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Friday, 28 December 2012

Summerslam 2009 Review

Summerslam 2009 Review : Taker Returns After Amazing TLC

I'm going to review every Summerslam now that I have the complete collection .

Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler
IC Title on the line and what a way to start the show . This is the third time I've watched this match and it's still exciting . Hell , it nearly stole the show . The loud fans also helped make it a great match . Mysterio retains with a hurricarana off the top rope . ***3/4

Jack Swagger vs MVP 
Were these guys feuding just because Swagger kept calling MVP an ex-con ? He was right though . The fans weren't really into the match but it wasn't too bad . Short and inoffensive . MVP hits the playmaker to win . **

JeriShow vs Cryme Tyme
Time for some tag title action and who better to see than JeriShow ? I don't think that Cryme Tyme were much of a threat though . Pretty good match , but the pace did slow down when Show was in the ring . Show hits his big right hand and Jericho covers for the win . **3/4

Kane vs The Great Khali
Who thought it was a good idea to have a PPV rematch between these two ? And yes this match was quite bad , and the last thing this match needed was a chinlock . Kane hits a DDT to win . 1/4*

DX vs Legacy 
This was DX's return match and their first match together since the New Years Revolution PPV in January 2007 . DX's entrance was also pretty awesome . Legacy looked really good in this match , as if they could keep up with the two legends . Overall , very entertaining . HBK hits the superkick to win the match . ***1/2

Christian vs William Regal
I can't believe this match only lasted about six seconds . PROFANITY WARNING - What the fuck was that shit ?? A match that could have been seriously great , relegated to six seconds on PPV ? Screw that . DUD

John Cena vs Randy Orton
This is the second time that these two have fought for the WWE Championship at Summerslam . But what the hell was with all the restarts ? It would have been fine if Cena had won the title , but instead Orton retained and made it all pointless . Orton hits an RKO to retain . The in ring action wasn't too bad , so for that I'll give it  **1/2

CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy : TLC Match
One of the best feuds of 2009 hits its breaking point with a TLC match . Jeff Hardy's specialty match . Nice to see they got the main event spot . Jeff being dropped onto a set-up chair looked brutal . The superplex on the ladder looked very sick . Jeff's swanton onto the announce table was the holy shit moment of the match . Punk knocks Jeff off the ladder and grabs the title to become the new champ . Incredible . ****1/4

After the match , Punk stands over Hardy's body as the Gong sounds . Lights come back on and Taker is nowhere in sight until he sits up from under Punk . Punk takes a chokeslam to end the show .

6.5/10  Overall an enjoyable Summerslam . The Kane/Khali and the ECW title match bring it down , along with the latter part of the Cena/Orton match . TLC , Mysterio/Ziggler and DX/Legacy definitely make up for it .

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Judgment Day 2000 Review

Judgment Day 2000 Review : HHH & Rock for 60 Minutes

Known as one of the best PPVs in WWE history . Lets see shall we .

Rikishi & Too Cool vs E&C  & Kurt Angle 
This one was hugely entertaining , and the fans were really into it , which makes for a great opening matchup . Great action too . Grand Master Sexay hits a flying legdrop on Edge and that picks up the victory for the good guys . ***1/2

Eddie Guerrero vs Perry Saturn vs Dean Malenko
European title was on the line . This was a good triple threat match , it was just a shame that the crowd wasn't really into it and only popped for the big moves like the gut buster from the top rope . Eddie pins Dean after interference from Chyna to retain . ***

Shane McMahon vs The Big Show : Falls Count Anywhere
These guys started feuding after Big Show was the first eliminated from the Wrestlemania main event . This one was pretty fun to watch , even with all the guys running in to aid Shane , but it makes sense considering that Shane had no chance of winning . Shane hits Show with a cement block to win . **3/4

Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho : Submission Match 
I was really looking forward to this one , since both guys have amazing chemistry together . I ended up being a little disappointed though . Don't get me wrong it's still a great match , but not as good as I thought . Y2J's walls of Jericho on the ropes was pretty awesome though . Benoit makes Jericho pass out to the crossface to retain the IC title . ***3/4

Road Dogg & X-Pac vs The Dudley Boyz : Tables Match
Usually , tables matches are only truly entertaining when someone actually goes through a table ( bar Royal Rumble 2000 ) , but this one was thoroughly enjoyable . X-Pac won the match for his team with a massive facebuster to Bubba through a table . ***

Triple H vs The Rock : 60 Minute Iron Man Match
Shawn Michaels was the ref for this match . I've wanted to see this match for a while , but never had the chance , but now I finally I have the chance , and I must say that I was not disappointed . Every minute felt like it was adding to the match and it was never dull or boring . The match ended 6-5 to HHH , as Undertaker made his return and got the Rock disqualified . Just brilliant . ****3/4

9/10 . If any wrestling promoter needs to book a show around a sixty minute match , then they should watch this show to see how it's done . Great show with the lowest rating being **3/4 and the highest being ****3/4 . Definitely recommended .

