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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Monday Night Raw 25/6/2012

Raw Review : 25/6/2012

This'll be my first review of raw and my last for a while .

As we open up , AJ is backstage talking to herself about the three men she loves . God I love her .

Vickie Guerrero comes out to announce she is the general manager and makes a three way elimination match .

Daniel Bryan vs Kane vs CM Punk : Elimination Match
A No Way Out rematch here , just without the title being on the line and it's elimination style . Should be fun . You know whenever Bryan and Punk face off it's gonna be great . And yes this has been really fun so far . AJ comes down to the ring . Punk eliminates Kane after a GTS and Bryan wins the match after kicking Punk in the head . ***

Vickie makes a contract on a pole match between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio and the winner will face Sheamus on Smackdown for the World title .

Brodus Clay vs The Big Show
This is a rematch of the match they tried to have a few weeks ago . Clay tries to slam Show but he collapses on him and that gets the win . Wow they actually gave Brodus a loss ? 1/2*

Next week Brock Lesnar will answer HHH's challenge for a match at SummerSlam . Great , I'm gonna miss it .

Backstage AJ is talking with Kane . He says that even he finds AJ mentally unstable . Funny . Awww he made her cry and now she's laughing kind of creepily .

We now have a US Title match .

Santino Marella vs Jack Swagger 
Santino's really held the title since January ? Let's hope he loses it tonight . Swagger could use it more than Santino . And Santino retains with a cobra . 3/4*

John Cena is now here to make his announcement . He compares events in the past month to Star Wars . Gotta admit that his Yoda impression was quite funny . CHRIS JERICHO'S BACK !!! Great to see him again . Cena announces that he will be putting himself in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match . Should be cool to see him in that kind of match . Looks like Jericho's gonna be in the match too . Vickie comes out saying only former champs will be in the MITB for the WWE Title . So far there's Kane , Big Show , Chris Jericho and Cena . Vickie makes a match for the main event and that will be between Cena and Jericho .

Up next another superstar return from the past .

And it's SYCHO SID !!! Holy Shit !

Heath Slater vs Sycho Sid
Sid wins the match with his powerbomb . SQUASH

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio : Contract on a Pole Match 
It seems like WWE are starting to do a few heel vs heel matches . It's interesting to see who the crowd sides with . Looks like Ziggler here . Ziggler brought down the contract but the two guys are still fighting over it . It falls out of the ring as the match continues . Sheamus comes out to announce that it is a triple threat match on Smackdown . **1/2

CM Punk against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship will take place at the MITB PPV . YES !

Divas Beach Battle Royal
Even Vickie is in this match . Hopefully this has a purpose . It's so hard to choose between Beth and AJ here . AJ wins it after eliminating Vickie . DUD . AJ does the Yes ! celebration after the match .

John Cena vs Chris Jericho 
Just kind of a bland match here . Big Show interferes and causes a DQ .

Quite a boring show tonight except for the opening match .

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Top Ten PPVs of 2011

I'll also list the best match from that PPV .

13. Over The Limit : 3.5/10  - Randy Orton vs Christian ****

12. Hell In A Cell : 5/10 - John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio vs CM Punk ****

11. Capitol Punishment : 6/10 - CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio ***3/4

10. Wrestlemania 27 : 6.5/10 - Triple H vs Undertaker ****1/2

 9. Night Of Champions : 7/10 - Triple H vs CM Punk ***3/4

 8. Vengeance : 7/10 - Mark Henry vs Big Show ***1/2

 7. TLC : 7/10 - CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz ****

 6. Elimination Chamber : 8/10 - Smackdown Chamber Match ****1/2

5. Royal Rumble : 8/10 - Tie between Edge/Ziggler ****  and Royal Rumble Match ****

4. Summerslam : 8/10 - Randy Orton vs Christian ****1/2

3. Survivor Series : 8.5/10 - CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio ***3/4

2. Extreme Rules : 8.5/10 - Christian vs Alberto Del Rio ****1/4

1. Money In The Bank : 9.5/10 - John Cena vs CM Punk *****

Royal Rumble 2011 Review

Royal Rumble 2011 Review : The Biggest Rumble Of All Time

The first great event of 2011 and this edition has only 4 matches .

Edge vs Dolph Ziggler
World title on the line here . If Edge used the spear in this match he would lose his championship . This was a star making performance for Ziggler . I think this is when people really started taking notice of his amazing in-ring ability . Just look at his huge fan base now . During the match , the ref is knocked down and Edge hits his spear and then acts like he's hurt . Edge gets the win with a killswitch . Little nod to Christian there . Awesome match . ****

The Miz vs Randy Orton
At the time I wasn't really looking forward to this match but it turned out to be pretty good . Randy is attacked by CM Punk and the Nexus at the end of the match and that gives Miz the chance to retain his title . ***

Natalya vs Michelle McCool vs Layla vs Eve
This was originally a 2 on 1 handicap match but thankfully it was changed to the fatal four way . Unfortunately Eve won the title and I love Natalya so that's not good in my book . Natalya was the only great diva at the time ( Beth was out with an injury ) . Natalya breaks out the double sharpshooter here ! Eve wins with a moonsault on Layla . *3/4

40 Man Royal Rumble Match
Here we are , the biggest rumble in history and , in my opinion , one of the best . Not sure how to review it so I'll just bring up highlights during the match . And we start off with a highlight as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan start off the match . Can't get better than that . Regal and Bryan just uppercutting each other was awesome . John Morrison gives us a rumble moment to remember by doing his best spider-man impression by jumping on the barricade to prevent being eliminated . Loved Chavo hitting loads of suplexes in memory of his uncle Eddie . Felt quite emotional there . Four members of the Nexus are in and eliminate everyone from the ring . They easily eliminate the next three guys and are firmly in control . The Great Khali makes his return and manages to eliminate Husky Harris . Doesn't really matter though since the final Nexus member , Mason Ryan , enters and eliminates Khali . Booker T makes his return here and the crowd goes wild . Cena comes in and eliminates every member of Nexus apart from Punk . Hornswoggle and Cena take over the match for a little while . I'm not a fan of Kevin Nash but it was amazing when he entered this rumble as Diesel . The crowd went through the roof . Alex Riley was eliminated in the corner and I think it was a botch as Cena and Kofi didn't seem to know what to do . Del Rio eliminates Randy Orton to win the rumble . But it isn't over , as earlier Santino fell under the bottom rope and so is still in the match . He hits the cobra and the crowd goes wild . He tries to eliminate Del Rio but he reverses it and wins the match . ****

8/10 . Great rumble and a great world title match . What else could you ask for ?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Elimination Chamber 2011 Review

Elimination Chamber 2011 Review : Smackdown Steals The Show

This was another great show in 2011 , although shows with chamber matches are usually great .

We get a video package showing us how the Road to Wrestlemania takes a dark turn at this time of year .

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio
I can't remember why these two guys were feuding at the time , I just assume Kofi was attacked by Del Rio at some point a week prior . The fans are really into this match . Awesome back and forth match here . Del Rio wins after making Kofi submit with the cross arm-breaker . ***1/2

Kane vs Drew McIntyre vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show vs Rey Mysterio vs Edge : Elimination Chamber
This is one of the best ever chamber matches , if not the best . I loved the little mini-storylines going through the match like Edge/Drew and Show/Wade . This match was entertaining throughout and was never boring . The ending was especially great and was very unpredictable . Edge and Rey started things off which is always great . Wade enters the chamber . Next up it's Kane . Kane really cleans house . Drew is in next and launches Rey at a pod ! He also makes Barrett crash through one ! He is really stealing the show here . Show enters the match . He makes Wade crash through another pod ! Wade eliminated after a WMD . Show is eliminated after everyone hits their finisher on him . Drew eliminated after a chokeslam . Kane eliminated after a 619 and a spear . He decides to chokeslam both guys before leaving . Either guy could win here since Del Rio took out Edge's best friend Christian , and Mysterio has a history with him . So intense and exciting . So many nearfalls . Rey kicks out of the spear ! Edge kicks out of the 619 ! As Rey dives off the top rope , Edge spears him and retains his title . ****1/2 After the match Del Rio attacks Edge as Christian makes his return and makes the save .

Booker T comes into the ring to announce Trish Stratus as a Tough Enough trainer . I'll leave it at that .

Santino Marella & Vladmir Kozlov vs The Corre
I think around this time , the WWE had around 4 or 5 tag teams . Not much to say about this match , these were the only real tag matches we received at the time . Entertaining little tag match . The Corre win the tag titles after a 450 splash from Gabriel . **

Jerry Lawler vs The Miz 
Yeah the Miz's title reign wasn't that great . They did really build this well though , making like this was Jerry's chance to shine and gain his dream of finally winning the WWE Championship . It was quite emotional and actually made me hope that Jerry would win , even if only for one day . Jerry hits a great superplex . The Miz wins after a skull crushing finale . ***1/4 Michael Cole ruins it by not shutting up about Lawler .

