavo and Mando . Pretty good match here , and greatly paced for its time . Chavo hits a moonsault and wins the match . **1/2

Eddie Guerrero & Love Machine vs Octagon & El Hijo Santo : 2 out of 3 Falls
In Eddie's book , he describes this as his five star match . It's the only match where he gives himself that rating so it must be great . This is a hair vs mask match . Art Barr gets the first fall with a frog splash . Both guys need to be pinned to win a fall . Octagon beats both guys to get the second fall . Such a great match here . Santo rolls up Eddie to win the match . Awesome . ****1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko : 2 out of 3 Falls
I have been waiting to see this match for so long . This was both guys final match in ECW . Usually the fans would chant ' You sold out ' , but here they chanted ' Please don't go ' . Eddie wins the first fall with a roll up . Malenko makes Eddie submit to the texas cloverleaf for the second fall . What a great match . Both guys shoulders were down to end the match in a draw . Obviously the match is an absolute stunner , but the emotion of it all put it over the edge . It even had the perfect ending , showing both guys were equal . Unbelievable stuff . Possibly the best match in ECW history . *****

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jericho
This took place at the WCW Fall Brawl in 1997 , with the cruiserweight title on the line . It's a shame these guys never had a proper feud in the WWE as it could have been great . I think this is the closest we can get to a great match between the two . Eddie wins the title after a frog splash . ***3/4

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
From Halloween Havoc 1997 . Quite possibly the greatest cruiserweight match of all time . Definitely the best cruiserweight match from WCW . It's usually described as both guys best match . The pacing of the match was off the charts and the psychology was great . Rey wins with what he calls splash mountain . Just awesome . ****3/4

Disc 2 Matches :

Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrero
From Bash at the Beach 1998 . These two always seemed like they could have a classic match , but could never quite get there .This is a hair vs hair match . The match was pretty entertaining while it lasted . Eddie gets the win with an inside cradle . **3/4 . After the match , Chavo shaves his own head .

Eddie Guerrero vs Rob Van Dam : Ladder Match
After watching this match , I'm thinking that if it was released today , it would be the most edited match of all time . They already have to edit out the fan run in and to do that they show Chris Benoit in the audience who is shown quite a lot . Needless to say , I don't think we're going to see this match again . However , this match is definitely one of the best in Raw's history . Eddie and RVD were having great matches at this time and this was probably their best . IC Title was on the line . RVD grabs the title after knocking Eddie to the outside . ****

Los Guerreros vs Edge & Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
From Survivor Series 2002 . Ah , the Smackdown Six . These guys made Smackdown the must-see wrestling show of 2002 . So many great matches and this was another one . This was for the newly made Smackdown tag titles .  Elimination rules apply . Benoit is pinned after a spear , eliminating his team . This match is just non-stop fast paced action . Eddie makes Rey tap to win the match . ****

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit
From Vengeance 2003 . Guerrero against Benoit . What could go wrong ? Absolutely nothing . This was for the newly made US Title . Needless to say , the match was awesome . You can always count on these two to put on a show . Even with some overbooking . Eddie is able to win the US Title with help from Rhyno and a frog splash . ****

Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar
From No Way Out 2004 . I would put this as one of my favourite matches ever and consider it to be an all time classic . The story of the match was terrific , with Eddie trying to overcome another demon in the form of Brock Lesnar . Eddie seemed like he never had a chance and was able to prove everyone wrong . Eddie finally wins the WWE Title after hitting Brock with the frog splash . A classic . ****3/4

8.5/10 . The documentary is very short , but does give a very entertaining 45 minutes . The matches are excellent . Nothing really bad , and a lot of them ranging from great to phenomenal . Definitely one to get .

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Ranking Every MITB Ladder Match

Every MITB Match Ranked

Since I recently finished the 2010 MITB PPV , I thought I'd put them in ranking order .