Monday, 24 December 2012

New reviews on their way

Have just been given this new DVD set , so plenty of reviews on their way !

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Trish Stratus - 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed DVD Review

Trish Stratus DVD Review

Apparently a wrestling rarity . I've checked around and I've found very few reviews for this , so I guess it's a rare review as well . The feature runs for 65 minutes . I knew nothing about Trish before this , so this is all new to me . I found this to be very entertaining . It shows her childhood , what she did before wrestling , how she got into wrestling and then the main feuds and moments from her career . There's also a nice non-kayfabe conversation between Trish and Stone Cold . I do have to say , the 65 minutes absolutely flew by and I wish it had been 2 hours long . I know people want this because it's rare , but you should also get it for the quality .  I'll give it  8/10 . 

There's a number of  'Trish Moments' named as follows :

Table Tip #1
Table Tip #2
Table Tip #3

HHH shows Trish wrestling holds

Talking to Mr McMahon in a hot tub

Stephanie McMahon and Trish fight dirty

Steve Blackman helps Trish change

House Tour

Internet Babe of the Year '01

Internet Babe of the Year '02

Raw Magazine Shoot

SummerSlam Commercial

Diva of the Decade

Much Music Awards

Mad TV

Lola Story

Terri Story

Ron Hutchison Story

Making of Trish Stratus : 100% Stratusfaction Guaranteed

Matches :

Trish Stratus vs Stacy Kiebler : Mud Match
From an episode of Raw . This is now the only Mud match that I have on DVD . I have absolutely no idea of how to rate this , so I'm just gonna leave it as ' Fun to watch ' .

Trish Stratus vs Victoria : Chicago Street Fight 
After watching the feature , I really want to see this match now . The first ever divas chicago street fight . This was a well paced , hardcore style match . It's over quite quickly with Victoria picking up the win . **3/4

Trish Stratus vs Jazz vs Victoria 
I'd put this as the second best divas match in Wrestlemania history . Good action throughout this match . A good triple threat match . Trish becomes the women's champion after a chick kick to Victoria . ***

Trish Stratus vs Jazz
From the UK Insurrextion PPV and is for the Women's title . This was a pretty good divas match , and it was long as well which was a nice treat . Jazz retains her title . **1/2

7.5/10 . A surprisingly good DVD here , with a great feature , fun special features and a few good matches . Recommended if you can get it .

The Greatest Cage Matches of all Time DVD Review

The Greatest Cage Matches of all Time DVD Review

There are pretty mixed opinions of this set . I'm usually a pretty positive person so I think this'll be a great DVD . Lets find out if I'm right or not .

I should note that next to each match , I will show that it is a cage match , but that's just in case I need to copy and paste for another review .

Disc 1 Matches :

Pat Patterson vs Bob Backlund : Steel Cage
WWE Title is on the line for this one . This match started off very quickly and the crowd was heated up . This is pretty fast paced for a match from 1979 . The only way to win was by escaping . The psychology was great for this one . Backlund escapes through the door to retain . Great for its time . ***1/4

Bob Backlund vs Jimmy Snuka : Steel Cage 
WWE Title up for grabs . Of course Snuka would make his mark in a different cage match ( that isn't on this disc , but you can find it on the IC Title set ) . This match was slower than the first cage match on the set . The crowd went absolutely wild when Snuka was busted open . It was quite stupid for Snuka to go for the big splash off the top when he could have won it . Backlund walks out to retain . ***

Bruno Sammartino vs Larry Zbyszko : Steel Cage
I love watching Bruno matches . Why the hell isn't this guy in the hall of fame ? Oh yeah I forgot Vince likes to think of himself as king of the wrestling world . Anyway now for the match . The commentary by Striker and Matthews really doesn't help . The match was ok . Bruno walks out to win it . **

Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich : Steel Cage 
From Christmas Star Wars 1982 . As soon as I saw that these two had a match here , I began looking forward to it . These two have been known to have great matches . Michael Hayes is the special guest referee . And yes this was another great match between the two . Felt like an all out war . Flair wins since Kerry wasn't able to continue . ****