And now time for our main event , even though I think the Smackdown chamber should have been the main event .

Randy Orton vs R-Truth vs CM Punk vs John Cena vs Sheamus vs John Morrison : Elimination Chamber
I think that Cena was the only guy that actually had a chance during this match . At the time I was really hoping Morrison would win and The Rock would challenge Cena at Wrestlemania . Obviously that never happened and who knows if it was for the best . So a pretty predictable match here . That usually happens when a heel is the champ . It does have to be said that Morrison easily stole the match here . Too bad he got stuck with a mixed tag match at Wrestlemania . Orton enters first into the chamber . Morrison crashes through a pod ! Punk is in next but his pod won't open and Orton decides to beat down on him . He gets an RKO and is eliminated . The Anonymous GM of Raw chimes in saying that Punk was unfairly eliminated and so he is still in the match and back in his pod . Cena is in next . Truth in next . He is eliminated quickly after a brogue kick . Morrison takes another crash through a pod . Punk enters once again . Cena takes an RKO on the steel ! Punk hits the GTS on Orton and he is eliminated . Morrison climbs to the top of the chamber and lands right on Sheamus and eliminates him . Punk eliminates Morrison after an GTS . Cena wins after an AA to Punk on the steel . ***3/4

8/10 . Great show here with two great chamber matches , a great opener , and a very good WWE Title match .

Smackdown 22/6/2012

Smackdown 22/6/2012

I've seen the list of matches of this show and it looks to be really good .

Teddy Long comes out looking happy . He announces that general manager for tonight is Mick Foley , but Big Show interrupts . Show is doing brilliantly as a heel . He says he's gonna be in the Money in the Bank match . Brodus Clay comes out and attacks Show . David Otunga attacks Clay and Show takes advantage .  Otunga mocks Clay after he's been knocked out .

Up next we have the awesome Ryback .

Ryback vs 2 Random Jobbers
Ok can we stop with the jobbers ? It was fun at first , but now we all want to see him take out someone bigger . It's amazing how he can still come up with different spots to do . Another entertaining Ryback match . SQUASH

We are informed that Vickie will be the general manager of both Raw and Smackdown next week . Well that's disappointing .

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio
If history is any indication , this will be great . I wish WWE would place their commercial breaks better . Kinda ruins the match . This has been a good match so far . Del Rio wins with the cross arm-breaker . Really good match . ***1/4 Cody Rhodes attacks Christian after the match .

We get a recap of the AJ story .

Daniel Bryan vs Kane 
This has been the most interesting story in WWE for the last few weeks . AJ has been brought out as the special guest timekeeper . Daniel Bryan can make any match entertaining . Who's meant to be the face here ? An amazing moment in the match where Bryan goes for the diving headbutt and Kane grabs him round the throat . As Bryan has the yeslock on , AJ rings the bell but the match continues . Kane wins after a chokeslam . **3/4

Mick Foley comes out to the ring . But that damn Heath Slater comes out to interrupt . He complains about being embarrassed by Roddy and Cyndi Lauper on Raw . Mick Foley gives him an opponent and it's ..... Zack Ryder !! Woo Woo Woo !

Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater
Nice to see Ryder back on TV . Ryder quickly wins with the rough ryder . 1/2*

Wow I actually rooted for Damien Sandow over Zack Ryder . I think I'm growing up .

The Usos vs The Prime Time Players 
WWE does seem serious about Darren and Titus . Nice little tag match here as Titus wins after a big spinebuster . *

Santino comes out to see the best signs in the audience and invites down a woman who loves Santino . Pretty sure she was paid . She ends up making out with Santino . Well that was pretty pointless .

And it is now time for the main event .

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler
After their show stealing match at No Way Out , I'm really looking forward to this . Another really good match here tonight . Sheamus wins with a brogue kick out of nowhere . ***1/2

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wrestlemania X-Seven Review

Wrestlemania X-Seven Review : The Greatest Of All Time

This amazing PPV is considered by many wrestling fans to be not just the greatest Wrestlemania of all time , but the greatest PPV as well . I don't think there's anyway to put up an argument against this . It's the closest thing to a perfect show .

Ok then , let's begin !

Chris Jericho vs William Regal 
You know you're gonna have a great PPV when these guys open the show and it isn't even in the top 5 matches of the show . I believe this feud started with Jericho peeing in Regal's tea . Ok then . Good seven minute match with an abrupt ending , as Jericho retains with a lionsault . ***

Right To Censor vs Tazz & The APA 
I think Tazz was suffering from a concussion here . I could be wrong but I'm sure I heard it somewhere .  Nice short tag match as Bradshaw gets the win for his team . **

Raven vs Kane vs Big Show : Hardcore Match
This probably didn't look that good on paper , but it ended up being a really entertaining match with a nice ending . Kane wins the title after a leg drop from the stage on top of both guys . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs Test
This was for the European championship . I remember Test only having a couple of good matches and this might've been his best . Probably because he was working with the late great Eddie . I think this was only about a month or two before he took time off to work on his drug addiction . Eddie wins the title after hitting Test with it . ***

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit 
I love this match . Only the ending ruins it , but before that it was a technical classic . I was surprised that the crowd was really enjoying it . Another reason why this PPV was so great . The match told a great story of two amazing athletes trying to outdo each other . It started with an incredible display of mat wrestling which Benoit seemed to be winning , so Angle turned it into a fight and it escalated from there . Angle wins after rolling up Benoit and grabbing his tights . ****1/4

Ivory vs Chyna
This is the only real dark spot of the event but at least it is really short . Chyna wins after a gorilla press . 1/4*

Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon : Street Fight 
This is probably the best match between two non-wrestlers ever . Sure , it's overbooked but it really helps it . The crowd was hot for it and to hear the crowd go wild when Linda McMahon stands up is unbelievable . Mick Foley was great as the ref too . Shane wins the match after an incredible coast to coast with a garbage can . ***3/4

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz : TLC Match
This is the last great match featuring these only these three teams . Arguably the greatest spotfest ever and probably the best TLC match ever . All these teams put on moves that looked like they would easily cause injury . The run-ins helped the match as well . I would definitely put it as one of my favourite matches ever and for good reason . This match is easy to watch again and again . Edge and Christian pick up their second victory in a row in TLC . *****

Gimmick Battle Royal
This isn't much of a match but it is really fun to watch all these old legends in action , so I'll give it  * . Iron Sheik wins the match and afterwards , Slaughter gives him a cobra clutch for his trouble .

Triple H vs The Undertaker
The first in their trilogy of matches at Wrestlemania and they would only get better as they went on . I know people complain that the ref was out for too long , but that only made the match better . They brawled all around the arena and HHH was even chokeslammed from some scaffolding ( even if a cameraman ruined it in the replay ) . Taker goes 9-0 after a last ride . ****

Stone Cold vs The Rock : No DQ
This is without a doubt one of the biggest matches ever , with the two faces of the Attitude era facing off in a match that would end that era . This was , in my opinion , the best match of this Wrestlemania . Holy shit this match started off amazingly . It's just non-stop action here . This is war . Both men are busted open here . Such an amazing match here with both men giving their all to win the championship . Austin gives Rock a sharpshooter ! Cobra clutch to Rock ! Stunner to Austin ! Unbeliveable ! Jim Ross does a brilliant job in this match . Vince McMahon comes down to the ring . Rock hits the People's elbow but Vince breaks the count . Rock bottom to Rock and only a 2 count ! Vince and Austin have teamed up . Austin keeps hitting Rock with the steel chair and gets the 3 count . Another absolute classic on this excellent PPV . *****

10/10 . Got to give it a perfect score and I'd like to see anyone argue with me . Just absolute fun from start to finish with 3 good matches , an awesome match , a fantastic match and two all time classics .

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Extreme Rules 2011 Review

Extreme Rules 2011 Review : Christian Climbs To The Top

This was a great event . It might be the 2nd best of 2011 , just behind the amazing MITB PPV . Only one thing brought this PPV down and I think we all know what that was . Anyway , here we go !

The video package was a little irritating , saying that it was one month after the most historic Wrestlemania ever . Never knew this actually took place in 2001 .