12. Wrestlemania XXVI MITB - ***1/4

11. WWE Championship MITB 2012 - ***1/2

10. World Heavyweight Championship MITB 2012 - ***3/4

9. Raw MITB 2010 - ***3/4

8. Wrestlemania XXV MITB - ***3/4

7. Smackdown MITB 2010 - ****

6. Raw MITB 2011 - ****

5. Wrestlemania 22 MITB - ****

 4. Smackdown MITB 2011 - ****

3. Wrestlemania XXIV MITB - ****

2. Wrestlemania 23 MITB - ****

1. Wrestlemania 21 MITB - ****1/2

How would your list go ?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bound for Glory 2012 Review

Bound for Glory 2012 Review : Epic Street Fight

I haven't watched TNA for quite a while , so I won't really have any information on it .

Rob Van Dam vs Zema Ion
X-Division title was on the line here . You can always count on RVD to start the night off well . The match was pretty good , but I thought it ended quite abruptly . RVD becomes the new champion after hitting a five star frog splash . **1/2

Samoa Joe vs Magnus
TV title up for grabs . During this match , the fans started the chant of  ' This is awesome ' ( which seemed to last the whole night ) . I wouldn't go that far , but the match did start getting exciting towards the finish . The finish was pretty awesome , as Joe retains with a rear naked choke . **3/4

James Storm vs Bobby Roode : Street Fight
King Mo was the special enforcer here . Since the match went on third , I wasn't expecting it to be great . Boy was I wrong . This ended being the highlight of the show with brutality such as thumb tacks and some surprising kickouts . Storm bled pretty badly . Storm won with a second superkick to Roode . ****1/2 . Match of the Night

Joey Ryan vs Al Snow
If Joey won this match , he would get a TNA contract . I wasn't expecting this to be good , but it wasn't that bad . It was a pretty basic matchup . And yes , I did love it when Snow brought Head back out . Matt Morgan interferes to give Ryan the win . *3/4

AJ Styles/Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez vs Kazarian/Christopher Daniels
Tag titles on the line . I wasn't expecting Chavo and Hernandez to win this one but they did and looked good doing it . I didn't know how the match would turn out with six guys in there , but it ended up being fantastic . Absolutely loved this match . Chavo gets the pin with a frog splash . ****1/4

Tara vs Miss Tessmacher
I've said it before and I'll say it again : WWE take notes ! Pretty solid match for the Knockouts title . Tara wins with the widows peak . **

Aces & Eights vs Sting & Bully Ray : No DQ
If A&E won , then they would be allowed access to TNA , and if Sting or Bully got the win , then A&E would leave . I wasn't sure how this one would end up , but I thought it was pretty entertaining . A&E won after putting Bully through a table . **3/4 . After the match , a member of the A&E is revealed as Devon Dudley .

Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries
Now this match for the TNA World Championship , was the one I was looking forward to the most . While it didn't end up being the best of the night , it was still an excellent match . Jeff winning the World title was really surprising to me . I kinda wish Aries had won though . Jeff pins Aries after hitting him with a swanton bomb . ****

9/10 . TNA have really been on a role and I am definitely gonna start watching again . Three fantastic matches here and nothing was terrible , with the worst match still being entertaining .

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Extreme Rules 2010 Review

Extreme Rules 2010 Review : Duct Tape Ends the Night

Time for a review of one of the better PPVs of 2010 .

The Sheamus/HHH match was supposed to open the show , but a fight broke out between the two and Sheamus supposedly injured HHH with a lead pipe .

The Miz and Big Show come out to demand a match . Teddy Long come out to make it a Gauntlet match .

Tag Team Gauntlet Match
MizShow vs John Morrison and R-Truth starts the match off . Morrison has his team taken out after getting disqualified . Mark Henry and MVP come out next . MVP is pinned after a Big Show right hand . Hart Dynasty is out next with Bret Hart . Hart Dynasty quickly win with a hart attack . Entertaining match . *3/4

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
If Punk loses this match , his head will be shaved bald . Needless to say , these two went out there and had their usual awesome match . I'd love to see another match on PPV between these two . Punk gets the win and saves his hair with a GTS . **** . Match of the Night

JTG vs Shad Gaspard : Strap Match
Never really liked these kinds of matches ( Steve Austin vs Savio Vega exempt ) . I feel bad for both guys since it was barely built up , apart from Shad's heel turn . JTG hits his finisher and touches all the corners . *

Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton : No Holds Barred
World title on the line . This was Swagger's chance to prove that he deserved to be the World Heavyweight Champion . This was a very good match and Swagger proved he was a capable champion . But it was all downhill from there . Swagger wins with a gut-wrench bomb . ***1/4

Sheamus vs Triple H : Street Fight
HHH is hurt but still wants to fight . The story of HHH's injured arm helped the match . Really good match as Sheamus gets the win after a fourth brogue kick . ***1/4 . After the match , Sheamus comes out to give HHH another kick and becomes the biggest dick in the WWE .

Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool : Extreme Makeover
Wow , how obviously sexist . At least Beth's here to make that little bit better . Beth wins the title with a glam slam . *

Edge vs Chris Jericho : Steel Cage
This feud continues after their great World title match at Wrestlemania . It's also notable that these two also had a steel cage match against each other eight years previously to this one . I love how Jericho teased the escape and then decided to punish Edge some more . I think the end of the match dragged a little bit , as Jericho begged for mercy . Other than that , a great match . Edge wins with a spear . ***3/4

John Cena vs Batista : Last Man Standing
Ok , this was a great match and all , but what the hell is with the finish ? I don't think it would be a good finish for a PPV ever . I don't even think they would get away with it in the cartoon era or the attitude era of wrestling . Anyway before that , this was still a great match for the WWE Title . ***1/2

7.5/10 . Easily on of the better events of 2010 . Three great matches and two really good ones . Sounds like a great show to me .

Friday, 12 October 2012

Money in the Bank 2010 Review

Money in the Bank 2010 Review : Kane Makes History

Back to doing normal Pay per views again with this one .

Smackdown MITB Ladder Match
At the time , this match was pretty hard to predict . Watching Big Show trying to climb the ladder was hilarious . That's when the HUGE ladder was brought out . Kofi's boom drop off the ladder and through the announce table looked spectacular . Exciting match to start off the show . Kane grabs the case for the win . ****

Alicia Fox vs Eve
Our first divas match of the evening . Divas title on the line . Obviously the match wasn't too good . Alicia pins Eve after a scissor kick . *

The Hart Dynasty vs The Usos
Unified tag titles on the line . The crowd was pretty quiet for this one . This was a nice solid match . David Hart Smith makes one of the Usos tap out . **1/4

Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger
World title up for grabs . The story here was that Rey had a bad ankle injury and Swagger had started using the ankle lock as a finisher . Now this was a pretty damn exciting match . The DDT from the second rope was awesome . Mysterio retains with a roll up . ***1/2

Kane comes out with briefcase in hand .

Kane vs Rey Mysterio
Kane hits the tombstone to become the new world heavyweight champion , and the first ever superstar to cash in on the same night he won it . N/R ( But very awesome ! )

Kelly Kelly vs Layla
What did we do to deserve two divas matches in one PPV ? Women's title is on the line . Layla pins Kelly to retain . 3/4*

Raw MITB Ladder Match
Now this was a really hard match to predict . You had established guys like Orton and Jericho and some new guys . My money was on Evan Bourne . Another exciting , action-packed ladder match on this show . Miz wins the briefcase . ***3/4

John Cena vs Sheamus : Steel Cage
This was predictable . I guessed that Nexus would interfere and cost Cena the title . The match was actually good though . And as if by magic , the Nexus interferes and costs Cena the title . ***

7.5/10 . One of the better PPV's of 2010 thanks to two great ladder matches and a great World title match .

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Let's Call it Inspiration

Ever since I watched the new CM Punk DVD , I have felt inspired . I no longer feel the need to drink ( I was never gonna smoke or do drugs anyway ) . I want to become Straight Edge . Sounds like a good kind of life , since I won't care about what others think of me and do things my own way .

And perhaps best of all , I ordered these bad boys for myself yesterday ! :

So thank you CM Punk , for making my life that little bit better .

Friday, 5 October 2012

CM Punk : Best in the World - DVD Review

CM Punk : Best in the World - DVD Review

Over a year since his infamous promo on Raw , CM Punk finally gets his own DVD set .