Ivan & Nikita Koloff vs The Rock N Roll Express : Steel Cage
From Starrcade 1985 . This wasn't on the Starrcade DVD so it was a nice addition . I think this cage match was overshadowed by the I Quit cage match that also took place on this night . However , this was a great match . The heel heat sections were great , with the fans desperate for a tag . The rock n roll express win the tag titles with a roll up . ***1/2

Road Warriors vs The Freebirds : Steel Cage 
From Wrestlerock 1986 . This would be the last time the Road Warriors were in the AWA before moving to the NWA . The match felt like a squash , with the Freebirds not getting a lot of offense in . Still it was entertaining . Road warriors get the win . **

Abdullah The Butcher vs Bruiser Brody : Steel Cage 
This is the first time I've seen a match featuring either of these guys . The match wasn't as brutal as I thought it might be but Abdullah still bled pretty badly . Match was ok . Brody pins Abdullah to win . *1/2

Midnight Rockers vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers : Steel Cage
From Brawl in St Paul . HBK likes to bring up this rivalrie when talking about his career . The Rockers were in control for most of this match . Quite a bit of blood in this one . A really good cage match as the Rockers win the match . ***1/4

Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant : Steel Cage 
I know these guys don't have wrestling classics with each other , but I can't help but feel excited when I know they're going one on one . There's just something magical about it . I thought it was an entertaining match while it lasted . Hogan climbs out to win . *

Disc 2 Matches :

Ric Flair vs Lex Luger : Steel Cage
From the 1990 Capital Carnage . This was the US Champ going against the World Champ with the World Title on the line . I'm really looking forward to this one ( then again I always look forward to Flair matches ) . That is one big ass cage . This was awesome . For some reason the match ends in DQ . The only bad part to an otherwise great match . ****

 Ultimate Warrior vs Rick Rude : Steel Cage 
From Summerslam 1990 and is for the WWE Title . It's a shame they couldn't have put the superior match from the previous Summerslam in this match's place . Rude really helped put the Warrior over . Not too great a match here though . Pretty dull stuff . Warrior retains by climbing out of the cage . *3/4

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage : Steel Cage
These guys would go on to have an absolute classic at Wrestlemania . So judging by that match , this one should be a doozy . The match was pretty entertaining . Savage climbs out the cage with Sherri's help , who is stripped afterwards . **3/4

Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jannetty : Steel Cage
These two had one of the best matches in Raw history for the IC Title . Lets see if this one can live up to that standard . And it turns out it can't . I really don't know what was going on here but this felt really sloppy at times . Shawn falls out the door to win . **1/2

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Mankind : Steel Cage
From Summerslam 1997 . I've seen this match with great reviews so I'm really looking forward to watching it for the first time . And yes this was a great match . Some great spots involved and some painful ones like the steel door on Mankind's skull . Mankind escapes to win . ***3/4

Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon : Steel Cage
I think , at the time , this was a highly anticipated matchup . Hell I've never seen it and I'm pretty excited for it ! This was barely a cage match , but it was a fun brawl . Vince flying through the announce table was an awesome sight to see . This also had the debut of Paul Wight . Austin managed to win as Paul threw him at the cage and it opened up . **1/2

Triple H vs The Rock : Steel Cage 
From Rebellion 1999 which took place in the UK . These two would go on to have a fantastic rivalry in 2000 for the title . The match wasn't as entertaining as I thought it would be , but it was was still pretty damn good . The fans got on my nerves . Bulldog interferes to cost Rock the match . ***1/4

Disc 3 Matches :

Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz : Steel Cage 
From Survivor Series 2001 . This was the match that led to the short and pretty pointless breakup of the Hardys . The match was fun but the ending seemed pointless with Jeff being able to win but deciding to entertain the fans and leap off the cage , only to miss . Dudleys win . ***

Edge vs Chris Jericho : Steel Cage
I think it's amazing that these two never had a feud until 2010 . This match shows that it could have been a great feud . The match is awesome and the aftermath has Rey Mysterio's awesome leap from the top of the cage . Edge escapes to win it . ****

Chris Jericho vs Christian : Steel Cage
Another Canadian vs Canadian match on this disc . I found the Y2J/CLB rivalry to be very underrated . I loved their Wrestlemania , Backlash , Unforgiven and this match . Great chemistry between the two . Y2J's crossbody from the top of the cage was awesome . Christian bled quite badly . Y2J makes Christian tap to win . ***1/2