Randy Orton vs CM Punk : Last Man Standing
A great way to start the show here . It's weird to see Punk without his Cult of Personality music . To think he was only two months away from superstardom . I totally forgot he was the leader of Nexus . The general manager chimes in to say that the Nexus are banned from ringside . LMS matches are sometimes slow but this one kept the pace very well . In a sick moment , Punk puts a chair around Orton's head and drives him into the ring post . Punk amazingly gets up from an RKO on the announce table . Orton wins after a huge RKO from the top rope . Great way to open the PPV . ***3/4

Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus : Tables Match
This was a bonus match and I think everyone knew that Kofi was going to win . It still didn't stop it from being a pretty good match . Great moment where Kofi narrowly avoids going through a table in the corner . Brilliant finish with Kofi giving Sheamus a leg drop while he was standing up ! Kofi is the new US Champ . **3/4

Jack Swagger & Michael Cole vs Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler : Country Whipping Match
Remember how I said there was something that brought this event down ? This was it . Only the exchanges between Swagger and Jerry elevated it a little . Cole gets the win after rolling up Jim . 1/2*

Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes : Falls Count Anywhere
Now I remember this being great and I remember the fans chanting ' this is awesome ' so i'm looking forward to watching it again . It was great that Cody won the match at Wrestlemania . Really sent him on the path to greatness . This is like a match from the attitude era . Rey hits Cody with Tajiri's green mist and picks up the victory after the 619 . ***1/2

Layla vs Michelle McCool  : No DQ 
The loser of this match must leave the WWE and marry the Undertaker . This was actually a really good divas match . This was mostly a brawl . Layla hits her nasty looking neck-breaker . Layla is hit with Michelle's finisher , but rolls her up and gets the pin . **1/2

After the match Kharma finally makes her debut in the WWE and it was awesome ! It's just a shame she had to leave so early .

Christian vs Alberto Del Rio : Ladder Match
Ok this should have been the main event . It provided us with an amazing moment and the match could have ended with either guy winning his first world title . For those that don't know , Edge retired a couple of weeks prior to this event ( sad face ) and there was a battle royal made to see who would take his place ,and that would end up being Christian . Even if Christian lost the title 2 days later , this match still provided a moment that shows what professional wrestling is all about . During the match , Del Rio takes a sick looking spill on a ladder set up outside . I've got to mention that Brodus Clay was badly bleeding in this match . Christian had a few cuts as well . Edge comes into the ring to celebrate his huge victory . Both guys have tears in their eyes . What a moment . I might be overrating this but I don't care . ****1/4

Kane & Big Show vs The Corre : Lumberjack Match
Not much to say about this match , considering that it was probably just here to calm down the crowd after that great match . Big Show gets the win with a chokeslam . *1/4

And now for the main event .

John Cena vs John Morrison vs The Miz : Steel Cage
Morrison got into this match by beating R-truth in a match to take his place . That's what made Truth the crazy heel we all loved . Ouch , Miz seemed to land on his head after a double suplex from the top rope . Great match so far , and there's always something happening so it's never boring . Starship pain from the top of the cage ! R-Truth comes in to attack John Morrison and gives Cena a scissor kick for good measure . Cena wins back the WWE Championship after an AA from the top rope . ***1/2

8.5/10 . Another great show from 2011 . This show was a hell of a lot of fun throughout and , at this point , was the greatest PPV of the year so far .

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

SummerSlam 2011 Review

SummerSlam 2011 Review : WWE Champ vs WWE Champ

Well now I can say I've done at least one show from all big four PPVs .

Kofi Kingston , John Morrison & Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio , The Miz & R-Truth
It's a shame they couldn't come up with storylines for all these guys , although this was a great match . High-flying all round and Mysterio picks up the victory for his team with a 619 to Truth . ***1/2

Sheamus vs Mark Henry
It's amazing to see , almost one year later , how these two superstars rose to the top of the WWE . Well the World title scene at least . Sheamus managed to hit Henry with a brogue kick but he fell out of the ring . Mark drives Sheamus through the barricade ! That gets a count out and Henry wins . **3/4

We get a Cee Lo Green mini-concert which I would say is skippable .

Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix 
These two actually fought 3 PPVs in a row ? Well it's no Orton/Christian . At least Beth's here . Always a plus . Another really solid match between these two . Kelly wins with a roll through from the glam slam . **1/4

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett
Glad to see these two made it to the Summerslam card and not be relegated to the dark match . Gave these two a chance to shine , and shine they did . Just great wrestling in this one . Wade gets the three count after a wasteland . ***1/2

Before this next match starts , Christian announces that Edge will be in his corner and Edge comes down the aisle . Edge says he was proud of Christian until he started to whine and became a moaning little bitch .

Randy Orton vs Christian : No Holds Barred
I would say this is the best match of their entire feud , and that is saying A LOT . They have 3 matches that are 4 stars or more , so that is big . This was a brutal match . Christian went through 3 tables during the match and Orton cut his thumb open . Orton wins after hitting a sick RKO on the steel steps . Just an awesome match here . ****1/2

John Cena vs CM Punk : Special Referee : Triple H
Here we go . The WWE Champion vs WWE Champion . Someone had to win here and leave as the only WWE Champion . I don't really see why HHH was needed here though . At least there weren't any shenanigans until after the match . I'm glad Punk was allowed to win here because I was so sure that the golden boy was gonna win it . Crowd is really hot for Punk . Punk wins with a GTS even though Cena's foot was on the rope . **** . After the match Kevin Nash appears and knocks down Punk with a jacknife . Alberto Del Rio runs down .

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
Del Rio cashes in his MITB , hits Punk with a kick to the head and there is a new WWE Champion . N/R

8.5/10 . This was an awesome Summerslam with the main events being fantastic and 2 other great matches . The big twist at the end helped too .

Night Of Champions 2011 Review

Night Of Champions 2011 Review : Mark Finally Does It

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs R-Truth & The Miz
This is when WWE started caring about the tag team division for a couple months . Kofi and Evan dominate the start of the match . Really fun tag match here . The last part of this match was like a reverse tag match , with the ref in favour of the faces instead of the heels . The Miz gets disqualified after pushing the ref down . Was going great until the DQ . *** After the match , both Miz and Truth attack the referee .

Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase 
This looked to be a good match , but the crowd obviously didn't agree . It has been a pretty good match so far though . Cody wins the match and retains the IC Title after a school boy . **3/4

Christian comes out to the ring to say he deserves one more match to become the new World champ . He thinks he should face the winner of the World title match once that match is over . He gains some cheap heat by mentioning the superbowl . Sheamus interrupts and gives Christian a brogue kick . Well that seemed pretty pointless .

John Morrison vs Alex Riley vs Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler
I remember this match being awesome at the time . Let's hope it still is . John and Ziggler were great in this match . It's a shame John didn't go anywhere . Alex hits the impaler DDT and only gets 2 ! Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb , but Ziggler pushes him away and picks up the victory to retain his title . Very fun match here . ***1/4

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry 
Got to give it to the WWE for finally giving Mark this honor . I was so sure that somehow Randy would retain as he usually did , but I was proved wrong and Mark was given his greatest moment in the WWE . It's even more amazing that he held the title for around 3 months . I think most of us predicted it would end in a couple of weeks . This is also probably Mark's best match of his career . Mark wins with the world's strongest slam . ***1/2

Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix
And we now have our obligatory divas match . At least we have Beth and hey ! She's in her hometown tonight . And yet she still loses and wins 2 weeks later at the HIAC PPV . What was the point of that ?? This could have been so much better . There's even a ' Kelly sucks ' chant . Great superplex by Beth . Kelly wins with a roll through . **1/2

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
I remember this match being great at the time , so let's see if I was right . And yes I was , this ended up being great even though the build up wasn't very good . Cena picks up another WWE Championship by making Del Rio submit to the STF . ***1/2

Triple H vs CM Punk : No DQ
This match was going great at the start but turned into a Russo-like match at the end . It was still match of the night for me and had great moments like the Savage elbow through the announce table . HHH picks up the victory with a pedigree . ***3/4

7/10 . This was another good PPV for WWE in 2011 . 3 great matches , one good one and a great moment  makes this a really good event .

Monday, 18 June 2012

No Way Out 2012 Review

No Way Out 2012 Review : Big Johnny's Gone

I'm not sure how good this show should be . The only match i'm looking forward to is the triple threat match . No Way Out has usually been a great PPV in the past and has given us many classic matches from WWE history . Now that it's at a different time of the year , will it still be good ? We know one thing for sure though . The tuxedo match will drag it down .

The video package shows the Cena/Show story . God this is gonna be the main event isn't it ? Same mistake as last month's PPV .

And our first match is the World title match ?? Big surprise there .

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler 
As you know , Alberto Del Rio suffered a concussion and this match was made quickly in its place . Gotta say I'm gonna be rooting for Ziggler here , not that I have anything against Sheamus . Ziggler seems to have grown quite the fan base . Even a few 'lets go Ziggler ' chants . I was so worried they were gonna do the same as Wrestlemania there but Dolph fooled me . Nice to see the fans are still using the ' Yes '  chants . Daniel Bryan should get a good response later . This has been a nice match so far and the fans are into it . Sheamus retains after a brogue kick . That was a great match . ***3/4

Oh jesus here we go ....

Santino Marella vs Ricardo Rodriguez : Tuxedo Match
This is just like a bra and panties match , but not nearly as interesting or sexy . Wow Ricardo's got his own music now . Kinda cool and a little racist . Both guys pander to the audience . Thankfully the crowd starts a big ' boring ' chant . Santino wins and Ricardo has Del Rio on his underwear . DUD

And finally we get back to actual wrestling .