The documentary was fantastic . It was pretty revealing and even put the higher-ups of the WWE in a bad light which I wasn't expecting since they usually get the final word on everything . It lasts an hour and fifty minutes , and would have loved an extra hour . Hell I would have loved an extra two hours ! The doc. on its own I would give 9.75/10 , but add in the interesting special features from the first disc and it's an easy 10/10 , and easily one of the best features the WWE has ever released . Worth the price of the set just for this one disc . I would easily put this up against the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD set .

I'm pretty sure the matches will make this even better .

Disc 2 :

CM Punk vs Brent Albright
From an OVW event . This was apparently one of the biggest feuds in OVW history . Punk says he thought he had great chemistry with Brent and loved wrestling him . Punk looks to have injured his leg at one point , but the match continues . Brent wins as Punk passes out from an STF . Overall I'll give it  *** .

CM Punk vs Justin Credible
Here we have Punk's WWE debut , which took place in ECW . The ECW fans welcomed Punk and that helped give us a nice , exciting debut match for Punk . Credible taps to the anaconda vice . **

CM Punk vs John Morrison
These two had some disappointing matches before this one . This is the match that they finally clicked on . This was Punk's last chance to win the title . I love that WWE kept the action shown , even through commercial breaks . Why not do that with all matches ? Punk wins the ECW Title with a GTS . ***1/2

Money In The Bank : Wrestlemania XXIV
One of the best spotfests in WWE . It worked really well for a match that had 2 faces and 5 heels . Loved the sunset flip suplex off the ladder and Shelton falling all the way outside the ring onto another ladder . Brilliant match . Punk wins his first , but not his last , MITB . ****

CM Punk & Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase
Tag titles on the line . Punk described his partnership with Kofi as a lot of fun . Another match that has action where the breaks are meant to be . Hopefully this is now the norm for DVD sets . Punk wins the tag titles with a GTS to Dibiase . ***

CM Punk vs William Regal : No DQ Match
Now here you can expect a real stiff match . I suspect it's also going to be a great match . IC Title on the line . A little too short as I was enjoying it , but still a very good match . Punk wins the IC Title with a GTS . ***1/4

Disc 3 :

CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy : TLC Match
One of the best feuds of 2009 hits its breaking point with a TLC match . Jeff Hardy's specialty match . Nice to see they got the main event spot . Jeff being dropped onto a set-up chair looked brutal . The superplex on the ladder looked very sick . Jeff's swanton onto the announce table was the holy shit moment of the match . Punk knocks Jeff off the ladder and grabs the title to become the new champ . Incredible . ****1/4

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio : Hair vs Pledge
Can these guys actually have a match less than 3 stars ? Brutal when Rey was thrown into that barber chair. Hated when they stopped the match for blood , it just kills all the momentum . But Punk managed to pick it up by going crazy on Rey . Just an awesome match here . ****1/4

John Cena vs CM Punk
What can i say about this match that hasn't already been said ? The best example of a modern day WWE classic . The crowd was absolutely electric for the match and that made it much better . Just half an hour of great wrestling and breathtaking action , with a finish that no one saw coming . I think about 95% of fans thought that Cena would leave with the title or a MITB winner would leave , but no , CM Punk left as WWE champion . A classic in every sense of the word . *****

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho
The match started off a bit slow but Jericho's heel antics trying to get disqualified were awesome and kept it going . Great finishing sequence where no one knew what was going to happen . This gets better with every viewing . Punk retains with the anaconda vice . A modern Wrestlemania classic . ****

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan
The match we'd all been waiting for . This was just amazing , with both these guys putting on a great performance . Apparently the match lasted for 25 minutes but for me it felt like 15 as the match just whizzed by . This is what we want WWE ! After a spectacular showing , Punk is able to roll Bryan up for a three count . ****1/2

9.5/10 . Absolutely fantastic set . One of the best ever . You get easily of the best wrestling documentaries and every match on the set felt like it should have been there . Not to mention the amount of classics here . Buy this as quickly as possible !