Randy Orton vs Ric Flair : Steel Cage 
From the first WWE interactive PPV Taboo Tuesday . I remember , as a kid , wanting to see this match , and now over 8 years later I finally have the chance to watch it . This one got bloody pretty quickly . I actually really enjoyed this . Orton wins with an RKO . ***

Edge vs Matt Hardy : Steel Cage
From Unforgiven 2005 . Now here was a bitter feud that was definitely deserving of the steel cage . To put it basically , this was an awesome match with a great finish . It's amazing that Matt could've seriously tried to hurt Edge with the leg drop , but landed it perfectly like a professional . Matt wins it . A classic cage match . ****1/4

John Cena vs Edge : Steel Cage
Another match that deserved a cage . WWE likes to call this the rivalry of the decade . I wouldn't go that far but I still think it's one of the better rivalries . A great cage match here , and one of the better matches between the two guys . Cena hits the FU to win . ***1/2

Batista vs Chris Jericho : Steel Cage 
This was after the Cyber Sunday match between the two , in which Batista won the World Title from Jericho  . The match felt a little dull , especially since there was a title change . Jericho escapes the cage to win the title . **1/4

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk : Steel Cage
The loser of this match had to leave the WWE . To date , this is Jeff's final match in the WWE . World title was also on the line . This was only five days after their big TLC match at Summerslam . Fans were solidly behind Jeff here . In fact the fans are really loud throughout this entire match . Punk wins by escaping the cage . ****

7.5/10 . A very good set , but it reminded me of the ladder match set where it was hard to watch the dvd , match after match , except that not every match was great . The set really could have used a classic like Bret/Owen or Magnum/Blanchard . Recommended for some great and rare matches .

Monday, 17 December 2012

Ranking Every WWE PPV of 2012

Under every PPV I'll name my match of the night including the star rating I gave it .

12 . Hell in a Cell - Sheamus vs Big Show ***3/4

11. Elimination Chamber - WWE Title Chamber ***3/4

10. Survivor Series - John Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk ***3/4

9. No Way Out - CM Punk vs Kane vs Daniel Bryan ***3/4

8. Royal Rumble - Royal Rumble Match ****

7. Over The Limit - CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan ****1/2

6. Money in the Bank - CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan : No DQ ****1/4

5. Summerslam - Triple H vs Brock Lesnar ***1/2

4. Night of Champions - John Cena vs CM Punk ****1/2

3. TLC - Six Man TLC Match ****3/4

2. Extreme Rules - John Cena vs Brock Lesnar : Extreme Rules ****1/2

( Honorable mention - Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus : 2 out of 3 Falls ****1/2)

1. Wrestlemania XXVIII - Undertaker vs Triple H : Hell in a Cell *****

( Honorable Mention - John Cena vs The Rock ****3/4 )

How would your list go ?

TLC 2012 Review

TLC 2012 Review : Ziggler Finally on Top

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Team Rhodes Scholars : Tables Match
I wasn't sure how good this one would be , since table matches have never really been classics , but it surprised me . It ended up being really good , and was quite hard to predict given that either team having a win would make sense . Cody wins a title match for the team after pushing Sin Cara from the top of the rope and through a table . ***

Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth 
I wasn't looking forward to this one after their match at Survivor Series , but I ended up enjoying it . Definitely better than the SS match but it felt like they were building to something and then it ended abruptly with Cesaro hitting the neutralizer and retaining the title . **1/4

MizTV somehow gets a segment on PPV . 3MB are the guests . The only thing stopping this from being pointless is a potential Del Rio face turn . The match later on would be pointless too .

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
This was a hard one to predict . Before the match I thought that Barrett would get the win and become champ . I even thought he was gonna hit his big elbow , but Kofi managed to hit the trouble in paradise and retain the title . Good , unpredictable match . ***

Ryback & Team Hell No vs The Shield : TLC Match
Wow , what an absolutely fantastic match this was . This was 20 minutes of great , non-stop action . Before the match , I was worried  that WWE would make the Shield lose and look bad in the defeat . They didn't and looked brilliant throughout the match . There were a lot of great spots as well , like Seth Rollins going through about 2 or 3 tables off a ladder . Shield win after powerbombing Daniel Bryan through a table from the top rope . Easily match of the night and a MOTYC . ****1/2

Eve vs Naomi
This was pretty interesting , given that Naomi was a fresh new opponent and she did impress me for all three minutes . Way too short , Naomi should have been given a chance to show off but wasn't given that chance . Eve hits a swinging neckbreaker to win . 1/2*