Cody Rhodes vs Christian 
IC Title up for grabs here . Hopefully these two can make us forget what we just witnessed . With both of them being great athletes , I would say that's possible . Christain gives an amazing tornado DDT to Cody on the outside . Cody kicks out of the killswitch ! Christian wins with a spear . Another great match here tonight . ***1/2

We see the MetLife stadium , home of Wrestlemania . And we have a tag team fatal four way next ! Yay !

Primo & Epico vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs Titus O'Neill & Darren Young vs The Usos : No.1 Contenders Match . 
Normally if I get a match that hasn't been announced before a PPV , it annoys me . But this looks awesome so i'm fine with it . I love these kinds of matches . Tyson Kidd is really strutting his stuff in the match . This wasn't as good as I thought it'd be , but it's still pretty solid . Kidd gives Primo a frankensteiner to the outside on top of everyone else ! Darren Young picks up the win for his team . It turns out AW went with Darren Young and Titus O'Neill . **1/2

We are shown a video of the rivalry between Triple H & Brock Lesnar .

And I believe it is now time to play the game . Here he is Mr Hunter Hearst Helmsley . He talks about all the legal stuff that's going on . He says he wants to fight Lesnar . He proposes a one-on-one match at Summerslam between the two of them . Now there's a match I wanna see . I'll be buying Summerslam then .

Daniel Bryan is shown backstage and the fans go crazy ! I'm really interested in seeing what AJ does tonight . I think whoever she ends up with will leave with the WWE Championship .

Layla vs Beth Phoenix
Now here are two divas who are capable of putting on a good match for the divas title . The fans start a ' we want kharma ' chant . Don't we all . This has been another pretty good match between the two . Layla wins with that great neckbreaker of hers . **1/2

AJ is now visiting Kane to wish him luck . The two of them start making out ! The crowd chants ' Yes ! ' .

Sin Cara vs Hunico
Damn , I was really hoping for a Ryback match here . I think it's obvious who's going to win here . I'm getting bored with Sin Cara now . It's all just high-flying moves and nothing more . At least Rey Mysterio could make a great match out of it . Crowd actually chants ' we want Ryder ' . Is it 2011 again ? Cara hits his finisher and wins . Thank god it ended . * for Hunico impressing me a bit .

And now we have the WWE Title match coming up next .

CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kane
This is really the only match I've truly been looking forward to tonight . It has been a good night though . This should make it even better . Bryan gets the loudest reaction from the fans as usual . This match has been a lot of fun so far . Punk kicked out of the chokeslam ! Punk retains after a GTS to Kane . Awesome match . ***3/4 . AJ has been knocked out outside . Kane carries her to the back but she shoots a look at Punk as if it was part of a plan .

And now we get our dose of Ryback , although I wish they would give him 3 opponents because 2 opponents is getting boring .

Ryback vs 2 Jobbers
The ' Goldberg ' chants are getting annoying though . Another entertaining squash match . Loved his new second-rope move . SQUASH

It is now time for our main event .

John Cena vs The Big Show : Steel Cage
Thank god they added on this last minute stipulation that if Show loses , Big Johnny is fired . Makes it a little more interesting . If that wasn't there , I don't think I'd be watching . I am really hoping this will be their first good match together . Kind of boriing so far , but then again its probably the best match they've ever had against each other . Show goes for an elbow off the top rope ! Brodus Clay comes out to try and entice Show to fight him . Santino and Alex Riley also come out . And here's Ryder ! Kofi is in too and knocks Show back into the ring . Cena wins by escaping the cage . **3/4 After the match , Vince fires Johnny and Cena gives him an AA through the announce table .

6/10 . Three great matches here , but everything else is just kinda there . Just a little notch down from last month's PPV .

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hell In A Cell 2011 Review

Hell In A Cell 2011 Review : First Triple Threat Cell Match

God i love hell in a cell matches , but i hate the PG style ones . In my opinion , they should take away this whole event until they decide to take away the PG . Nothing from these cell matches will be able to follow the match between Taker and HHH at Wrestlemania this year and they shouldn't try .

Well with that out of the way , let's go !

The video package shows the perspective of the cell . If it could talk , I'm sure it would have told Foley to be  careful 14 years ago .

Sheamus vs Christian 
Nice to see these guys open the show . Don't think it'll be as good as the opener the year before but we'll get to that another time . Miz and R-Truth sit in the audience , but are kicked out . If this is confusing any of you , they were fired I believe a couple of weeks beforehand . This is strength vs sneakiness here . Nice back and forth action in this one . This match was thoroughly entertaining the whole way through . Sheamus gets the three count with a brogue kick . ***1/2

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara
It's too bad the fans weren't really into this one , as I found it to be quite enjoyable . The ' boring ' chants didn't help it . This match was filled with high-flying moves . The good Sin Cara wins with a type of sunset flip . **1/4

Airboom vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger 
Tag titles on the line here . If Vengeance was any indication , this should be a great match with the four great athletes that are in it . I hope Evan comes back soon , as he and Kofi made a great team . I think the fans could've been better here as they seemed pretty dead . This has been a little disappointing so far . Still good , but not as good as the match from the following month . Evan picks up the win after a frankensteiner from the top rope . ***

WWE can you please stop making bad movies ?? It's bad enough hollywood is giving us crap .

The cell is now being lowered for our first cell match .

Mark Henry vs Randy Orton : Hell In A Cell
At the time , I was so sure that Orton was going to win because I thought that there was no way Henry was going to have a long reign . I thought it was just a little thanks for sticking around for 15 years . I guess I , along with others , were proven wrong by Henry and the WWE . Mark actually kicked out of the RKO ! Really rare situation there . Mark wins with the worlds strongest slam . Really solid match there . **3/4

After the match , Henry tries to injure Orton's leg with a steel chair , but Orton moves out of the way and hits Henry with the chair and chases him down the aisle .

Cody Rhodes comes out to give us one of the greatest moments of 2011 . He changes the IC Title into the classic one held by many greats like Bret Hart , Shawn Michaels and Randy Savage . This gets quite a big cheer out of the audience . Big Johnny comes out to announce that Cody will be defending his new title .

Cody Rhodes vs John Morrison
Cody has to wrestle in his suit which doesn't seem fair to me . Crowd isn't really into the match , but they've been like that all night . This just doesn't look right with Cody in his clothes . Cody wins with a roll through .

Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix 
This was actually a really good match between these two , although i do expect that out of Beth . Beth becomes the new champ after a glam slam . **1/4

John Cena vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio : Hell In A Cell
Here we are , the main event and the first triple threat inside of the cell . Thank god for this match , otherwise the PPV would have been a bust . I thought this was an amazing match and had no idea who the winner was gonna be . Del Rio picks up the win and the WWE Championship after hitting Punk with a pipe . Great stuff ! ***3/4

After the match , two hooded thugs attack everyone inside of the cell as the cell lowers . These two turn out to be Miz and R-Truth . The whole locker room comes out to try and help but they can't get in . They are arrested by the police and that's the end of the show .

5/10 . Wow this wasn't too good outside of the opener and the main event . It's also worth seeing for the unveiling of the classic IC Title . Not much else though .

Vacation Time !

For anyone that reads this blog , I thought i should say that on June 28th , I shall be heading over to Portugal for ten days . I'm not sure if i'll receive any internet access so there may not be any posts for those ten days . I will try my hardest to post any updates while I'm gone .

P.S.  Later today i will put up the review for last years HIAC PPV .

Friday, 15 June 2012

Smackdown 15/6/12

Decided I'd do my first tv review tonight .

AJ comes out to the ring , and we get a recap of her kissing Kane . She tries to explain herself but Vickie Guerrero interrupts to say that everyone is talking about Dolph Ziggler , not AJ . Dolph comes out to say that he is more important . Vickie slaps her after she calls her grandma . Wow AJ looks crazy . And here comes CM Punk . He calls Vickie a repeat artist and the voice of the pointless . And here is our lord and saviour Daniel Bryan ! He calls AJ a mistake and talks about how she will cost Punk and Kane the title . And now we have Sheamus . He says Bryan talks out of his arse fella . And we now have our opening match !

CM Punk & Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler 
This should be good . Punk's British Bulldog-like suplex was cool . Good action so far . I just noticed that John Cena's dad is in the audience . Sheamus is distracted by Vickie and Dolph wins with the roll up . *** After the match AJ attacks Vickie and suddenly Kane comes out . He tries to carry AJ to safety put Punk attacks from behind . Kane lays out both Bryan and Punk in the ring . AJ looks crazy up on the stage .

Well that was a fun first half-hour .

And here's the Funkasaurus . And this time he's on the mic . He wants some competition .

Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater 
Not much competion here and it lasts about 15 seconds . SQUASH  David Otunga attacks after the match .

Alicia Fox vs Beth Phoenix 
Layla on commentary . Beth wins quickly with the glam slam . 1/4*

We get a 'great' moment in raws history and here it's the Muppets guest hosting .

