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Monday, 20 August 2012

Summerslam 2012 Review

Summerslam 2012 Review : A Perfect Storm

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho
Pretty damn great match to start off the 25th annual Summerslam . This match was all about Jericho not winning any big matches since he returned . Great back and forth match as Jericho makes Dolph submit to the walls of jericho . ***1/2 .

Daniel Bryan vs Kane
This feud started with AJ being in love with both guys . She has been punishing Bryan the past couple of weeks and so decided to put him in a match with Kane . Crowd was hot for Bryan . Bryan gets the big upset with a small package pin . **3/4

Kane goes batshit crazy after the match .

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz
IC Title on the line in this one . Rey's wearing a pretty cool Batman outfit from my pick for film of the year . This should be a good one . The Miz looked great in this match . Miz retains his title after a skull crushing finale . ***1/4

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
World Title up for grabs here . WWE has tried their hardest to make us care about this match considering we've already seen it a few times . I'm still not very interested . I think this was as good as their MITB match , maybe even a little better . Sheamus hits Del Rio with a show and then a backbreaker . He gets the pin even though Del Rio's foot was on the rope . ***

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players
This is for the tag titles . I don't know how well the Prime Time Players will do without AW as their manager . The fans even start a ' Kobe Bryant ' chant . This has been the worst match of the night so far . Truth gets the pin with a Li'l Jimmy . *

John Cena vs CM Punk vs Big Show
Triple threat match for the WWE Championship . The crowd is really cheering for Punk . Show catching Punk off the suicide dive was a great visual . Show taps to a double submission hold from both Cena and Punk . AJ restarts the match . This match started slow but got better as it went on . Punk pins Show after Cena hits him with an AA . ***

We see come stars in the audience like Rick Rubin , David Arquette with a world title and an asshole known as Fred Durst .

Kevin Rudolf gives a god awful performance of one of his songs . Thankfully the crowd shits all over it . Seriously WWE stop with the music .

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar
This feud has been brewing ever since the night after Extreme Rules and so for that it was the most anticipated match on the card . This had a big fight feel . I'm pretty sure the match has No DQ even though it wasn't announced .  Crowd wasn't really into it . It's a disappointing match : I was expecting a four star brawl . HHH taps to Lesnar's arm lock . Still pretty good though . ***1/2

8/10 . A very Good Summerslam with four nice matches and two great matches .

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