Sheamus vs Big Show : Chairs Match
I was looking forward to this one , after the two surprisingly good matches they had at the previous two PPVs . I would say this wasn't as good as their match at HIAC , but better than the Survivor Series match . It was also another surprise win , as Big Show was able to retain after hitting Sheamus with the biggest steel chair I've ever seen . I was sure Sheamus would win the title back . Good match . ***1/4

Miz / Alberto Del Rio/Brooklyn Brawler vs 3MB
I really did not enjoy this . 3MB had to lose their momentum for this ? Plus Miz and Del Rio really don't look comfortable in the face zone . Brawler puts Jinder Mahal into the boston crab for the submission win . Meh . 3/4*

John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler : Ladder Match
If I'm not mistaken , this is Ziggler's first singles match in the main event of a PPV . This match was awesome and I was really worried that Cena was going to win the briefcase . Thankfully it never happened . I have to admit , Cena's hurricarana was awesome . Ziggler wins the briefcase after AJ pushes Cena off the ladder and Ziggler superkicks him . Nice to see Ziggler getting a big win to end a show . ****

8/10 . I was really worried that I was going to regret buying this show , but I needn't have worried , it was awesome . Easily the best PPV since Extreme Rules . The stuff that sucked was really short , so they could be forgotten easily . Watch this show !

Friday, 7 December 2012

Bragging Rights 2009 Review

Bragging Rights 2009 Review : One Hour , Anything Goes

John Morrison vs The Miz
This is the first round of the Smackdown vs Raw matches , and this one had the IC Champion going up against the US Champion . I felt bad for Marty Jannetty being the punchline in this feud between old tag partners . This was a very enjoyable match and the best choice for an opener in my opinion . Finish wasn't too good though . Miz makes Morrison fall off the top rope and pins him to win . ***

Smackdown Divas vs Raw Divas
The second round of the Smackdown vs Raw matches . What would have happened if Raw had won ? No 7 on 7 match later on ? Not a lot of logic there . This match wasn't too bad as it featured some of the better divas in the WWE . Beth hits the glam slam to give Smackdown the win . **1/4

Undertaker vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk 
The match that started Batista's great heel turn and it's for the World Championship . This match was a hell of a lot of fun . I think most knew that Taker was gonna win , but it was still a fun ride getting there . Nobody expected what came after the match though , and is , possibly , the highlight of the entire night . Taker wins with a tombstone to Batista . ***1/2

After the match , Batista tells Rey he's tired of him , and in a sadistic ( and awesome ) tone says , 'I'm gonna rip your head off ' and then savagely attacks him . Just great stuff here .

Team Smackdown vs Team Raw 
And here we have the match to decide which brand gets the trophy . I would have preferred this as an elimination match because it just seems way too crowded in there . That being said , this match was a lot of fun and just about every guy got a chance to show off . Y2J pins Kofi after Big Show betrays his team and gives Kofi a chokeslam . Smackdown leaves with the trophy . ***1/4

John Cena vs Randy Orton : 60 Minute Iron Man Anything Goes Match
I've seen views on this match range from not so good to all time classic . While I wouldn't call it a classic , I definitely wouldn't say it wasn't good . I'll call it a great match . There were some slow parts , but the rest of the match made it worth it . Cena made Orton submit to the STF seconds before the match ended . ***3/4

8.5/10 . This was the best pay per view of 2009 . There's nothing bad here , with only the divas match coming under three stars and even that was pretty . I'd call this highly recommended .

Monday, 3 December 2012

Survivor Series 2009 Review

Survivor Series 2009 Review : DX Implodes For One Night

Team Morrison vs Team Miz : Traditional Elimination Match 
You can usually guarantee a Survivor Series elimination match being a great way to open the show , and on this occasion I think it was the best way to go . It wasn't the best elimination match , but it was still fun and enjoyable . I only wish that Finlay and Sheamus got more time to interact . Miz , Drew McIntyre and Sheamus are the sole survivors for team Miz . ***

Batista vs Rey Mysterio 
This was more of an angle advancement or a segment than a match . Usually that would be fine , but this was a big PPV , so surely that stuff could have been kept for Smackdown . We did get some nice action though . Batista destroys Rey and so the ref has to end the match . **