Big Johnny comes out to make a public apology to Vince McMahon . We also get a recap of what happened to Vince . Big Show comes out to say that he was never allowed to outshine the talent in WCW as well as WWE . He is really good at these heel promos . It really seems like a shoot . He says that he will make Cena suffer at No Way Out and even guarantees it . Michael Cole tells them that John Cena is headed towards the arena .

As Christian comes towards the ring , we are shown footage from Over The Limit of how he won the IC Title .

Christian vs Jack Swagger 
These two had some great matches in 2009 . Christian wins after a big frog splash . *1/2

Ryback vs A Couple of Jobbers
Good god Ryback is awesome . Ryback wins with his double-running samoan drop . FUN SQUASH

And now a from the vault match .

From December 1989 : Rick Martel vs Brutus Beefcake
Nice to see classic gems on Smackdown . Don't know if they get this in the US though . Rick Martel wins . 3/4*

Damien Sandow vs Tyson Kidd 
Hopefully this'll get some time . Sandow is awesome . And Sandow wins in a couple of minutes . 1/2*

Cena has arrived and bursts into Big Johnny's office , but no one is there .

It's nice seeing John Cena on Smackdown once again . Big Johnny comes out to say he sent Big Show home  so that the main event was kept safe for Sunday . John knocks out Big Johnny with a punch .

Fun Smackdown that helped build up No Way Out this Sunday .

Wrestlemania X-8 Review

Wrestlemania X-8 Review : A Dream Match Come True

The is the second and last Wrestlemania held outside of the USA , although I have heard rumours of the next Wrestlemania taking place somewhere ' Olympic '  so who knows .

Saliva sing the opening song which I assume was the theme song for the entire show . Wow that set looks huge .

The video package was very well done .

Rob Van Dam vs William Regal 
This was RVD's Wrestlemania debut and was Regal's second year in a row being in the opener for the IC Title . RVD took a couple of brutal bumps in this match , especially from Regal's back suplex where he landed right on his head . Van Dam was hugely popular here . RVD wins with a five star frog splash and a nice match to start us off here . **3/4

Diamond Dallas Page vs Christian 
This would be the last Wrestlemania that the European title would be defended . Good god i hate this blurring . DDP competing in his first and last Wrestlemania . DDP wins with the diamond cutter . Solid match . **1/2 Christian takes a temper tantrum after the match .

Funny moment backstage with The Rock and Coach .

Goldust vs Maven
This is also the final appearance of the Hardcore title at Wrestlemania . This match wasn't good and would keep changing places throughout the rest of the night . Spike Dudley runs in to pick up the win and runs into the crowd while being chased . DUD

For some reason we get Drowning Pool 'singing' us the story of HHH/Jericho . Ok then moving on .

Backstage , Hurricane attacks Spike and wins the Hardcore title .

Kurt Angle vs Kane
We have quite the underrated match here . Kurt's last Wrestlemania with hair and Kane's last one with a mask until the 28th edition . Good match as Angle gets the roll through and puts his feet on the ropes for the win . ***

Hurricane is sneaking around backstage and spies on the Godfather's hoes as Godfather chases him out .

Undertaker vs Ric Flair : No DQ Match
This is a really good brawl match here . I loved it when Arn Anderson ran into the ring and gave Taker an amazing spinebuster . That absolutely brutal superplex to Flair was brilliant . Flair bled quite badly during the match . Flair kept fighting with all of his heart but couldn't finish it . Taker picks up the win after a tombstone piledriver and goes 10-0 at Wrestlemania . ***1/2

Edge vs Booker T
I believe these two were feuding over some sort of shampoo commercial . Thank goodness they're good wrestlers . Edge back at home in Canada here . Booker's first Wrestlemania as well . Weird to see Theodore Long as a referee . Solid match as Edge wins with the edgecution DDT . **1/4

Backstage Molly wins the hardcore title after hitting Hurricane with a frying pan .

Stone Cold vs Scott Hall
I think Austin deserved better than this at Wrestlemania . This is probably his worst Wrestlemania match . Kevin Nash is out at ringside with Scott . Ok match but it didn't feel inspired at all . Austin wins with his fourth stunner to Scott . **

Dudley Boyz vs Hardy Boyz vs APA vs Billy & Chuck : Elimination Match
The Dudley's theme music is done by Saliva . This felt strange since the tag title matches at the past couple of Wrestlemanias were defining classics of Wrestlemania history . The APA is eliminated after a 3D from the Dudleys . The Dudleys are eliminated after a twist of fate and a swanton . Chuck picks up the win after Jeff is hit on the head with the tag title . **3/4

Backstage , Molly is hit with a door by Christian to become the hardcore champion .

The Rock vs Hulk Hogan
And now it is time for the match that we all came to see ! A match that will go down in history as an all-time classic . This match showed that a crowd can make a match a classic and that it's not all about the moves in the ring , just like Hogan/Andre at WM 3 . It was surreal to see Hogan getting cheered like a villain and The Rock being booed so loudly . This match made the show worth seeing . It was such a fantastic moment seeing the Hulkster hulk up for the first time in who knows how many years . An absolute classic in Wrestlemania history without a shadow of a doubt . The Rock picks up the victory after a peoples elbow to Hogan . ****3/4

After the match , the NWO comes down to attack Hogan , but Rock rescues him . They trade poses and should have sent the crowd home happy . Unfortunately , this wasn't the main event even though it should have been .

A record attendance tonight of 68,237 .

Jazz vs Lita vs Trish Stratus 
Trish was the hometown girl here and yet somehow she didn't walk away with the title . This was a solid triple threat match but not as good as the one the following year . Jazz wins after a fisherman's suplex off of the top rope . **3/4

Backstage , Maven rolls up Christian to win back the hardcore title and that's the end of that .

Triple H vs Chris Jericho
Drowning Pool plays HHH to the ring . I feel bad for this match . It's a good match , but is ruined because it had to follow Rock/Hogan . It really shouldn't have been the main event . A highlight of the match is HHH finally giving a pedigree to Stephanie . HHH wins with a pedigree and becomes the Undisputed champion . ***

6/10 . Some of this show really dragged at some points but there was enough to keep the show going like the classic Rock/Hogan or the great Taker/Flair match .

Wrestlemania XIX Review

Wrestlemania XIX Review : A Rattlesnake's Retirement 

Now i thought i'd look at this terrific event and i would probably put this as my favourite Wrestlemania as there were so many great things about it . Let's get started !

The video package does a good job making Wrestlemania look huge . I loved the music from Limp Bizkit and it complimented the event nicely .

Matt Hardy vs Rey Mysterio
The now defunct Cruiserweight title on the line here . This was Rey Mysterio's first ever WM match . And the match starts right away with a Corkscrew over the top to Matt from Rey . Great action throughout this whole match . Hardy hits the twist of fate and Rey kicks out ! Hardy gets the win by pinning with the bottom rope . This was very short but still good for getting that much action in the match . Should have gotten more time . **3/4

The catfight girls arrive .

Limp Bizkit perform their hit song ' Rollin ' . Once the song nears it end , Taker enters the arena . It looks awesome .

Undertaker vs A-Train & Big Show : Handicap Match
I've heard people call this match crap , but i don't its that bad . There might be a little bias there though . Nathan Jones was supposed to be in this match but he sucked so was taken out , only to be used at the end of the match . Taker hits a chokeslam straight away but Show stops the pin . This has been a solid match . Here's Nathan to attack Show . Taker goes 11-0 at WM with a tombstone . Not a bad match . **

We are shown the catfight girls again meeting with Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler . Well that was pointless .

Trish Stratus vs Jazz vs Victoria 
I'd put this as the second best divas match in Wrestlemania history . Good action throughout this match . A good triple threat match . Trish becomes the women's champion after a chick kick to Victoria . ***

Backstage , The Rock gives us his classic heel style promo .

Los Guerreros vs Chris Benoit & Rhyno vs Team Angle
This should be a great match . Full of great wrestlers . This has been a really good match so far . Shelton gets the pin after Chavo is gored . The champs retain . ***

Another catfight girls segment .

Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
I love this match . It always seems to go under the radar when talking about the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history . This will always be a favourite of mine . This match showed Shawn that he was still the showstopper and would go on to wrestle and create classic moments and matches for another seven years . Shawn gets the win after a roll up . After the match , Jericho goes to hug HBK but ends up kicking him in the crotch . Just greatness here . ****1/2

Triple H vs Booker T 
I think Booker deserved his big moment here and the ending was abrupt , but this was still a really good match here . HHH picks up the win with his pedigree . ***1/4

I should say , I've deliberately left out the unbelievably bad catfight match as i refuse to even accept it as a match .

Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon : Street Fight 
This was really big as it was 20 years in the making . Roddy Piper's appearance here was great and in a twist  attacked Hogan instead of Vince . Hulk got the win after an amazing 3 leg drops . Surprisingly good match here . ***

Stone Cold vs The Rock
Their final match against each other , and Austin's final match ever . A great match to go out on . Austin kept the fact that he was retiring quiet and wanted to go off into the sunset without any fanfare whatsoever . Got to respect him for that . The Rock picks up the win after a third rock bottom to Austin . Farewell Stone Cold . ****1/2

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle 
Looking at this card , it is quite amazing that this match made the main event . Both guys were capable of pulling it off , but this was Lesnar's first Wrestlemania and Angle's first time in the main event at Wrestlemania so there had to be nerves here . Vince must have had a lot of faith in both guys to put them here . Aside from the botched ending , these guys managed to give us a fantastic match on a fantastic night , to give us probably the second-best Wrestlemania in history . I think we all know the no.1 anyway . Lesnar wins after a third F-5 to Angle . A new champion is crowned . ****1/4

9.5/10 . The 2nd best Wrestlemania in history . That is saying a lot for this amazing event . Just look at the card and you can see what made it so great . The only really bad thing was the catfight mess , but everything else made up for it . A fast cruiserweight match , Taker's streak continues , a good divas match , a good tag match , an amazing dream match , a great world title match , a match 20 years in the making , Austin's final match , and an amazing main event . Well done WWE .

Vengeance 2011 Review

Vengeance 2011 Review : Someone Better Fix That Ring

Airboom vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
Tag titles on the line here . Ziggler was doing double duty here as he was also in the next match . These guys have the ability to put on a great match . And yes it has been a great match thus far . Evan gets the win with the airbourne . ***1/2

Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler has just been pinned and now he is in another match and is for his US title . I remember being excited  about this at the time because i thought Zack was gonna win his first title , but alas it wasn't to be and Ziggler retains with a superkick . I'd say a solid match . **1/4

Beth Phoenix vs Eve 
WWE better be thankful they have Beth on their team . This was actually pretty good . Really entertaining by divas standards . Beth retains with a glam slam . **3/4

Christian vs Sheamus
These guys had been feuding for the past month and this was their last singles match on PPV . Their previous matches have been really good . This has been another good match from both men . Sheamus wins with a brogue kick . ***

Triple H & CM Punk vs R-Truth & The Miz
It looked great on paper . This was probably the most built up match on the card . This only ended up being a solid match . R-Truth and Miz got the win after Kevin Nash interfered . **1/2

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes
Can't actually remember why these guys decided to feud . They do usually put on a good match though . This was another good match here tonight as Orton wins with an RKO . ***

Mark Henry vs Big Show
The most talked about match of the night and for good reason . These two had a surprisingly good match and an ending that had everyone excited , even though it was the second time we'd ever seen it . The match ends in a no contest due to the ring imploding . A holy shit moment to say the least . ***1/2

We are informed that , even with the ring destroyed , the main event for the WWE Championship will still take place . This will be unique .

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio : Last Man Standing
These kind of matches can either be really good , or really bad . This is when Cena debuted his ' Rise above Hate ' thing . This was a good one as Del Rio retains his title . ***1/2

7/10 . A really good event here even though it was barely built up by the WWE . If you haven't seen the Henry/Show match , I would recommend watching it .

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Survivor Series 2011 Review

Survivor Series 2011 Review : Never Before . Never Again

This was a fun event so i'm looking forward to watching it again . Like i've said in the past : you've gotta love the MSG crowd .

The video package is cool showing a bit from past Survivor Series events and then the unlikely pairing of Cena and Rock .

John Laurinaitis comes out to say its his tenth anniversary in the WWE .

John Morrison vs Dolph Ziggler
US Title on the line here . Poor John , being bombarded with ' we want Ryder ' chants . This crowd will not let the fact that Ryder isn't in the match go . The match is still good though . Vickie is ejected from ringside and this is a great match . Dolph wins after a zig zag . ***1/2 Dolph tells the audience to shut up after the match and the crowd blows the roof off after Zack enters to attack Dolph . If only the WWE hadn't ruined him 2 months later .

Eve vs Beth Phoenix : Lumberjill Match
Obviously Beth gets the biggest reaction from the crowd . Beth wins with a glam slam from the top rope ! Holy crap that move was awesome . *

CM Punk is backstage talking with David Otunga .

The Rock gives us another classic promo to remember backstage . This was a great part of the show . It showed Rock still had the best promo skills .

Wade Barrett , Jack Swagger , Dolph Ziggler , Hunico & Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus , Sin Cara , Kofi Kingston , Mason Ryan & Randy Orton : Elimination Tag Match
Big match here . Cody and Randy get the biggest crowd reactions . Ziggler eliminated after an RKO . Sin Cara dives over the top but catches his leg on the rope . This eliminates him from the match and brings the match to a halt . The injury lasted around 7 months . The match goes at a slower pace now . Mason gets a 'Batista' chant . Rhodes eliminates Mason after a crossrhodes . Barrett eliminates Kofi with a wasteland . Sheamus is out with a DQ . Swagger is out next . Hunico out after a super RKO ! Orton pinned after a wastleland and the heel team wins ! I'll give the whole thing *** .

Del Rio is backstage with the Bellas and Big Johnny .

Mark Henry vs The Big Show
These two had been putting on surprisingly good matches in 2011 with the exception of the chairs match . This match has been really slow to start . The crowd even starts a ' boring '  chant . A ' Daniel Bryan ' chant starts . Mark drives Show through the barricade on the outside . Big Show goes to the top rope and hits a massive elbow drop !! Holy Shit ! That was awesome . Mark Henry kicks out ! A ' thank you Savage ' chant breaks out . Henry DQ's himself by hitting a low blow on Show . ** . After the match Henry attempts to break Show's leg again but misses . Instead , Big Show breaks Henry's leg .

CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio 
This should be great . I thought it was great when Punk had Howard Finkel as his personal ring announcer . Some nice technical wrestling to start . Del Rio kicks out after the Savage elbow ! Another ' thank you Savage ' chant . Del Rio locks in the crossarm-breaker but Punk makes it to the rope . Anaconda vice locked in ! Del Rio taps ! New champ ! Punk is still the champ today . What a great match . ***3/4

John Cena & The Rock vs R-Truth & The Miz
Never Before . Never Again . The video package was great . This is Rock's first match in almost 8 years . Needless to say , this was huge . Straight away there are ' Cena sucks ' chants. And here's Rocky . The Rock has still got it . Any doubts that Rock had ring rust were taken away on this night . A ' don't tag Cena ' chant starts . Inventive . The Rock tags Cena . The fans do not approve . The Miz and Truth start to wear Cena down . It becomes pretty boring at this point . Rock is finally tagged back in and lays the smackdown . Sharpshooter to Miz ! Spinebuster ! People's Elbow ! The Rock picks up the win . I'll give it ***1/2 . After the match , Rock gives Cena a rock bottom to end the show .

8.5/10 . A great show here and it was fun the whole way through . Every match is worth watching for one reason and The Rock's return was tremendous .

Thursday, 7 June 2012

TLC 2011 Review

TLC 2011 Review : No Sign of Cena

I think this'll always be a favourite PPV of mine thanks to what happened to both Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan .

Here we go !

Loved the video package making it seem all Christmasy .

And here's Vickie to ruin the Christmas spirit .

Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler
US Title on the line . It was great that Zack finally got his chance here , even if it only lasted around 3 weeks . Crowd is hot for Zack . Zack gains momentum early on . DDT to Zack on the ring apron ! Really good match so far . The ref sends Vickie out after she interferes . Frankensteiner by Zack and Dolph kicks out ! Rough Ryder and Zack wins !! New US Champ ! . A great match here . ***1/2

Backstage Cody Rhodes attacks Booker T so he can wish him a merry Christmas , how nice .

Airboom vs Epico & Primo
Tag titles up for grabs here . I miss having Evan around . Some nice high flying action to start with . Nice little tag match here . Kofi gets the win with the trouble in paradise . Nice solid match . **3/4

Teddy Long backstage dressed as Santa with Hornswoggle as an elf . Funny little backstage segment .

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett : Tables Match
This should be pretty good . And it has been a good match thus far . Orton wins with an RKO through the table ! Another nice solid match here . **3/4

Another backstage segment with Teddy . This ones quite funny too . And we also get a match between Sheamus and Jack Swagger .

Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly
This is for the divas title . This is actually pretty good . Probably mostly because of Beth but i've got to give Kelly props as well . Wow Kelly's going crazy . Beth wins with a reverse powerbomb . **1/4

Miz and Del Rio are backstage are talking about how they never actually had an alliance . Miz gains some cheap heat in the process .

Booker T comes out for his match but Cody attacks him again , so the match is once again delayed .

