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Monday, 13 August 2012

Top 50 Superstars of all Time DVD Review

Top 50 Superstars of all Time DVD Review

Ok first thing's first , this list was always going to be controversial . I'm sick and tired of hearing people say ' this list is total bullshit ! ' . If every wrestling fan was to do a top 50 list , I don't think any two would be the same , so no one would ever agree . I'm here to watch a great countdown video and enjoy the interviews of different wrestlers , not to shit all over the WWE and their hard work .

Ok with that over and done with , this is a very entertaining countdown . Hearing what other wrestlers have to say about everyone on the countdown is interesting . You find some things out , for example that Jerry Lawler's personal favourite is Terry Funk .

Overall I'll give it  7/10 .

Now let's see how the matches get on .

Disc 2

Lou Thesz vs Argentina Rocca
The NWA Championship is on the line . I wish there was a date for this because it looks like the oldest match I have on DVD . I don't feel like I can rate this match as it was way before my time and I don't think I could do it justice . It is , however ,  interesting to watch . Thesz hits the Thesz press to get the pinfall . N/R

Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk JR.
NWA Championship on the line . For this one we get highlights of the match which is deemed a classic . This is another I cannot rate . N/R

The Fabulous Moolah vs Susan Green
The ladies championship is on the line . This is from 1975 . The fans were really cheering for Susan . This is actually more entertaining than most divas matches today . Moohlah wins with a big splash . **1/4

Gorilla Monsoon vs Muhammed Ali
This wasn't the actual match , but shortly into the match , Gorilla gets Muhammed into the ring . This match seems too good to be true . Gorilla gives Ali an airplane spin ! And that's the end of that .

Harley Race vs Terry Funk
The NWA World Championship was on the line here . This is another clipped match showing only the ending . Harley locks in the Indian death lock to win the NWA title . N/R

Gorilla Monsoon vs Andre The Giant : Boxing Match
This looks like a very rare match , you can tell with the quality . This took place in Puerto Rico . I don't know how to rate a boxing match so I won't . Andre wins by knock-out . N/R

Billy Graham vs Dusty Rhodes
This took place in 1977 in MSG . Graham was defending his WWWF title against Rhodes . I think this'll be a full length match . The fans loved Dusty here . Dusty wins by a countout so he doesn't win the championship . **1/4

Hulk Hogan vs The Iron Sheik
This was almost a year after Hulk beat Sheik for the title in a memorable match . Hogan retains quickly after his big leg drop . **

Adrian Adonis / Harley Race / Randy Savage vs Junkyard Dog / Ricky Steamboat / Roddy Piper : Elimination Match
This took place in MSG and this should be a lot of fun . All these guys were feuding for Wrestlemania 3 and one of them would go there to have one of the best matches ever . I wonder who . Adonis and the JYD are eliminated by count-out . Harley pins Steamboat to eliminate him . Harley is eliminated by Piper . Piper wins with a small package . Excellent match ! ****

Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude
This should be good . Two of the best wrestlers that the WWE had to offer at the time . Their matches would get better as they moved to WCW . This was only a month before the first ever Royal Rumble . The match was slow to start , but the pace got a little faster as the match went on . Slowed way down again when Rude went on the offense . Pretty boring for these two . The end was pretty exciting though . The match ends as the time limit expires leaving a draw . **

Curt Hennig vs Jerry Lawler 
Curt is of course Mr Perfect . Two hall of famers going at it for the AWA World Championship . This is the first time I've ever watched a match from AWA . Let's hope it's a good one . Looks like Curt was always great at selling moves . This was well paced . Curt wins by DQ after being thrown over the top rope by Jerry . **3/4

Jake Roberts vs Ted Dibiase : No DQ Match
The other stipulation in this match was that Virgil was banned from ringside . A few months later , these two guys would go one on one once again at Wrestlemania 6 . Hopefully this one will have a finish . The pace was pretty slow for this one . This was pretty boring . Jake hits the DDT to get the win . *

Disc 3 :

Bret Hart vs Ric Flair
This match never actually aired on TV but lucky for us they filmed it . I have been waiting to see this match for a while because Bret is my favourite wrestler and I've always wanted to see him win his first big title . A very historical match . At one point Bret dislocated a finger and had to pop it back into place . Bret makes Flair submit with the sharpshooter and becomes the new WWE Champion . ***1/2

Mankind vs The Rock : Empty Arena Match
Falls also count anywhere in this match . These guys had great matches in late 98' and early 99' including their famous I Quit match . No idea why they're doing this in an empty arena . Very unique . It feels strange watching this match without a crowd cheering . This really did go everywhere . Mankind wins by pinning Rock under a forklift . ***

The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Stone Cold vs Kurt Angle
WWE Championship is on the line . A lot of big names in this match as it was to build to the HIAC match at Armageddon in 2000 . The match ends as HHH and Rikishi interfere . Fun while it lasted . *1/2

Kane / Undertaker / Jeff & Matt Hardy vs Stone Cold / HHH / Edge & Christian
This one was fast paced and exciting from the outset . Kane&Taker/HHH&Austin was the big feud heading into Backlash 2001 . HHH pins Matt after a stunner . **1/2

Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho vs Edge & Triple H
Going into the 2002 Judgment Day PPV , Angle /Edge were going to be in a hair vs hair match and Jericho/HHH were going to be in a HIAC match . Two big feuds going at it . Tazz says he can't imagine Angle with bald hair . Pretty easy to nowadays . Angle pins Edge after a chair shot and an angle slam . ***

Eddie Guerrero vs The Big Show
Non-title match here . I remember before this match Big Show said if he lost this match would quit . It was ok as he came back 6 months later . I loved Eddie as the champ . Big Show had most of the offense in this match . Eddie beats Show after a frog splash . **3/4

Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton
Add ten minutes to this match and you have a classic . As it is , it's still a great match that was action-packed . Rey Mysterio finally got the moment he deserved after hitting Orton with the 619 and getting the pin and the world title  . One of my favourite matches . ***1/2

John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Batista & Undertaker
The two main events of Wrestlemania 23 were teaming up to take each other on here at the 2007 No Way Out . This was well built up . HBK and Cena were also the tag champs at the time . This was a nicely paced match . This was just an awesome back and forth tag match . Cena pins Taker after a superkick and an F-U . ****

Edge vs The Undertaker
This is one of my favourite Wrestlemania matches . This is probably the best of the Edge/Taker series of matches and that is saying something . Great back and forth match worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania . Undertaker wins another world title and goes 16-0 after making Edge submit to the hell's gate submission . I would call this the greatest singles match in the career of Edge . ****1/2

6.5/10 . The documentary is a fun watch if you love countdowns . It was nice getting to see some of the much older matches , but the match quality differs from time to time .

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