Team Kingston vs Team Orton : Traditional Elimination Match
This was definitely the better traditional match on this night . I'm glad they eliminated Mark Henry really quickly since it was pretty slow when he was in . Kofi being able to eliminate two former World champions on his own was great and really should have pushed him towards the stars . Kofi is the sole survivor . ***1/2

Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs Big Show
World title is on the line . And as I suspected , this was mostly like a handicap match . Although the highlight of the match has to be a fan telling Jericho to go back to Toronto and Jericho retorts , ' I'm from Winnipeg you idiot ' . Just brilliant . It was pretty slow to start but got better by the end . Taker makes Show submit to the hell's gate to retain . ***

Team McCool vs Team Mickie : Traditional Elimination Match
This wasn't too bad for a divas match . Pretty fun actually . Beth was looking really dominant until she was eliminated by Mickie . Mickie and Melina are the sole survivors for team Mickie . *1/2

Remember when people thought this was the last ever Survivor Series ?

John Cena vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels 
WWE Championship on the line . I thought this would be like the previous triple threat match , with DX tagging against Cena for the majority of the contest . Boy was I wrong ! First move of the match is a Shawn superkick to HHH ! The match was so much fun from there and easily the best match of the night . Cena retains his title . ****

7/10 . A good Survivor Series here . Two really good traditional matches , a good World title triple threat and a fantastic main event . Only the Batista/Mysterio and the divas match really hold it back .

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Backlash 2005 Review

Backlash 2005 Review : "One" More Time

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Jericho 
IC Title is on the line . You can usually bank on the IC title match being a great way to start the show off and on this occasion it was a fantastic opener . The crowd was absolutely dead to start off but these two guys managed to bring them round and make them loud . Some brilliant moves and near falls in this match with a great pinning combination to finish it off . Shelton retains with a pin . ****

Tag Team Turmoil 
I think this shows how bad the tag teams were . The only interesting team was one that was thrown together ( Regal and Tajiri ) . Match was pretty dull at times . Hurricane and Rosey become the new tag champs . *1/2

Edge vs Chris Benoit : Last Man Standing 
This ' blood feud ' started with Edge taking advantage of Benoit's injured arm at Wrestlemania and then attacking him on Raw . A friend told me this match was a classic . I wouldn't go that far personally , but the match was still very good with some nice spots . Edge wins by hitting Benoit over the head with a brick . ***1/4

I should say that there is a sign , high up in the crowd , that reads ' Hulkamainia ' . That really doesn't help the public opinion that all wrestling fans are morons .

Kane vs Viscera 
I thought this would slow things down a bit , but it wasn't bad . They threw in some nice moves . I think this was also the match that started Viscera's ' World's Largest Love Machine ' gimmick . Kane wins with a chokeslam . *3/4

After the match , Viscera basically flattens poor Trish .

Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan vs Muhammed Hassan & Daivari 
I had to laugh at the sign at  ringside that says ' But they're from America ' . The match was ok , it was basically all about Hogan and his 'last' match . The fact that it wasn't his last makes it a little redundant . HBK hits Daivari with the superkick and Hogan pins him to win . They take ages to leave the ring . **1/2

Batista vs Triple H 
The rematch from Wrestlemania ( which would become common for the PPV after Mania ) . The story was that Batista was afraid of the pedigree . Well we never got to find out since there was no cover when he was hit by it . Pretty sure HHH should have been DQ'd too . Batista hits the powerbomb to retain his title . **3/4

6/10 . Not a bad show . The first hour was great , but it declined from there . The final two matches were decent enough to give the show a nice ending , but the matches weren't too great . You should definitely try to find the Shelton/Y2J match somewhere .

Top Ten TLC PPV Matches

10 . John Cena vs Sheamus : Tables Match - TLC 2009 - ***

9 . Triple H vs Kevin Nash : Sledgehammer Ladder Match - TLC 2011 - ***1/2

8 . DX vs JeriShow : TLC Match - TLC 2009 - ***1/2

7.  John Cena vs Wade Barrett : Chairs Match - TLC 2010 - ***1/2

6 . Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler - TLC 2011 - ***1/2

5 . Christian vs Shelton Benjamin : Ladder Match - TLC 2009 - ***3/4

4 . Daniel Bryan vs Big Show - TLC 2011 - Just an amazing moment 

3 . Edge vs Alberto Del Rio vs Kane vs Rey Mysterio : TLC Match - TLC 2010 - ***3/4

2 . John Morrison vs Sheamus : Ladder Match - TLC 2010 - ****

1 . CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz : TLC Match - TLC 2011 - ****

Remember this is just my opinion , not a definitive list .