Triple H vs Kevin Nash : Sledgehammer Ladder Match
I wasn't looking forward to this match , but it turned out to be really good . Both guys start hammering into each other straight away . HHH starts whacking Nash's leg with a ladder . Figure four leg lock in the ladder ! Sidewalk slam on the ladder ! Nash hits a chokeslam and a fan shouts ' that's Taker's move ! ' . Hilarious . Nash brings out a table . HHH knocks Nash off a ladder and through a table ! HHH grabs the hammer . HHH hits the pedigree . Nash makes the clique sign but Triple H makes a DX sign , hits Nash with the hammer and pins him . A great match here . ***1/2

CM Punk gives an interview about basically everyone that annoys him .

Sheamus vs Jack Swagger
It seems that at every PPV , WWE make a random match on the spot just to waste time . Just a quick match here but it was still pretty entertaining . Sheamus wins with a brogue kick . This mostly felt like a raw match . *3/4

Mark Henry vs The Big Show : Chairs Match
Show goes outside straight away to throw loads of chairs in the ring . Henry tries to escape with the title but Big Show catches up and attacks him . This is mainly five minutes of multiple chair shots and big punches . Big Show hits the WMD and wins the World Title ! Sucky match though . 1/4* After the match Mark Henry attacks Show and DDT's him on a pile of chairs .

AND OUT COMES DANIEL BRYAN !!  HE CASHES IN ! NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION !!! YES ! YES ! YES ! Definitely got to be one of my favourite moments ever . I actually jumped around my living room when this happened . YES !

Booker T vs Cody Rhodes 
Finally this match for the IC Title can take place . A nice solid match here . Cody wins after a beautiful disaster kick . **1/2

And now we come down to our main event .

CM Punk vs The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio : TLC Match
This should be a great match . Huge chants for Punk . Del Rio and Miz team up to try and take out Punk . Their alliance ends as Del Rio hits Miz with a chair . Miz back suplexes Punk onto a chair ! This has been a really fun match so far . Ricardo handcuffs Punk to a ladder inside the ring ! Punk is free but still has a handcuff on . Punk falls through a table on the outside ! Ricardo falls from a ladder to a table outside ! Amazing ! Miz handcuffs Punk to the turnbuckle ! Punk breaks the turnbuckle ! Punk climbs the ladder and retrieves his championship . Such a great match here to end the show . ****

7/10 This PPV showed that WWE could put on a good show without having Cena involved . 3 great matches and one amazing moment

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Elimination Chamber 2012 Review

Elimination Chamber 2012 Review : Play the show in Reverse . 

Thought i'd start going backwards in time to do some reviews . I'll either do TLC 2011 or WM 19 after this one . Ok here we go !

We're starting with the WWE Championship match ???  When i watched this at the time i thought i'd somehow fallen asleep and missed the whole show up to this point . The fact that an elimination chamber isn't in the main event brings this down a bit .

Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth vs Kofi Kingston vs CM Punk : Elimination Chamber
A lot of great athletes in this one , and the fact that Kofi and Punk are starting off makes it even better . Hope those guys can have a match in the future . This should be great . Some nice chain wrestling to start . They take things outside to use the chamber as a weapon . Here's the countdown and its Ziggler coming in . Kingston and Punk do a springboard at the same time and collide ! R-Truth enters the match . Truth is eliminated after a Savage elbow . Punk takes a trouble in paradise and kicks out ! Dolph takes a DDT on the steel ! The Miz enters . Miz locked in the anaconda vice and Jericho comes in and stares down Punk . The two of them go at it . A codebreaker eliminates Ziggler . Jericho slams a pod door right into the head of Punk . That looked and sounded brutal . Kingston with a crossbody off the top of the pod onto Miz and Punk ! This is a great match . Walls of jericho eliminates Kingston . Jericho is kicked in the head by Punk and falls right out of the chamber . That eliminates him as he cannot continue . A great way to eliminate Jericho as it makes him look good for his Wrestlemania match . Miz hits the skull crushing finale but its only a 2 ! CM Punk wins with a GTS . ***3/4

Santino is backstage doing a Rocky parody .

We see John Cena training in a gym with the development guys , preparing for Wrestlemania .

Beth Phoenix vs Tamina 
I remember this being an above average divas match . Beth gives Tamina an opportunity to leave the match but Tamina chops her . This is nicely paced for a divas match . Nice superplex from Beth . Tamina hits the superfly splash but Beth kicks out ! Beth wins with the glam slam . Really solid match . **3/4

John Laurinaitis is out for a ' major announcement ' . It just ends up with him saying that he wants to be general manager of both Raw and Smackdown and a few superstars return as well . I'm just gonna skip this bit .

Santino doing more Rocky stuff .

Big Show interviewed backstage about his less-than stellar Wrestlemania record .

The Great Khali vs Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella vs Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show : Elimination Chamber
This is a weird chamber . 2 giants , 3 great athletes and Santino . Probably the strangest one ever . Oh god i forgot Wade had this new terrible music . Not a good start to the match with some fans chanting ' boring ' . Big Show wasn't a good starting choice . Finally we have a countdown . Rhodes is in . Match is still going a little slow . And we have another countdown and it's Santino . Definitely the fan favourite here . I laughed when Big Show shouted Jesus . Double suplex to Show on the steel ! And now Khali is in . Oh great . He gets a ' you can't wrestle chant ' . And Khali is out quickly after a spear from Show . Show stares down Bryan and breaks into his pod . That was awesome . Daniel Bryan smashed through his pod ! Big Show eliminated after an elbow drop from Barrett . Cody eliminated after a roll through from Santino ! Cody returns the favour with crossrhodes . Santino kicks out ! Bryan powerbombed into the chamber ! Bryan takes a pod door to the head ! Barrett out after a flying headbutt . Just Santino and Bryan left . The crowd is going nuts for Santino ! COBRA !! Kick out ! Santino submits to the Labelle lock . The last ten minutes or so of this match give it an easy  ***1/2 . Sheamus comes out to attack Bryan and show that he's going after his title at Wrestlemania .

They show Natalya's stupid flatulance problem . And have a US title match set up between Swagger and Gabriel . Yippee ...

Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel
Fans are basically dead for this match . Who can blame them . Both guys are great athletes , but this had absolutely no build except for Swagger knocking a hat off of hornswoggle . Gabriel taps to the ankle lock . Meh . *

John Cena vs Kane : Ambulance Match 
This is only the second ambulance match in history . I loved the first one . Poor Zack being used like a pawn in this whole storyline . This turns into a brawl with both guys fighting all the way up to the ambulance . This is already better than their Royal Rumble match . Cena with an AA off the Ambulance ! Cena wins the match . Solid brawl style match . **1/4

5/10 . This seriously felt like it was in reverse . Average WWE PPV and the worst of the year so far .

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wrestlemania XX Review

Wrestlemania XX Review : You Never Forget Your First 

Ah , the first Wrestlemania I ever watched . With no idea of how big an event it was . At the time i thought it was just a PPV . Never realised its magical history . It will always be my personal favourite event and it is a great event . Ok then , let's go !

The Boys Choir of Harlem sing America the Beautiful . Having a whole choir sing it , sounds much better than just one person ( with the exception of Lilian ) . Good job boys !   Madison Square Garden ..... what a place .

The opening video package is great with the wrestlers talking about how big Wrestlemania is , along with MSG.

John Cena vs The Big Show
Cena's first ever Wrestlemania . Quite historic . Cena talks trash about Big Show before the match . Quite entertaining . I love the fact that there's a guy in the crowd wearing a Cena shirt , cheering for him , when today he is a proud Cena-hater ! Talk about hypocrites ! Anyway here we go . This is was just basically Big Show beating up Cena , with Cena getting in a bit of offense . The crowd was into it though and it gave Cena his first singles title in the WWE . **

Backstage Eric Bischoff wants the Coach to look for the Undertaker for no reason whatsoever .

Randy Orton is talking backstage with Evolution , and is talking about when he kicked Mick Foley down the stairwell at MSG and some of the other things that happened during their feud .

La Resistance vs Jindrak & Cade vs The Dudley Boyz vs Booker T & RVD
This is here just to get more people on the card but it should still be fun . The tag team champs , Booker & RVD , retain . I found this entertaining and enjoyed it . **1/2

In a funny moment , Coach finds Mean Gene & Bobby Heenan fooling around with Moolah & Mae Young .

Chris Jericho vs Christian
I think this is one of the most forgotten about and underrated Wrestlemania matches of all time . Both guys put on a great match here . Great back and forth action so far . Trish comes down to ringside . Christian wins with a school boy after Trish elbows Jericho in the face . This was a great match . ***3/4

Backstage , Lilian interviews Mick Foley and The Rock comes along and gives one of his classic promos .

The Rock 'N' Sock Connection vs Evolution 
I remember this being awesome . Let's hope it still is . And it starts off right away with a fist fight . The exchanges between Flair and the Rock were a lot of fun . Flair going for the people's elbow was great . The Rock hits it in retaliation but only gets 2 . Batista hits the batista bomb but that only gets a 2 . Orton hits the RKO and gets a 3 count . This was such a great match that was entertaining all the way through . ****

We are shown the Hall of Fame class . A great class here . With guys like Tito Santana and Harley Race .

Sable & Torrie Wilson vs Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler : Playboy Evening Gown Match
Sable takes the mic and turns the match into a no evening gown match . Wow they look good . This match gains half a star thanks to this . That ref is one lucky bastard . Torrie picks up the win with a roll up and shows Jackie's ass ! Screw it , this gets  * .

Eddie Guerrero has a pep talk backstage with Chris Benoit . God i miss both guys .

First Ever Cruiserweight Open
I've heard a lot of people say this match should have been better , but i thoroughly enjoyed it . And here we go , starting with Ultimo Dragon and Shannon Moore . Moore out after a reverse DDT and Jamie Noble enters . Dragon now eliminated and Funaki in then straight out again ! Nunzio comes in . Nunzio out , Kidman in . Kidman with a shooting star press to the outside ! Noble out , Mysterio in . Kidman out , Tajiri in . Tajiri eliminated , and the champ , Chavo , is in . Chavo wins with help from his dad . Fun little match here . **3/4

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg : Special Referee - Stone Cold Steve Austin 
Ah this infamous match . I remember at the time thinking it was going to be great , and once it was over , even at 9 years old , I thought ' what the fuck was that ??' I had no idea both guys were quitting after the match . The match isn't good but is worth watching thanks to the great crowd reactions to both men . The match starts with a ' You sold out ' chant . They even start singing ' Na na na na Goodbye ' . Both guys just walking around the ring staring each other down . Austin gets his own nice chant and has a little grin on his face . Finally some contact . Even that's boring . Finally they get going with some power moves . Goldberg wins with a Jackhammer . I'll give the whole thing  *1/4 . The fans made this match worth watching . Lesnar gives the fans and Austin two middle fingers and Austin returns the favour with a stunner . Austin also hits Goldberg with a stunner leaving the fans happy . Quite surreal to say the least .

Vince McMahon comes out to thank the fans for making Wrestlemania what it is today . That was quite nice considering what just previously occurred .

World's Greatest Tag Team vs APA vs Basham Brothers vs Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty
This is the same as the raw tag match , in which it was used just to get more people on the card . Should still be fun though . Rikishi wins the match for his team and retains the tag titles . This wasn't as good as the previous tag title match , but was ok . *1/2  Rikishi and Scotty have a dance after the match .

Jesse Ventura comes out to give Donald Trump an interview . This seemed pretty pointless .

Victoria vs Molly Holly 
If Molly loses the match , her head will be shaved . The match was ok but people were here just to see if Molly would lose her hair . Victoria wins with a backslide . * . After the match Molly is shaved bald and it continues into the next contest .

Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle
When we come back from the video package , Molly is now practically bald . This should be a great match . Some nice mat wrestling to start with . Eddie goes for a huge crossbody to the outside and instead hits the barricade .  Sick . This has been a fantastic match so far . Eddie hits the frog splash but Kurt kicks out ! Eddie rolls through Angle while holding the ropes and gets the win ! Awesome match . ****1/2

The Undertaker vs Kane
This is the match where the deadman gimmick returned after 4 years of the biker gimmick . Needless to say , this was a very anticipated matchup . The deadman was always better suited for Taker . Paul Bearer coming back was great as well . Here he is ! Taker gets a huge pop from the crowd . Kane doesn't believe Taker is really there and so goes to touch him but instead gets  a few punches to the face . I really enjoyed this match at the time , and i still enjoy it . Taker wins with his tombstone piledriver and goes 12-0 . Solid match . **1/2

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit 
Here we are at the main event WWE wishes they could forget . Even after the Benoit tragedy , it is still one of the greatest matches of all time . This match showed that great wrestlers like Benoit can have their big moment . Here we go ! Michaels with an amazing moonsault to the outside . HBK has been bloodied by the ring post . Benoit double-suplexed through a table ! Triple H now bleeding from the head ! HHH hits the pedigree ! Benoit saves the match . Benoit locks in the sharpshooter ! Sweet chin music to Benoit ! Only 2 ! What a match ! Benoit locks in the crossface ! Triple H taps and Benoit defies the odds ! An all time classic . I can't see any reason not to give it  ***** . After the match , Benoit and Guerrero embrace in the ring in a true Wrestlemania moment .

8.5/10 . Great Wrestlemania that has something for everyone . The main event is one of the greastest Wrestlemania matches ever and the WWE title match is also amazing . A highly recommended event .

Wrestlemania 21 Review

Wrestlemania 21 Review : Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood 

Lilian Garcia does another fantastic job of America the Beautiful .

The movie parodies by the superstars are shown . I hope they can do this again , as it was done brilliantly in my opinion . They show the Stone Cold Steve Austin one in full . This one was pretty good . Here we go !

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
These guys always had amazing matches together . This was no different . What a way to open up a Wrestlemania . They were tag team champions at the time and this was to prove who was better . The crowd applauds the great start to the match . Good to see there is a great , respectful crowd tonight . Amazing corkscrew crossbody to Eddie on the outside . What a match this has been . Mysterio gets the 3-count out of nowhere with a hurricarana . Great opener for 'Mania . ***1/2

Money In The Bank
The first ever MITB match . And we've had so many great ones since this one , but none have had the same impact or have been as good as this one . Can't beat the original . Kane enters but all the other participants come out to attack him . Kane takes out just about everyone with a flying clothesline to the outside . Benoit gives Jericho a german suplex while holding a ladder ! Kane attempts to break Benoit's arm . E&C team up once again . So many great moments in this match . I won't try and list them all . T-Bone off the ladder ! Shelton runs up a ladder and clothelines Jericho ! Absolutely amazing . Benoit diving headbutt from a ladder ! Edge takes advantage of Benoit's injured arm and takes the briefcase . What a classic . ****1/2

Eugene comes out . Well this can't be good . Mohammed Hassan comes out to attack Eugene . Out comes Hulk Hogan to protect America from evil foreigners . Hogan cleans house and everything is once again good in the world .

Undertaker vs Randy Orton
I believe this was the first time the Streak was really referenced . Thankfully they turned Orton heel again because his babyface thing sucked . This match was pretty good though . Druids surround the ring . Undertaker floats down to the arena . Orton is looking impressive in this match . The ref gets knocked out , and Bob Orton interferes to hit Taker with the cast . Only a 2 ! Orton turns a chokeslam into an RKO ! Again only a 2 ! Taker tombstones Orton to pick up the win and go 13-0 . Great match . ***1/2

Trish Stratus vs Christy Hemme
Wasn't Lita healthy enough to wrestle here ? If she was this could have been the best Wrestlemania ever . Instead we get this . At least Christy's great to look at . Well this is pretty sloppy . By ' this '  i mean Hemme . Trish wins with the Chick kick . 1/2*

Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle
This is a huge dream match . It was expected to deliver a great match , but gave us much more . Here we go ! These guys stare each other down , in what is a true Wrestlemania moment . The idiotic ' You screwed Bret' chants start . Amazing mat wrestling at the start with dueling chants from the crowd . Both guys get into a fist fight . HBK takes an angle slam into the ring post . HBK gives Angle a crossbody but HBK's knee hit Angle in the face . HBK leaps from the ring to Angle on the announce table ! Unbelievable . Angle bleeding from the mouth . Sweet chin music turned into an angle lock ! Everyone is on their feet . Angle slam off the top ! Only 2 ! Sweet Chin music ! A 2 count ! Angle lock ! Shawn taps . An absolute classic . *****

Piper's Pit now . Piper calls Stone Cold a rebel and then calls it bullshit . Austin comes down and Piper slaps him in the face . Austin slaps back . They have a good back & forth conversation . Carlito comes down for some reason . Piper and Austin take out Carlito . Austin stuns Piper and leaves . Fun little segment

The Big Show vs Akebono : Sumo Match
This was pretty unique but i'll give it a DUD .

John Cena vs JBL
This match wasn't very good but it is historical . This was Cena's first WWE Championship win and would go on to win around 10 more . This was a lot like the Cena/Big Show opener from WM 20 . I think people were expecting a bit more from it though . It's been all JBL so far . Finally Cena gets his offence in . Cena gets the win with the F-U . I'll give it *1/4 . A great moment .

The 2005 Hall of Fame is shown . A great class here with Paul Orndorff , Hulk Hogan , Roddy Piper , Bob Orton ,Jimmy Hart , Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik . Got to give it Bob for continuing to sell his bruises from earlier .

Batista vs Triple H
This is the same as the last match , in that it is important historically . Although this is the better match and the better storyline with Evolution imploding . Motorhead are here to play HHH to the ring . I think Lemmy may have forgotten the words . Here we go . The main event of a fantastic Wrestlemania . Overall i'll give the match **3/4 .

8.5/10 . This was a fantastic event that just didn't end very well . Watch for 2 great matches , 1 amazing match and 1 absolute classic . Highly recommended .